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104 comments on “Contact us
  1. juan carlos s. says:

    Hola primero que nada felicitar por esta paguina .. quisiera solicitar una respuesta de una inquetud que tengo como puedo optener una camara digital reflex para izquierdo ….sime pueden alludar por favor ….

  2. Ms Leow L.C. says:

    Hello there,

    I intend to buy your Le Chat watch Ref. 417 and have a preference for a White face as shown now on your web page. Do you have one available pls?

    Hear from you again, thanks
    Ms Leow

  3. S. Dallman says:

    When will the multi-purpose knife 10cm / 4in. blade be available to purchase again?

  4. Judy Haken says:

    When will Stabilo Easy Coloured pencils(12) be available to purchase?

  5. Russell Hague says:

    My in laws wanted to buy me a birthdy present and I suggested one of your left handed Cambridge cartidge ink pens as a gift. I’m sorry to say that this is a very expensive pen of a very, very poor quality indeed. The cheap plastic pen body has devloped a crack after negligable use and I have not found it to be any better at writing than any of the standard pens. I am extremely dissapointed and feel that these pens are nothing but a scam.

  6. mehreen says:

    i am your regular costumer.recently i bought two ink cartridge pen TomBow cartridge pen and cambridge cartridge sorry to say they are not up to the mark.i was using your earlier lefty pens by ted lepidus.its been over 2 to 3 yrs and those pens were just brilliant..unfortunately they are not in a very good working conditions now..i think their nib broke and they stop working right in the middle of my work and setting them again gets really messy with ink all over my then i decided to buy these two new pens but they are not half as good as the ted lepidus.
    i was wondering if your have some of those silver/black ted lepidus pens still available in stock…i would like to buy them…they were just the right size no too think and not too light….if you do find them..plz i need them…
    thank you

  7. I Love My Child says:

    Wow, It’s good to know that There are so many of us.
    I have a question for you: Do you know of any “clinical studies” going on in Canada?
    As last year while registering our son in Kindergarten, we had told the teacher he was a Lefty . By the time of the parent teacher interviews , the school (or someone in it )decided to try getting him printing w/ his right hand. Then there was therapy for how he held the pencil, dextarity issues, and speech and language therapy that was a must in their eyes.
    Who says that if you are printing the word ball that you must finish the a at the bottom and start the l at the top?!!!! I say as long as they are getting the work done, LEAVE THEM ALONE!
    Anyone else have this kind of thing happen to their child?
    By the last interview at the school that year, he was putting an extra (backwards hook)
    on his s’s. Why do they dothat and then give him therapy but keep telling him to use his Rh? Is it a make work project for these people?

    • Susan says:

      I know there was a study at Indiana University in Indiana(USA). Not sure if they are still doing this study there. I have tried contact the director there, but I have had no success. Maybe someone out there may have ideas on how to contact them.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Is there such a thing as semi-left-handed? My right hand is dominant in almost everything, but I paint, write, draw with the left. I use scissors with my right hand and measure with a ruler right to left. I use a carving knife with the right, but my fork with the left and on and on. Why am I blessed with my left hand doing detail work? This is something I’ve been looking for information on for a very long time.

    • HELON CLAY says:

      It is because you are naturally left-handed. The things you learned to do without interference from others, you do with your left hand. The things you were taught to do, you do with your right hand.
      Like me, You might have been forced to change to your right hand at an early age. The latest advice for persons such as us is to develop our usage as evenly as possible.
      Whatever you do with only one hand, learn how to do with both. This will make you more proficient, regardless of which hand you use, because learning both ways builds new neural pathways in the brain. For any right-handed person who is reading this, the expert advice is to stay right-handed only.

  9. John-Paul Martin says:


    Which Country around the world has the most left handed people?


    • Dmytro Grygorovych says:

      No one contry has made any serious research about lefties. All that you can find is statistical interpolation to all population, spreaded from small group survey. This means that every person should choose himself which group he or she belongs to. So, more democracy – more lefties, am I right? ^)

  10. jim barnes says:

    I saw a waiters left handed cork screw on the video but am not finding it to order it. I would like to order one if you let me know how. Thank you, Jim

  11. GODWIN FEDELIS says:

    i want to buy executive conference folder,padded leather A4 (ref;588),qty;151. I need price. i hope you will give me a discount.Our frieght fortwarder will pick it up in your office-Destination,Nigeria.

  12. GODWIN FEDELIS says:

    I WANT TO BUY EXECUTIVE CONFERENCE FOLDER,PADDED LEATHER A4 ( ref;588 ).QTY; 151. I need a total price,please kindly give me a discount.Destination;Nigeria.Our freight forwarder,will pick up in your office. Thanks for your anticipated coperation.

