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Left-Handers Club members receive regular newsletters from us with the latest left handed news and views plus links to other web sites, product information and member discount offers. The index below links to a selection of recent newsletters, but please note that not all links or offers shown in these old newsletters will still be available.

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Date Contents
July 2015 (B) 1. Left Handers Day designs on printed products
July 2015 1. Helping Left Handed Children infographic
2. Zebra Sarasa non-smudge pens
3. Left Handers Day is coming
June 2015 1. Let’s hear it for Left Handed Dads!
2. Left Handers Day Design Competition Winner
May 2015 1. Your Left handers Day Ideas for 2015
2. Left Handers Day Design Competition
April 2015 1. A Left-Handed Royal Arrival?
2. Left Handedness Around the World
3. Back to School for Summer Term
March 2015 1. Springing Forward
2. Left-handed garden pruners
3. Why are some people left-handed?
4. Famous left-hander birthdays
February 2015 1. Presidents’ Day (USA)
2. Oxford and Cambridge pens offer
3. Matt Groening
January 2015 1. New website launches
2. 20% discount on all orders on the new site until end Feb 14
3. Last chance for 2015 left-handed desk diary
4. 25% discount on Minnow left-handed corkscrews
October 2014 1. New website for Anything Left Handed – your chance to try it first
2. Is Prince George left-handed?
August 2014c 1. What a great Left-Handers Day!
2. Our Left-Handers Day video of our favourite images from the day
August 2014b 1. Happy Left-Handers Day
2. Images to share
3. Use the #lefthandersday hashtag
4. 40% off Left Handers Day Essential products Set
5. How left-handed are you? – Initial results analysis
August 2014 1. Left Handers Day graphics and posters
2. How left-handed are you? – Take our test
3. Lefties Do It Right baseball cap
July 2014 1. Preparing for Left-Handers Day
2. New format for our newsletter
3. Mobile app with a left-handed mode
4. Product review: Stabilo EASY Pens
June 2014 1. Left-Handers Day is coming – August 13th
2. Left-Handed science with James May
3. Help needed with new left-handed research
4. Left handed Knives and Sets
5. Everyday inconveniences
May 2014 1. Member offer – 20% off everything for May only
2. Anti-clockwise races
3. Left-handedness – the good and the bad
4. Left handed eating attitude
April 2014 1. Positive left handed sayings
2. The left-handed eating story continues
3. Spring is coming – Professional pruners 30% off
February 2014 1. Left handed birthday dates
2. Left handed serrated scissors with 35% off
3. Left handed sign language for the deaf
January 2014 1. One-sided clothing – bad for left-handers
2. LHC Member January Sale 20% Off
3. Left handers birthday dates
4. Language translation
5. Left-handed sports competitions – Curling
December 2013 (2) 1. Eating left-handed follow up
2. New left-handed Notepads now in
December 2013 1. Eating left-handed
2. New left-handed products
3. Last order dates for Christmas
November 2013 1. Is left-handedness genetic?
2. Christmas gift ideas
3. Eye dominance and left-handed sport
4. A great success story
October 2013 1. Backwards Calendar for 2014
2. Left Handers Block Calendar and Desk Diary for 2014
3. Christmas gift ideas and last order dates
4. Left handed typing
September 2013 1. Do left-handers die 9 years before right-handers?
2. Have I Got News For You – TV quiz left-handed headlines
3. New left-handed cartridge pen styles
4. Is It Me? Latest Lefty Quirks
August 2013 (2) 1. Left Handers Day – Report
2. Back to School
3. One-sided clothing follow up
August 2013 1. Left Handers Day – Tuesday 13th August
2. New Products, Box Cutter / Craft knives & Pastry server
3. Changing back from right to left
4. One-sided clothing
5. Prince George – Left-handed King?
July 2013 1. Left Handed Golf
2. New Products, Key Holder and Pencils
3. Left Handers Day
4. Left Handed Bridge
June 2013 (2) 1. Flash Sale – 30% off everything (if you are quick)
2. Things Right Handers Do that annoy us! – Update
3. Tying shoelaces left-handed
June 2013 1. Things Right Handers Do that annoy us!
2. New Left Handed Children’s Sets!
3. Bits and Pieces
4. Support the Left Handers Club – It doesn’t cost anything!
5. Is it Me? – more quirky things us lefthanders do
May 2013 1. President Obama hit with a ruler
2. Yoropens are back!
3. Bits and Pieces
4. Is it Me? – more quirky things us lefthanders do
February 2013 1. Changing hands and stuttering
