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Left Handers ClubWe started The Left Handers Club back in 1990 in response to requests from customers to produce a newsletter and campaign on behalf of left-handers to get more products made and raise awareness of the issues facing left-handers – particlarly left-handed children in school.

Our newsletters cover a wide range of topics to do with being left-handed including:

  • Latest research and reports on left-handedness
  • Our own surveys and anlysis
  • Latest product information and explanations of left-handed items plus member discounts and offers
  • Highlighting the things left-handers do differently
  • Picking up on language, customs and myths about left-handers

We try our best to entertain members as well as providing useful and interesting information and resources.

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73 Responses to “Join the Club”

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  1. Jane Cordner says:

    I can’t cut bread straight ,I leave big gashes in paper using scissors ,I can’t open door locks , and you should see me opening a bottle of wine. ….pah But my hubby thinks I’m making it all up No way hose .im a true Lefty and proud of it. LEFTIES RULE

  2. david speers says:

    i bought the school kit for my daughter,she loves it and uses it every day ,thank you

  3. Michael says:

    Dear Madam/sir. Not sure if I qualify for this membership of such an illustrious club. I was born left handed,living in the countryside where superstition was rife a left hander was considered to be at least unlucky at best: or work of the devil at worst. So one of the cheesemakers/cooks made it her mission to rid me of this awful curse. (she was a Methodist) She largely succeeded as she was on hand for meals etc., I do not know left from right & have to think about it. But my big revenge is that I still throw left handed!!
    Please excommunicate me if I am not eligible for your club, but do remember that if I am accepted you will be heaping revenge on our departed cheesemaker/cook. Amy was her name if you wish to insert pointed objects into dolls on my behalf.
    ttekcoL leahciM

  4. Kevin Peter MASSEY says:

    I’m a LEFTY , SAGITTARIAN and WAR BABY ( 1944 ) and my mother said I always questioned everything in specific detail and was classed the Family Trouble maker for my inquisitive nature. Teachers made continuous attempts at forced conformity, but failed.
    Personally I am assured that all LEFTIES have Superior Intelligence, Spatial Awareness and a Higher Degree of ESP. My nickname that stuck to me in my time in RAF, Bomber Command 1960’s ,during the Cold War Cuban Missile Crisis as a ground crew Radio Coms/ECM Technicin probably sums up my nature as a KRAKATOAN. Highly Volatile but Decisive and Specific.

  5. marybeth says:

    Is there a flyer I could get to let folks know about The Lefthanders Club?? I want to let folks know for fun and as a Birthday present to myself! August 13th is…MY BIRTHDAY!! AND this year 2014 is the Big One!! THX! Best, Marybeth H.

    • marybeth says:

      Oh, I left out the BEST Part!!!! I am the only Lefty in my family !!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!

      • Alexis Roque says:

        Really me too, I’m not going to lie it’s kind of hard to be left handed when everyone in my family thinks it’s really wearied to be left handed.

  6. Margie says:

    I have a question regarding medication. I learned in college that left-handed people tend to have a higher sensitivity to medication. I wasn’t really sure about that until I was diagnosed with a condition that could not be treated by medication because of a hypersensitivity to that type of medication! I wondered if anyone else ever came across this bit of information.

    Thanks for providing this website for the most over-looked minority in the world!


  7. Walter Perry says:

    Cheers Keith

    How are you?

    How can I get a GREAT left-handers’ club certificate such as the one above?



    PS I was hit by a drunk driver and was left with a tremor so I often mis-spell words.

    SO I apologize for this in advance! WCFP

  8. Stephen Taylor says:

    I used t’ be right handed until the early eighties, when I had an accident which resulted in my having a fractured skull. Since then I’ve been a left hander. It’s fair t’ say that I’m proud t’ be left handed, and both my Grandad n Great Aunt are too.

  9. Tracy says:

    I love being left handed and I can do the same things that rightes can do but better LOL

  10. Caty Lynch says:

    I frequent an online board that is primarily devoted to classic film/movies. Someone posted an off-topic message to the question of being left-handed.

