As well as being the first ever store in the world to focus on left handed products (back in 1968), we are first and foremost a one stop shop for left-handed products, knowledge, help and community.

In 1968 we started selling left handed products in a shop in Central London – and now we sell products to customers like yourselves virtually anywhere in the world exclusively online via this website.

We are a group of predominantly left-handed people providing products and information to make life a bit easier for left-handers around the world and campaigning to promote awareness, acceptance and empathy for left-handers. As such, we also run the International Left Handers Club – click on the link at the bottom of the page for more information on the Club.

The Milsom family were involved with Anything Left handed for over 40 years – with Keith’s father running the business for 10 years, Lauren (Keith’s wife) worked tirelessly on the marketing side of the business for many years & Keith until very recently was actively involved in almost every aspect of the business.

Whether you were born left handed or now have to use your left hand through accident or illness, we aim to provide solutions to help with many of the challenges that still face us in a right handed world.