Famous left-handers

Left-handers have achieved greatness in many walks of life, but particularly in creative, sporting and artistic fields, where their natural talent for lateral thinking and ingenuity have made a huge contribution to all our lives.

If you are left-handed then you are in very good company. Throughout history left-handers have excelled as leaders, sportsmen, artists, musicians and in many other fields. This is our list of famous left-handers – with over 1,000 people we think it is the most comprehensive on the Web.

The list is based on our research and reports from Club members, but we know we are not perfect. If you spot any errors in our list, can provide any further information or have any famous left-handers we should add to our list, please add your information as comments to these pages.

The list contains well over 1,000 left-handers and is divided into 4 sections as below.

Entertainment History Professions Sport Sport
Politics – UK
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Politics – Other
American Football
Football (soccer)
Motor Racing
Table Tennis

If you spot famous left-handers we’ve missed, please add them as a comment at the bottom of this page.

We have also produced a list of famous “left-handers” who are really right handed and are often shown in error on lists of famous lefthanders on the web – click here for our list of left-hander mistakes

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We are working on a major redevelopment of our content on famous lefthanders to allow us to show better profiles and links to their sites, twitter feeds etc and also to allow better searching by name, sport, profession etc. and allow you to add comments to individual profiles.

We are also going to expand out activites on encouraging famous lefties to become members of the Left Handers C lub.

In the meantime, we are going to add new famous lefties we are told about below and if you see any please add them as comments to this page and we will add them to our list.

  • Sebastien Loeb, WRC Rally driver extraordinaire is currently well on his way to his NINTH World Championship. He is most definitely a left hander as any photo of him signing autographs – and regularly holding champagne bottles – will prove.

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  1. […] Famous lefties include Billy the Kid, Alexander the Great, Friedrich Nietzsche, Queen Victoria, Benjamin Franklin, Mahatma Ghandi and Joan of Arc.  (Jack the Ripper and George Bush also, but let’s not hold that against the rest.)  Also Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Bill Gates and “Buzz” Aldrin.  And then there’s Leonardo Da Vinci (but he was actually ambidextrous according to many sources), MC Escher (that explains a few things), Charlie Chaplin, Morgan Freeman, Wolverine (sorry, Hugh Jackman), Whoopi Goldberg (again, explains a lot), the Olsen twins, Oprah Winfrey and Bart Simpson (yeah, I know he’s fictional.  Your point?)  Left-handed authors include Douglas Adams and Lewis Carroll (I’m gaining understanding in leaps and bounds here), Peter Benchley, Mark Twain and H.G. Wells. […]

  2. Sam says:


    In the list Famous People, You may want to add our sitting President Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya.


  3. Betty says:

    What I want to know, who are left handers that are on a Postage stamp.

  4. Susanna Roxman says:


    Have tried to get in touch, but perhaps on the wrong page? So here goes again: what about adding me to your list of left-handed poets? I can refer you to the Wikipedia article on me, as well as my own site:


    All best,

    Susanna Roxman

  5. Avery says:

    Basketball anyone?

  6. tess says:

    everyone is left handed ok like, Justin beiber Nicole kidman Angelina jolie brad pitt and there 6 adopted children! just to name a few, sorry about incorrect spelling!!

  7. joel says:

    I just watched the movie “Cookie” and Emily Lloyd is left handed.

  8. Andrew says:

    Just discovered that Nicola Benedetti the Violinist is left handed but obviously you don’t play a violin left handed because its antisocial when in an orchestra.

  9. Anon says:

    The list is not accurate loads of people on the list are not lefties but actually right-handed!

    Drew Barrymore
    Demi Moore
    Kim Basinger
    Brad Pitt

    All Right Handed!

    To name just some!

  10. Anne Duncombe says:


    Phil Tufnel b. 29 April 1966 Born England

  11. Travis says:

    On the tv show “The Simpson’s”; Homer’s upbeat neighbor- Ned Flanders- is said to be left-handed and even opened up a store specializing in gadgets and items for lefties.

    In fact, if you pay close attention most if not all cartoon characters (Bart Simpson, Doug Funny, Chucky Finster, Chris Griffin) are south paws.

    • Julie says:

      The reason why so many characters in The Simpsons are left-handed, is because Matt Groening is left-handed. Infact, he has stated that Bart Simpson was created left-handed deliberately, because Matt is left-handed.

  12. Star says:

    Eminem, 50 Cent, Sarah Jessica Parker,Allen Think, Tim Allen, Goldie Hawn, Morgan Freeman, Richard Simmons, Lisa Kudrow, Phil Collins, Whoopi Goldburge, Fran Drescher, Oprah, Stan Lee, and Bill Clinton are all left handed.

  13. Keith says:

    From Kiah
    Norse god Twu -a lefthander. Origin of Tuesday (Twusday). Perfect for a lefthanded calender.

  14. Keith says:

    From Melissa:
    Thanks for this site! Didn´t know any of this kind existed. But there are so few poets — may I suggest that you add Susanna Roxman to that list? She has a Wikipedia article of her own. And I happen to know she´s lefthanded.

  15. Martin Hughes-Games says:

    I am left handed but interestingly, looking around the table at the morning meetings for BBC2 Springwatch, i noticed that of 10 people at the table 5 were left handed! I wonder if there is a preponderance of Left handers in TV production? I will do a study amongst the Autunmwatch team.

    • Joy says:

      I would think in the tv industry there leftyies would be the majority seeing that it is the creative people who are in that industry.Authors, musicians, photographers, athletes as well.All creative fields……

  16. robert says:

    Kevin ian Pardue is left handed he’s an actor/model well known for his role in remember the titans

  17. FrannieW says:

    I am hoping that you will put David Cook on your famous lefties list. He won season 7 of American Idol and he is involved with many charities. His twitter name is @thedavidcook He plays left-hand guitar, writes and pitches etc with his left hand.

    ~Thanks Frannie Wessel

  18. Hirali says:

    Nialll Horan from boy-band One Direction is left-handed.. :)

  19. max says:

    um’! so sorry being a life long tennis playing lefty , well you cant include Rafal nadel as he is actually right handed he just plays left handed as it gives him an advantidge so i guess an honrary award would be nice .love max xx

  20. M says:

    I just found this site and find it intriguing. I am left-handed from birth as is my husband and our son. My husband’s sister is left handed as is my uncle, so this is a trait that is common in our families. I was an athletic young person, as was our son, and being left-handed never complicated anything. The only problem that I encountered was going through my young years of parochial school and some of the teachers not being very sympathetic to my tiny left hand. As an adult, there are some items that can be difficult to maneuver, but you learn and move on. The potato peeler always being my kitchen enemy, so it makes me happy to see one that is suitable for us left-handed folks. All in all it is fun to be different in any way, shape or form and I cherish my uniqueness. :)

  21. Jacobe says:

    “All geniouses are not lefthanded, but all lefthanded are geniouses” ;-)

    -Ever heard that? ,hehe

  22. Agatha says:

    Kurt Cobain
    Dick Dale
    Jimi Hendrix
    Toni Iommi
    Paul McCartney
    Paul Simon
    Ringo Starr
    Iggy Pop
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Charlie Chaplin
    Angelina Jolie
    Keanu Reeves

  23. Lakia says:

    Tyson Ritter is a lefty!!!!

  24. ronnie says:

    Aimee Teegarden is left handed

  25. Vidisha says:

    i am lefty myself…Sachin Tendulkar is lefty too….Nothings wrong being lefty except when u becum a sudden distraction amongst righties

  26. Ed Kershaw says:

    As a middle aged lefty, I’m quite surprised to read some of the above. I came across this site looking for some statistical data on lefthandedness. I’ve never had any discrimination or difficulty with anything whatsoever during my life so far as a result of being left handed. No one in my family is LH than I know of. I naturally learnt to use scissors, secateurs and metal shears with my right hand at an early age since they simply don’t work left handed. I don’t recall that it ever bothered me after I found they don’t work left handed. This means my right hand grip is pretty good too. I play the oboe and saxophone, the handing of which never presented any problem. I eat in the normal RH way, except for the spoon. Don’t know why that’s different. No one ever made me do it either way.

