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We are always very happy to hear from our customers and visitors so please use the appropriate form below to send us a message and we will reply as soon as we can.   Do please use the search boxes for information and products before contacting us as we do find that the answers to a lot of questions we receive are already on our website and that will be a lot quicker for you.

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enquiries (at) anythinglefthanded (dot)

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Anything Left-Handed
1st Floor, Sterling Centre
9 Eastern Road
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Please note that we work in a commercial warehouse and we do not have a facility suitable for customer visits.

Tel:01737 888269 (10.00 to 2.00 weekdays UK time only – see below)

Note on phone service: We are an internet-based business and have customers worldwide so the best way to contact us is via the forms below or email.   To ensure all orders are picked & packed promptly,  we usually only staff the phones between 10 am & 2 pm (UK time) – please feel free to leave a message on our voicemail outside of these times and we will respond as soon as possible or, for a faster response,  please use the form below to send us an e-mail.

Suppliers and other business contacts

If you have a product that you think we should include on our web site or want to contact us on any other relevant business issues, please click here for our commercial contacts form

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104 comments on “Contact us
  1. Thomas Joseph says:

    I want ink eraser and corrector pen to remove ink mistake

    • Ian says:

      Apologies for the delay in replying – you can order any items in our range online from – we ship to India using Fedex now because of issues with deliveries historically.

  2. Bobbie Autorino says:

    You state that you can’t sell the left handed keyboard outside of the UK; but I noticed in he reviews that there were a couple of people that lived in Australia & Brazil. As far as I know, those countries aren’t in the UK. Why couldn’t I get one sent to the US (NY)? Thanks.

  3. Andrew Jones says:

    Can you help with designs for kitchens used by left and right handed couples

  4. Patricia Stout says:

    I would like to find articles on crocheting with their left hand which is backwards to right-handers. Or tying your shoe using your left hand. It was so hard for me to learn to crochet because everyone use their right hand to crochet with.

  5. ERIN A. WELCH says:


  6. Bevan says:

    I live in the borough kensington&chelsea off portabella road and would like to personally view items before i purchase, what should i do?

    • Keith says:

      Sorry, we are an online-only business and cannot offer you anywhere to view the products. I hope you can make a good decision on what you want from our product images and videos.

  7. Maria Christie says:

    I had a dark purple and a dark green version of item Ref: 777 (I was VERY attached particularly to the purple one) which I now can’t find anywhere. Is it possible to still get hold of the dark coloured soft touch versions of these pens?

  8. lara moore says:

    Hi I have now tried to place an order with you four times all unsuccessfully.I do want to purchases your products but each time at the last step the payment site goes back to your home page. Please can you let me know why this is. I used my card this afternoon as you indicated using my partners was the problem last night. I am reluctant to put my card details in again. My phone number is 07818038294. I am able to answer my phone for the rest of today, tomorrow and friday I can only be contacted after 4.45pm.
    Look forward to hearing from you Lara

  9. Larry Ray says:

    Some time ago, you published on this website a survey and results about left handed auto drivers being more skilled at driving an auto than right handed people. Your survey was biased because it was based in right seat driving countries. I am left handed, but live in the United States where autos are left seat driven. Right seat driving favors left handed drivers which is why left handed people are superior drivers in England and Australia. The survey didn’t establish a superiority at all.

  10. Claire Dyer says:

    Trying to ask a question but your contact form for customer content on form does not generate a verification code so couldn’t use that!

    Looking to buy some dressmaking scissors but not sure what side bent in the description of some of them means and if it would make them more difficult to use

  11. Tim Hickling says:

    Can you please change my contact address as freeserve is ceasing
    New address is

  12. John Flack says:

    Unfortunately, the items I most want are not available – not necessarily your fault, they may not exist.
    Your kitchen shears are better than nothing, because I really DO believe that right handed scissors are terrible for lefties. But they don’t separate for cleaning, which is important for using to cut food.
    And I REALLY want left-handed portioning scoops, for serving ice cream, portioning cookie dough, etc.

  13. Lynne Biggs says:

    I cant see where to enter the code of my paypal gift voucher when paying.

  14. Jennifer Onnen says:

    Why are the notebooks “only UK”? I’d like to order for California, USA

  15. Dawn Koomen says:

    I have looked EVERYWHERE for playing cards marked in all four corners and yours is literally the only company I have found who still stocks this item! I want to purchase some decks but live in Canada. Is there any way we could arrange a shipment?

