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192 Responses to “Questions & help”

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  1. Mrs Clark says:

    I was brought up to be right handed, but am left footed, eyed, paint better left handed,can write with both hands, iron left handed, am quite ambidextrous etc my son is a lefty. Now I think I should probably be a lefty, should I try to use my left more and stop using my right hand so much, or will that mess my brain up more???

  2. Carol Stripe says:

    Sorry my comment about the tape measures for dressmaking should say I cannot get them via the US website ans not connecting to server!

  3. Carol Stripe says:

    Hi, on the US website you have left handed tape measures for dresmaking. However it appears that I can get the site there to accept my order via paypal. Is there any chance that you could get me a couple or at least have them sent to you so I can pay you here in the UK.

    Ever hopeful

    Carol Stripe

    A stitcher who loves her left handed tape measures but the need replacing.

  4. Helen says:


    I am very left handed and have really struggled with lessons on a right hand drive car. Do you know of anywhere I get get lessons in a LHD car and take my test in a LHD?

  5. Nicholas says:

    Cameras for Left handers.

    I have a camera for right handed people, about 50% of my photos are not correct as when I take a picture my hand brushes off the dials and changes settings (mainly the ISO :-(

    I have thought this out in my mind and have realised that I am left handed and left eyed. And that handling cameras particularly I find that I am very awkward.

    Is there any left handers out there who has a DSLR that they are happy using. You can lock the buttons or whatever, I would like to hear from you. I am not interested in ancient models. I am looking for the latest technology.

    What percentage of the world is left handed? One day the manufacturers may build something for us.

  6. Calvin Kendall says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Hi. As someone not only left handed but also totally left sided, if perhaps you are not already aware of the work of Stanley Coren on handedness and sidedness, I wish to bring the neuropsychology research work of Stanley Coren with regards to handedness and sidedness to your attention, particularly as presented in his book, “The Left-Hander Syndrome” [ ISBN 0-679-74469-1 (pbk.) { © 1993 } ]. Although he he has found his fame in his “golden years” vis-à-vis psychology of dogs, he did much valid and ground-breaking and thereby controversial research on handedness and sidedness thanks to copious amounts of grant money from my government, that is, the Canadian Federal Government, via the National Research Council (Canada).
    Thank you kindly for Your precious time and valuable undivided attention.

    Yours via my Vocation,
    Calvin E. Kendall, S.F.O.

    [email protected]

    (No big deal in putting my email in here just in case any left-handers might want to contact me, the spammers of the world already have it…)

  7. sailesh says:

    all Web Browsers seem to be designed for right handed as a left hander feel awkward using them. I was wondering if anyone else have raised this point or have solution to this problem.

  8. Stephen says:

    Kindly I like to know if there is a market for left handed products in Tanzania…and I like to know also famous people from Africa…I actually late to join coz I didn’t know if this special universe have people with awesome unification ideas.


  9. tony ater says:

    i am a lefty and play a right hand guitar upside down. do any other leftys play like this? ive got a song on utube, i wrote called citys gone country. type in tony ater or citys gone country. looking forward to hearing from you thanks

  10. sandra says:

    How come when I get an email that has a person making an inquiry ….is it just me or do I hang my cloths up backwards….and it show comment or reply.. I tried both clicked on comments and then
    Clicked reply… with both I did not get a discussion thread i got to the store.
    I clicked on home same thing got the store.
    I don’t want to buy anything left handed but I am interested in the lefthanded responses..
    If this is how it is going to be I find it frustrating an will be taking my name from your website.
    Sandra Russell

  11. Jyothi.k says:

    Hi i have a son who is six years old now he hesitates alot to write at when he was 4.5yr old he was doing the same thing so we consulted occupational therapist there they told us he is left hander so we made him practice writing and doing things with left handed now they have started writing cursive writing in school but he does not want to write and overlaps alot and keeps erasing so we just told him to write with his right hand see his writing is good and does not overlap so please suggest me what to do i am confused what to do are there any tests to know he is born right handed or left handed please me.

    • Christopher says:

      Ask him to write the same sentence using each hand. Ask him which felt more comfortable. Talk with him about each version, comfort, readability, what feels best to him. Let him decide what feels natural.

      I’m 54 and my handwriting is still rubbish. I took up electronics from a young age. My employer, with 20 years of experience over me, asked – on more that one occasion – “That can’t work. How did you make it work?”

      I wouldn’t focus on handwriting. We lefties are famous for making doctors look good. As with any child, find out what he’s good at and focus on that. Are you left-handed?

      Being a lefty – even in the twenty-first century – is challenging work. Let him play. He’ll find what he is good at and will amaze you. Give him a few editions of NewScientist. That’s what got me started.

      Get him a laptop. Teach him to touch-type. He will be happier.

      Best of luck.


  12. jen says:

    Hi I was wondering if there were any left handed cameras? I am disabled and only have the use of my left hand and wanted to know if there’s anything available’ please let me know thank you

  13. nick whitchurch says:

    I’m a left handed accountant and thought… do they make a left handed computer keyboard. Answer: Yes!… but apparently only corded ones! Why does no one make a wireless one? I’ve searched everywhere and I’m not paranoid… but one begins to think that we are viewed as ‘disabled’ and really don’t require modern technology.. only enough to cope with our condition…

  14. Frank J. Saffa says:

    just wanted to say i was born a twin on 6/19/1952…i’m left handed but my brother is right handed…

    frank j. saffa

  15. Leslie Roscoe says:

    You may well already be aware, but in 2011, Noodlers introduced a fountain pen ink aimed at the left-handed market. Please check out

    I make wooden inkstands and I have only just come across this brand (popular in the U.S.)

