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Common questions

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88 comments on “Common questions
  1. Elizabeth Pickett says:

    We are having difficulty determining whether my grandson (nearly 4) is left or right-handed. His father is left-handed and so are two of his grandparents – maternal grandmother (me) and paternal grandfather. He also has an ambidextrous great-uncle on the paternal side.
    He most commonly feeds himself with his left hand but appears to take a pencil with his right hand. I am worried that this is because he has been at nursery school since he was two and that is probably the hand they showed him how to use. However he is hopeless at colouring and drawing and has been labelled “disruptive” by the teacher.
    Being left-handed myself and never having had any problems except with the sewing-machine, I feel he should have a chance to learn to write with his left hand but his parents and the teacher are sceptical about this. How can we tell if he is, in fact, left-handed?

  2. Barry W. Arcala says:

    What is the cost of your products in United States dollars?

    • Keith says:

      Click the USA Flag at the top of any product page to see all of the prices in Dollars
      (and for other currencies just select from the drop-down box by the flags)

  3. Sue says:

    I grew up being told I was a “righty” but I suspect I might have been naturally left handed (due to a childhood concussion I don’t remember all my childhood only bits, but some of those memories suggest I might have been a natural lefty who got trained to be a righty). For example I used to reach out to shake hands with my left at church till I got told off enough for it, and I had a teacher who took the pencil out of my left hand because I said I was a “righty” when she asked me which handedness I was (Ironically, she was a lefty who would take the pencil out of my left and stick it in my right hand). So… is it possible I was a lefty who got trained into being a righty (or am I just ambidextrous)? How can you tell if you barely rember you childhood and no one in the family will tell you if you were a lefty whom they trained/taught into being a righty?

  4. dwayne says:

    I’m a lefty and created a left-handed legal pad and was wondering how I can sale this pad on your website?

    Thanks a fellow lefty,

  5. Sharon says:

    My son is 9 he is very left handed he was doing well last year and this academic year he has struggled with maths and has lost a significant amount of confidence is there any information available for me to help him boost his confidence.

    • Douglas says:


      I’ve been where your son is now, and it’s not fun. It can be very damaging. What follows is taken from my experience and from research in a number of fields of study. I am sorry that it is quite a bit, but stay with it, i think you will be glad you did.

      Tell your son that his subconscious is busy re-writing the manual. The one that a right handed world is giving him is not making sense to his mind. The reason for that is he has a higher and more balanced degree of two abilities: Analysis & Synthesis. This higher and more equally balanced trait is rare, (most are high in one and low in the other) and occurs more in left-handed people than in right. In essence, you son is building a larger, broader base/context for understanding, one that eventually will rely heavily on logic.

      The down side is that in his earlier academic years learning will be slower because his personal inner computer is building a larger operating system. He will think he isn’t much good at anything. Not good. Don’t try to help by attempting to help him learn the material. He will get there soon enough on his own, your efforts, though well intended, will only further harm his self-esteem. What you MUST do is notice what he does do well. If you watch you will see that he does many things exceptionally well, and is probably more observant and perceptive than others of his age. Build his self-esteem by noticing and commenting on what his strengths and abilities are.

      THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HELP HIM! No matter how well intended your efforts to “help” are, they will only make him feel like he can’t do anything right and that he is “good for nothing.” It all becomes, “that’s good, BUT…” Never, “that’s really good, let me compliment you.” In his mind he will see only the long list of what he can’t do, doesn’t do right or doesn’t do well enough. He will constantly wonder if there is anything he can do, anything he is good at, if he has any strengths at all.

      Happily, there is also an upside. HIs learning abilities will rapidly speed up and advance in multiple way as his inner computer builds its base. What he does learn will be connected to a larger, broader information base allowing him to think laterally (outside the box) and not just lineally (traditional conformity). He will arrive at his solutions/answers logically, but if pressed (and because of that broader base), will admit that he already had the answer intuitively.

      Because he has better intuition than is usual for men, he may have a better relationship with girls than the guys. I am not talking sexual identity here. I am talking about whose minds work more like his own. If this is already happening then you have cause for rejoicing. At 9 this is not base on sexy bodies or on sex hormones rampaging through his body. It is based on respect and appreciation. Encourage that, and you will be proud of who he becomes.

      Try this test with him. Have him pick up a pen, pencil or other straight, narrow item. (DO NOT HAND IT TO HIM, have him choose and pick it up.) Have him close one eye (his choice, no suggestions), and using the open eye line up what he is holding with something on the opposite side of the room (preferably vertical). If he uses his left hand, closes his left eye and sights through his right eye then he is probably cross dominant which amplifies what I have said anywhere from X-3 to X-10.

      If this happens, reply to my reply. I will be notified and I can share some additional information with you.

      • Robert says:

        Hello Douglas,

        My name is Robert and I am a 27 year old left handed individual and feel like I’ve been struggling a greater part of my life due to the right handed world we live in.

