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Left Handers ClubWe started The Left Handers Club back in 1990 in response to requests from customers to produce a newsletter and campaign on behalf of left-handers to get more products made and raise awareness of the issues facing left-handers – particlarly left-handed children in school.

Our newsletters cover a wide range of topics to do with being left-handed including:

  • Latest research and reports on left-handedness
  • Our own surveys and anlysis
  • Latest product information and explanations of left-handed items plus member discounts and offers
  • Highlighting the things left-handers do differently
  • Picking up on language, customs and myths about left-handers

We try our best to entertain members as well as providing useful and interesting information and resources.

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Left-Handers Club membership is completely free and as a Club member you will receive a free certificate (which you can insert your own name in before printing) and our unique “backwards” calendar and we will send you our email newsletters with great information about left-handedness, details of new products and member offers.

Member Certificate

Use this link to see an index with links to our past newsletters

Just type in your email address and first name below (please type carefully – about 10% of club joiners mis-type their address and we cannot send their newsletters or contact them).

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It will end in a three letter domain (.com, .net, .org) or a two letter country code (.uk, .fr, .ca etc)

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If you have not joined the FREE Left-Handers Club yet – why not? You are missing out on our newsletters, new product information and member discounts.
We willl protect your email address We value your privacy and will never give out, lease or sell any of your personal details.
All newsletters contain an unsubscribe link which you can click to remove yourself if you wish, although not many people do!

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73 comments on “Join the Club
  1. Jane Cordner says:

    I can’t cut bread straight ,I leave big gashes in paper using scissors ,I can’t open door locks , and you should see me opening a bottle of wine. ….pah But my hubby thinks I’m making it all up No way hose .im a true Lefty and proud of it. LEFTIES RULE

  2. david speers says:

    i bought the school kit for my daughter,she loves it and uses it every day ,thank you

  3. Alexis Roque says:

    Really me too, I’m not going to lie it’s kind of hard to be left handed when everyone in my family thinks it’s really wearied to be left handed.

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