  16. steven ferry says:

    Hi I was looking at one of the left hand, bad hand article, and I don’t know how to source d the name of the author or if the information is valid! help me cite one of these links please!!

  17. Thomas Kelly says:

    I love the newsletter, but am not a long time subscriber. I looked through the questions but could not find an answer to my question. I would not consider myself technically ambidextrous. I write/draw and eat with my left hand. But, my strongest is my right. I use scissors and causes opebers with my right. And yet, it doesn’t seem to be a solid left-dextrous and right-strongest distinction because I ten-key with my right without ever having to think about it. Also, when I type with one hand, I usually default to my right hand. I assume truly ambidextrous individuals can use either hand. But that is not the case with me (for example, I absolutely cannot use left-handed scissors).

    I have heard of others that gave similar differences, so while it may be an even smaller segment of the population, it seemed common enough to have been addressed or have a name.

    Is there a link to a segment where this has been addressed that you can share? Or something you can tell me? Or if you would be willing to address this in the future, I would be most appreciative.

  18. maddy says:

    dear sir/madam
    im 21 yr old right handed… doing medicine learnin to write in left hand from three or four months and i think i hav reached 25-30% of my right hand writing…. but now my question s will it hav any adverse effect on my intelligence? memory? concentration? or s it usefull? pls clarify my doubts….

  19. Suzy says:

    My husband has a question, as being his wife, I’m also the only left handed family member. Steve wants to know if there is such a thing as a “left-handed coffee mug?”



  20. Krysta says:


    I had an ackward couple of questions regarding left-handers.

    Do they usually walk starting off on the left foot?

    Do they have trouble driving on the right side of the road? Or driving a car?

    I don’t know if I’m a natural leftie or not, but I do know of some idiosynchrasies. For instance, I never drove overseas, but when I got back from Okinawa (they drive on the left) I could not adapt to driving on the right again. I’m glad I live in the country because occasionally I still start off wrong (14 years later). I was also a wierd kid growing up, but don’t know if it had anything to do with handedness. I call my self a right-hand ambidextrous. I’ve been that way since childhood.

    Thank you for your time.


  21. Emily says:

    All this lefty talk got me thinking…
    I was on holiday in Gran Canaria (they drive on the right)
    I’d never driven on right of the roads anywhere before.
    Really wanted to.. In I got and out of car park I drove…
    on to the left roadside lane!!
    A polizia officer soon saw the car luckily I was stationary at the traffic lights.
    My friend & I got out walked with him to our hotel ground, I couldn’t stop giggling (think it my nerves) As to my friend did also! Well this was not funny to the polizia! He thought we were laughing in his face at him (we were not) luckily the hotel manageress came to the rescue!! 😃
    Kindly translated between us and him. ‘almost’ got a ticket / fine
    Since then havnt tried driving right roadside again it worried me as I could have been up the creek without any paddle!!!
    has any fellow lefty’s successfully driven on the right-hand roadside with ease…? Be good to hear from you 😊

  22. Sarah says:

    Last week, I heard an ad on radio 4 for a programme that was going to talk about the (supposed) perils of being left handed. It said it would be broadcast on Friday at 16:30 (presumably as part of “more or less”) but my son and I tuned in and listened to the whole thing and there wasn’t so much as a mention of left handed ness. So my question is do you know what programme they were promoting? Can a link be put on your website to it? I would really like to listen so if you have any further info on it, I would be very pleased to have it. Thanks, from Sarah and Lewis (all-left household!)

  23. Steen Schmidt Nielsen says:

    Good morning everybody
    I never start with a cold bath which means opnening for cold water first – because I start to open the cold water first with my left hand, which is rather surprising and very hot.
    Yours sincerely Steen.

  24. Chrissie says:

    I’m tired, so tired, of having to adapt. What’s that saying about my brain..? On the left, nothing is right. On the right, nothing is left.

  25. Juliet says:

    Kindly let me know if there is a shop selling left handed goods in South Africa.
    Thank you. Juliet

  26. Shelley says:

    One other person has asked about engraving, however there is no response from the site.
    I’d be interested in getting a pen.



    • Chrissie says:

      Don’t bother. I bought a “left handed” pen and my right handed sons have stolen it! My right handed daughter used it before the sons got hold of it. It begs the question. Are we being ripped off because we’re left handed? I think so.

  27. Advait Rathod says:

    How about an idea of calling left handers spread all over the world for a conference or get together? I would love to meet fellows like me personally.

  28. Camino says:


    My 8 years old is lefthanded. He has just started tennis lessons and the teacher tells me that he might be LH for everything else, but that he is RH for tennis…..???
    In every sport he has showed to be LH…. I have the impression that the teacher wants him to play RH for his convinience, am I right?

    Thank you

    • Alison Harrison says:

      Hello. You are not necessarily correct. I am left handed yet at school I could only play hockey right handed. This was strange, because I could only play tennis LEFT handed.
      I seem to be a bit ambidextrous though, as I sew left handed, yet peel potatoes right handed. Even though we had left handed potato peelers at school, I could not use them!
      So your son may be like me – left handed for most things, but right handed for some.
      Tell him good luck with the tennis!
      Kind regards,

    • Patricia says:

      This is interesting to me because I don’t know anyone else like myself who writes with their left hand but does most other things with their right hand. For sports I am consistently right-handed.

