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Customer comments and testimonials

We try really hard to make all of our customers happy all of the time and when things do occasionally go wrong we do our best to fix them as soon as possible.   We are very grateful to the customer who send us nice comments as it helps us stay committed to doing things better all the time.

It is easy to be selective with customer testimonials, but we DO get a lot of emails from people saying how happy they are with our products and how good our customer service is. We have included a selection here, including some about problems that have later been resolved.


Best testimonial ever?

Dear Sir/madam,
I have just written reviews for the items I purchased, last month, for my 6 year old son. I cannot thank you enough for supplying the tools which have made such a difference to my sons life. I appreciate this may sound a little OTT (over the top) but it's true. He started Year 2 in Sept & was miserable, tearful, began disliking school & not wanting to go. He had dropped into the bottom 3 in his class. I realised his teacher wasn't aware he was left handed & had sat a pupil on his left side. All of a sudden, in Year 2, he's expected to write much more & he was so unhappy.
I helped him at home but couldn't be with him at school to guide him. I saw an episode of Q I & they were showing a new Biro with a kink in it which helped the person hold it. I googled left handed pens & found your website. Here I discovered the mat, the wrist dolphin & the hand writing book. I ordered 1 for school & 1 for home & they've made such a difference.
We were beginning to think my son had dyslexia but it was a simple handwriting issue! He's back to his happy self now & his writing is superb. Thank you. I honestly can't tell you what a difference these writing aids have made.
My very best wishes to you all,
Helen Jones

Just a small email to say thanks for my order – what a great site and products. My little girl (4) feels so much more confident writing and using scissors now! Thanks again, will be shopping again soon.
Lucy W, UK

I have been in business for over 20 years myself and my attention to customer relations I like to think is second to none. It is nice to see that I am not alone!
Thank you Keith, I wish you all the very best
Darren R, UK

They say that any company looks good when everything goes well, it is only when something goes wrong that you find out about that company. My order of left handed knives was missing the bread knife and I contacted customer services at 11:35 on Wednesday 22/02/17. I was dealt with in a very pleasant manner and assured that this would be rectified. Today a replacement knife was delivered by post at 11:15. Less than 24 hours later.
Excellent service, thank you very much and the knives look great. I will continue to use your company and also recommend you.
Euan B, UK

Thank you very much. The parcel arrived today. Very efficient service and the secateurs are exactly as expected, very good quality. I'm very impressed and will recommend your service.
Catherine B, UK

Thank you for this – what fantastic customer service. I'm sure I will be using you a lot over the next few years for my little boy!, Katrina C.


Here is a lovely hand-made card we were sent by 7-year old Abi from the UK:
Testimonial card from Abi age 7
Just to say a BIG thank you for the set we had yesterday. What a difference it made. Mary understood and used the left-handed ruler with ease. The pens were fantastic and how chuffed was she with the pencils and sharpener? Thank you again, that has just made an 8 year old very happy.
Samantha C, UK

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your excellent website and the fantastic videos about writing. Being a right-hander I have really struggled to understand the difficulties for a left-hander and how to help them. Our school was not at all helpful in giving advice on how I can help my son.
Mrs A-S, UK

I just wanted to say how amazing your service is. I ordered things from Anything Left Handed yesterday and they arrived this morning. I am absolutely shocked at the speed of dealing with orders and thrilled that everything came so quickly. And I am aware that I sound like one of those letters that companies print that sound so artificial, but I really can't get over this.       So, thank you so much for your efficiency.
Rhea W. (Mrs)

“I would like to thank you for the service you provide. It was amazing for me to watch my son who had previously resisted my every attempt at getting him to write his letters. Today he sat with his Write Start book and markers and happily went through page after page. Because I'm not left-handed it's easy for me to forget the obstacles he faces, but I can see that I will likely be using your website in the future to provide left handed gear for my son.'
Celeste Lopez – Ohio USA

“I felt I just had to write to compliment you on your speedy service. I have tried the knives already and now have perfectly straight carrot batons, perfect halves in teacakes, thin straight cucumber slices and no sliced fingers! At this rate I might even get to enjoy cooking! Many thanks.'
Allison Townsend – UK