2. New products – inches rulers, corkscrew, Stabilo pen sets
3. Is it Me? – more quirky things us lefthanders do
December 2012 1. New Site Search Function
2. New products – child scissors and leatherware
3. Last order dates for Christmas 2012
November 2012 (2) 1. News Update
2. Multi-Buy discounts
3. Last order dates for Christmas 2012
November 2012 1. Teacher survey responses
2. Essential Sets and Child Gift Sets
3. Last order dates for Christmas 2012
4. Backwards calendar 2013 with Sunday starting the week
October 2012 1. Backwards Calendar for 2013
2. Left Handers Block Calendar and Desk Diary for 2013
August 2012 LHD 1. Happy Left Handers Day – August 13th 2012
August 2012 1. Left Handers Day is coming – August 13th 2012
2. New range of bevelled Left Handed Knives
July 2012 1. Left handed children and teacher training follow up
2. New left handed products
3. Your Left handed Child Ebook version
March 2012 1. Left handed News round up
– Handedness key part part of decision making.
– Most powerful left-handers
– Left-handedness and health
2. More new left handed products
3. Left Handed Cartoon characters
4. Left handers Desk Diaries half price
November 2011 1. Sorry we have been away so long!
2. New left handed products
3. The Left Handed Compliment
4. Winter sale
5. Left handers Desk Diaries and Block Calendars
May 2011 1. At last – a left-handed digital video camera
2. Left-handed Prime Minister and President get together
3. Is It Me? – Lefty quirks and problems
4. Left handed expressions follow up
5. Left Handers Club Mobile App development
6. Left handed acoustic guitars
7. Left handers Block calendars
February 2011 1. The advantages of being left-handed – Follow Up
2. Left-handed animals?
3. Lefty Book – The cartoon adventures of a frustrated left-hander
4. Left handed expressions
December 2010 1. The advantages of being left-handed
2. Left-handed cricket batsmen excel in the Ashes Test
3. New left handed corkscrew available – great gift
4. Left handed block calendar and desk diary videos
5. Website tips and tricks
6. Last order dates for Christmas
November 2010 1. The effect of changing hands – update
2. Newsletters – How much and how often?
3. New left handed pen sets available
4. Left handed pencils back and now in sets of 10
5. Subscribe to comments problems
6. Twitter – What’s it all about!
7. iPhone 4 and survey on preferred phone hand
October 2010 1. The effect of changing hands
2. How much and how often?
3. Hope for right-handers – they can be changed to the left!
4. Two For One Member offers
5. Left handed language
6. iPhone 4 signal problems for lefthanders
7. Left handed calendars and diaries for 2011
8. Lefty bits and pieces
September 2010 1. Are left-handers more angry and emotional?
2. Left-handed leaders update
3. Helping left-handed children guides
4. Left handed language
5. The embarrassing left hand?
6. Left handed calendars and diaries for 2011
7. Left handed keyboard, numeric keypad and mouse
8. Currency conversion and Tell A Friend
9. Lefty bits and pieces
August 2010 1.  We are back!
2. Left-handed leaders
3. Left handed gestures – good or bad?
4. Lefties around the world
5. Back to school
6. New products
November 2009 1. Xmas posting dates – don’t miss out!
2. Top gift ideas
3. Left handed leatherware back in stock
4. Left Handed myths and misunderstandings
5. Writers – thanks for the offers
October 2009 1. Music and left handers – update and help needed
2. Your Left Handed Child Book update
3. Left handed Business Club feedback
4. 2010 Left handed calendar
5. Left Handers and Sport
6. Are you a good writer?   Could  you  contribute to our blog?
September 2009 1.   Music and left handers
2. Left handed guitar and book offer
3. Left handed Business Club?
4. 2010 Left handed diary and block calendar
5. Left Handers Day 2009 report
August 2009 1.   Left-handers Day – August 13th 2009
2. Claims that left-handers think differently
3. Paws for thought: Cats found to be left or right handed
4. Soft Grip scissors and Curved blade Kitchen Scissors back in stock
5. Back to school – get your left-handed supplies in!
6. Left handed golf shirt
7. Commenting on articles
June 2009 1. New web site and blog! + 20% Member discount
2. From the Left-Handers’ Club Archives
April 2009 1. Thank you for your support
2. Leather folders and U.S. paper sizes
3. Nail scissors – left or right?
4. From the Left-Handers’ Club Archives
5. Left-handed molecules
Music Special
April 2009
Tommy Firefly – The Prettiest Star