    When I was at school I don’t think anyone ever really noticed, let alone comment or bully about it. Although I definitely noticed an advantage with some sports like tennis and boxing. All your opponents are the same to you if you’re LH, but you’re unusual to them, and difficult for them to deal with.

    I suppose some items that one begins to use later in life are a bit awkward (power tools where the buttons are on the wrong side of the handle and the flex is often in an awkward place, gun stocks are never designed to fit the left side of the face, etc) but it’s never been more than a slight inconvenience, soon forgotten. Aeroplanes can be a bit awkward at first – the throttle is usually on the left in single seaters which means you have to fly with your right when you need most finesse of control including throttle, such as aerobatting or taking off/landing etc.

    The only thing I have ever noticed at all is a slight reverence or intrigue from some work colleagues. I work in development engineering. Interestingly, about 25% of my colleagues are lefties and are considered more creative. Whether we really are or not is a moot point, I think.

    I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties and discrimination some other LH people have experienced. I guess I’ve just been lucky. I wonder if there’s possibly something a bit self fulfilling about it. If parents make children feel different because of it maybe this manifests in their interaction with other people and life in general. I don’t recall my parents or siblings ever even commenting on it, let alone discussing it or making me think I was in any way different.

    • Richard says:

      Speaking of power tools with switches on the wrong side of the handle. Have other lefties had sawdust and grit blown into their eyes due to the exit port of the drill motor blowing dust towards your face?

      • Bryan says:

        Definitely! I don’t have experience of this but left handers who served in the military in South Africa have told me that the rifles used to spit the shells out to the left.

  27. Vida says:

    Steve Forbes, Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria, Prince Charles, Prince William, Helen Keller, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Lewis Carroll, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, M. C. Escher, Tim Allen, Charlie Chaplin, Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Robert DeNiro, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Jerry Seinfeld, Sylvester Stallone, Dick Van Dyke, Bruce Willis, Oprah Winfrey, and many more… (infomercial voice)
    For complete list (not exactly complete) go to:

  28. Isa Stream says:

    Justin Bieber is very left-hander, he even plays quitar in a leftie way.

  29. Vincent says:

    I want to correct something here. Ambidexterity and cross-dominance are totally different. Ambidexterity is the ability to do anything with either your left or your right, meaning your left and right has the equal capability to do your daily activities. Cross-dominance, is when you’re born left/right but do a number of activity with the other hand.

    I myself is a natural cross-dominance. I use right-handed scissors left-handedly, flips my pens or drumsticks with my left-hand, eat with my left, write with both hands, and type keyboard/phone mainly with my left. I play badminton with my right, and I throw with my right. And I’m right-footed. Well everything is just natural. There are only 3 people including myself could write left-handedly in my grade and I’m the only man. :)

  30. HARSH SINHA says:

    Hi, friends I’m a true leftie.But in my family no one is left-handed accept my uncle.In my school my friends look at me like I’m a alien. I feel very bad because no one is leftie in my class. When I go to 5th standard a boy whose name is Harshit Kumar Gupta who wasn’t a permanent leftie like me, he only bat left-handed and throw things with his left hand. I feel very delighted because he is my best friend and now no one in my class look at me that I’m a alien like before.

    • Aayushi Pandey says:

      Hey Harsh!
      I’m Aayushi and even I am a left handed. Even I am from India and no one around me is a leftie. It’s okay to be a misfit. I’ve been a misfit all my life. Leftie, nerd, the kind of person who doesn’t interact with others but sits to herself, I am that! But it’s the people who label us who are at loss. We do just fine without them!!

  31. h says:

    as a professional tennis player i will tell you that rafael nadal is not a natural lefty not a natural ambidextrous(if thats spelled right). rafael nadal learned to play using is left hand though he is right handed because in the sport of tennis left handers are confusing to play against. he does every single thing woth his right hand except play tennis which he spent his entire life learning, so get your facts straight you, unfactual biggots, just because laege portions of celebs and leaders are left handed doesnt give you the right to say that being left handed makes people be more successful. this theory has been long discarded and left handed people only use it to make themselves feel that they have more of an advantage in artistry and leadership than right handers. in my advance art class there are barely any left handers though leftys make up ten percent and are supposed to be artistic ratiowise i have seen just as many bad artists come from both sides. all of my friends and i are naturally talented artists that enjoy what we do and were all right handed, no we did forced ourselves to have talent, in drawing its nearly impossible. we are just using the right sides of our brain. we are all equal, which hand you use to do thngs doesnt give you the better ability to do things, were all individuals, okay?

    • Monica says:

      I do not discount anything that you say, however I offer a ponder. Maybe because he learned to play with his left hand, he might have changed his thinking pattern. After all, it is pretty much undisputed that left and right handers process things somewhat differently. There is also the fact that because he forced his body to do something that is somewhat alien to his brain processes, he might have also increased what his brain can do. Have any of you tried to write with your opposite hand lol? What he can do is not the same as as leftie driving a stick shift here in the states. Frankly, I was always surprised that I could do that fairly easily lol. Many years ago, there was a baseball player that lost his right arm as a child. He taught himself to do everything with his left, including pitching. Don’t you think that would add something to his brain, having to go against what his brain determined since maybe birth to be correct and true? And what about those natural left-handers that were forced by school systems to write with their right-hand? So, yes, I can see how a different intelligence might be suggested about left-handers. We spend our lives having to change our thinking patterns to suit the rest of the world. I knit and crochet. I have to ‘flip things around’ in my head to make the item come out correctly. When I try to mentally deconstruct a knitted or crocheted item, to maybe write down how it was made so that I can make it for myself, I have to mentally reverse what the right-hander did so that I can ‘read’ it.

      With all of that said, I would not readily dismiss the point that our brains may be able to do a bit more. It’s kind of like a blind person: they train their other senses to pick up the slack. In a sense, their other four senses better than mine.

    • A great mom says:

      I believe only 10% of the world population is left handed. I would consider the probability of right handed people versus left handed in any given class or sport. The odds are, there will be more right handed people. The odds are your teacher may be right handed. And the fact that a left hand person has to process everything first and then rethink it as a left handed activity… I watch it first hand. My son is left handed. I’m left handed too. However, his new teachers or coaches every year try to say he’s right handed. So frustrating for the child, continue to try and make him right handed. So frustrating as a parent. It’s sheer torture. I think each year how further he could be in sports or academics. He’s been tested gifted by a psychologist and a psychiatrist due to the continued request of his teachers. How interesting! He’s now home schooled and it’s amazing to watch him excel at lightening speed. He processes the material so fast. I do have a special tutor to correct his writing skills because he writes very different due to the constant force of trying to make him right handed. It’s the saddest part. He traces his letters multiple times because he cannot process it correctly yet. He’s 9. He has been labeled to have a learning disability in written expression too. Well, that has to do with writing and processing your thoughts on paper in logical order. Imagine the difficulty if you have been abused, for it’s abuse, to write right handed and then been able to freely write with your dominate hand? How challenging and confusing at times. The great news, he will correct the bad habit. And I wait as a parent and a parent who minored in psychology, the moment when he can freely write without the thought of how to make an a or a b or a c. We are not trying to discredit right handed people, but To receive respect and compassion from our right handed people. We too can make a great impact! I’m an artist. I decided to change my major in college from chemistry to fine art after I had my second child. I wanted to be a doctor, but it would have been too hard on me to leave my kids with someone else caring for them for their entire childhood. I did my art courses on-line. It was the greatest thing, because I didn’t have the constant interruption from a right handed person trying to show me how to do something their way. And I find that very interesting with my son too who is homeschooled.