  29. Heather says:

    Hi, I was just wondering is it true that us left handers will live a shorter life than right handers by about 9 years?

    • Heather says:

      Also is it weird that when ever i go to open a door and it says pull ill push and then on my way out ill pull instead of push? I all ways feel really embarrassed when this happens.pls answer :)

  30. cheryl says:

    my son has started doing joined up writing at school, and is also doing handwriting practice. my daughter is also left handed, does anyone know if i can get writing paper A4 size, that is glued on the right side. This size paper and it opening on the left side, instead of the right, would be helpful, so my children can see the words, as they are writing them.

  31. Vik says:

    Which is better for a lefty: a car or a motorcycle?

  32. Mohamed Ali says:

    Good Morning Everyone, I need an advice from you guys, My Son ( 7 Years Old ) who try to do the things in left Hand in initial stages , but unfortunately we couldn’t noticed that well.. and forced him to do the things in Right Hand… Now he is in 2nd std , he doesn’t write well , Saying his hands got pain when he starts writing too many lines..

    Can anyone suggest me , Since he is very small boy, Can we able to change his writing skills to Left Hand .

    Expecting your Valuable advice on this…

  33. Jim says:

    No matter which one of my socks I put on first, the other one is always left. Why is that?

  34. John says:

    Hi –

    I was wondering if you made the left handed corkscrew in a right handed version?
    Its really cool, and I want one!

  35. randy says:

    why isnt there a school where lefthanded children can write words backward to the righthanded way of thinking then they would be writing words and uncovering the words as they put them down just like righthanded and would drag there pencil the same way instead of covering the words there writing down my son his mom and i are all left handed he sometimes writes words right to left i think we should encourage them to do it and we just learn to read it right to left i would like to see a school that would open for lefthanded even the oreintal write back to front i think might be a eye opener for the world if our grades improved due to lefthanded thinking teachers i struggled and fell thru the cracks at school and really dont want want my son to follow in my foot steps

    • Leo says:

      Randy –

      I’m 68, and grew up in New York State where the nuns didn’t make a big deal out of trying to force us to write right-handed, so this wasn’t an issue for me. But as a left-handed child in the days of huge number 2 pencils, which I remember to be just slightly better quality that lumps of anthracite, dragging my hand acxross the page always resulted in horribly smudged wirtten assignments and a seriously blackened outer left palm.

      But I don’t know if teaching left-handed children to read right-to-left is a very praxctical solution. It would necessitate two compeletly different sets of everything having to do with reading and writing, unless everyone were taught BOTH systems. As it is, in this country they’re tryiong to do away with cursive writing entirely; I can’t see the education establishment embracing an idea that not only went in the other direction but actually reqwuired doing everything two ways.

      When I was fitst a father, I had an enlightening conversation with an education professional who told me it didn’t matter what my daughter chose to read (within reason of course) but only that she got used to getting her ideas out of books. So we banned television Monday through Friday – including for my wife and myself – with the exception for an hour of news daily. it worked; our daughter grew up very well red, articulate a good speller, and with a wide vocabulary, usually superior to almost everyone around her.

      The point is, encourage your son to read and write, and perhaps ease off the idea of planting an excuse in his head why he can’t write well. I don;t think the two-stage idea would ever catch on, and even if it did, it seems to me your son would be long-grown when it became wide-spread.

      – Regards,

    • Johna Mohr says:

      I’m with you, Randy. I love mirror writing. Not only can I write right to left I do it very well. I was switched to right by the age of 5. When I finally remembered that my mother had told me I was a “southpaw” I figured that if I really had been born a “lefty” I should be able to mirror write with ease. Lo and behold! I can and I love to write pages and pages. At first it was a bit difficult to read it but it is becoming easier and easier. Although I can write very well with my right hand I’ve never enjoyed writing with the right hand. So, let’s have a left hand school and let lefty’s express themselves like they were meant to. I personally am tired of this right hand world…(smile)

  36. Duane says:

    I am often puzzled by this; I am a lefty, but I do not write with the “claw-hook” style that most
    lefties use. When I write, the slant is somewhat backward (to the left0, but mostly it’s straight
    up & down.

    Is this weird? Am I the only one who writes like this? BTW, I am a 52 yr. old male and this has
    always been my writing style. I tried the “claw-hook” and it is totally awkward for me.

  37. Sharon Boore says:

    Just got new lap top with Windows 8. Absolute nightmare. To switch pages (windows) you swipe the touch pad from laft side. Unfortunately, being left handed it means I am constantly accidently swiping and switching pages whic his driving me nuts. There doesnt seem to be a away to turn this off either. Does anyone else struggle with this?

  38. Chrissie says:

    I was born left-handed 1950. My family moved from London in 1956 to small town in Hampshire. I attended the local school whereupon I had my left hand tied behind my back daily ,to encourage me to write and draw right-handed, and there was more. I never told my parents, thinking I was in the wrong. I have never forgotten those days.
    My question: Has there been any research / investigation carried out on past children or adults who experienced the same as me?
    I am interested to know what effect would / could this have had on the brain ? When at school changing the tactile movement and the cognitive aftereffect?

  39. Jeff says:

    I’m am interested in the left handed Swiss Army knive, ergo14, can you get engraving with this item?

