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104 comments on “Contact us
  1. Sarahsouthpaw says:

    Hi, Re plastic milk containers: wherever the handle is positioned,all handers have to pour from a small round opening, I’ve never found a spout shaped milk carton or plastic vessel, & I decant into a jug from big 4 pinters.
    I adore my lefty corkscrew from you, always offer it to confound visitors.. tee hee.
    my young lefty daughter recently given right handed uke at school, & on asking for a left strung version, or to bring in her own left strung guitar, was told to ‘play it right’…my outrage to dept. head generated a reply linking to a facile ukelele tutor website on why lefties should not be tolerated… sigh, its only 2014.
    I have an ergonomic mouse, upright action, for L or R, use like holding a can on table top, works for me..

  2. Maggs354 says:







  3. Ruth Nagele says:

    Re: left-handed wire-bound writing pads

    I agree that the wire binding on the left makes writing uncomfortable, I remember the joy of using my first left-handed cheque book. But really, I solved the problem of notes books by buying the type with the spiral binding at the top. Sometimes us lefties have to use a bit of ingenuity or, even better, become ambidextrous.

  4. Fred says:

    When it comes to computer mice, most are left/right neutral – and don’t really feel good on EITHER side – or are right handed. There are very few strictly left handed mice. Now I grant you that it’s a very niche item (but that’s something this site is good at!) and that even fewer people seek out a trackball mouse; however that is what this comment is about. A fully left handed trackball mouse. They simply don’t exist. Again, a very niche item – but something that I think at least a few users would be interested in.

    Thank you for your time.

  5. Carol says:

    I’ve been trying to browse your site through safari on my iPhone but it is proving to be really difficult and frustrating because of this sharethis widget which I can’t seem to get rid of. Help how do
    I get rid of this because browsing is impossible. When you zoom in it the widget just takes up more of the screen space. Am about to give up.

  6. Ron from Sydney says:

    I consider myself a lefty as I write left handed. However, there are things that i can only do right handed. What should I be called ?
    I am 60 and it only occurred to me when I was an adult that the things I do left handed are the activities that take the use of my fingers e.g. writing, one finger typing etc whilst the activities I do right handed involve the use of my arm e.g. tennis, batting etc. I have never been encouraged
    or threatened to change the way I do things, so what gives ?

  7. Lynn says:

    Hi, this is an odd one. When I click on your UK link I get the US one. Can’t get the UK link at all. Other than that loving the site.

  8. Susie says:

    I’m studying visual perception differences between right and left handed people for a cognitive psychology research project. Is there any more information on the Thurston’s Hand Test? Where did it originate from and are there any previous studies with data results?
    Many thanks

  9. Zendon says:

    It probably isn’t often you get letters from someone with an experience similar to mine, but in my shop, being right-handed can be a very real disadvantage: I’ve built or modified a number of tools for left-handed use (I admit to being something of a loose cannon in this regard). While the making of something as sophisticated as a left-handed metal lathe is beyond my abilities (and budget!), I’ve built a left-handed plastic scorer and similar hand tools, and in 1992 successfully converted a wood lathe for left-handed use. Having been an avid woodworker since 1985, I can attest there is an untapped but viable market for woodturning lathes with the heads on the right and band saws with the blade on the left. I currently have been living alone in the same home since 1973, and ALL of my scissors are left-handed, as are the tin snips in my shop.

    Some tools need no converting. When I was looking for an 85mm rechargeable electric circular saw about 6 years ago, I was surprised to learn ALL of the different makes of 85mm circular saws then on the market have the blade on the right, an arrangement which makes it difficult to see where the blade is cutting when one tries to use the saw right-handed.

    I was mildly amused to read the “left handed boyfriend” letter and responses on your club page. Although I’m not currently looking (I’m a hetero but openly asexual man), and insofar as a man’s home is his castle, I do not figure on this particular castle having any right-handed queens in the foreseeable future.

    BTW I’m interested in learning people’s reactions when word of a genetic component for left-handedness—the so-called LRRTM-1 gene—gets around in the near future.

    Zendon, Los Angeles

  10. Orenda says:


    Just to let you know, I contacted my son’s teacher re the survey which I gave to her. For some reason she gave it to the headteacher (don’t know why) and says she will not have time to fill it is. I’m disappointed, but at least I tried.

    I wonder if sending the survey directly to schools might increase the ratio of responses?

    London (SE1, Waterloo area)

  11. Carey Strother says:

    All my life ppl didnt realize that I was left handed till they saw me write , throw a ball or frisbee , Et cetera…I guess because I bat rght-handed , box like a RIGHTIE , LOL, kick , golf , wear my watch like the ,ODD, right-handed CHALLANGED PPL DO..LOL , Why tho if a rght handed person wears their watch on their Rt

  12. Marge V says:

    I was once told that the person who invented the typewriter was left handed and set the keyboard up for left handeders. Can you verify both for me I have a small non money wage on this.

  13. Karan Kapoor says:

    I wrote an article on being left handed on my blog expressing most of what I and every lefty faces. Comments appreciated. Visit if you feel like 🙂

  14. Pat says:

    My sister and I are both left-handed (16 mos. apart in age). Neither of our parents are known lefties in our family.