    • Tamara says:

      I don’t think left-handers think they are better and more successful. We are just trying to prove our value in a society that has been quite abusive to people who are born different. Many have been hit, had hands tied behind their back, ridiculed and bullied just for being left-handed; we have had to adjust our thinking and abilities to survive in a right-handed world. Many fail to do so; left-handers are more likely to end up labelled as mentally ill, more likely to end up in prison, and have greater potential to become airline pilots or architects.
      We are not all born equal in a world which favours the right handers.

    • C says:

      Hmmm. Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! I think the main point the author is trying to make is anyone who is left-handed has had some difficulties in life living in a dominant right-handed world that we have had to overcome. I think you are over reacting in believing that we left-handers feel superior to right-handed people because we are more intelligent, artistic, better leaders and so on. There is no scientific evidence to prove this, however, if these beliefs help some lefties coupe with feeling different, what’s the big deal? Is that really hurting you? Have you been experiencing a large volume of lefties coming up to you bragging they are smarter, better at tennis, and a better artist than you because they are lefties? Seriously? Go back to bed!

    • Jaques brink says:

      Let it be noted naturally left handed people like myself are naturally better in most aspects witch has been proven scientifically

      Due to the fact that every persons right hand side of there brain develops slower than the left side our ( lefties ) are more mentally powerful and to prove it ask any left handed person you meet how long it takes to learn something new and you will be amazed to realize your obsurd intellectual deficiency

      So as I said learn before you do

      Some good advise the preparations MUST take longer than the actual work you do :):)

  32. tutorials, says:

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  33. Sheila W. says:

    Is the link broken? I clicked on the complete list and all that came up were the comments section, not the list.

  34. dunniteowl says:

    I have called myself ‘semi-ambidextrous’ since I was about 9. I have right handed parents, three older right-handed brothers and a younger right-handed sister. I have read a lot of stories in here with people detailing how they were forced to learn to write right-handed, or beaten for it, had their hand tied behind their back, and all manner of other things that I have not had done to me.

    I write, eat, shoot, play most games (not sports, per se) and perform many tasks with my left hand. There are some things I cannot do left-handed. I throw like a little kid with my left hand (but it’s gotton a lot better since I started practicing.) There are a few things I simply cannot do with my right hand. When I write with my right hand (on paper or draw) it looks like a six year old’s handwriting or skill. I can write on the walls or chalkboard equally well.

    My parents always encouraged my handedness. In school they gave me left handed scissors, a left handed desk (this one has the angled part in the other direction — it’s a mirror of the standard right-handed student desk) and they even asked me if I wanted a left-handed ruler! Can you believe it? A left-handed ruler?! I guess you could say I was treated much better than most lefties — and I was born in 1960!

    Archimedes, I believe, was left handed. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson (? Haven’t checked the list here, yet to refresh my aging memory) Leonardo DaVinci, it’s rumoured that Shakespeare was a lefty as well. Yeah, Cary Grant’s a lefty, so was, I believe Kate Hepburn. Also: Keanu Reeves, Julia Roberts, her brother, Eric, Bruce Willis, Obama, Gerald Ford, Reagan was a semi-ambidextrous person also, George Bush the first, Bill Clinton and many, many others in history and in all sorts of fields of endeavor for arts, sciences and entertainment/sports.

    So I have always considered myself to be in pretty good company. I did ask for my right-handed desk back and I returned the left-handed scissors, too. I wanted my old desk back because the bar that holds the desk surface to the chair is on the opposite side from the right handed desks, too. Each day, when the bell rang for going out of class (like for recess, PE, lunch, going home,) I’d get up and start to leave in the same direction I always had — and WHAM! — I’d fall over the bar that was inexplicably in my way as I left my seat. I did that for three days and then asked for my old desk.

    How many of you have heard these:

    Hey! I didn’t know you were Left-handed! (Like it’s a secret or something, I guess, or they just now really started paying attention to you, maybe…)

    Hey! You’re left-handed! You write upside down, don’t you? (Are you NUTS? What reason could I possibly have for writing upside down just because I’m a leftie?)

    Oh, you’re left-handed. You had to learn to write everything backwards, huh? (Uh… that would be, huh-uh, as in, no.)

    Or the one I learned to dread, out on the baseball diamond:
    Hey! Who here’s left-handed? (I raise my hand and next thing you know, I’m on first base — hey wait, I can’t throw with my left hand, I play baseball wholly right-handed!)

    And then they look at me like I did something wrong — or lied about it.

    LIfe’s been really interesting as a left-hander. Some days harder than others, but I have learned how to use a whole host of tools with my right hands (mostly power tools, like circular saws, jigsaws, drill presses [yes! Even those are designed for right-handed operation in most cases]) and most of my sports are played right handed.

    What I notice most, though, is the complete ignorance of most folks of what it takes to be left-handed as a minority on a day-to-day basis. Take a look at playing cards. Yeah, they’re designed to be played and held by right-handed players. You fan them out from inside your holding hand to outside towards the shoulder. You do that in your left hand and all the little number and suite marks on the cards are hidden from view. You hold ‘em in your right hand and they’re right there. Yeah, even playing cards.

    Happily, I actually cut with my right hand and eat with my left. One day, I watched my sister at the table, eating. I mean, really watched her while she was eating. How she held her fork, her knife and ate.

    Then I noticed something I thought was really strange. She had her fork in her right hand, took a bite and started chewing. She put her fork down to the left. Picked up the fork with her left hand, picked up her knife in her right, cut her pork chop for another bite, *THEN!?!* she put her knife down, switched her fork to her right hand, then took a bite. I was stunned! That sure seemed like a lot of work for a single bite.

    Me? I hold the fork with my left, cut with my right, take a bite and repeat. Simple. So I said something about it. All three of my brothers and my dad all said the same thing as my sister, “That’s how you do it.” So I showed them how I did it. They looked at me for a few seconds, completely silent. Then almost all of them at the same time said, “You’re strange.”

    Life, to me, and for the most part, is funny, even if it’s been pretty hard most of the time. Maybe being forced to review how you do things compared with 90% of the rest of the world who don’t do it your way makes you notice things. Maybe the simple fact of having to survive in a predominantly right-handed world gives us lefties a perspective that many others don’t share about handedness, but does apply to other things that are used to discriminate against others?

    Maybe that’s why there tend to be a higher percentage of left-handers versus the statistical norms in the arts, entertainment, academia, politics and sciences? We have to work harder and use more of our brain just to be clever enough to survive? So even though there are definitely some advantages to being left-handed, I have to wonder:

    Do we get the advantages by sheer genetic stroke of handedness — or;
    Are we trained from birth to leverage and learn to adapt out of being left-handed and forced to deal with a predominantly right-handed culture?

    In acient studies, of paleolithic tools, there are clear indications that handedness was about fifty/fifty. This was in a time when every person basically made their own tools, or at least knew the basics of flint-knapping, knot tying and netmaking, etc. So there was no advantage of handedness over tool and implement use, because you made your own. Custom work.

    Since division of labor and specific tasks ushered in a new level of productivity, the trait for handedness has gone heavily one sided. So maybe, just maybe, we tend to be smarter or more creative because we have to be and it’s learned from cultural pressure to survive and the genetic lottery of handedness isn’t the direct correlation, it’s an indirect result of a cultural and technological shift instead.?

    This is the crap I think about in my all too often moments of curious wonder. So, do I think like this from a genetic standpoint and the handedness is merely one more genetic expression of that talent? Or did I have to get smarter due to the pressure to figure things out that weren’t natural to my handedness in a culture that favors the right in almost every way imaginable? Real chicken or the egg stuff here.

    I wonder if Sir Francis Bacon was a lefty?