    Thank you

  40. Christine says:

    I am going to order the Stabilo EASYergo pencil, LEFT-handedOption1 – Body colour: Pink / Dark pink but cannot seem to find where to order the pack of refills. Help please.

  41. Bill McDonald says:

    I wonder????

    Has anyone built a house anywhere that is totally left handed?
    I always remember my Navy days when the anti-aircragt guns with twin barrels, the right hand gun (facing the breech) was totally left handed. (guess where my action station was)


  42. Michelle says:

    I’m looking for tools and supplies for my 2 1/2 year old. He attends Preschool and they are starting to trace and I would like to have supplies and guides for the teachers. Any help is apprecited!

  43. DUSTY says:


  44. Diana Bannell says:

    I am trying to decide between the two bread knives. The 200mm for £14.95 and the 220mm for £19.95. Is there any signficant difference between them apart from the size and the handle?

  45. terrence walston says:

    I like what you are doing. Are you going to have calenders for 2013 and on? I bought a used all terrain vehicle, a 1998 arctic cat 4×4. The manual start is on the left side and all I have to do is reach down and pull on the start rope instead of getting off and standing on the right side and pulling the start rope with my left hand. what is the dollar to pound rate?

  46. anne marsden says:

    i have been reading your statistics and thought i would tell you i was born from right handed parents,they had 6 children 3 eldest right handed the 3 youngest lefties,we three youngest were always called cack handed.where did this saying come from?by the way as a child in school(im 54 now)in my art lessons i was made always to sit at the back as the teacher said i couldnt hold equipment right so i obviously wouldnt be any good at art

  47. Essie says:

    My 7yrs old son is left-handed when he is writing but also using his right hand sometimes (rarely ) Also when he plays Soccer he plays with left foot while he is using his right eye when he is doing something with microscope or telescope.
    I am right-handed but his dad is left-handed and he has some qualities like my son.And i agree that left-handed people are more successful with ball games.It is valid also my son who is good at soccer and basketball.I wish i was left-handed too …sigh… :)

  48. Lindsey Bell says:

    I work as a senior business analyst and i am left handed, although my team is very small the left handed analysts outweigh the right handed analysts. Is this because being left handed means you are more analytical with your thinking?

  49. Paul C says:

    I am interested in finding a camcorder for left handed people? I have a regular one but find it difficult to use the various buttons/switches with my right hand.

  50. BOB says:

    A warm hi to every one,
    I was born lefty but at age of around 17 I suddenly found that i can right with right hand too ,
    I think at age of maturity i achieved some more things including the one i said , is there any theory in this field ????
    Answer please base on science

  51. S.Sriram says:

    Hi guys,

    My name is Sriram iam from chennai India . iam so proud iam a (left hand writter)

    iam successful in life.. I have extra confidence in my self , so be proud as left hand


  52. Jan says:

    I have a ?? My 8 year old grandson was born a lefty….BUT his mother has forced him to be right handed…….(grrrr) now in his 2nd grade of school he is having difficulties…should I TRY to get him to use his left hand again ??? I am left handed…..& LOVE it ……………although as a child in the 1st grade my teacher hit me on my knuckles & put me in a corner for using my left hand. I completed hairdressing school & then barber school……the instructors didn’t know how to teach me but I got all great grades & learned real fast…..:)

  53. Mich Mazzocco says:

    Hi there – this is a brilliant site. My 5-year old son is strongly left handed, and is having a hard time getting a good grip for writing. We’ve tried triangular pencils and grips that slide onto a pencil, but they don’t help.

    I’d love to try a few of your products to see which might be helpful for him, but we can’t afford to buy them all to find out which works – is there any place where he can try a few different products to see which might be of use to him?

    Many thanks!

  54. KAREN says:



  55. May Lin says:

    Dear Sirs:
    I am a college student study in Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages.
    It is a school in Taiwan.

    I need to finish a project in one of the courses I am taking now.
    The topic of my project is to set up “a left-handed corner” in my stores.
    In order to estimate for the left-handed products price, I found out this website.

    I am wondering if I want to buy a great quantity of the products that sold in this website, will you give me any discount? How will you charge?

    May I ask you how many products are there on this website?
    Could you please give me the list of those products with price?

    The information you gave me will only be used on my project.
    My English writing is not very good, so if there are any words that are not polite, I am very sorry.

    I think it is very rude to ask questions like this, but in order to finish the budget part, I really need your help.

    Best regards,
    May Lin

  56. Mark Jones says:

    Do you sell the backwards watch in gold and the black wrist band with a more classy look ? for example the face like a mother of pearl with gold and the wrist band black but a better look like leather or black alligator for example. Your brother from another mother is just asking , So handle your scandle and make it do what it do because it is what it is Peace out and one love

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  60. moira porter says:

    I would love a left handed jam or soup ladel any ideas would be great

  61. Mary says:

    is there any relation between left handedness and language learning?

  62. Mackenzie says:

    So my brother and I are both left handed, but my parents and grandparents are all right handed. How is that so?