  13. Judy Isaacson says:

    I was amused at your post about the corkscrew. I’ve never seen one for us lefties and hope you find one somewhere.
    We do not have an automatic can opener at our house because we don’t use very many canned goods, so we have only a manual one–yep, a right-handed one. You can imagine how I have to gyrate to open a can. My husband, who is also a lefty, simply uses his right hand, as he does for many things, but, alas, I am totally a lefty.

  14. Felicia says:

    I’ve been looking for a lefty corkscrew and I’m having difficulty. I started a bartending job and everyone is making fun of me ’cause I fumble with the gadget. They don’t believe that there is a lefty corkscrew. I can’t wait to have them try it, if I COULD FIND ONE! YIKES! I’ve called numerous wine supply distributors and they laugh at me. When I explain that the screw turns clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, they still laugh!
    I read alot of posts on this sight and I feel everyone’s pain. Although I don’t complain about the righty world; I just adapt. I have never cooked or even made a salad ’cause of all the right handed utensils. I can’t even peel an onion or cut a piece of fruit! It really doesn’t bother me though. I think lefties have our own special talents.
    As for my handwriting – since I was ridiculed all the time and embarrassed when I had to write on the blackboard, I’ve perfected my handwriting. I have been complimented on my beautiful handwriting, LOL!
    We all have things that we have to overcome, but that just makes us stronger and more adaptable, which is a great quality. I’ve also learned to laugh at myself when people watch me fumble with the righty stuff! I just wish at times that I could hand them a lefty version and watch them fumble so they get it.

  15. Judy Isaacson says:

    Stephanie, you didn’t retain a word I wrote, did you? Roll with the punches, Babe. Make the best of things. True, desks are made with right orientation. I remember that as being an aggravation, but I dealt with it. There are lots of reason to rejoice at being a lefty, and I enumerated a few. I don’t think you will ever make it in this world unless you wake up and realize that you must adapt!

    • Stephanie Lee says:

      Thanks Judy! I guess we have to deal all these “righty” stuff. But I wish that lefties can take part to arguing the desks school provide for every school so righties know that we care for our “left side of our bodies.” 🙂

  16. Judy Isaacson says:

    Response to Stephanie Lee:
    Get over it, Sweetie. I learned a very long time ago that there is absolutely nothing one can do. It’s a rightie’s world out there. We stumble and bumble our way through it somehow. Look at it this way: most of us are smarter than they are. We’d have to be to adapt as well as we do. We have an edge over them anyway. We operate from the creative side of the brain, the side that sees a whole situation and not just a series of parts. We don’t get lost in details as they do. We are more artistic and see our world in beautiful colors, while they are stuck in all their black and white thinking and rarely enjoy life as we do. I’m truly not sorry I’m a lefty, nor that I was dyslexic as a child and had a difficult time learning to read and was classified as “slow” in my early academic years. I did graduate Summa Cum Laude from a prestigious university.

    • Stephanie Lee says:

      That kinda make me feel better but I don’t know…..

      Even the schools we have. The desks are so annoying. Why are they only designed for “right-armed?”

  17. Stephanie Lee says:

    I just don’t understand why EVERY camera have the most buttons on the right hand side and the handgrip. Why is that? Righties are so WEIRD!!!!!

    P.S. Every technologies that you see are all for righties which makes me so frustrated. I want to change the world………….but how? 🙁

  18. dan says:


    I am a paper conservator at the Whitworth art gallery, university of Manchester. During my degree program the technician we had was able to grind (I think) my scalpel handle, which allowed me to use it effectively left, handed.

    Unfortunately recently this has been misplaced (5 years of service) since this time I have been unable to discover anybody who can replicate this.

    Do you know if there are any stockists of left-handed scalpel handles?

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi Dan,

      I don’t have an answer to your question, but I am actually also looking for a scalpel for left-handed.
      I work in a leather workshop and there is one skill I find very difficult to learn, I think a left-handed scalpel could help me.
      Did anybody answer to your question?
      Thank you!

  19. prof Stephen Waner says:

    I have been in the market for a wrist watch I could read for a long time and although we are not left handed Our range of vision Is. a form of dyslexia known as strephosymbolia causes us to precieve everthing as if in a mirror, the LeChat mirror face Backwards wrist watch item # 418 is perfect for our needs since I must look at a mirror image to precieve a normal view (I hope to place an order for one soon) my user name on the web is paschar which means Vision or Guide , my research is in the field of the study of this form of dyslexia (of the true mirror image reader & writer)for those who have the condition where all text is printed from right to left in the mirror image. I will soon be refering my students to this site (all 7000+ of them) to let the view the wrist watch . professor S.D.Waner aka paschar (all over the web)

  20. Jan says:

    I’m a left hander who got switched in school. Many years ago you were required to be right handed. Today the only thing I do consistently right handed is write. I am looking for a pair of LH sissors because when I try to cut the nails on my right hand using my left hand with right handed sissors it really mangles them. LH people must have the same problem in reverse, so would RH sissors help?