    • Angi says:

      Sounds like a lot of my thinking as well. My parents, all three brothers, and my sister are righties. But my grandfather, with whom Mom had been very close growing up, was a leftie, and he is where I got it from. I’m over a decade your senior and many children were indeed forced to change to conform, and it may have been well-intended, but not smart. Mom, however, was ready to fight for my right to be left, although it wasn’t necessary, it turned out. She and Dad even saw that, when the others appeared, I got a spot at the family table where I would be able to eat comfortably–over any objections. Still, I learned that the world did not always do that, and just learned that most things worked pretty well in my left hand, too–and my right hand wasn’t useless, either. I ended up doing well with both. Later, when I had three lefties and one rightie of my own, I just put all their eating utensils in front of them and let them choose. My rightie learned to tie her shoes facing me (as I probably did from Mom) and one leftie taught himself to be ambidextrous. He was a CNA and it was no doubt useful, as it was for me and the sons who did work at different times on cars, when handedness is less important than taking care to do it correctly. Still, I enjoy finding a “leftie sisterhood” of girlfriends who are lefthanded in groups I am already close with. There are little things about using rightie tools in left hands that require turning one’s brain around, and “leftie loosie rightie tightie” seems to come in handy in more places than inside the engine compartment, not so much in the literal sense, of course, but in the spirit of the thing.

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  43. Sophia says:

    HI, is it weird to right with right hand but do almost everything with left hand.like I eat with my left hand brush throw, cut like tomatoes and stuff…is that normal?

    • Proud Lefty says:

      I am somewhat like you. I do everything with my left hand but kick and throw with my right hand/leg. It came to me as a little odd but it’s not abnormal. Actually it’s called crossed-dominance. :) Hoped this was the answer you were looking for

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  47. mists of pandaria says:

    Thanks for every other informative site. Where else may just I am getting that type of info written in such an ideal means? I have a venture that I’m simply now operating on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such info.

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  49. Lani says:

    hi I’m Filani and I’m 21 years old. I am a dental student. In my childhood life, I had a lot of problems at learning math because I didn’t know how to solve the problems directly. And I always hated math back then. Until one time a teacher of mine who understood my problem of solving mathematics through direct methods came to my life. She taught me of how to solve math problems by using pictorial method. That moment changed my paradigm. Math was the easiest subject if learnt through pictures! and I made it to become the best student for modern mathematics and additional mathematics at m school!

    now, I am studying dentistry. Although having so much troubles handling dental instruments – since they’re created for righties – I made it to use both hands, which no one had ever done so in my faculty! in my class there are only 5 left-handed students out of 49. KUDOS TO ALL LEFT-HANDED! I am moving forward to success! so do we!

  50. Jacquie says:

    Hi! I’m a 14 year-old girl, and actually I think I’m a really weird case…. I write right-handedly but do everything else like eating, throwing (play handball), glue, brush teeth/hair… etc. with my left hand. I actually can write and draw really well with my left hand but prefer my right hand. I really don’t get how this is normal…??? And it is possible I was “changed” when I was younger by my parents from lefty to righty but not sure…??

    • Cha Ool says:

      Jacquie, you are not weird. My nephew Mitch is exactly the same as you. His 3 year old cousin is predominantly left handed but kicks right with his right foot. Myself, I write left handed plus hold spoon or fork with the left paw. I throw etc right handed & kick with my left foot.

      • meridith says:

        I am a lefty, but do almost everything else right handed. It used to bug the heck out of me in school that they ALWAYS gave me the lefty scissors. I CAN NOT cut paper with my left hand at all. I can do everything with my right hand that I do with my left, but there are some things I can only do right handed. Did you know that most red heads are left handed?
        Yes I’m a red head.

    • ronnie says:

      thats almost how i am but im a 15 year old boy

  51. jagadeesh says:

    Hi I am 21. I am a leftie and do 90% of the work with left hand only (including writing,doing strenuous physical work ?
    I wonder that lefties are quite resistant to diseases than right handers and can lead life longer. Can anyone agree with me??

    • Korak says:

      Hi. I’m 14 and agree to you because my case is somethin similar to yours… i also eat with my right hand, but hold objects like forks, spoons, with my left hand. But i kick football with my right foot and catch ball with my left hand.. I think all the lefties are all the way rare..

  52. junaid says:

    I,m 11 and also a leftie something very wierd I do is that i tend to do some stuff right handed such as using scissors. Also in cricket i bat and bowl right handed but im still a leftie

    • Laura says:

      That is not all that weird. Most lefties have adapted to the right handed world…
      Keep it up :) we’ll soon take over

      • ronnie says:

        im a ambidextrous shooter writter and througher a right handed guitarest and bassest and the rest is left handed

  53. dale says:

    douglas adams creator of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy was left handed and he actually at one time played guitar for Pink Floyd (42nd birthday gift from David Gilmour, an old friend).

  54. Keith says:


    • gillian says:

      Who says we can’t do anything right? The right side of the brain controls the left sie of the body so we are in our RIGHT MINDS! :-)

  55. Keith says:

    They say we can do nothing right LOL

  56. Sofia says:

    OFFICIAL LEFTY DAY: AUGUST 13TH… missed it :(

  57. surya says:

    hi i am also leftie and proud to be leftie

  58. Uncle Bu says:

    Hello to my fellow and fellowette extra special brethren, who know The Left Is Right! I do everything left handed but golf and play guitar (and I believe both were started with right handed implements perhaps not knowing at such an early age of Lefty tools for such trades

    Also do what I have witnessed two of my lefty friends doing – write only in print and use all capital letters, in fact the only time I write in cursive is when signing my name.

    I am an aspiring and almost starving Write, Composer and Artist, and have worked in the Advertising Field as a copywrite full time and an Assistant Creative Director.

    Peace to all !

  59. shreya.. says:

    i’m a lefty and i absolutely love singin and dancing . i even write stuff..
    m confused as to should i make my career as a pop artist specially because i live in india and here we dont have a demand for pop artists and even f i go to the us..would be able to make my mark..please suggest me..m really confused!!

  60. Yvonne says:

    Hi, my name is Yvonne, Im 26 and I love being left-handed:) Over the years, I have recieved so many compliments on my handwriting skills(one just last week)….it looks like calligraphy on a daily basis and has served me well in documentation:)

  61. Nastassja says:

    I am 1o yrs old and I’m a leftie. I was always the smartest person in my class and I go to a gifted program at my school. I’m going into 5th grade but I have 8th or 9th grade reading level. I read that lefties are more gifted than others because the brain uses the left side of the brain a lot even when you’re a leftie so if you are a leftie and you also use the right side you get smarter. My fellow leftie Abert Einstein wrote E=Mc2 I get that it means the mass of some object multiplied by speed of light (300,000 km per second I think) is the amount of energy you can get of that same object. My question is: What is energy?
    Please reply,
    a leftie

    • Sorry I dont put my name in public says:


      I am left handed and I am one of the smartest kids in my class too!
      I SK I was graded as grade 3 reading level! And passed! I am in Ontario and recently got my progress report all of my subjects but math are E/G’s!! Math was an E!!!!

      I dont know the awnser to your question

  62. Albern says:

    i used both hand doing my daily works.. Sometime I switch hand in the middle of solving a math problem. I draw and paint with my left and I do write with both hands. But in sport I’m mostly right; pitching with right hand but batting both side. Endless possibility i think

  63. Denise says:

    They say left handed people are in their right mind. So true
    My husband was born left handed and his father beat him to use his right.
    Why ? Because of fear, because he thought it had to do something with evil or the devil.
    Though is the devil left handed,?and why is Jesus sitting on the left side of God.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, not much of a bible person.

  64. John Doe says:

    I was born a lefty, but an injury at age 7 forced me to use my right hand. I can use either equally well now with one exception…scissors. I can not use left-handed scissors.