    Wonder what the statistics are in this situation for two siblings, especially so close in age, to both be left-handed.

  15. terrence walston says:

    I was one of those that got beaten and locked in closets(Cloak Closets) in school. The beatings and closets lasted through grade school. I am still left-handed at the age of 73. I find that I keep changing some right-handed habits to left-handed. I went to computer school when I was 60 and changed from right to left hand using the computer mouse, that was natural. The teacher was upset that I was doing that. I am very proud to be left handed. My talents and abilities are above average. My thnking goes past most righties. However my tolerence level is slipping a little bit. I downloaded the 2011 and 2012 calenders and find them to my liking. Now when I look at a right handed calender I wonder why they make them backward. My wife used to watch me work (construction) and said one time that I always did things backward but they always came out perfect.

  16. Dan says:

    As a lefty child in school I always got ink or pencil lead on the side of my hand as my hand moved left to right across the page. However in Hebrew school where we wrote right to left it was all my righty friends who had that problem.

  17. tom lockley says:


  18. tom lockley says:

    high tom lockley here, i seemed to get along ok although i am left handed, as i was a sheet metal worker a didn,t have any problems as i often used my right hand with a hammer sometimes. reading about famous lefthanders around the world is fantastic, ps did you add sir francis drake to your file i sent it to you a while ago i am thomas lockley

  19. Souxie says:

    I’ve bought things from your site before and they’ve all been great. I have a request: anyone know of ‘left-handed’ messenger bags? All I need is a laptop bag with a single diagonal strap – that goes over your RIGHT shoulder so you can reach the side pocket on your LEFT. All one-strap bags seem to go the opposite way. Because of the ‘ergonomic’ design you cannot re-strap the bag the other way.
    Also: anyone know where I can get document wallets? The clear pockets that are sealed across the bottom and the left edge, with a cut-out for a thumb grab up the open right side? I need ones with the cut-out for the thumb on the left, believe it or not. I staple documents in the top right corner and I put them in the document sleeve so the ‘spine’ is on the right – but this means the thumb cut-out is on the back. Tut.
    I also tick ‘left-handed’, which makes my students giggle but they just adapt. I have never ‘looped’ my writing (is this the same as ‘hooking’?) and yet I have never smudged my work. I do not understand how other lefties do.
    Anyway – carry on the good work. 🙂

  20. Ruthy J says:

    My son is left-handed, just like me. But I’m hoping that things will be easier for him than they were for me.

    Here’s a blogpost I’ve written about this

    it includes a link to your website

  21. Chris says:

    Hi, please can you tell me if it is unusual for a left handed person to mark a ‘tick’ symbol in the opposite direction because this has always been for me and many people say it is strange, also a left handed ‘tick’ is not available in symbols on computer software discs, perhaps somebody should consider making software especially designed for us left handers.

    • Keith says:

      Hi Chris, I think it is quite comnmon for left-handers to make a tick in the right to left direction and also to tick things down the left side of the page rather than the right as that way you can see what you are trying to read while you are ticking (if you tick left-handed down the right of the page you need to keep removing your hand to see what is comimg next). This is a similar problem to completing a multiple-choice questionnaire or exam paper where the answers are to the right of the questions.

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  24. julie skinner says:

    left handed pinking shears, can you supply any, please? thanks, Julie.

  25. service building says:

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  26. amelia Alipio says:

    Shipping from UK is too expensive.I would like to get info. about a store or catalog in USA in order to get a more afffordable shipping cost. Is anyone able to help me to get this info.? I live in USA. I really aprecciate your help. Mel.

  27. amelia Alipio says:

    Shipping Cost from UK to USA is too expensive.How can I get a USA Left Handed Store or catalog in order to get a more affordable shipping cost ?
    Thank you so much, Amelia Alipio.

  28. louise says:

    i am trying to find a telephone adaption that enables me to hold reciever to my ear without using my left hand, it clicks on the back of the reciever and sits on shoulder whilst talking on phone… the reason i need one is because following an accident i’ve lost the use of my right hand and arm so makes my neck ache from keeping the phone receiver balanced on my shoulder while freeing my left hand to write down messages or simply talk on phone as my left arm will also ache if long conversation!! anyway i’d be very grateful if you could help in anyway
    thankyou and look forward to hearing from you
    louise fell

  29. Mrs Rona Church says:

    Good Morning
    In August I purchased a left-handed Tombow cartridge pen, and as I use specific ink (Registration ink) I separately purchased the correct Tombow ink converters.
    Initially the pen flowed really well and I was extremely pleased with it.
    However over the last few weeks it does not perform and despite all attempts to refill/ change the converters, clean the nib through, the ink is not flowing through.
    I would be happy to try another one if this is an option you offer, or what would you suggest please?
    With thanks and kind regards
    Rona Church

    • Keith says:

      Hi Rona – I am guessing this is something to do with the special ink you are using as I have not had any reported problems with ink flow on the Tombow pens before.

  30. Jeanne Larsen says:

    I received my ordered products today from the UK. The Set of 3 guides on helping left-handed children (Download) was listed on my invoice, but I still have not received an email with the code for downloading these. Has it been sent?

    • Keith says:

      Your email order confirmation would have had a link to download the guides at the bottom, below the main products section. I will email it to you again separately.

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