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Left Handers Club Newsletter – May 2011

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In this issue..

1. At last – a left-handed digital video camera
2. Left-handed Prime Minister and President get together
3. Is It Me? – Lefty quirks and problems
4. Left handed expressions follow up
5. Left Handers Club Mobile App development
6. Left handed acoustic guitars
7. Left handers Block calendars


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1. At last – a left-handed digital video camera

Samsung Q10 camcorderOne of the things we are most asked about is a left-handed digital video camera and there has never been one, until now. The Samsung Q10 (or HMX-Q10 HD) has been designed so it is equally easy to use in either hand – as Samsung say in their brochure “Even when you're a lefty, It records just right!

It has all the latest features and technology but with a sensible design that makes it usable for us lefthanders. The High Definition camcorder has a x10 optical zoom, comes in a range of colours and with a wide range of accessories

Click here to see full details of this product on the Samsung website.

You can use the links below to see the camera for sale on Amazon UK or USA
Samsung Q10 Full HD Camcorder from Amazon UK
Samsung Q10 HD Camcorder on Amazon USA

2. Left-handed Prime Minister and President get together

David Cameron and Barack ObamaLeft handed US President Barack Obama is currently in London visiting Left-handed UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Apart from all the serious business at hand, they found time for a game of table tennis (both left-handed of course) at the Globe Academy in South London.

President Obama also met another fellow left-hander, Prince William, just getting over one of the most high-profile weddings of the year.

Click here for more left-handed leaders

3. Is It Me? – Lefty quirks and problems

There are all sorts fo things that we, as lefthanders, find awkward or difficult in some way and often we are not aware that it is a direct result of our handedness. We have had a lot of emails on this subject recently so we have included a couple of pages we did a while back and want to update with your current comments.

Left handed kissingSocial kissing seems to be something that causes problems for a lot of left-handers as we naturally move to the other side to right-handers, i.e. The Same Side! which can result in embarrassing kisses on the lips by accident or lots of dodging left and right to get the correct position. We had never really thought of this as a left-handed thing until we stared getting emails about it.

Click here to see our page on Left Kissing and member comments then add your own experiences.

Belt upside dowbn left handedPeople responding about lefty kissing also mentioned lots of other things they find awkward that, once they started thinking about it, were actually left-handed things. These included

  • crossing other peoples paths/position on pavement
  • hugging
  • taking neighbours drink/bread roll at dining table
  • direction of work, decorating/painting rooms
  • being helped to put on a jacket
  • receiving change
  • putting children’s socks and shoes on
  • using your left-hand as a point of reference when giving directions
  • feeling more comfortable sitting on the left hand side of things
  • putting belts on upside down
  • visualise things the opposite way around
  • trouble opening/locking locks
  • work stations flow the opposite way around
  • organising files back to front”

Click here to see some of the comments and members' experience and add your own.

4. Left handed expressions  follow up

Our article last time about left-handed expressions (most of which have negative connotations!) generated lots of interest and here are some new ones to add to our list:

  • Livia says: In Brazil, there people also use the expression in potuguese ter duas manos esquerdas” when someone in clumsy, meaning: to have two left hands”
  • Carmiyah says: I’m from Israel, and in Hebrew the expression lakum beregel smol” means to get up on your left foot and implies that you’ll have a bad day. There’s also an expression lakum beregel yamin” meaning to get up on your right foot, implying you’ll have a good day.
  • Emma says: I’m Welsh and speak the language as my first language. tu chwith allan” does translate to mean left side out”, meaning inside-out, however i don’t use the phrase personally or hear anyone else using it really. Chwith” means left and the word is used in everyday Welsh conversation in its literal meaning. However there are a couple of other chwith” words, such as CHWITHDOD”, meaning a sense of STRANGENESS” and CHWITHIG” meaning AWKWARD”. O CHWITH” translates to the WRONG way” and y mae’n CHWITH gennyf glywed….” translates to I am SORRY to hear…”
  • Ama says: In Asante Twi (a dialect in Ghana ) there is a saying Obi nfa ne nsa benkum nkyere n’agya kurom” (one does not point to the father’s home town with the left hand) and it means one does not disrespect his/her origins
  • Terhi says: in finnish there’s an expression that if something is done haphazardly/sloppy, it’s done lefhandedly (vasenkatisesti tehty).
  • Federico: In Tagalog, the National Language of the Philippines, mangaliwa” means to have an extramarital affair. The root word is kaliwa” meaning left handed
  • Jennifer says: That’s very interesting. In Swedish there’s also an expression for cheating on your spouse, and it is vänsterprassla”. The word vänster” means left.

“Cuddy Wifter” is an old English slang term for Left Handed. LHC newsletter editor Keith was on a golf tour recently and his official tour name (allocated by the other players) was set as Cuddy Wifter so now he is commonly known at the golf club as “Cuddy”. The name was actually started by a man from London's East End who said it was an old Cockney word for lefthander. Here is what we have found out about this term:

  • According to the BBC website, it comes from Northumbria
  • It was used in the chorus line of Ian Radburn's song “Lefties Lament”, as – “We're the Cuddy Wifter Winners, we're the LEFTIES”. If you have not heard the song you can see the lyrics and hear Ian performing it here
  • The term was recorded in Hansard, the record of UK parliamentary business, when used by Peter Luff MP when supporting the Left Handers Club in promoting equal treatment for lefthanders (Peter Luff is a lefthander himself and an Honorary Member of the Left Handers Club)
  • One forum correpondent reports: In my school days 1950s a cuddy wifter was a stunning punch with the left fist.