    That got me to thinking about any reference to left handedness in movies. I could only think of one: In DESK SET, with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Tracy notices that one of the secretaries is left-handed. He comments that the office set up is wrong for her, and that the desks should be reversed to allow her better advantage of sunlight.

    Do other examples pop to mind, for anyone else??

  11. Duncan says:

    I’m sorry but I think you are wrong! Writing with a ‘hook’ is the way lefties try to adapt to the way children are taught in school to write with their right hand. I did the same thing until about sixth grade when I began wondering why my writing with a pencil always got smeared as my hand went across the page while the other kids’ writing stayed just fine. When I realized why I forced myself to learn to write below the line like everyone else. It wasn’t easy, I got horrible grades in penmanship that year but I didn’t care because I knew why the grades were bad while I retaught myself how to write. It had Nothing to do with genetics and Everything to do with the way writing was being taught in school!

  12. […] So there’s my list. I have also just joined The Left Handers Club and they have loads of interesting information about left-handedness as well as specially designed products for left-handers like me. If you are a fellow left-hander, It is completely free and you can join here. […]

  13. Juliet says:

    I am so thrilled to have discovered your club.
    My grandchild of 5 is left-handed and we would love to help him to cope with writing,
    cutting, etc. etc.
    We live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Is there an outlet for your goods in SA?
    Regards, Juliet

  14. Silverstream Silverado says:

    This is the first website that actually UNDERSTANDS the concept of being left-handed. (Of course I’m left-handed, but the difference is that I’m only 12 years old) My parents also don’t want me to use my real name, so I just made up a name. I also do everything with my left hand. That includes my drawings which look really amazing and you can’t really tell what hand I used to draw them unless you were watching me or I told you.

  15. Jadon Baldwin says:

    My brother and sister think I’m crazy because I joined yesterday and I’m addicted to this site.

  16. kenneth says:

    Kenya joins the list of country headed by left-handed presidents with his assumption of office on 9th April.

  17. Steve Tillcock says:

    I will support your cause but for reasons already stated I believe in the power of the human mind to overcome and adapt. Some children need special consideration and modern science should turn an eye to it. Please continue keeping me informed…

  18. Anthony Strefford says:

    I have two left handed grandchildren I wish to have join your club. How do I register them separately? their ages are 9 and 7. They will be using my laptop and email address for the foreseeable future.

    Kind regards,

    Anthony Strefford

  19. Lori Ingham says:

    I wanted to know if I could join the club if I’m not a lefty, but my son is? He’s four, and is showing left handed tendencies — he’ll put the pencil or crayon in his left hand automatically, and the computer mouse will end up on the left side of the keyboard eventually.

  20. Pawan Dwivedi says:

    dis club help me alot to understand myself ,….Thanks alots

  21. edwin says:

    Being a member of this site makes me feel much more special………….i am a left-handed and very proud of it.
    My mom is left-handed and so is my elder sister. I do thank God for it and pray i do have left handed children because left-handed people rock!!!!!!!!!

  22. Fredrich Yeager says:

    I am left-handed natrually, but I had cancer when I was young and it permanently injured part of the left side of my brain, so my right arm, leg, ear, and eye are all extremely weak and unusable, so I became even more left-handed. But when I was nine I fell of a scooter going down a hill in west virginia and broke and dislocated my left knee, so now I’m no-footed. I can’t play soccer (or football outside of usa) to save my life, however I have found that I kick balls (sports) better with my left foot, and people better with my right foot. Life is very mysterious.

  23. Marci says:

    I am 65 & the only leftie in the family. While at Catholic grade school the nuns kept wacking my knuckles for writing lefthanded. They said it was the devils work. My Mom told them that the Lord made me that way & that was the wasy I was staying. They didn’t want to mess with her.

