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Video demonstration of this new site

Keith has produced a short screen capture video demonstrating the layout and main features of this new website

Click here to see a video run-through of this new site

There could be a lot of members loading this video at the same time which may
slow down our web server so please give it a little time to load.

Video demonstration of ALH new web site


What do you think of our new web site?

Please add your comments below and also any ideas you have for improvements or additional features or content you would like us to add.

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12 comments on “Video demo of site
  1. Paul says:

    At the age of 62, I’ve come to realize many of these leftie products would have been great when I was young. Now it would seem like trying to teach a rightie to use leftie products as I’m so use to coping in a right handed world. So far the only useful tool for me are the scissors.

  2. JODI says:

    I just had to write an tell you that I’m so glad that you have this site for left handers. yes I’m a born left proud of it too. In my family it seems to be at least one in each generation
    yes it been hard being one from the first but I had no choise. oh yes it would have been great while in school to have had a left hand at times when there was just one in a classroom there seem to be a jerk (right handed) that thought it would be cool to have the desk that no one else had, including myself. would you believe when I was working in a florist shop the owners wife had a fit an did not mind tellling everyone that I used the “dirty hand” rude ? you bet she was. the day I quit I told her in so many words just how rude an uneducated she really was. when I was teaching school I would tell the children if they finish all their work I would read a story to them. the name of the book was ” The Natural Superiority of The Left-Hander” by James T. de Kay. I bought this book I believe from Harriet or one of the catalogs. the book has so many interesting facts in it. Example : The New England Journal of Medicine suggest you can tell if you’re left handed if the base of your left thumbnail is wider an squarer than right, there are left hand sea shells an when you find one they are very valueble, some experts claim they can spot a left-hander in infancy. the whorl of their hair, it is said, will twist counterclockwise., up to the time Gerald Ford was our President there had only been 3 presidents =James Garfield, Harry Truman an Geral Ford an one Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller. of course since then there have been more.ect, ect. Everyone who has ever look at this book has loved it. if you do get the book I hope you will enjoy it as much as others an myself have

  3. angie says:

    Why can’t stores mainstream left-handed items in sections,department areas,shelves,etc. so that left-handers do not have to go to unique stores or places to purchase items of need or interest? Considering how we have always been around. We are not going anywhere or becoming extinct are we? I have dealt with all sorts of situations throughout my schooling years , now my career and soon to be retirement(well maybe)ha.ha.,anyway it has not always been easy,though challenging to explain my lefthandedness. Hope to see some changes in this area that have followed me on all my life.Respectfully and forever lefthanded

  4. Miriam Mitchell-Bennett says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if people had some advice or ideas for me. I went to uni to study art at 19. I read a book that said Leonardo Da Vinci was ambidexterous and that was possibly why he was so creatively AND scientifically minded. I decided to teach myself to write left handed as I thought it would have the same effect as being born that way.This is four years later now and I successfully taught myself to write left handed ( although only backwards but totally fluently. I can write forwards but its more difficult ). I feel as though it had an effect on my intelligence – I am a lot smarter now than I was before, as well my speaking voice changed quite a bit and now everyone says I sound ‘intellectual’. I found out after I started teaching myself LH writing that Leonardo Da Vinci actually wasn’t born ambidexterous; he actually broke his right hand when he was young and was forced to do things left handed. I imagine that this had a huge effect on his IQ ( when i consider how much it seems to have changed me ) and I just wonder that there isn’t more written about this? Also i read that musicians have higher IQs and better divergent thinking skills but only because they use both hands. So it seems as thought using both your hands has a positive effect on peoples level of intelligence. Does anyone know of anything more that’s been written about it? Also I want to learn how to write totally naturally forward with my left hand – anythign I could do to accelerate it, as well as just practice? Thank you. Miriam

  5. Rajalakshmi says:

    Hey, I became a member of the club recently and am still checking things out. I was wondering if there are any vidoe cameras designed for left handers. I couldn’t find any information about it in the site, so am hoping to get some help……



  7. Daniel Vieira says:


    I’ve done a video about being lefty, and i show there some of your products i bought from you!
    I’m speaking there in portuguese, but if you want, i can put there some subtitles. Check out in:

  8. Left hander says:

    Rubbish i was trying to buy the campus pen and it would not let me buy the black and orange pens so i bought a cheap whsmith one well done you lost £44.45 in sales

  9. christy says:

    This is soooo cool! I was just playing around on line an I wanted to see what would come up if I just put left hand jobs(boy you would be shoked at some sites)Anyway I’m left handed because my right arm is paralized this was 22yrs ago an I had teached my son to write of course its not the way most left handed people write so we realized that he does everything else right handed.(I was born right hand,husband is right hand) so he is a right hander in a left hand abilities.He is in collage now but I wonder if he has gained some talents(drawing,scroll work,painting) because of his mind being retrained to be left handed insted of right handed? Now thats something to ponder huh!

  10. lefthandnz says:

    Your video demonstration is great by the way and very helpful.
    On this page….I spotted some typos!! You must have been in a rush! – Underneath Subscribe to our news feed…..:
    “If this makes no sens to you, it is a really easy was to be advised of new content we add to the site. Just click obn the link, choose a reader (the Google one works well) and follow the simple instructions.

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