  63. BrianLH says:

    3 November 2011
    Greetings Lefties
    I’m an author. I’m thinking of writing an ebook about lefthandedness, LH products, LH shops, LH websites etc.
    Yes, I’m aware of ‘LH History of the World’. I’ve got that already.
    Q Do you reckon the LH world would appreciate a shorter, more useful (rather than “Hey, that’s interesting”) book to assist LH find what they want?
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    Brian Morris
    [email protected]
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  64. сондаж says:

    I appreciate, cause I found just what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  65. Vanesa says:

    Hello. I’m writing from Argentina and I’m interested in buying the mug that says “it’s a left-handed thing…”. I want to know if you send products abroad. This website is amazing! I want everyting!!! thanks

  66. Henry says:

    I dont understand y I cannot use ma right hand to do anithing.
    I love being left but sometimes jux want to try ma right hand but………
    Any help

  67. Roderick Denton says:

    Hi to everyone i am lefthanded and i mean really lefthanded i was in a road accident few years ago now. As a result i had to have my right arm amputated, was right handed before that took me a couple of months to get sorted, anyway does anyone know of a camera with a shutter button on left.

    • Laura says:

      I do not know of any “left-handed” dslr cameras, but I often use a tripod and remote with mine. I use Nikon, they have a wireless trigger remote that is amazing.

  68. tyrone smith says:


    why lefthanded people have too contort too righthanded world.when a lefthanded,make a mistake righthanded people say your stupid or dumb,the companies are no better because they know lefthand people are in the world and they continue to make things soley for righties,that is a form of discimination someone please reply!

    • A.J says:

      IKR they think that there are so few lefties that it is “useless” but it is not

    • becci says:

      i feel that i resent the right hand world every single day. not one slips by that i am not reminded of the unfair right hand world.. As i get older (35 and holding ) i resent my stupid left hand more and more.. I am completely and utterly exhausted with living in this (impossible mostly), right hand life. I am the most discriminated person(s) in the entire world. A woman first and left-handed. I never had a chance. U ever been looking to check out the labels of any household product with a handle.. yep thats RIGHT the handle is on the right so it is most comfortable for PEOPLE (north paws) to look over THEIR(manufactures) products. grab it with right hand and voila! all u need to do is read the info, but for me i grab it with my left hand and have to awkwardly flip it towards my body and fumble with it until i inevitably drop it, and all i wanted to do like normal PEOPLE(north paws) , is read the info about it. I hate shopping for this crappy marketing and manufacturing technique. Down with them all. So i guess u could say i am a typically over emotional and probably borderline mental left handed lady. but i resent my left hand and the world that wont acknowledge me… side note… i must admit i love being a musical genius and love boxing …..THEY NEVER SEE THAT LEFT GAB COMING!! ahahahahahahahaha.

  69. Vicki says:

    Do you sell pinking shears, if not do you have any idea where I can get them in the UK?

  70. Isaac Osobukola says:

    Hi, Im Isaac Osobukola, a year 12 student. I am researching into effects of forced change on handedness. Do you really change your natural handedness? To do this I need to collect a lot of data from those who have not been forced to change their handedness and those who have. I assure you that any data you provide is strictly confidential and would not be passed to any 3rd party. Please fill in this quick survey. Thanks for your cooperation. :)

  71. Medoafia says:


    Every 13th of August is international left handed day and i want to know if preparations are made for this years celebration, so i can share the information about the with people Ghana

  72. karen says:

    Hi there. Ive had this burning question for years and was wondering if there was anyone out there with an answer for me. I am left handed but everything i do like using a knife and fork or using my mouse on my computer is all done with the right hand. Even if you throw a ball at me i use my right hand to catch. if i try and use my left hand on my computer its like everything goes wobbly and i cant function. Any idea why this happens or is there a term for this. Very curious

    • Dot says:

      Were you taught by right handers? I knit right-handed because my right-handed mom taught me, but I crochet left-handed because I learned how myself. Other things you probably learned to do with your right hand because it’s a right-hand world; I often use a computer mouse with my right hand because that’s where the previous user left the mouse. Also, your right eye might be dominant, making things like catching a ball easier to do right-handed.

    • Mike J says:

      I’m confused. If everyting you do is right-handed, and you can’t do them left-handed, why do you call yourself a lefty?

  73. Wolfram says:

    Good evening,

    could you provide me with a list of left hand shops in Brazil?

    Thank you


  74. John says:

    I use a great left handed Ergonomic Computer Mouse called the DXT Mouse. Really handy for us leftyies out there!

  75. Mrs D. Saunders says:

    I would like the address for the benefit of someone who has no computer and would prefer to receive a catalogue.

  76. Ghibek says:

    is it wrong to shake people with your left hand? i’m viewed as odd and disrespectful when i attempt to do that. please reply

    • Davion says:

      Gee whiz, and I thgohut this would be hard to find out.

      • becci says:

        Here is what you do! you offer your left hand to shake first and if they can’t seem to figure out how to shake your hand than you just give them a look of disbelief and disgust and chalk it up to stupidity and blindness and go on about your business…. and no it is not impolite to shake someones hand with the hand you were suppose to use… what is impolite to the other person taking offence to it. hold your left hand out to anyone and if they can’t bring themselves to shake it.. to hell with them.

  77. Hyperstar says:

    This site seems to catch a market of a few quite well, Well done and this is from a right handler

  78. jude says:

    I am looking for left handed power tools: Drill, garden strimmer, chain saw. Also for left handed calligraphy and drawing nibs plus tee-squares. any clues? Also, a left handed ruler is as useful as a left handed spoon.

  79. Raunakjit says:

    I am a left handed person and I want to know the best way of writing without
    A) smudging the work
    B) without the hand paining
    C) with clear letters

    and how does using a pen that right handers use make a difference from the one a left handers use?