“My son, aged 8, was delighted to find your parcel waiting for him today. He was thrilled with the pen, and seemed particularly impressed with the ruler! May I take this opportunity to thank you for the VERY prompt processing of my order and for the high quality of goods received.”
Alison Voyle – UK

“I am very pleased with the fountain pen which has already improved my 13 year old daughter's handwriting. I only wish I had discovered you years before.”
J. Trafford – UK

“…I was so pleased and told lots of other people about the fantastic service you gave me!”
H. Forbes  – Canada

“.. we are very satisfied with the goods supplied and the speed of delivery. We will be using your company again as our daughter progresses through school”
D. Reed – USA

“Just to say how pleased I am with my new bread knife…  my son and I can both cut lovely  slices now. It is 1st time I've used Internet shopping which was very good. The parcel arrived very quickly”
Melanie – UK

“I would just like to thank you for the courteous and helpful way in which you dealt with my problem. It is a pleasure to deal with a firm like yours…”
S. Burrow – USA

“Wow… great lefthanders-site! This is one of the best e-shop I've ever seen, even better than our german lefthanders-shop. Froehliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr!”
S. Höhn” – Germany

“As a regular to this site I have to say that I am very impressed with it! Seems to be even more leftyness than ever! 7th Heaven! “
Matt – USA

Site of the Week
“Anything Left-Handed store has saved the day with its new-look e-commerce site.”
Internet Magazine

“…the company Anything Left- Handed has helped one group of users – left-handed people – to put pressure on organisations to make their products safer and more comfortable to use…”
Innovation UK, The British Council

“…My six year old daughter is thrilled with the new sharpener and has set about sharpening every pencil in the house!  Many thanks.”
S.Milbank – UK

“I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. It was so refreshing to receive an item from a proficient company such as yours.
Very many thanks”
Angie – Italy

“…I have only just found out about anything left-handed today, and it has already changed the way I write in a brilliant way.  I am 11 years old and write scruffily and smudge, but I bought a pen and a pencil grip today, and get on with them really well.  Thanks for caring and thinking about the difficulties left-handers have.”
Tina – UK

“I wanted to tell you that my sister, Chrys was thrilled with her presents from your company. The wrapping paper was exceptional and lovely! I will be sending the word about your company to other lefties.”
Kathleen D. MN, USA

“Now that I have shopped on line once, I'll be back!!!”
Gayle C. SC, USA

“Anythingleft-handed is one of the best sites I've been on and your mail order is fantastic – the service is 1st class and other retailers including those on the high street could learn a lot from your company. Best wishes”
Julie M. Belfast, N. Ireland

“I recently bought a multi-purpose knife which I now can't live without! It is wonderful to find out after all these years that I am not inept, but merely using the wrong tools! Thanks,”
Stephanie M. USA

“I received my order today, thanks for checking! I will use your company for all my left- handed needs! THANKS again,”
Joanna B. Cloverdale, USA

“Just want to say thank you for the newsletters and what a great web site you have! The newsletter gives me loads of info. and makes me feel proud of being a lefty.”
Richard S., UK

“Buying left handed scissors from you was one of the best things for my son I have ever done.”
Carrie H., Pendleton, IN, USA

“Keep up the good work, you’re the best site & organisation I’ve ever met”
Kutluhan, Turkey

“My wife is delighted with all the items and will put them to use immediately. Very nice products, good service and great delivery.”

George T., USA


We will try our very best to maintain the standards and service that have led to these comments and many more like them. We hope that we will soon be able to add YOUR comments!
The ALH Team

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93 comments on “Customer comments
  1. Jerome MacMillan says:

    I was born at a time when (1941) when left handed tools, etc. were either non-existent or very hard to find. My first baseball glove was for a right handed person. you can imagine what fun I had trying to use it. I have been buying your left handed merchandise for a few years and I can say that it is second to none. I cannot think of one item I have purchased that didn’t make a huge difference. All I can say is thank you very much and I wish I could have bought your merchandise many years ago. Thank you again!

  2. Gordon Mendum says:

    the April Fool regarding a left handed sandwich is a direct copy of a full page ad put in USA TODAY by Burger King in 1998. They had many people wanting the burger.

