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Common questions

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91 comments on “Common questions
  1. Elizabeth Wright says:

    I would like to purchase one of your left handed mugs please . I have already got one but this is for a friend. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Pickett says:

    We are having difficulty determining whether my grandson (nearly 4) is left or right-handed. His father is left-handed and so are two of his grandparents – maternal grandmother (me) and paternal grandfather. He also has an ambidextrous great-uncle on the paternal side.
    He most commonly feeds himself with his left hand but appears to take a pencil with his right hand. I am worried that this is because he has been at nursery school since he was two and that is probably the hand they showed him how to use. However he is hopeless at colouring and drawing and has been labelled “disruptive” by the teacher.
    Being left-handed myself and never having had any problems except with the sewing-machine, I feel he should have a chance to learn to write with his left hand but his parents and the teacher are sceptical about this. How can we tell if he is, in fact, left-handed?

  3. Barry W. Arcala says:

    What is the cost of your products in United States dollars?

    • Keith says:

      Click the USA Flag at the top of any product page to see all of the prices in Dollars
      (and for other currencies just select from the drop-down box by the flags)

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