  65. myrnie says:

    Proud to be a leftie, although I was ridiculed as a Kid..And my teachers tried to
    push me to be a rightie.. I do alot with my right hand..But I started noticing that
    many leaders were lefties..And actors and very smart and creative people. And Paul
    McCartney… Hooray for us all….

    • John Doe says:

      I had a 5th grade teacher try to push me towards a righty until my grandfather (a lefty) had a private conversation with her one afternoon.

      • meridith says:

        When i was in first grade my teacher told me because I am left handed I need to follow opposite directions. when she told the class you always write from left to right I thought that meant I would right from right to left. All of my first grade work was backwards and they had me tested for dyslexia. my brother and I use to give each-other secrete messages wrote up-side down and backwards with a vowel every other letter. was so much fun.

  66. Marie says:

    I am ambidextrous. My oldest son is left-handed and when he was in 6th grade he did an outstanding project on left-handedness. He tested his classmates to see how many were left-handed and did other surveys. He not only won his grade level but he also won the overall school award that year. He also won first in our entire county. (Elementary kids do not go to state or I am sure he would have succeeded there also.) So…here’s to lefties and those who are partly left-handed and partly right.

  67. Ruth says:

    I am left-handed,however I noticed may things I do are right-handed. I believe this is mainly do to the fact that we have had to adapt to a right-handed world. One peculiar thing I do though is, when reading a magazine or newspaper (not books), I start from the back.

  68. Michele says:

    My 10 year old son is a lefty. He is a fantastic athlete too, but oddly enough he throws righty. He eats, writes, and bats lefty and I notice when he rides his scooter he uses his left foot to guide.

  69. helen says:

    I am proud to be a left hander. I am an intelligent professional person, I make clothes, I can draw, I make wine, cake and decorate them and also do photography. My mother was the only right hander in her family. Her both parents and two siblings were left handed. I think left handers are blessed.

  70. rubbaan says:

    Hi all leftyzz..hapii to comment at tiZ wall…can u imagine tat theres only ,10% leftys in 6 billion ppl in tiZ world…proud of it,,,im lefty in every single thing I do and im realy hapii with who I am….hope will meet a lefty beuty..hahaha

  71. pauline says:

    I write left-handed but everything else I do I either use my right hand or am ambidextrous. I don’t really know why this is. I really couldn’t use scissors or a hammer for instance with my left hand, I have a right hand mouse but I sew with either hand.

    • Ronny says:

      Hi Pauline,
      I’m the same: write with the left,but almost everything else with the right. What about the soup or dessert spoon? At the long table, are you the only one locking elbows with the diner on your left?


      • Delilah says:

        That’s funny because I am the same way. I write left-handed but do almost everything else with my right hand. My mom was just the opposite. Wrote with her right hand and did everything else with her left. Could be because back then they forced you to be right-handed in school

    • Debi says:

      I am the same way! I can only write with my left hand, but do most everything else with my right or am ambidextrous. I can only use scissors with my right, and I chop/cut things when I cook with my right. I’ve tried to use my left and it feels totally uncomfortable! I also use a mouse with my right. As far as eating goes, I can use silverware with either hand and it feels normal and can drink out of a coffee cup using either my left or right!

    • robert says:

      I was the only one in either family who was left handed. At school I was made to write right handed & now can’t write any other way. My writing’s lousy! I use a mouse, throw, play table tennis and snooker (pool) left handed, but golf right handed. Pick up and open things left and use spanners (wrenches) left. 2 of 3 of my children are right, and one a mixture like me. All 7 of my grandchildren are right. A friend of mine is totally left handed & can do mirror writing very quickly. If we had lived 500 years ago we would probably have been burnt at the stake as witches. A doctor once told me my brain was confused, which I didn’t find helpful!

      • Teresa says:

        I can do mirror writing. I can handwrite my name (or anything else). You start from the right and move left on the paper. The word is written “backwards” and the letters are formed backwards. I thought it made me a freak that I can do this and until now, I never knew anyone else can do it. I am 46 years old and can remember my mother moving the crayon from my left to the right when I about 4. She told me I had to get used to this for when I start school. I can use scissors and tools equally accurate. When I paint the house I switch hands frequently. I do write right-handed though. I find it interesting about someone posting their kid using their left foot to push a scooter. I used my left foot. I am left-eye dominant. I played the piano, flute and piccolo as a kid/teen. I am very good and won an award in writing when I was only in 2nd grade. I hold a fork left-handed. When I initiate anything (like opening a car door) I reach with my left hand. When I reach to pick up my pet parrots, I use my left hand. I can use a computer mouse equally well. I now have a laptop and when I use the pad to navigate, I use my left hand.

        Someone told me once that I am right-handed because that is the hand I use to hold a pen or pencil. They said the definition of which hand you use to write with is what defines you. Is this true?

        • Teresa says:

          I am exceptional at word search games. It is like I see “backwards”. I through a baseball right-handed. I catch right-handed. I play minature golf left-handed. Throw a frisbee left-handed but catch with both hands.

          I think my brother who is 5 years older than me would have been left-handed too. He writes and eats right-handed but can use both hands nearly equal when it comes to sports.

  72. Ram parajuli says:

    Hi I am also lefty, I just use my right hand whil I am eating because when I was young my father does not aloww me to eat with right hand it is not good in south Asia ,Actually I am from Nepal,every thing i do by my left hand , it is soudn special when people give you attaintion but it is really ahrd to carry on while you are study in collage , or fuchtion ,seminar because all of the chair has side desk flat in right side some time it was embarecing! good to know so man people are popular who are lefty but we cannot rech the poing of usale people. anyway i think lefty are bit calm by brain ,when they have to attact they attact fine too.no longef an more proud to be a lefty

    • Teresa says:

      What I find interesting about your post is you are the only left-=handed person on this page to have horrible writing skills and cannot spell worth a damn. You decimate the English language. I don’t think this has anything to do with nationality.

      • dunniteowl says:

        Teresa! What a horribly Right-Handed thing to say to someone who obviously knows English second hand. He’s from Nepal and grew up there if you manage to get past the atrocious spelling. And you’re wrong, I’ve read several poor spellers already in here before I got to your reply (though I admit the default sorting is newest first.)

        Nonetheless, Netiquette insists that you don’t comment on spelling, grammar and punctuation. Of course, pouncing on leet speakers is always appreciated and cool, left or right-handed.

        Now go run four laps counterclockwise on the nearest school track, drop and give me twenty and then write (with your left hand) twenty times, “I will be nicer to people I don’t know who are also left-handed.”

        I hope you realize this is firmly tongue in cheek — with a real message mixed in. Solidarity.

  73. BLC says:

    I was always a lefty. I was born to be one. I play hockey left handed, basketball left handed, I catch with my left hand, I play golf with my left hand (I only play golf on Wii Sports though) and my friend’s sister says that every left-handed person she knows is crazy. I’m not crazy, for sure. And if right handed people say that left handed people suck and haven’t done anything to make the world better… THE EXPLAIN LEONARDO DE VINCI AND ALBERT EINSTEIN!!!

  74. Andrew says:

    I am proud to be associated with all these famous lefties. I wasn’t actually born a leftie but became one after a car accident in my teens which rendered my right arm useless so had to learn to do everything left handed. All my family are lefties as well.

  75. parikshit ubhare says:

    hi.before i search left hander community i really dnt knw there are so many succesfull person in this world.when i was child m the one who is lefy in my class.and nw i m proud to be ‘left hander’ i am electrical engineer.and i also knw by reading tht page tht there is ‘lefterhander’s day ‘in each year.i congrats to every left hander’s and proud to be a ‘lefty’.thanks.

  76. Becca says:

    Im pretty sure that Bruce Willis, oh and me to haha

  77. Geetha says:

    I am a left handed beautiful woman. I am completely lefthanded, I eat, throw, write, cut and do everything with my left hand. I use the computer mouse with left hand, and I have kept the mouse on the left side of the computer. My husband is just crazy about me being left handed, he tells me that he dreamt of marrying a lefty woman. He is right handed. He says my beaty multiplies when he sees me as a left handed woman. Crazy, isn’t it ???