  3. Diane says:

    Just want to say thanks for the pens I brought. Grandson starting secondary school in September so will need the works. However thought I would let you know most secondary schools now do not allow pupils to take scissors into school, due to all the recent stabbings. X

  4. Alan Haile says:

    Re the tin openers. I am left handed for everything as far as I am aware but I disagree about the tin openers. It seems to me that the part that requires control is the gripping of the handles onto the tin and so for me that is best achieved by using my left hand. The right hand just turns the wheel whilst it is the left hand that has to maintain control of the whole device, keeping it held onto the tin.

  5. Mary Nasvik says:

    I spent 24 years with blisters on my left thumb from using “regular scissors”, until I found your site. Now I have 3 lefty scissors with labels (lefty only) on them!!

  6. Dr Billy Levin says:

    Nobody in my family was left handed before me. My son is also left handed. I failed grade 1 and came 1st the next year. I failed 1st medical school and thereafter never again. My son who is left handed has ADD (not ADHD). I took him to 8 specialists who did not or were not able to help him, so I did research and helped him succeed .His son is also left handed. We all have better right brains instead of the usual dominant left brain. I gave up my very successful medical practice to specialise in ADHD/ADD because of my son and at retirement; end of last year at age 83, having done 22,000 neurological assessments and 1/2 million modified Conners rating scales . Roger Sperry received the Nobel Prize for his research into how the left and right brain functions.

  7. RickS says:

    General Comments. I’ve been a strongly left-handed person all my life (joke!) living in a right-handed world. As such some left-handed things don’t work for me. Like scissors, because I don’t carry my own scissors around with me, most of the scissors I encounter in life are right-handed and my hand is trained to them, consequently left-handed scissors don’t work (I know!). When I saw your left-handed ruler was I dumb-founded. No wonder measurements have always been a pain. I didn’t realize right-handed people don’t have to make those calculations. That said, I still find left-handed rulers awkward.
    But some things I’ve never been able to adapt to. Like tying knots. I found out just a few years ago that knots have handedness. Eureka! Since I’ve never learned to tie knots, except shoe laces and neckties, I don’t have to unlearn anything.
    Now I’m on the search for other things with hidden handedness.

  8. André Pelletier says:

    What ever happend to men’s watches with counter clockwise mouvements .I have bought one a few years back and would like another .Do you stil carry thème?

  9. ERIN A. WELCH says:


  10. Samantha Coon says:

    I ordered some left handed knives and I Love them! Almost everything is made for a right handed world. And us left handed people try to adapt but somethings are not as easy. I really love my knives I ordered and I plan on ordering more things from you. Thank you for making life a little more easier.

  11. Darren Steeley says:

    Nice to see a 7 year old like Abi adding to the group, nice pic Abi well done ! especially as your the only lefty in the family, I am as well.

  12. hooman says:

    Happy left-hander s day
    I eventually found a group which is writing and thinking likewise me. I hope to meet someone who keen on numismatic thus please visit my page at Instagram by hooman9728.
    Thanks for your kind comments

  13. Jason Cloutier says:

    Back when I was in the Air Force (2003 or so) I pointed out a flaw on the website and the person that responded to my email sent me a grab bag of goodies for my find. I finally felt comfortable with pens, scissors, and the like. I wouldn’t know and Aug 13th if it wasn’t for you.

    I’m going back to school for my second degree. I can’t think of a better place for school supplies.

  14. Gary says:

    Hi Roccat do left handed mice plus ive an EVGA X10 which is ambi also razer do along with some others now has a list of them

  15. Hannah says:

    I discovered this site a few days ago. I am a 10year old who is 59% left handed and this site helps me a lot!!!!

  16. Tara says:

    I placed an order at 23:20 on Bank Holiday Monday and it arrived 36hrs later, on Wed morning. Seriously speedy delivery!
    I have been cutting everything (receipts, bank statements) with my new scissors; I’m like a child!
    I have yet to try out my new knife (but I will, soon!) and I love my ruler, but now realise that I need a lefty notebook to go with it…I just want one of everything on your site it’s wonderful!!
    Thanks ALH, for helping me to enjoy being a ‘southpaw’ again! 🙂

  17. Sue Hopgood says:

    I LOVE my Left Handed Bread Knife!! It’s wonderful to be able to finally slice my Bagels properly. I hadn’t realised just how much I’ve struggled over the years. Thank You.