  80. nafi says:

    40 days left and i have no packet from you nothing from you no information from you, no answer from you!heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Ruth de la Nougerede says:

    left handed people rule, does any lefty legends have any useful feedback for my design and technology project, i’m looking at the struggles we have to go through when writing and drawing, mainly with smudging work all over the page with the side of your hand as you write, and covering your hand with ink, or erasing pencil drawings as you go! help!
    LOLL xxx

  82. Erica Haupert says:

    I have a non-profit organization in the States called Lucky Lefties, Inc. and I am still very interested in buying products from the distributor price list. I was sent one but no one got back to me. I have just submitted an order for 10 back to school sets. Can I just become a distributor and buy everything though that distinction? I love your stuff!!!

    Erica Haupert
    Lucky Lefties, Inc.

  83. Jim Wall says:

    I am a left handed Chef at Illinois State University. I would would like to recognize the diversity of left handed people with a meal. Can you offer me any ideas for a menu?

    So far we have thought of a play on words such as:
    Left side up cake
    Left on the Cob Corn
    Let in the Pot…
    Left on the Bone Ribs
    Leftovers (not my favorite)

  84. Larry Lopez says:

    Lost my password & ID info and would like to buy two pair of left hand scissors.

  85. husna says:

    Hi lefties, this is from karnataka, India… I feel very proud to be lefttie.

  86. ahuh says:

    hm. isn’t that funny? my mom is left-handed and her birthday is august 13th (left-hander day)
    i’m left-handed too. :D

  87. Diane says:

    I’m interested in many of your products but I’m having trouble deciding which ones would be best for my children. My husband and I have 4 lefties (which we find to be quite unusual since we are both right handed): a boy who is 12 and three girls who are 10, 7 and 6 years old.

    I did not know of this website or any products specifically for left handed people so our son has developed poor writing habits and I think it will be difficult for him to change however, we would like to try. Our 10 year old also writes like a leftie normally does but I think she will adjust to a new style easier than our son. Our other two are young enough that I think they will have no problem writing the way you suggest.

    I would like to order the LH writing combined CD edition. What age does this go to? Is it the full text in color for the child to write in or only black and white to copy or print? I think the children would enjoy writing in a color book.

    I also need some advice on which writing instruments and scissors would be best for each child. I think for now I would just need pencils and pens for everyday writing rather than markers, crayons or colored pencils.

    I want to do all I can to help them however, money is an issue so I’m trying to get what they would benefit from the most. For instance, is it going to be a real problem if they are not using left handed scissors or is that something I could pass on for now?

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    Sincerely, Diane

  88. Brion says:

    I see the left/right nail scissor set cannot be ordered due to unavailability of the leather case. Can the set be ordered without the case? I’d certainly prefer to have the case, but I hate to do without the scissor set due to a lack of the case.

  89. Vjekoslav says:

    Do you have a giutar for begginer for left – handed man. what them will be cost.

  90. jaz says:

    Is the Le Chat Magnified backwards watch a manual watch?

  91. Ann says:

    I watched your Kitchen Items video and saw a great waiter’s corkscrew. I cannot find it on the site. The T corkscrew won’t do because I need the leverage to pull the cork out. Am I just missing it? If so, sorry for being dense and please point it out. If not, please put it on your site so I can buy it instantly. Thanks.

  92. Tul says:

    I’m interested in buying a left handed sewing machine. Do you where i can find it? I don’t see it in your product list…

  93. Sirpa says:

    I bought a left-handed binder from Anything left-handed a few years ago. Now I would like to buy another one. Have you stopped selling this particular product? Do you know where I can find one?

  94. Sirpa says:

    I have a left-handed binder and now I would buy another one. ,

  95. Paula says:

    i am looking for left handed note books with the binding on the right and the margins accordingly. will you be selling them?

  96. Melvina Jones says:

    Last year I was able to print a lefthander’s calendar. How can I print one for 2011?

  97. Tracie Billington-Beardsley says:

    I would like to buy my husband the left handed cartridge pen that you say will be back in stock in early December. Inoxcrom Wall Street cartridge pen, Gold
    Can I reserve one in advance?

  98. Antonia says:


    I’m finding it really hard to get a left handed scissor sharpener for my dress making scissors. Do you know where I can get some?


  99. Alban says:


    I was wondering if the litle in central london still open?

    if so could you tell me where is located.


  100. kari says:

    By mistake, I checked “notify me of follow up comments” My email is now being swamped by notices. How do I “uncheck” this to avoid this problem??

  101. Science Club Leader in Need! says:

    Girls vs Boys. Who is more likely to be left-handed?

  102. G DEXTER says:

    I bought the left handed writing guide, but cannot find it on my computer. Help.

  103. A friend in need says:

    I sincerely hope you can help me.
    Simple: is there a way to prove in court that you are an absolute left-handed?
    is there some kind of test or something similar and reliable?
    Tripun RS.

    • Originally Lefty says:

      What kind of test can proove that I’m absolute left handed? The only reliable fact is that
      I first started writing with m left and I still do everything with m left. But I got confused which hand to use while writing?