If you can throw any more light on the origin or usage of this name, please add a comment.

If you have any more information on any of these sayings or know others from your country, please
click here to add a comment to the original article

5. Left Handers Club Mobile App development

mobile apps for iphoneWe are keen to develop a mobile App for the Left Handers Club and Anything Left Handed so we can let people access all our information and products using their mobile phones as well as on the web. It would include things like:

  • Information about us and being left-handed
  • Left-handedness test (which hand do you use for various things and comparison with our survey results)
  • Shop with all our products in and ability to order
  • In App only offers
  • Left-handed Celebrity spotting – let people advise new ones or browse / search a database
  • Articles on left-handedness
  • Our Left Handers Club newsletters

We have just started looking at this and wondered if there are any experts out there in our left-handed community who could point us in the best direction or even help with developing something. If you can help, please contact Keith using the form on this page.

6. Left handed acoustic guitars

We stopped selling guitars direct a while ago as they are such a specialist item with a very wide range of products and we felt we could not offer the technical advice people wanted. Instead, we created a page with links to other left-handed guitar vendor in the UK and USA.

left handed guitarDuring our recent stock take, we found a pallet high up in the racking with 8 left-handed acoustic guitars that we had forgotten were up there. They are in perfect condition in their original boxes and with all accessories so we are offering them to Club members at a £40.00 discount from the original retail price of £97.50 (they actually cost us more than that to buy in the first place).

Whether you are learning guitar or an experienced player, you will find Encore left-handed acoustic guitars offer impressive tone and playing response. A full size steel strung western guitar, featuring ebony finished fingerboard, pearloid fret inlays, decorative sound hole, adjustable truss rod, die cast machines. The set includes:

  • guitar strap
  • guitar gig bag
  • pitch pipe
  • plectrum
  • instruction leaflet
  • tutor listing
  • Encore Play NOW! DVD video

Click here to go to the product page for more information and images.
Enter code LHCG in the coupon code box in the shopping cart to get your £40.00 discount on this product.

Left handed guitar information and suppliers
Left handed guitars from UK suppliers
Left handed guitars from United States suppliers

7. Left handers Block calendars  – 80% off, only £1.99p

Block calendar 2011We have some stock of our Left-Handers block calendar left and it is getting a bit late in they year now so we are making them available to Club members for only £1.99 (US $ 3.27) instead of the normal £9.99 (US $ 16.40). Just enter code LHCBC in the shopping cart coupon box to get your discount.

Celebrate what it means to be a lefthanders with trivia, facts, quotes, anecdotes, legends and more about left-handers and handedness.

Click here to see full details on the block calendar and our video of it and also to place your order.



That's all for this month – we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren

and all at the Left Handers Club

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9 comments on “LHC NL May 2011
  1. Philippa Court says:

    My worst experience of being a ‘leftie’ happened over 30 years ago and still makes me cringe.I was taking my ‘o’ levels,and had to go to a village hall,on arrival I realised all the desks were the American style ones with just a chair and a small writing section to the right.
    In panic I scanned the room,but there wasn’t one for a leftie like me.Eventually I had to own up,and a desk and chair had to be provided for me from a near by school,I was made to feel very different and a bit of an outcast,with the exam co-ordinator tut tutting about holding everyone up.

  2. Katie Shea says:

    When I took home economics (in the USA), one of our semesters was learning to sew using a machine. All sewing machines are right handed, as far as I know. I never felt comfortable at the sewing machine, probably because I was using it backwards. Once that class was over, I never used a sewing machine again.

  3. JAKI says:


  4. Julio Cifuentes says:

    My problem is with me soon for indications, they have five and eigth old years. thanks for all and specially of know people famous of all world.
    Sorry, if was writhenig bad… full spanish. Glad to meet you.

  5. Siobhan Hearty says:

    ciatóg was the old Irish for left- handed and you were considered to awkward. When I was at school, they tried to make me write with my right hand but I won in the end

  6. Cyndi says:

    I’m 55 and still being made aware of things I do differently. The latest example is playing badmitton. I have always served with my left hand and then switched the racket to my right hand to play the game. I never thought about it until someone brought it to my attention.

    I get really confused over what is ‘natural’ and what I have just ‘learned’ to do with my right hand. Anyone else do things like that?

    • Teef says:

      Getting back to the oirginal topic.. it’s sad to note that if you go back forty or fifty years, that post wouldn’t have been satire. Students were forced by their teachers to learn to write right-handed, because left-handedness was bad or evil . My aunt had to go through that, and her handwriting never really recovered. I’m a lefty, and mine was just about the first generation where they finally dropped the idea.

  7. Brian Goodwin says:

    The picture accompanying the left-handed guitar item
    is NOT a left-handed guitar, as shown by the pickboard
    being at the bottom of the sound hole as photgraphed.
    If this was a real left handed Guitar the pick board would
    be at the top of the sond hole.

    Yours, a left-handed guitar playe,
    PS. Perhaps I should get a free left-handed guitar for
    pointing out this error!!

    • Ashley Boulton says:

      In response to Brian Goodwin’s beady eyed review, I think he should be rewarded with a spotters prize of a left handed guitar!!!!

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