  24. karl-peter says:

    i have very to fight here in germany to be a left-hander, the comment is`not true

  25. Pratap says:

    hello every one, I am very happy after joining ‘LHC’ and filling proud to be a member of ‘LHC’. Because it is the unique club in the world, which is specially for the lefty people.
    So Thank you so much for discover this site.
    If you are lefty then you must join this club. Good Luck.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    So very happy to discover your site. One of my grandaughters is lefthanded like me. We now both have pens for lefthanders, she has items for lefties for school, rulers, pencil sharpeners and pens, plus corrector pens. Will buy tape measure, clipboard type folder and scissors next purchase, plus fountain pen for myself. Had a cheque book for lefthanders from the bank, amusing to see the teller struggle with it when she had to stamp the cheque and tear it out. We have been doing that sort of struggle a lot in a world for right handers. I love your site.

  27. Andrew says:

    I am a very dominant leftie. I do everything with my left hand. I can’t do anything with my right hand at all. I am the only leftie in my family. There were only a few lefties throughout my schooling, not as many as there are today.My teachers tried to force me to write with my right hand but I always refused to comply so they gave up in the end and let me go leftie from then on, there was no equipment for lefties in those days so I always struggled as a left hended child in a right handed world. LEFTIES ROCK!! Thankyou for everything this site is doing for lefties everwhere.

  28. Laura says:

    Left handedness runs in our family to the extent that at Thanksgiving we have a ‘left handed table’ and a right handed table’ so we do not bump elbows!

  29. Ed says:

    There is Lefty Store in San Francisco, California at Pier 39, and I would like to visit this Anything Lefthanded store place in UK . I also am a left handed and proud of it

  30. Vanessa says:

    As someone who uses different hands for different things or switch preferences on different occasions and with writing sometimes I prefer to write left handed and sometimes right handed I tend to count myself as ambidextrous. I wear my watch on my right wrist and find I often accidently press the set button just because I bent my wrist. That can be annoying. This is my first visit to anything left handed. There’s not as much stuff on the site as I expected. Mostly I buy stuff that can be used with either hand but I do have a pen for right handed use and a left handed one of the same type but in a different colour.

  31. deogratius says:

    am very proud to be different with the right… mh but the islams seems to be bothered when i use my left hand for eating food or giving something to a person… well i use my left hand in doing anything and am sorry for my right hand because it seems that its there for show

    also my left hand teaches me that we should think differently……..

    and there is where she knew that i will never change..


    • Debbie says:


      Your right hand isn’t for show (that was funny though) it’s for carrying things while your left hand does all the important stuff.

  32. moses pensulo says:

    am proud to accept how the creator made me to be a left hander and left legger, almost every activity I do I use left, no need for someone to get discouraged, and no body to keep on mocking us, I remember during my school day my fellow students used to mock me but I was not moved, and am a qualified telecoms engineer working sucessifully using my left hand and left leg.

  33. Terry says:

    Left On!!

  34. Brenda says:

    My son is 7 and has use the pens scissors, pencil sharpener and ruler for a short time and really likes them. He can finally sharpen a pencil correctly!!!! The way he was meant too! His ruler is fantastique as well. Try them out!

  35. Suzanne says:

    I’m the aunt of lefthander, the daughter of a lefthanded father and a lefthanded grandma. My mother is righthanded…. but… I’m a lefty too! and being lefthanded rules in our family 7 out of 10 members… so who said we have to adopt to the righthanded world ;)

  36. Tracy Sullivan says:

    I am a Southpaw, Lefty and proud of it!!!!! I have always adapted to the right hand world and it has always made me angry… But not anymore!!!

  37. Yeranui says:

    I am the proud mother of two lefthanded boys

  38. temitayo... says:

    Hello everyone!….I’m indeed very proud to be left handed and the only thng I can do with my right hand is to gve or receive a handshake…

  39. LYNX says:

    mmmreowI’m a south paw. Thanks 4 reminding me..I want to try out a realefty notebook, and I will hopefully find(I’m sure I will) a cool cartridgd refill 4 my super cool cartridge pen, since it has ridged notches at the bottom.

  40. mary wardell says:

    I am almost 70 & it is only over the past 25 years that I have been able to find left handed lquipment so I have had to find my own way round the situation.

    To give you some idea of how things have changed during my life, I was never stopped from using my left hand at school but when I went to college to become a teacher, I was not allowed to write on the blackboard with my left hand.