  78. Mary says:

    My mother in law sister could not get over about people being left handed which I am. She sewed very well but would not show me any thing as she said she can’t teach a left handed person . I just ignore the comment. I can analyze handwriting and one cannot tell left or right handed from their script . Oh well people will always have their prrejudices no matter what. My mother in law also felt the same as her sister. A very happy left handed person. Mary W.

  79. Greig says:

    Nadal is not left handed by the way, he’s right handed, he just plays tennis with his left.

    ps I am left handed and it is excellent, the feeling of superiority never goes away ;)

  80. nichole greeson says:

    I’m lefty with auditory dialogue. I believe all lefty’s are old spirits. We are naturally stronger than righty’s emotionally and we have alot of skills because of all the skills and understanding we had from our past lives. In the next we did so well in our past lives which for lefty’s are 4+ live’s for each of us, we expanded our mind before so in the next life we had tha with us and tried something more comfortable from our feeling’s of touch, we think differently and i’m proud of that!

  81. muzzy says:

    HOORAY FOR LEFTYS!!! im left handed and its awesome. my best mate is left handed and we are awesome. left handed drummers army ftw!

  82. erin says:

    hi i’m a lefty and i’m lovin it! cna the cool thing is that in Sharpay’s fabulous adventure i found out that she if left handed and what is even cooler… i was born the the same day she was just not in that year so i was born on her birthday

  83. dezeney says:

    i’m so proud to be left handed and i learned a lot of new things about left handed people :)

  84. Martina says:

    I don´t think that being a left handed is a big deal in my life not even a little one, or whatever you think it is, I´m a left handed and i have a completely normal life. Why make a club for left handed people? Right handed people doesn´t have a club. You all say that “they” discriminate you but you also are discriminating them. I hope you have better things to note about yourself than being left-handed. PLEASE think about it.

  85. Chelsea says:

    hooray im a lefty and i love being left handed
    i play the guitar left handed

  86. Swathy says:

    i’m proud to be a lefty .So wonderful we have a day of our own.i eat with my right hand,was made to when i was little .but i do almost everything else with my left hand.

  87. Daniel says:

    Lefty musician I play many instruments, and even played french horn. I had to learn Guitar righty but Im used to it now. I play air guitar with my left all the time though. XD School desks suck cuz their such a pain.

  88. james smith says:

    Yep I’m left handed and see that lots of famous people are or were lefties including, I do believe the greatest musician of all time J S Bach, since his music has a counterpoint left-hand of great complexity, unlike other composers.

  89. Reina says:

    im considered lefty since i write righty but do everything else lefty.

  90. Jasmine says:

    Lady GaGa is left-handed!

  91. Alex says:

    Bridgit Mendler and Hayley Kiyoko of “Lemonade Mouth” are lefties! My grandma told me I am amaduxtrious! Which means I am a mixed hander!! I write left and do everything else left, and the only thing I do with my right hand is hold my microphone, so I can do actions lefted, because I’m a singer, just not famous, otherwise Alex Jones would be on your “famous list!!” :D

  92. beer says:

    i born left handed and i didnt notice and differ till i notice that everybody else are stupid and i notice things they dont and figure things they need time to know and i calcaulte faster and remember more than them i feel like all ppl are down compare to me i need to meet ppl in my level its sick thing to keep talking to ppl stupid

  93. Carol Rodriguez says:

    David Archuleta, 1st runner-up of season 7 of American Idol is left-handed. Also, David Cook and Michael Johns are all left handed.

  94. Manoj Kumar Verma says:

    Hello, I am a left handed since my childhood. In my family I am the only person having such type of uniqueness. I have completed my M.A. in Geography and now a days I am a high school teacher in Asansol, west bengal, India. I enjoy being left handed. I write with my left hand and almost all the works I also do with my left hand. People are surprised when they see me writing with my left hand. I have decided that this year in my school, I will celebrate the World Left Handers Day on 13th of August. I will select the left handed students of my school and they will be given honor on that day. I will also tell them about the uniqueness of the left handed people. Thanks and regards

    • Svetlana says:

      Manoj, I admire you for doing something special for all lefties in your school. I too am a lefty but was forced to write with my right hand in elementary school and remember how terrified I was. I would cry from the pain of having to keep my left hand behind my back for so long to avoid the punishments.
      My both children are right-handed but they love the fact that I throw and kick the ball with my left hand/leg. I think we lefties are multitalented people – I love acting, singing and dancing, and used to play soccer with boys in my neighborhood. I am good at languages but as equally good in troubleshooting technology. My math skills are as good as my language skills. I am a great cook (my husband and my kids say so) and am into fashion and arts per se. On the other hand (and I don’t mean right hand!) I love to read articles about black holes and quantum physics from Steve Hawking.

      I truly believe we are very blessed and that there is a bit of Leonardo da Vinci in all of us. Go lefties!!! :)

  95. Siobhan Hearty says:

    Do you have retail outlets in London as I might visting London sometime this year

  96. safaa says:

    I’m left handed and i’m so proud of my self , now I’m 20 yearsold and just learnd how to writ with my right hand . now I use both and make everyone wander !!!

  97. Zafar says:

    Hi… Friends
    i proud to be left handed.. Wherever a left handed goes pple notice,
    the swing of king Wasim Akram(cricketer) is left hand n my role model

  98. Riekie says:

    Anyone forgot about the man Bruce Willis?!

    The only time they don’t want to show that he’s left-handed is in The Sixth Sense. There he’s (or someone else for that matter portraying his character) writing with his right hand.

    Also Michael Rosenbaum is a leftie.

    Btw, I still can’t figure out of Tom Welling is left-handed or not..gotta look into it more, hahaha

    And I’m a ‘flaming’ leftie If you could call it that;) Everything i do is with my left hand & left foot (like playing football). I love it being a leftie coming from a mom, dad and brother who are all right-handed.

  99. megan says:

    OMGSH !!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE !!!! just found out kurt cobain was left handed IM SO HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. matt says:

    i am proudly left handed but i do most things with my right, i write with my left but i use a mouse, throw darts, play golf, i even use a screwdriver with my right hand but when i play guitar hero, use power tools or drive (we sit on the right hand side of the car when we drive here) i use my left hand

  101. Sophie Benton says:

    Yo, where’s Zacky Vengeance, bro? He’s a lefty and he plays rhythm guitar for Avenged Sevenfold.

    Also, the drummer of Bullet For My Valentine, Michael “Moose” Thomas, is also a lefty. Add those two in and I will love you forever. ;)

  102. Charlie says:

    I was watching this old Cary Grant movie and I notice that he was left handed, so I did a google search to verify this and sure enough, he was, so I feel pretty good, I’m a videographer and into the arts, and left handed people are cool , I also heard if left hand people have a stroke, we can still talk because we use the opposite side of the brain, and becaue we have ato adapt to righted handed world are brains are better.

  103. william says:

    well usually LEFTIES like me (AND IM PROUD OF BEING ONE) sure is unique in many ways..
    literally we excel at many things from being unique to being awkward at times..
    but i mostly i use both of my hands so this makes me ambidextrous one and they call this super kewl..

    i love being a leftie :D

    • nichole greeson says:

      your so much like me. Sounds like something i would say. lol that’s cool.. I write with my left, have a steady hand with both hands and switches off hands every time one gets tired. I love it. I’m ambidextrous too!

  104. Linda Thompson says:

    I am not a lefty but my brother is. Also, President Obama is!

    I am kind of jealous of left handers. It just seems so exotic. Hope that doesn’t sound like a strange comment. I always notice left handedness and have a lot of sympathy for them, since it is such a right handers world. When I worked briefly up on UCSC campus at Porter College, there were so many students who were left handed. I mentioned it to lots of them and had many an interesting conversation about left handedness.