March 2009 1. Lefty language – your feedback
2. The new Griffix writing range from Pelikan
3. Clarkson blasts left-handers
4. Ink eraser pens – work like magic!
5. Left handed Swiss Army knives
January 2009 1. Exciting developments for 2009
2. Lefty Language
3. Top rated products from your reviews
4. Last few diaries and calendars left
5. Left and Right nail scissor sets are back
December 2008 1. Lefthanders lagging in school tests
2. Christmas is coming – gift vouchers
3. Left-handedness in modern combat
4. Last few scissor packs available
5. Backwards calendar 2009 to download
November 2008 1. Christmas is coming – gift ideas
2. Twitter – keeping you up to date
3. Culinare One Touch automatic openers
4. Left handed scissors offer
5. Long lost pens found in our office
6. Are lefties more inhibited?
7. Left Handers Club video channel on YouTube
8. Left handed calendar and diary 2009
October 2008 1. Changing your membership details
2. Left-handed calendar and diary 2009
3. Left Handers Day quiz answers
4. New left-handed peelers
5. Left-Hander of the Year – your feedback
Left Handers Day
13 August 2008
1. Happy Left Handers’ Day!
2. Left-Hander of the Year 2008 – The Result
3. Lefties forge ahead on the road
August 2008 1. Left-Hander of the Year – time to vote
2. Left-Handed products – what do you think?
3. Back to school
4. The Cherry Ergo left-handed mouse
July 2008 1. Tennis produces two more left-handed legends
2. Left-Hander of the Year – Who would be your choice?
June 2008 1. Left-handers become American idols!
2. Sublime rhymes – members’ poems from a left-handed perspective
3. Left-Handers Day 2008 – Celebrate your handedness on 13th August
4. Member Offer on our best-selling Yoropen and pencil
April 2008 1. Left Hand World is open for testing (if you are quick!)
2. Great new left-handed garden pruner
3. New Stabilo pens
March 2008 1. New book – Your Left Handed Child
2. Left Hand World – the Club evolves!
3. Left handed tape measure
4. Left-Handed Presidents feedback
February 2008 1. Left-Handed Presidents
2. Left-Handed Musicians
3. CD For you to listen to
January 2008 1. Great offer on Newly Launched Stabilo range
2. Heated debate at the Science Museum
3. Left-handed hammers – more “good” ideas
4. Last chance offers on Calendars and Stationery Sets
November 2007 1. Eggheads quiz show report
2. Left-Handed “Club Cards”
3. FREE left-handed scissors – really!
4. Top left-handed products videos
5. Left-Handed pranks and tricks
6. Last order dates for Christmas delivery
October 2007 1. Eggheads quiz show report
2. New ultra non-smudge pens
3. Left-footed kickers in Rugby World Cup final
4. A left handed history of the world
5. Rotating dancer – a bit of fun
6. Left Handers’ Day prize quiz winners
September 2007 1. Left-Handers’ Day report – we overloaded our web server!
2. Are there are more lefties around than ever?
3. Left-handed diaries for 2008 now available
4. Eggheads news – the lefties team are in!
5. Left-handed heavy duty shears offer
August 2007 1. Happy Left-Handers’ Day – how to celebrate
2. Survey – does being left-handed affect your career choice?
3. Translation of the Left-Handers Day website
4. Scientists discover left-handed gene
5. Correction – 2 for 1 golf DVDs offer
6. New videos demonstrating left-handed items
7. Members’ 20% discount on all items for Left-Handers’ Day
July 2007 1. Does being left-handed affect your career choice?
2. New Left-Handers Day website launched for 13th August 2007
3. LHD website goes Multi-Lingual
4. Left-handers in sport – not all what they seem?
5. Improve your golf – 2 for one videos offer
6. New product: multimedia left-handed keyboards
7. BBC “Eggheads” Quiz Show calls for left-handed team!
8. Left Handers Essentials Pack at 40% off
June 2007 1. Left Handed Tennis Winner
2. Media News
3. New – Culinare One Touch automatic can opener
4. Coming Soon (Left-Handers Day, Free web resources)
May 2007 1. Left Handed Gardening
2. Left-handed mouse and using special cursors
3. Do left-handed women die younger? (here we go again!)
March 2007 1. Left Handed Writing video
2. New Left Write writing guide for children
3. Famous left-handers born in March
February 2007 1. Left Handed exhibition in Luxembourg
2. New left handed scissors for you to try
3. Left handed bookmarks
January 2007 1. Mixed handedness
2. New left-handed leather goods range
3. January Sale Items
December 2006 1. Left handed scissors video
2. Last order dates for Christmas delivery
3. Great gift ideas for the lefties in your life