    The small scissors were for my grandson who is left handed. I well understood his frustration with scissors as I can remember having the same problems at 5 years old. I have not used my dressmaking scissors yet.

    I tried to join the club but the site could not be found

  41. Karol says:

    Hi i’m Karol , from Poland. I do everything my left hand. I learn english :-)

  42. Emma7 says:

    hi im 13, from America and left handed in every thing except writing

  43. Emma7 says:

    i’m pretty much left handed . I do everything except eat and write with my left hand. Wierd i know but … oh well. Lefties rock

    Emma , age 13

  44. bader says:

    greetings everyone i am a 23 old lefty from Kuwait and in our culture it,s not polite to use your left hand and nether use it to eat which was really awkward and embarrassing for me to use it in front of relatives or friends because there is a saying “who eats with his left hands eats with the devil” and i cant use the spoon or the fork with my right hand.
    it not easy to be left handed but i am glad to be one

  45. bartu says:

    hi everyone i’m from turkey i’m left handed

  46. Raul says:

    Manny Pacquiao is obviously a proud left-handed boxer and so is Oscar de la Hoya(he plays golf left-handed just like Barrack Hussein Obama).

  47. MANY PAQUIAO says:

    I am a very proud left handed

  48. vicky says:

    How a casual conversation about being left handed and not being able to use the office scissors got me to your site via my colleague!!! Have spent 50 years coping being a leftie in a rightie world. my husband always complains when i cut the bread with a left handed slant, the knives that i ruin, and then to find i can get left handed pruning shears!!! at last, ideas for the family for christmas presents. Now can you supply me with a left handed camera?

  49. e r aspland says:

    I am not left-handed but have always had a problem with cutting the nails on my right hand. A pair of left handed scissors has solved the problem.

  50. girisha says:

    i m proud to be left handed……..and happy!

  51. snehal says:

    thats cool

  52. snehal says:


    And anybodyin facebook,,if anybody we well meet there ,….my id ….snehal sreekumar

  53. Raul says:

    And I am proud to be ambidextrous 100%

  54. Rixx says:

    I AM PROUD TO BE A LEFT HANDER. Mabuhay Pilipinas!

  55. Mike Lawson says:

    Left-handed, but shoot a shotgun either handed, played guitar left handed the first year as a kid then switched to right handed when I found out the crapola selection of leftie guitars. Learned to play baseball and golf and to throw right handed because my glove and clubs were hand me downs. But I eat and write left handed, and can mouse with either. Lefty by birth, righty by force. :)

  56. Ritesh says:

    hiii everyone.. Im From Mauritius Island and left handed and proud to be :)

  57. leo lee says:

    We are from all over the world with the relevant left-handed left-handed or group! And here is to acquaint! If any question, please leave a message!

  58. Raúl Morales Marrero says:

    The already late Orioles Baltimore crafty pitcher from Santa Clara,Cuba(baseball),Miguel Ángel(Mike)Cuéllar was CLEARLY LEFT HANDED!!MIke Cuéllar,who was also a man of modest personality,died of stomach cancer and brain aneurisma in a Good Friday,April 3,2010 at 72.Mike Cuéllar left his wife Myriam,his son MIke Cuéllar Jr and her daughter Lydia Cuéllar.

    • Raúl Morales Marrero says:

      Cuban Lefty of modest personality Mike Cuéllar was famous also for his “brilliant screwball” that helped Baltimore Orioles with three American League pennants.

  59. vivian says:

    i’m from Ghana, i want to congratulate you for such a wonderful information of left-handers. “more grease to your elbow”. i hope more Ghanians will come on board.

  60. maureen says:

    My grandson is doing a lot of mirror writing. If he starts off wrong it carries on. Do I need to correct him or will it sort itself out? He doesn’t take well to criticism.

  61. d0n says:

    So do I…. From Philippines!!! congratulations Left Handers, Peace yo’ Right Handers, and Hoping for your success No Handers… This website is great!

  62. matias says:

    HI everyone!!! am from chile, and i don´t have shop or information of left-hander’s..
    so congratulations!!! this website it is execelent!!! and really amazing!!

    see you!!!