  16. blackbombchu says:

    I saw the page at Instead of creating a font with backwards writing, you should instead tell windows to create an option in the start menu of inverting the whole computer screen. I would love it if you found a way to slowly change society to accepting left handers who want to mirror write doing so and having half of all writing people read mirror writing, without causing too big a problem. The world is easier if everybody is right handed for many reasons like the inconvenience of paying attention to which pairs of scissors are passed around to which people. The world is even easier if 50% of people are left handed as long as people aren’t too stubborn to use their nondominant hand for low skill tasks during times it’s more convenient to like sitting whereever to eat. For example, more students can fit in a school class if 2 person desks get invented for it where the person on the left writes with their left hand and the person on the right with their right hand where the desk is so small that you would bump elbows if you sat on the left side and wrote with your right hand even if the other person was also writing with their right hand. It would be easier for teachers to read hand written mirror writing by left handers if 50% of people were left handed than if 12% were. Restuants could build a right handed or left handed working area which ever is more convenient and that wouldn’t cause a problem of finding somebody of the desired handedness because Kijiji could add the feature where a restaurant can indicate which handedness they want somebody of when they currently have more people of the other handedness, and people can pick which handedness to only search for jobs that are hiring somebody with that handedness. There wouldn’t be a shortage of left handed dental surgeons for people who need a wisdom tooth on the left side extracted. Although nobody should be required to read mirror writing in their job because some people can’t do it, the Left Handers Club should try and encourage society to give benefits for people who accept mirror writing by other people and can read it. A mirror printed version of any book certainly should be available to those who want them. There should be a company for any published book, produces mirror printed versions and produces more copies of each version before they sell out, and Indigo should buy both versions and for each version, buy more copies of it before it sells out. People should be sitting at linear tables set up in such a way that one side is set up for the right hand and the other set up for the left hand and people should take what ever seat they find and eat with which ever By doing it that way instead of everybody eating with their right hand, each person of either handedness will sometimes be eating with their dominant hand making it even more skilled for the high skill tasks. After 50% of people are left handed, rows of computers in school libraries should have the computers on one side normal and those on the other side inverted with an inverted screen and keyboard. The Left Handers Club should help each factory produce for every chiral tool produced, an equal number of copies of each version, instead of producing the left handed version themselves. The entire internet should be completeyt inverted on inverted computers. Any picture uploaded to the internet from a camera should appear inverted only on inverted computers if it was taken from an uninverted camera and appear inverted only on noninverted computers if it was taken from an inverted camera. So that people can upload images and videos and prove they’re not fake, a new file type should be invented where images of that file type can only be made by an approved process like uploading an image from a camera and can’t be edited without changing to another file type. I’m fine with the fact that an image of that file type can be inverted when it’s uploaded. The world is even easier if everybody is ambidextrous. To help make new people who haven’t been born yet ambidextrous, a wire frame glove should be invented to go over the nondominant hand of each kid at a very young age to reduce the struggle of getting them to practice up their nondominant hand, then each class should have an equal number of copies of each version of scissors and hand them out randomly to the class and they should be the type that doesn’t cut well if used in the opposite hand with the teacher explaining to a student why they won’t cut when they don’t. To train the students to pay attention to tell by what the scissors look like whether they’re right handed or left handed and make sure to take them with the hand they’re designed for, one version should be the exact mirror image of the other. They should sometimes be laid on the right side and sometimes on the left side so that students will sometimes cross their midline to grab the pair of scissors.

  17. Esther says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Esther Carretero, I am from Spain and left-handed, as well as my daughter and one of my nieces.
    In Spain, it is not easy to find products for lefties. By this reason, I was so surprised to find your shop and the fact that you have being selling those products for so long has drawn my attention. I wish I had found you before.
    In Spain I have not found any method of writing for children, this is why I would like to market your method of left-handed writing in my country, as well as any book that you have published from left-handed, as I could make the Spanish translations.
    I would love to have a personal meeting with you, I can travel to London when it is best for you.
    I hope to hearing from you soon.
    Yours sincerely,

    • ERIN A. WELCH says:


  18. carla says:

