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Products Out Of stock Status

We always aim to maintain adequate stocks of all our products so that we never run out, but a lot of our items are specially made for us by manufacturers all over the world and occasionally we suffer delays in stock delivery that are beyond our control.

Where we know items will be out of stock for 7 days or more, we will usually take them off of the web site until they actually arrive. Where we know items will be arriving in a few days, we leave them online rather than causing disappointment for customers. If you place an order for an items that is out of stock for a few days, we will send you an email to let you know and this page will be updated with the latest status until all backorders are cleared and we are back to normal on that product.

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6 comments on “Current stock status
  1. Barbara Nielsen says:

    Will you get the Leather Conference Folder with clip (US Letter) back in stock in the other colors anytime soon or should I just order the burgundy one? Thanks.

  2. rob says:

    Just wondering when you expect to get more of the left handed men’s wallets:

  3. Rose Grigsby says:

    Ref your 6inch kitchen knife – you stated in December that you would not be having any new stock until after 23rd Dec 2010. Can you please update your website?

  4. susan says:

    will you be getting any left handed mugs before christmas.



  5. Teresa says:


    I want to buy one of the left-handed Cambridge cartridge pens, but i don’t want it in silver. i am looking for hte purple or the black. Will you be getting anymore of these colours in stock?


    Teresa 🙂

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