November 2006 B 1. Left handed articles directory
2. Last ordering dates for Xmas 2006 delivery
November 2006 1. On the other hand – lefty articles
2. Calling all teachers – writing pack
3. New left-handed mugs and 2007 backwards calendar
4. Christmas gift ideas
October 2006 1. Report from Left-Handers Day 2006
2. Schools lefty awareness campaign
3. New left-handed products and 2007 diaries
4. Left-Handed Yoropens
June 2006 1. Left-Handers Day 2006 – August 13th
2. Survey on Left-Handers School Experiences
3 .Summer Sale
4. New left-handed products
5. Calligraphy sets giveaway
6. Wimbledon tennis – left handed champions
May 2006 1. Left-handedness without hands!
2 .New left-handed cordless computer mouse
3. Left-handed slicing knives
4. Left-handed executives earn more
5. Left-handed crochet book
6. Bonus left-handers notepad and pencils
March 2006 1. Left in a spin
2 .Lawn Edging Shears
3. LHC vs Victoria free eBook reminder
3 Yoropen Mini coloured pencils
4. Left-handed walking sticks
5. Lefty friendly camera
6. How would you like to run the London left-handed shop?
February 2006 1. Your responses to the Victoria emails
2. Ink eraser pens and Member Offer
3. Have we got your details correct?
January 2006 1. Backwards watch at half price
2. Is the LHC ‘Ridiculous’?
3. Form for your responses
4. Yoropen biro at only £1.49 (normally £3.00)
November 2005 1. 2006 Backwards Calendar available Free
2. Left-Handed men earn more than right-handers
3. Gift boxes for Christmas
4. Last ordering dates for Christmas delivery
5. Are lefty children being penalised in tests?
6. Volunteers needed for a TV documentary
September 2005 1. Left-Handed dialects
2. Mouse button swapper
3. New research – lefties and breast cancer
4. Left-Handed golf books at 30% discount
5. 2006 Block Calendars and diaries available
6. Left-Handers Day competition winners
August 2005 1. Happy Left-Handers Day – August 13th
2. New – Tough Cut shears & hair thinning scissors
3. Back to school
4. New – Writing practice books specially for lefties
July 2005 1. Is it me? Your thoughts on lefty problems
2. Left-handed knives – Your responses to our survey
3. Left-Handers Day! Get ready to celebrate!
4. Members offer : 20% off all Essentials Packs
5. ‘Lefties do it Right!’ Baseball Cap special offer
June 2005 1. Kissing confusion – your responses, is it me?
2. Left-handed knives – what do you think?
3. Get a free Yoro Pencil
4. Garden pruners at 60% discount
May 2005 1. May madness – new products with big price reductions
2. Gifts, gadgets and webmasters
3. Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe
4. Kissing confusion
March 2005 1. Why do left-handed superstitions persist?
2. Top team – welcome to our new members of staff
3. The advantages for left-handers in sport – your experiences
4. Member offers – pen set, diary and calendar
5. Gifts and gadgets – recommended sites
February 2005 1. Left-Handers – Nature’s Fighters?
2. The loneliness of the left-handed surgeon
3. Left-handers in sport – is there an advantage?
4. First Hand Knowledge – members’ experiences
5. Member offers
December 2004 1. Lucky in love? – Your suggestions on what makes left-handers so special…
2. Famous lefties – a very special person joins the Left-Handers Club
3. Perfect Gifts for the Leftie in your Life, Executive Yoropen Set
4. Last ordering dates for Christmas
November 2004 1. 2005 free backwards calendar + desk diary and clock calendars in stock
2. Link your website with ours
3. Can you help solve a mystery?
4. Christmas discounts and free gold pens
September 2004 1. Left-Handers Day Report
2. New website now fully operational
3. Tell a friend and get a 20% discount
4. Eating left-handed.. surely that’s right
5. New! Spiralbound Left-Handers Notebooks now available
August 2004 1. Left-Handers Day Celebrations
2. Back to School – Handwriting help for little left-handers
3. Members exclusive offer: reserve your 2005 Left-Handers Diary now!
4. New! Spiralbound Left-Handers Notebooks available September
July 2004 1. Left-Handers Day 2004 is coming
2. What has happened to the new web site?
3. Special offers extended
4. Yoropens
June 2004 1. Really making a difference
2. Summer Madness sale
3. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay
4. Famous left-hander birthdays in June
5. New left handed products
January 2004 1. New Backwards Calendar to download
2. Great progress for left-handers
3. Exciting website developments for 2004
4. Get your garden in shape with our Members Special Offer
5. Left Brain, Right Brain game