  104. Originally Lefty says:

    I was born left-handed but when I grew up and turned 5 my great grandma forced me to write with my right ahnd. now I’m a teenager and I used to wright with my right hand since I was 5… so at school I was writing with right hand but I did everything with my left… like: I ate with my left, I drew with my left, I typed with my left mostly and I holded fork or aspoon in my left… I still do it now. but this year I decided to write with m left cuz I guess my body and brain would prefare so… I’ve been writing with my left for one week… It’s easy for me cuz Im naturally left-handed…. But I’m interested if this kinda change will make any affect or will it change anything? should I continue writing with my left? I know that forcing a right hander to write with her right is a big mistake… what should I do?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you as soon a s possible cuz I really wanna know the answer =) thanks in advance

    • EB says:

      I know there is a book. Something like: Hidden Children; The consequences of developing right handedness with left hand dominance. I read it a while ago, but it’s really insightful. Although for an immediate answer: any kind of exercise for your brain is good. Therefore right handed or left handed would be correct in your situation. According to the book I would go with your original dominance of lefty. :)

  105. Frank Gilbert says:

    Hi, I thought others might find this useful: As a workplace assessor, I’ve just been asked if there are any left-handed computer keyboards with the return (enter) key on the left-hand side.

    As far as I know there aren’t any. But rather than try to re-program the keyboard, I suggested that the client should purchase a USB numeric keypad (Use this link to see products available from Amazon UK and USA, which could then be placed to the left of the keyboard.

    As well as placing an extra return key to the left of your keyboard, it would give also give the option of having your number pad where it may be more useful.

    Hope you find this helpful.

  106. Mark Averi says:

    looking for left handed guitar lesson cd or videos…. do you know of anything, I have the guitar.

  107. Kerry, [email protected] says:

    Hello, do you still have for purchase the following book? “Left-Handed Children – The Teachers Guide”. I saw it on a website about left handedness yesterday and it mentioned your company as a source of purchasing it, I would like to get a copy if possible please. I teach and am also a lefty, and I have a niece I would like to help also. Have a good day, best wishes, Kerry

  108. Tim Dittmer says:

    I looking for a watch with the stem on the left

  109. Tim Dittmer says:

    I am looking for a watch with the stem on the left side. I wear my watch on my right hand, but have never had a watch with the stem on the left so I could get at it without taking it off. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  110. Aviad Rotholz says:

    i am shopping for a lr baggs m1 lefthanded acoustic guitar pickups. you sell the m1a (active) version. i was wondering if there is a lefty m1 passive version. if not, must i use the active capabilities on the pickup or can these be turned off (will it work passively only without a battery)?

  111. Mark Cohen says:

    in answer to my e-mail about camera’s it is a definate yes it is a must for a person that has lost the use of their right arm and is left handed.That my not be a large proportion of the population and may not have huge demand but it is very important for the dissabled person that is in this position.With the internet at the disposale of the manufactures the demand is worldwide so why do they not make one???

  112. Hari says:

    Dear mates,
    I am doing research on camera ergonomics.
    Is left-handed camera really a need for left-handers?
    Look forward to your sincere replies.

    • lauren says:

      yes i think its very needed for left-handed people as i’m a person who is looking into photography for a job and has a dissablity in my right hand there for i’m needing a left handed camera so i dont look stupid :)

  113. Barbara says:

    Hi Keith,

    I just realized that I have not received the newsletter for the past few months. Have you been sending them out?


  114. Johanna says:

    Hello and congratulations to everyone here! It’s your special day 2day! Hope you guys are enjoying it, I’m celebrating with a cake. You guys should do it too. Take care (or cake)

  115. carmen says:

    hi keith, i have not been receiving any newsletters. when will the 2011 lefties calendar be available?

  116. shubha says:

    Thanks to u,
    My daughter of 5 yrs is left handed and i am learning how to teach her and support her through her ordeal. She is writing in a mirror image way and i was really shocked for the first time since both of us my husband and myself are right handed. Even she gets confused to wear her sandals the right way. So I was really tensed. Thanks to you now I know this is normal for a left handed child.

    • Shining star says:

      It’s normal u know even Thomas edison used to write in mirror writing! And as a fact of matter I carried the left handed gene from my dad and he got it from my Grandma. but she was forced to use her right hand from writing to playing a Harmonium and she suffered. Never do that to your daughter cause my grandma didn’t do that to my dad and now he is an architect and rich. Is she is good at drawing or singing it’s probably cause she is left handed.

  117. vinay says:

    i have ordered one wall clock and one watch from india. how much time will it take to reach me..
    please inform..

  118. Cathy Price says:

    I was ordering some equipment and came across the Sattler pencil grips. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I’m always on the lookout for something that might work better for the children with whom I work. I like those. There was both an American and UK price listed, but no way to add them to my cart. How do I get them?

  119. Brandon says:

    Will the Left Handed Teachers Edition CD work with Windows Vista or Windows7 ?
    Does it come with the book and CD or just the CD by itself ?

  120. Ari says:

    Do you have an affiliate program?

  121. Human says:

    When I search for back to school senior 11+, I see full description but no picture. Is it just me or it’s not available?

  122. Ruth Boruvka says:

    My daughter is left-handed and has just started school. The teachers says she holds the grip on her pencil too tight and therefore gets pains in her arm and hand and therefore the muscle needs to be strengthened. Do you know what exercises I could do in order to strengthen the muscles? Thanks so much

  123. Flora says:

    Hey, I’ve been looking for a lefthanded sketchbook for some time and have not yet found one. This is a problem as the spirals make my wrist move at an awkward angle. Any chance you could start selling them?? :)

  124. Mark Cohen says:

    looking for a left handed camera must have shutter button on the left side

  125. Malcolm Brown says:

    do you still sell left handed pinking shears?
    best Regards
    Malcolm Brown

    • Keith says:

      Sorry, but no. The manufacturer we used for many years has discontinued them and is no longer willing to make a left-handed version and we have not yet found anyone else who will make them for us. If anyone knows a supplier of left-handed pinking shears please let us know!