  18. Jane George says:

    I notice that you have a wallet/keyholder which has the split ring suitable for Lefties. Whilst this is great, may I suggest a simple keyring with the correctly organised split ring would be a fantastic addition to your range.

  19. Dr Billy Levin says:

    As a professional involved in brain functions I have considerable information and why, who, when, and what and more regarding lefties, besides being a lefty my self if you are interested.

  20. Scottie says:

    I received this comment in an email from the site; but, for some reason, it wouldn’t open on the site. Here is what I received:

    “richard bamsey commented on Being LH Home.
    in response to anythinglefth:
    Welcome to our lefty information section We have built up a huge library of information about lefthanders and being left-handed over the past 40 years and we are adding it all to this website so you can share it, add your own comments and advice and pass it on to others. You can use the […]
    I was at art college in the 60’s and they thought they would teach us all calligraphy, half of us were LH so they gave up. If you want to comment by the way spelling is not something some of us are good at, we get by, without the spell checker I might say selibrate.
    Love Spud”

    I just wanted to reply to this. I’m left handed, but I do not write with my hand in the upside down position. I was stubborn when they tried to get me to face my papers like a right handed writer. I face my papers the way left handed writers should, with the top of the paper facing more to the right. When I was in an art class in community college, I was able to learn calligraphy because of this. Also, I do not smug my writing with my hand. If more left handed people would turn their papers to face correctly for left handers, then they wouldn’t have the problems they do. Just saying. Have a good day and happy writing the correct way. 😀

    • Lorraine says:

      Good to hear from another capable left-hander. I just can’t understand these issues that so many claim to have. Some left-han ded items are helpful, such as potato peelers and cork screws. But this problem regarding writing is a mystery to me.

  21. Lorraine says:

    As a complete left-hander, i would like to add some comments. I have never, in my life, had a problem of any sort with my writing. Apart from one infant school teacher saying i was doing my o the wrong way. Anyway, my point being is that the comments on your site seem to imply that we have some inate inability to to write properly. I personally find this mildly offensive. I had enough of the right-handed world making stupid comments about how amaziñg it was to see a left- hander write or peel a potato. To which i would reply that it is as easy and natural for me to use my left hand as it is for them to use their right. I also feel there is as much no need for a lefty to write with that annoying ‘claw hand’ as there is to smudge their work. I have tried to show that there is no difference in our ability to use our left hand, but reading some of the comnents on your site just rienforces the right hand worlds ignorance.

    • Scottie says:

      I agree with you, Lorraine. I feel the same way. Most of us have learned to adjust in a right handed world. What I have found amazing is how people perceive left handed people. We aren’t much different than they are. We just had more imagination.

      • Lorraine says:

        Thank you Scottie. So Prince William wants his boy to be a lefty, according to one of the news items. I just hope he learns to hold his pen in a normal fashion. Wills does no favours for lefties, when he is seen, on the world stage, holding his pen in a ‘Claw Hand’ The right hand world will be thinking, another kak hander!

  22. Jean Longley says:

    in 1969 I brought a pair of left handed pinking shears from your shop in Beak Street. Later I purchased other products! I am a total lefty and think your shop was heaven and now the website! My husband (a right handed) used some of the products left handed and after a stroke (paralysing right side) he was able to feel at ease with left handed scissors, knife, etc.

  23. Jill gooch says:

    I received my left handed thinning sissors today and I used them on my dog and they are prefect. I previously brought some other left handed sissors from another site which stated they were for lefties but they didn’t work why? Because they were actually right handed ones I was so disappointed thinking that they were blunt but worked for a right handed person. So thank you five stars for package etc and I shall definitely use your site again.

  24. Christine Ryan says:

    Love my new pen, and it came very quickly. However, like another of your reviewers, i
    I requested black ink cartridges and received blue (although it said on the pack that they were black). Think you may have a priblem with your suppliers. Off to write something blue now.

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