    As for the looping – perhaps the teachers teach this, like I was taught to be right handed??

  21. Stephanie Lee says:

    Hi! I have been searching everywhere and not a site will sell a “true lefty” camera:

    1. shutter (left)
    2. viewfinder (right)
    3. controls/buttons from the back of the camera (left).
    4. Hand-grip (left or both hands)

    Sadly, I couldn’t find any. However, I did found one that was a okay for a lefty but the bad thing is that the battery life is too short. Here, take a look:

    I’ve been complaining so much that I hope this “anythinglefthanded” can change the world FOR ALL LEFTIES. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • helen Yue says:

      Dear Sir,
      nice to meet you .
      we are guitar factory in China ,.our website is
      If you are willing to buy electric guitars and bass in China,
      pls feel free to contact us.
      best regards

    • Edel Codd says:

      Stephanie, I have a Canon PowerShot/Ixus which is similar to your link. I am mostly ambidextrous, but with the camera I found that I can turn it upside down to take my photos and use my thumb instead of my forefinger to push the shutter button. It works very well, and because the camera has an LED screen and the exterior is relatively featureless, I don’t get the weird looks I get when I turn my SLR upside down, and that makes it great for people pictures (which I’m seldom comfortable taking to start with).

  22. murray says:

    Don’t forget Prince Andrew’s wife sofia is left handed

  23. Dawn says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I went into a well known kitchen and cookery shop to buy a wooden spatula. I looked around but could only find them with a right-handed bias. I picked one up, took it to the till and asked the assistant if they had and left-handed versions. She looked rather puzzled so I explained about the bias (like scissors), the slant of the bottom edge and the natural curve of the spatula being made for right-handers, whilst a queue formed behind me.
    She got rather agitated (due to the queue) and haughtily asked why I didn’t just turn the spatula the other way. Needless to say, I didn’t proceed with the purchase.
    However, my partner who was with me said that he didn’t realise I was having a problem. He bought me a cheap flat wooden spatula that he ground the edge of to give me the correct bias. Result!

  24. Judy Isaacson says:

    Do you have an e-mail address where I can send you a comic strip regarding left-handedness? It is a Bizarro strip from 2006, I think.

  25. REDIET says:

    Hi left handeres,my name is rediet,i’m left hander from Ethiopia.In my country there is no any left hander association.i’m learning in addis abeba(capital city)in engeenring feild&i want to establish this association,but i have no any helper&conseltant person. if you have any information please inform me.

  26. LEFTY says:

    Possibly some of us are slightly “loopier” than others??? (Author of this response included)

    On a side note – I think the looping has provide me with one clear advantage – it pushed me early on to adopt and adapt myself to a keyboard…

    yep…i believe that much of the loopers were induced unnaturally to write in this manner in view of making themselves less conspicuous…

  27. Kate in VA says:

    I dont get the looping thing either. I have always held my hand parallel and under what I’m writing and can see fine. I do put my paper at an 45* angle clockwise. That is a comfort thing -otherwise my wrist would fatigue if I tried to keep my paper north/south. Righties do the same thing for the same reason but it’s 45* counterclockwise.

  28. Linda says:

    I used to get a left-handed magazine a number of years ago. Do you know if it is still in production? It was really cool because you read it from back to front, exactly like I read magazines, only now I have to go “forward” (which is really backwards) to find the beginning of the article.

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda
      There used to be a magazine published in America many years ago but I have not heard anything about it for a very long time. Our Left Handers Club sends out a monthly email newsletter and you can join free using the box at top left of the page.

  29. Christy Staples says:

    I always thought that the people who looped were the ones that some teacher thought needed to be “corrected” and tried to change them to right handers. I have 2 lefty daughters, a lefty broither and one lefty sister. I say leave them alone. They are perfect!

  30. ron bird says:

    Writing left handed has always amused me. First I must say that I am left handed, my parents were left handed (both of them), and my son is left handed. So I have some experience of the left handed world. Which brings me to the writing bit. Many left handers loop their hand for writing, my son does it. But I don’t really understand why (I don’t loop you see). I know the reason is given that you don’t smudge your writing, you can’t see what you are writing etc. etc. I don’t have any of those problems and I write in a rather nice place script, which gets me thinking about this problem, and I can see PhD’s coming out of this 😉 .

    Latin based scripts are written left to right, the majority of writers are right handed, and left handers loop their hands to cope.
    Arabic and Hebrew based fonts are written right to left, the majority of writers are right handed, so they have the same issues as left handers and Latin based, yet they don’t loop their right hands to cope. So what is it about left handers and left to right writing? Is this looping learnt? If so why does my son loop when I don’t? (My parents did not loop either). No I don’t expect an answer yet but looping the hand and the apparent reasons given do intrigue me.

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