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Anything Left-Handed gift vouchers using Paypal

We have set up a system with Paypal for you to purchase gift certificates that you can give to friends or family members and they can then visit our online store, choose exactly what they want and use the certificate to pay for it.

left handed gift certificate

The certificates never expire and there are no charges apart from the amount you originally pay for it. The certificates can be used in parts and any unused portion will be left available for future purchases.

Click the button below to purchase your gift voucher


Show how much you care and make someone's day
with an Anything Left-Handed online gift voucher.

Once you have clicked the button, you can choose the value of your gift voucher from the list – £10. £15, £20, £30, £50, £75, £100. If you are outside the UK, the voucher will work in exactly the same way. Our store and shopping cart show both Pounds Sterling and US Dollar values but both the certificate and order value will be kept in Pounds Sterling.

It is fairly self-explanatory,but you may want to refer the recipient to this page for full information on their voucher and how to redeem it.

How does it work?

You don't really need to read all this, but for those of you who want to know more…

    1. Click on the “Buy a gift voucher” button above and you will see a Paypal screen where you can enter details for your voucher:The sender's name (that will show in the email or on the printed certificate)
      The recipient's name and email address (optional if you are going to print a certificate to give to them direct)
      Your personal message
      Delivery method – Email on a day of your choice or Print the certificate to give to the recipient yourself
    2. Pay for your gift certificate – either log in to your Paypal account or Click the button if you do not have a Paypal account – you can either set one up free or pay by card without needing one.
    3. You will the see a Paypal confirmation screen for the transaction and when you click the Continue button you will be returned to the Anything Left-Handed web site.
    4. Paypal will send you a confirmation email for your purchase and also send an email to the recipient with all the details you entered and an image of their certificate with the redemption code and instructions on how to us it.


gift certificate

  • The recipient can click the “Start shopping” button or just go to our online shop any time and use the certificate in payment for al or part of their order (or it is fine to spend part of the the certificate and the balance will be carried forward to be spent later). The recipient will need to have a Paypal account to use the certificate, but there is no problem in setting one up free just to use it. There is a link in the email to register a new account. It is best to set up the Paypal account before going shopping as it is a simpler process.
  • To redeem the certificate, select Paypal as the payment method for your order (either use Paypal Express Checkout or just go to the end of our own checkout process and select “Paypal website payments” as the payment method).

Use Paypal to redeem gift certificate

  • Log in to your Paypal account and on the payment screen click the link to use a gift voucher, then enter the redemption code (copy and paste it from the email is easiest) or click the link to select from a list of available vouchers (you may need to enter a confirmation code Paypal send you by email just to confirm it is you.

use a gift voucher

  • You will see a confirmation on screen to show the voucher has been applied to your order.   If it covers the full amount it will look like this:

gift certificate for whole purchase

and the balance will be carried forward for you.   If your order is more than the value of the voucher, you will need to pay the additional amount.

  1. Click on the Pay now button and you will see a Paypal confirmation screen for the transaction. Click the “Return to Anything Left-Handed” button to complete your order and see our own confirmation screen plus get your confirmation email sent. (note that there is no personal information being sent at this stage so ignore any security warning you may see).return from gift voucher purchaseClick the “Click here to complete your order” button to get your order confirmation email from Anything Left-Handed sent.
    complete your order at anything left handed


  2. You can check any balance remaining on your certificate by logging in to your Paypal account at any time
    balance on paypal gift certificate
    That balance will stay there until you use it all up – it will never expire and there are no charges for keeping it as long as you want.

If you want to give a printed certificate

The process is very similar to above, but you do not need to enter the recipient's name or email unless you want to have them printed on the certificate.

  • Before you confirm your Paypal payment for the certificate, you will see a confirmation that it is going to be printed and instructions will followprinted gift certificate
  • On the payment confirmation screen, click the button to print your gift voucher
    print your gift certificate
  • You will then see a preview of your voucher – click the print button, cut it out and give it to the recipient.
  • They can redeem it in the same way as above – set up a free Paypal account, use it to pay for their order at Anything Left-Handed and enter the redemption code when requested.

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