        I find your post originally written to Sharon fascinating and would be most interested in discovering where your insights originate from so that I may learn more about myself and seek self improvement.

        Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to opening more lines of communication with you.


  6. Karen McVeigh says:

    I wanted to put an Anything Left-Handed gift card/voucher on my Christmas wish list. When checking to find out if you did these and after some searching I found the gift voucher link However you state that they can only be purchased through PayPal accounts which I do not use, and nor does the recipient of my wish list.Could you not arrange for these to be available through the normal on-line shop? I wouldn’t at all surprised if you are losing many potential customers by restricting where they can be purchased from.

  7. Mick says:

    My son, grandson and I are all supposedly left-handed because that’s the way we write. but all of us are not complete lefties. I’ve noticed that we differ in our handedness in various ways. I have produced a chart and wondered whether the club would be interested in seeing it?I’ve also questioned right-handed friends and relatives and the majority do everything that way, the only exception being one couple who deal cards with their left hands.

  8. Gillian Shaw says:

    Can you tell me whether one needs to buy left handed loppers? I wish to buy some loppers for my sister who is left handed, I know secateurs and scissors have to be left handed, but loppers? Thank you.

    • Mary Schoendienst says:

      Don’t have to. We have learned how to compensate. But they are fun to have because right hander struggle with them and it’s fun to watch!

  9. Les says:

    My sons school was supposed to help him with his writting. They provided a pencil grip they said it cold be sed for both left and right hands. My son says the he could not use it. Is there such a thing as an ambidextorus grip?

  10. Mina says:

    Hi, I am a 50 year old woman. I am interested in learning how to crochet. have a good friend that offered to teach me but she is a right handed and has great difficulty teaching me. I asked around and around but no one seems to now of any left handed person that will teach me. I checked on line, but I am not able to learn by myself without a teacher. I joined a crochet club but they are unable to teach me. How can I find a
    left handed teacher. HELP>

    • Jill says:

      I checked out a book on crochet from the library. Make certain that there are large illustrations of stitches.
      I then propped it up to a mirror and taught myself hoe to crochet!

  11. helen says:

    I have been told to order a handiwriter for my daughter by her school, she is right handed – will it be OK for her to use?

  12. Sabrina says:

    I am a complete left handed person. Over the years, I have learned too write quite well, as I am a writer. But I have recently learned that being left handed comes with flaws. Many people at my school are right handed, and I am one of only people who is not. We have recently started to do sports, but none of them can help me very well with it. They tried to make me switch too being right handed when I was playing, but it simply did not work. How do I learn to play sports, or guitar while being a left handed person?

  13. susan machi says:

    I’ve been teaching my grandson, who is 3 yrs. old to play golf. He loves it! But I’m starting to see he might be left handed. He always wants to start on on the opposite side from a right handed player, like my self. I want to buy him clubs to fit his size. How can you tell if someone is going to be left handed??

  14. Azhar Azr says:

    I will write in right handed but except writing i do evry works in my left hand on childhood my i was writing left hand then parents forced me to write in right hand so iam writing in right hand, now qustion is iam i still lefty or not?

  15. ania says:

    is there a correlation between being left handed and homosexual

  16. Nell says:

    I have a child that is 16 who also has Down Syndrome. She is very small for her age and has very small pudgy hands. She is taking sewing in high school this year and we are unable to find any small left handed fabric scissors. Most are to long and/or the area for the fingers are to large. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which scissors would work best?

  17. anand salimath says:

    I was born left-handed and now i am using right hand for writing and eating but still i am using left hand for other things like in games other works and i am 22 year old ,i have spelling problems in english what to do i am not geting plz help me

  18. Pat Wagner says:

    I was born left-handed, made to switch. When I use a mouse , I have to turn it the
    other way around & my brain thinks in terms of a pulley system. I push the mouse up to
    make the cursor go down & push the mouse down to make the cursor go up. I use left
    hand……but if I use right hand, I still need the mouse turned around.

    • Tracy Crooks says:

      You can go into the setting of software that belongs to the mouse and change your preference to use for left handed along with changing your pointer. Just remember to save or apply your changes.

  19. Irma Reimer says:

    I am homeschooling my 6 year old son. He prints real well and we would like to start teaching him cursive writing. Is there a specific curriculum or company that helps us teach cursive to left handers?

    • Nell says:

      Handwriting Without Tears is fabulous for left and right handed students. There is a print program and a cursive program. We used it with my daughter who is left handed.

  20. Megs says:

    Hello! I’m completely a left handed. I write with left, and hold knives/fork/spoon with left hand only while eating. I just want to ask how do I handle fork and knife both while eating? As I cannot use knife with right hand while cutting/or fork with right hand while eating? it is very disgusting to switch over again n again while in front if everybody. I feel very uncomfortable while eating using fork and knife as i’m to hold them properly.