      • margaret says:

        hey keith, if you are still looking for left handed pinking shears mundial has them, very nice quality too, tho’ expensive….. margaret from LEFTY’S SAN FRANCISCO

    • Keith says:

      Sorry, these are no longer produced by the manufacturer and we cannot find a replacement

  126. Judy Freeman says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    Years ago I saw a cup for left-handed people advertized in a magazine for left-handers. The cup had a hole at the top edge on one side, so that if a person used it who was right-handed, the liquid inside would pour out through the hole and on to the person. Can you help me find it?

    Thank you.
    Judy Freeman

  127. Amjad says:

    Many years ago I was the fortunate owner of an Osmiriod Copperplate Fountain Pen. Unfortunately though I have since lost it. Is there any way you can offer this pen for sale? I know they have ceased production but I would really appreciate it if you find one for me or recommend an alternative.


  128. Diana Tanner says:

    Please could anyone advise where I can purchase left handed scissors with a pattern ie, wavy lines etc-there seem to be plenty of straight cut left hand scissors but I have been unable to find any which cut a pattern.
    Please help.

  129. man says:

    how can i get my little girl to write in a straight line as she starts off on the line the line then goes off on an angle

    • Human says:

      I recommend you put a ruler under the writing line. But don’t force her to do it at school or she may feel uneasy.

  130. Washtub Jerry says:

    This is a question about books for lefties. What percent of books for lefties have the binding (spine) on the right?

  131. Terefe Tafesse says:

    Hi guys!

    It is possible to know the estimated number of left handed people in the world?

  132. V Gardner says:

    Looking for a dip-it style calligraphy pen with left-handed nibs. Do you carry such an animal? Does such a thing exist?

    I see only fountain pens with ink cartridges that are left-handed.

    Please help ASAP for Christmas gift.


  133. George says:

    Wanted to place an order but you do not accept Discover Card. Why?

  134. tammy desmond says:

    I have always heard that people use one side of their brains to control speech. However left handers use both sides. Thus if a southpaw had a stroke that hit one side we would still be able to speak. Also southpaws get stigmatisms in the eyes due to the shock of being forced to switch hands. Any of this true?

  135. tammy desmond says:

    I make greeting cards. I would love cards that open to the left for southpaws. One can’t turn it around bec the paper is different on the back of the card. Any idea if carry this type of product?just the paper.

  136. Jessie says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you would be able to order in any left-handed pinking shears, I have been after them for I don’t know how long and nobody seems make them. Are they even in production?

    Many thanks.

  137. Wei-Tsung says:

    How can I track my order?

  138. william says:

    is there any dvds or books of finger exercise for lefthanders for guitar players.

  139. Cathy Price says:

    Why are the stems on your watches on the same side as righty ones. I don’t care which directions the numbers go, as I can read a watch/clock in any direction, but I wear my watch on my right wrist (to keep it out of the way) and the stems on your watches would still be facing away from my wrist, just as the right-handed version I currently wear.

  140. Carol says:

    Hi on your left handed watch the number 10 is written the left handed way as in 01, however on the wall clock it is written the righthanded way? Is there any reasoning behind this? Do you do clocks completely lefthanded? x x

  141. Bryan says:

    I want to know if it’s true that lefties don’t live as long as righties. And also, I think there would be more lefties if we weren’t treated so badly in the past.

    • Human says:

      The vitality one is wrong

    • Ruth de la Nougerede says:

      i think it’s just that we die more from general accidents as we live in a right hander world, not our fault! and nothing to do with our physical make up! so statistically there are less old leftys than ‘right’ies! i think

  142. Lisa says:

    I looking for a watch for a teenage girl. I would like one where the STEM is on the lefthand side. I do not see this in your catalog. Any suggestions?

    Lisa Corrigan

  143. Julie says:

    Dear Sir

    I run a Saturday School and would like to order some your left handed write boards. i notice that you reduce the second one to half price. How much would they cost each if I ordered 10 to start with.

    Thank You


  144. Laura Painter says:

    I recently ordered a Pelikano Junior cartridge pen and some 38mm Universal cartridges. Inside the pen there was a cartridge supplied that was 71mm long. Please can you advise whether we can use the 38mm cartridges or have we been wrongly advised?

  145. Gail says:

    Is there a microwave oven that opens left to right?

    • Bill says:

      I’ve looked all over the place and have never found one. The best bet is one where the door opens up, they are usually commercial style types.

  146. Colin Massey says:

    Is there an Anything Lefthanded Partner here in India ? If not, can one become a Partner and how does one go about it ??

  147. Tina says:


    I’ve ordered a bunch of pens, pencils, the guide placemat and the handwriting books. Everything looks great.

    I’d like to know the font that is used for the handwriting books. I want to print out extra writing practice sheet but am not sure which font style to use.

    Thank you,

  148. charlotte says:

    I’m wanting to play the violin however i wasnt sure if i could play a right handed one on my left side because of the strings been back to front.
    Also i would like to know were i could purchase a cheap beginners second hand left handed violin from?

  149. Paul Huck says:

    You had a backerds runnin watch. Site says out of stock, due end of July. Still says that, 1/2 way through August. Got any in yet? I jus waitin fer you to getsum in. Kaint wait to get mine!