    Was hoping you could help. I’ve bought a few things from your site for my 4yr old who has started year R. Surprisingly none of the teachers or TA’s new about the letter forming technique you have in the booklet I paid to download. Anyway I’m so pleased I know about. They’ve started sentence forming now and have writing targets, bless these kids all this at 4 yrs old. I remember at school you got taught to put a finger space between each word. Last night I realised while helping my son, you can’t obviously do that. Do you have any tips please and if you do, might be a handy thing to add to the booklet for future parents with kids starting school. Thanks in advance so pleased I found this site xxx

  19. karl-peter zorn says:

    i would like to know if there is something News about the brain(perhaps which are important for lefties)i can tell you nothing more than in the others of my comments,it`s hard for a leftie to live in Germany.they want to order the right side of the Body and head.the left side is ill.everytime.

  20. Roberta Hutchinson says:

    Having previously purchased several left handed items and now realizing left handed is normal. I was wondering if it is possible to get left handed phone covers. My husband and I are both left handed and we have samsung phoned . We find the opening awkward as its on the wrong side. Thanks in advance

  21. daniel says:

    hello, i would like to know which one of the fountain pens i can buy, i have one lamy but is too big, i´d rather a fine line. The book of caligraphy i don´t know if you have it in spanish, if not, i would like to know if we can translate and bring to spain. Thank you so much. Please answer me,

  22. Anne-Louise says:

    My husband and I are both right handed and are the proud parents of a very bright, 4 yr old, left handed boy. Our son has always been left handed/footed since he was a baby reaching for objects in his play gym despite health professionals telling us he would change to right handed! At the age of 4 3/4 our son attends two different nurseries and is the only left handed child out of 60 children! We have seen a steady decline in his enthusiasm for writing/drawing/doodling where his classmates are all writing their own names on birthday/Christmas cards. We have never forced him to do anything about this as we thought his interests were simply held elsewhere. However having spoken to both nursery leaders I feel my son is being confused by the ‘right handed way of doing things’ and doesn’t know how to translate that into his left handed way of thinking/doing. I have bought several products from this website which I will ensure both nurseries to use going forward.

    I just want to fully support my son and help where possible as I have read that a left handed child develops better if either parent is left handed, which we are not! So if any other parents have any words of wisdom as our son starts school they would be very much appreciated.

    • John McLaren says:

      I have come your question very late i.e. 2 years but I grew up in a right handed world. I have had to adapt. Some things I still do badly because I was taught right handed. Golf, Skydiving (yes really). Writing I’m OK with, I write under the line as opposed to the cack-handed writing above the line with a cramped style to avoid smearing as you write left to right. Wristwatch I wear on my left so I can adjust the date/time. Computer Mouse, I’m used to it now.
      I now have left-handed knives, scissors, and most importantly, a left handed corkscrew. Apparently we think differently, we are much more creative but I would say just this, enjoy your son, nurture him, left or right handed.

  23. MarkOmega25 says:

    Desk Top Corded Telephone:-

    All desktop corded phones that I have seen have the phone cradle on the left and buttons on the right. Does anyone know if there are any that have them the other way around?

    I hold the phone in my right hand and use my left for button pressing and writing. So a desk top phone with buttons on the left hand side would be more convenient. As yet I have not been able to find one and suspect they do not exist anywhere.

    I could get one of those retro style dial phones instead but would prefer the other type.

  24. Sonja says:

    I have to say I love this website and all the comments, I’m mainly a Rightie but with some Left handed tendencies (I’ve always been classed as a little weird). However my son is a Leftie but with some Right hand tendencies(?) – does that make us both ambidextrous? I tend to catch with my left but write with my right, I carry the shopping on my left arm mainly as this is my stronger arm? While trying out boxing I found I punch with my right, so does my son, however he writes & uses scissors with his left. At present he uses the right handed knifes in the kitchen, as that is all I have – I wasn’t even aware that you could get left handed ones, but they are on my list, to make things easier for him as he gets older (he’s 14yrs). I have only ever been asked once if I wanted him “corrected” I asked his teacher what he meant, I was genuinely confused by the question, when they explained I looked at them in horror and said “if he is happy and finds that easier then that’s correct, & no I don’t want him “corrected”.” I thought this type of stigmatism didn’t exist in this day & age – how wrong was I! Again just wanted to say how much I’m loving this site & all the helpful comments & ideas that I’ve found, keep up the good work.

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