    Please help!!! 🙁

  21. Claude T says:


    I want to create an organization to identify and support the left in my area in Africa.

    I am looking for a volunteer to help me, who is willing to give me a few minutes of his time?


    • Hiba says:

      hi Claude
      I am algerian , and I know a lot of lefties in here . It’ll be great if we have such organisation or something for us . Am a teen so I guess I can help my way …

  22. Chloe says:

    My son is 6, when little he naturally used a pencil etc in his left hand, gradually as he got older I noticed when colouring he would naturally do so with his left but when writing his name he would then specifically put his pencil in his right hand. I am not sure whether he is actually right-handed and was inadvertently taught to write with his right hand at nursery or just copied what others did, however he does everything else left-handed i.e. tennis, cricket and is left foot dominant at football. His handwriting is very poor for his age and he really struggles with writing, school have given him a ‘gripper’ to help him with holding his pencil and I have recently noticed when writing he curves his hand round (as left-handed people tend to). My son was always very bright i.e. learnt colours, counting left and right etc.. very early but now seems to be almost regressing – he now struggles knowing right and left, seems to struggle to retain information and certainly isn’t progressing along with peers. My son is very self-conscious about his writing (and in general), he also appears quite an anxious child and finds it difficult to regulate his emotions – not sure if this is linked or just coincidence. Although myself and husband are both right-handed, my younger son (4) appears to be left-handed. I asked him to write his name with his left and he said it felt weird but it was just as legible as with his right. I’m wondering whether to encourage him to right with his left, even though this might be difficult initially or whether this will just make things worse??? Please help not sure what to do for the best.

  23. Paul says:

    Hi All
    I am left handed but kick a ball right footed, use a knife & fork right handed, my biggest problem is using a computer mouse which i use right handed and can not use left handed at all, the problem is my eyes do not track the mouse correctly when using the mouse the correct way (left & right click facing away from me) so i have to turn the mouse around so that the left and right click are facing me as opposed to away from me, is this a normal problem or am i a complete freak!!

  24. Bex says:

    Hi There,

    My 6 year old daughter is very very bright, but is struggling with writing. She is unbelievably slow!!! She disappears in her own world and writes very little and procrastinates. What is does write is amazing and she is in the top set. However, her teacher is at her wits end with her. She has so much potential but this is severely letting her down.
    She has even been given her own writing area but this hasn’t really helped. I have suggested that it’s her Left handiness that is affecting her. Does this ring any bells with anyone? Or can anyone give any advice.

    Also, I am going to buy her some left handed Black pens for school to see if this helps, I am confused as to what to buy. I’d love to buy a selection and see what works for her.


    Thank you, Bex

  25. Stephanie French says:

    I am trying to look up the percentage of left handed people in different countries of the world. Where do I find this information?

    Thank you,

    Stephanie French

  26. Rosey Simpkins says:

    I’m looking for some advise for a pen for my 6 year old daughter for writing birthday cards. Because they are quite glossy, I’ve found the Stabilo pen ink doesn’t dry , so have gone to her using a normal biro, but then this smudges. What pen would you suggest please?

  27. Jennifer Molloy says:

    Do you have a paper catalogue of your products?

  28. Laurie says:

    Hello – my son who is 8 is trying to correct his handwriting from the hook style of writing…he is now learning cursive and my question is – do right and left handers form the letters or start the letters in the same way? I know that right handers start at the top right side of letters – like on the 2 position on a clock. Is this the same for left handers?

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I received my order the next day – wonderful service. Am very pleased with the pens. I would like another pen, with a fine tip/nib, with ink that is smudge proof. Please recommend some styles for me, I have no idea which is finer, 0.1 mm 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm nib or tip. Your selection of items for left handers is amazing, thank you so much. I will be buying a ruler, scissors, pencils, sharpener and a tapemeasure for my lefthanded grandaughter.

  30. Daniela Pagliaruli says:

    Dear Staff,

    my name is Daniela and I am writing from Italy; I am 23.
    Recently, I think some days ago, I started being more conscious about my body, particularly about my writing skills.
    I always loved writing and everything that concerns pens, pencils, several types of paper, and, of course, the world of typewriting.
    I think that is quite difficult using physical words for describing processes that involve the inside spheres, or interior spheres.
    I am proudly left-handed but never had been educated about the art of writing, the art of calligraphy and the right body positions adopted when writing, also reading.
    Every time I try to write, my eyes and my left hand hurt.
    I know that every process needs its balances.
    So, I want to educate myself, begin writing correctly.
    I saw on your site several exercises books that children use during primary schools.
    I need suggestions: should I start from them?, I don’t judge anything strange or fool that could help me during my learning process.

    Another question: are there any differences between the two types of Yoropen, Superior and Executive models?

    I want to thank You for the site, and the intentness that you demonstrated during these years.

    Have a Great Day.

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