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8 comments on “LHC Newsletters
  1. BRIAn says:

    hi having been someone who teachers tried to make me write with the wrong hand in my case ( the right) and having developed a stammer I can no w say that years on I am stronger and brighter than my friends and family its not me who says this but all the said friends and family . I have an amazing ability to read and keep AND A MEMBER OF MENSA.. I thank GOD for making me left handed

  2. margaret says:

    Hey Im a lefty and proud of it!!!I always knew I wasn’t crazy, its just that the right handers drive me nuts!!!

  3. Lester says:

    Hey club members August 13 special day in my life.Being lefthanded of course .It is also my birthday and today i turn the 60 . Hippie from the 60s is now 60 . So all us lefthaners lets enjoy our day .

  4. kari says:

    I subscribed to your news letter about a year ago. I received them on a regular basis for 5-6 months. I have not received a news letter in 4-5 months now. I miss those letters as I really enjoyed them.

  5. Waldo Bernal says:

    Alex: Soy de Abuelos de Incarnacion de Diaz, Est de Jalisco, Mejico. Soy ciudana de EUAA. Tuve que estudiar Castellano y ha la fecha utilizo Dicionario en Espanol. Suguerto que hagas lo mismo ya que la Idioma principal en Commericio es Ingles y la secugndo es Castellano. Buena suerte, attentemente, Waldo

  6. Chandrakanth Pai Maroor says:

    hi im a lefthaner! its great to be in this club! im making a speech on lefthanders. please let me know any inflormation that i would want to make in my speech thanks.

  7. Alejandro says:

    Hi everyone. I ´m Alejandro and I ´m so proud to be a left handed. I received the good news that you will re-start a monthly newsletters next week. See you soon. 😀

  8. May says:


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