    Anyway, glad this forum is here and no more ignorance (or at least less) in the world about this natural tendency. :)

  105. leigh says:

    im proud to be unique…….. proud to be lefthanded

    • Gerry says:

      I consider myself left-handed but I do some things with my right hand. With my left hand I write and draw, saw wood, slice bread, use a soup spoon, use a screw driver, kick with my left foot, sight with my left eye, in fact anything requiring some degree of precision. I find it easy to write in mirror writing ( backwards from right to left).
      However, I throw darts with my right hand, play golf right handed, hammer a nail right handed and, because when I was young and learning to play drums and saw other drummers playing right handed, I set my kit up that way and still play right handed now. However my left hand technique is much faster and more supple than most of my right-handed drumming peers.
      I am over sixty now and when I went to school I was punished for writing with my left hand and punished again when I tried to write with my right hand because my writing was so terrible. It never deterred me. I love being left-handed. In fact I would give my right arm to be ambidextrous. (btw that’s an Irish joke)
      L.L.L. Long Live Lefties

  106. […] being left-handed has any navigational control over his life path, that it is in the direction of immensely successful fellow left-handers like Leonardo da Vinci or President Obama.  Yes, there is another creative, charismatic, genius […]

  107. Rachelle says:


    • Buzz Haughton says:

      Rachelle et al.,

      I used notebooks in college, too, but I always started from the back and worked forward, the same way that books in Hebrew or Arabic go from (our) back to (our) front. I wrote on the lefthand page and progressed forward (or backward, depending on your point of view). It was a snap that way!

  108. Alexandra says:

    Aryton Senna, Formula One world champion for was left handed. May God rest his soul!

  109. TRISHA says:

    I am a leftie and the only armchairs we have in my school is for right-handers. Writing is such a challenge and gives me backpain so I always end up not taking down notes. hehe. :)))

    • Alexandra says:

      Trisha, your school has the obligation to ensure equal treatment for everybody. They must provide you with adequate equipment, so you can write with your left hand in a proper way. You can sue them for discrimination. It is not normal to give up taking notes.

  110. eddie gutteridge says:

    apparantely GARY MOORE was lefthanded, but he forced himself to play guitar righthanded and what a guitarist he was, r.i.p.

  111. Jade says:

    Was the Elephant man left handed? I watched the film yesterday and the man playing him used his left hand, i was wondering if that was him, or if he had to for the part?

  112. Karen W says:

    i can do everything with my left AND right hand!!! sometimes in school i speed up my art by colouring in with both hands….

    • rooyackerskamps says:

      yah me too..i write with my right hand but i can equally use my left one when it comes to anything but that…you must be an amphidexious person like me ;)

  113. Raul says:

    Wrestler Douglas A.Baker(Ox Baker),very famous for “The Heart Punch” and for his quote:”I Like to Hurt People” is lefty and so is Ecuadorian wrestler/referee(heels)/and wrestling commentor Hugo Savinovich with his quotes:ATANGANA and MI MONSTRUO,MI MAQUINA(My Monster,My Mean Machine(as for Sudanese wrestler Abdullah The Butcher)!!Hugo Savinovich was unwarrantedly assaulted by el Profe back on Novermber 1987 after several months of Profe’s verbal attacks on Hugo Savinovich and Hulk Hogan acidentally attacked Hugo Savinovich on WWE Smack Down(Spanish-speaking)

  114. Marge says:

    Jack the Ripper apparantly was left handed :o

  115. Emilia says:

    I’m a leftie
    I was considered musically tallented and creative from a very young age,
    I learnt to play the guitar (dad’s) right-handed at 10, because I really couldn’t be bothered to but a left-handed one. It took time to get used to it but ever since i’ve just been going the ‘right’ way (bad pun) and it hasn’t bothered me. I’m glad I’m a leftie..
    Oh, I’m a famous left-hander 8) heh.

    • Bryan says:

      I think most of us who play guitar right handed are in the same boat, “here is a guitar, this is how you play it”. In fact I don’t think it even occurred to me (or my Dad who taught me) that I should be doing it any differently. Many years later someone pointed it out to me, but I had learnt by then, so wasn’t going to change. I always blame my lack of finger picking skills on being LH, but that never seemed to bother Mark Knopfler! What I do find frustrating is having to keep taking my hand of the fretboard when writing in chords.

  116. Mechelle says:

    One half of the Beatles are left handed. Sir Mccartney and Ringo Starr are both left handed. In fact Paul had to restring his guitar to play and ringos.drum kit was right handed.so he could not roll the drums. Although if you watch paul at the.superball show a few years back hes using a left handed guitar. Oh im also left handed.

  117. Jade says:

    Eminem, Kate hudson, Lady gaga, Mark wahlberg, Julia roberts, leonardo da vinci, -not sure about Albert einstein?- Jimi hendrix, Owen wilson, Angelina jolie, Kermit the frog!? the list goes on! Lefties rule! :D

  118. Bernadette says:

    Hi I am the oldest of 6 children 3 of us are left handed including me, we dont drink tea and we have been to hosiptal a least once. I am from ireland and my father is always making jokes when he see me doing anything like cutting bread he would call me Ciotog is an Irish word used to describe left-handed people, which also means ‘strange person’. but what can you do people are sometime strange.

    • Brian in Belfast says:

      Bernadette – be proud to be lefthanded. I used to be ridiculed and punished by the teachers etc but I survived !
      The Irish word means strange….also the Latin word ‘sinistra’ means dark or frightening. People through the years are frightened of anything different Bernadette – but it’s okay. Even in a right-handed world………………we lefthanders are stronger because we’re different.

  119. Tonya says:

    I’m a lefty. my brother is a lefty. Famous people — Omar Epps of House. Our current president, Barack Obama. Hey, any lefty’s out their who have a problem with knowing their left from their right. Let me know.

    • Sara says:

      Hi Tonya, I have the same truoble.. maybe ‘couse the primary school teacher said “The right is the writing hand side and the left is the other” .. so you’re not alone ;)

  120. MaceyL says:

    My father, mother, younger bro and younger sis are all right handed. i am the only leftie. my dad knows how to play guitar and one day i wanted to, too. my dad didnt know how to teach me seeing as im left handed so i learnt on a right handed guitar. i am now great at playing guitar but i cant play a left handed guitar!!!

    Also, i cannot kick a ball with my left foot, nor can i catch a ball with my left hand.

    I am only 10 years of age so hopefully i will learn how to catch and kick a ball with my left foot.

    Wish me luck for the years to come!


    • MaceyL says:

      I forgot: my nan taught me to knit and crochet with my right hand; seeing as she is right handed as well and my Grandpappy.

    • Karen W says:

      lol i remember when i was little, my granny tried to teach me how to write…she held my hand and wrote all these words. but the problem was she was holding onto my right hand (btw im a leftie) took me a while to write properly… because everybody did the same thing!!!

  121. danya says:

    im an artist and a proud lefthanded..

  122. Jessie says:

    Lady Gaga is also left handed. (me too!!!)

  123. Jessie says:

    Lady Gaga is left handed. (me too!!!)

  124. Lefty says:

    EMINEMS left handed. I am also.. write my own lyrics.. haven’t ever had any negative responces to what I’ve wrote but w/e.

  125. Gonzalo says:

    I’m left-handed, just like my brother and father. Besides some (funny) jokes at school, never faced any serious discrimination at home or school. My family never pushed me to use my right hand, so I grew up without the complexes of being such like that. My wife is right-handed and just can’t care less.
    Got a lot of varied hobbies and interests, from Electronics and Programming (I’m an electrical engineer and entrepreneur), to some others I must share with many left-handers, just like photography, guitar and music composing.

    IMO, left-handers are usually creative because they tend to think “off the box”. They are also more emotionally driven than common people, which make good leaders of them.
    However, some “right-handed” features like organizational skills and down-to-earth thinking must be present in order to succeed.

  126. NxAug13Leftie says:

    I am a leftie but i know how to play guitar with right and understand a “clockwise moving” clock. What am i?

  127. Lene says:

    Dominic Howard, drummer from Muse!!

  128. nini says:


    • debra says:

      Nini you are a nini, I am left handed, I am consided by my friends to be bright and intelligent, am not a young person, in my early years a well meaning aunt looked after me, she thought it was wrong for me to use my left hand and try as would she did not change me, at one time I had a stammer because of this, it soon went away when I was allowed to follow what was natural to me. I have always have difficulty with spelling and putting things in writing but I am not fool. I can think of a least four of my friends who are left hand and all are bright intelligent people.
      If you think you are a moron you will be a moron, be positive and you will be sucessful
      being left handed to not a disabilty. Prince William, David Cameron, King Geoge V1, and many others can’t think of are left handed. They all got through or are getting through life. YOU CAN TOO.

    • Nicky says:

      YOU ARE AN IDIOT, left handed people have been proven to be smarter than right handed people, and i know you are an idiot because you can’t even spell “especially” correct, get a life- seriously.

    • eveie says:

      I cant think of anything that is more pathelic or foolish than judging a person when you dont even know them, what a p@~?

  129. dariush says:

    i am left handed but i think im moronest person in the world.i dont have any equanimity
    and my handwriting is so horrible.i think left handed are moron and stupid.one of them is me.

  130. aidan says:

    i am ambidexterous

  131. grego says:

    noel gallagher is left handed altho he plays guitar right handed.

  132. 赤耳口鸟 says:


  133. Destrii says:

    Wasn’t there an episode of the Simpsons where Homer ends up trying to promote Ned Flanders’s store and you see all the residents of Springfield who are left-handed? It’s not just Bart, it was Mr Burns and loads of other people too. Can’t remember what the episode was called.

    Also, the link at the top to the “full list” is broken, maybe someone could fix that.

  134. huma says:

    Especially all the big beautis are also lefty … Marilyn monroe,nicole kidman,Angelina jolie,Drew Barrymore ……..The list goes on.

  135. huma says:

    I am also good in art,specially sketching and acting.Inshallah I makebig name in that field.All lefties pray for me.

  136. huma says:

    I really like these famous political figures are lefty.This means lefties got special thinking level which lead to attain them a high success.

  137. louise says:

    marilyn monroe and footballer cesc fabregas!

  138. Niamh says:

    wasn’t Kurt Cobain left handed?

  139. Ellie says:

    The gorgeous and talented Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is ampidextuous, but he draws and writes with his left hand, I would say he’s more of a leftie! :)

  140. Catriona Macgregor says:

    I Wnted to add that there is a famous painting of Prince Rupert 17th century in which he is wearing Roman garb, looking over his left shoulder and holding what looks like a staff, a dagger or sword handle projects from his left hip, He was once known as “Rupert the Devil” in his lifetime, could it mean that he may have been lefthanded also, just a thought, also I read in abook about left handers, many years ago that Ruperts Grandfather King James the 6th of Scotland was also lefthanded, it is said that it is inherited, My Cousin and I are both strongly lefthanded and the only two known to be so, and we are artists,

    • Chris Tandy says:

      You might be correct about Prince Rupert’s ‘handedness’.
      However, a sword on the left hip, with the baldric over the right shoulder (other portraits show this) is only of use to a right-hander. Unless this was part of his ‘devilish trickery’, is there any other evidence to show he was left-handed?

  141. Catriona Macgregor says:

    Just for fun, what about Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, he owns a shop selling leftie products.

  142. Jaslyn says:

    Justin Bieber’s left handed! :)

    • cg says:

      ……. and canadian. it is something we left handed canadians are slightly traumatized by. let’s just keep this fact to ourselves. in fact, lets just keep justin beibers existence a secret.

  143. Veggie says:

    Im a Rightie, AND I LIKE SEX

  144. Jonathan Badger says:

    Kevin McCloud, of “Grand designs” fame is left handed. Well, he certainly draws with the left.

  145. Ingeborg says:

    Korby Banner, the make up artist on Style by Jury is also lefthanded

  146. Bassy says:

    wasn’t napoleon left handed?

  147. Tom says:

    I’m assuming by a recent photo, that Glenn Beck is left handed too. In case many don’t know who he is, Mr. Beck is an American radio talk show host who has become very famous in the last few years. His conservative political and religious commentary have encouraged and enraged many.

    I tried to attach the photo, but couldn’t get it to work.

  148. Angela says:

    Bart Simpson of The Simpsons is left-handed…

  149. Andrea says:

    Tom Croft (Leicester Tigers and England rugby player) is left handed :)

  150. HyoEui says:

    Rafael Nadal is NOT left-handed.

    He is a natural right hander (writes with his right too) and the only time he uses his left is during tennis.

    Basically, he’s simply exploiting the lefty advantage!

  151. Cally says:

    I am a left hander and born on 13th August

  152. Cally says:

    Iam a new member and leftie I was born on 13th August

  153. Tracey says:

    Peter Graves who plays Jim in the mission impossible t.v series, is a lefty. My husband is a lefty, but sometimes uses his right to play the guitar, eat and using d.i.y tools.

  154. Me says:

    I noticed that Johnny Depp a left handed in Gilbert Grtape. Though not sure if it was done deliberately to make him look awkward.

  155. Kerry, [email protected] says:

    Recently I was at Stepping Stones in America. This is the home of the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson and his wife, Lois, was the co-founder of Al-Anon (for the family and friends of Alcoholics). I discovered, because of her drawings, that she was a left hander like me and had this confirmed with the people who now look after all the archives. I was thrilled! This means a lot to me.

  156. Mike says:

    Two very current lefties: Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck.

  157. Ramesh says:

    Deepak ‘Novodit’ is also left hander,a famous poet of Nepal.

  158. magpie says:

    Rafa Nadal is a naturwl rightie who plays tennis leftie … not part of the club

  159. Raul says:

    Richard Hatch(Battlestar Galactica 1978,who played as Captain Apollo) is a left hander!!

  160. Chris Tandy says:

    Did I notice correctly that both Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, as depicted in the recent modern version of the tales of the sleuth and his hapless colleague, were both left-handed?
    I refer to the actors Benedict Cumberpatch and Martin Freeman, of course.
    However, the quirky quality of the series was made special for a left-hander (me), as it suggested a pair of leftie lateral-thinking brains, that we ‘sinisters’ know are superior thinkers……

  161. Siv says:

    Danny Jones from McFly is a leftie!

  162. Dani says:

    Eminem…watch the Stan video , 50 Cent , Lady Gaga, Mike Skinner from The Streets, Julianne Morris. That was a fun 5 mins of research lol

  163. Casey says:

    To Drina, you’re right about most of those people being left-handed except you made a spelling mistake on Mr. Cyrus’s middle name, his name is spelled like this: Billy Ray Cyrus, with a “y” not an “e”

  164. Drina says:

    So is Marilyn Monroe. Kate Hudson. Tina Fey. Will Farrell. Billy Rae Cyrus. Aaaand I made a list of my left handed buddies and I have 12… In my Grade. Not to mention me.(:

  165. Amanda says:

    I love watching icarly bcos im a little girl but i saw a video and freddie benson/nathan kress was a lefty <3

  166. Anton says:

    Apart from Barak Obama also John McCain is left handed. If I may cite :
    “As of 2009, three (four if Reagan is counted) out of the last five presidents have been left-handed.[3] Counting as far back as Truman, the number is five (or six) out of twelve. In the 1992 election, all three major candidates – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot – were left-handed.”

  167. Nigel says:

    Someone I know got caught by his mother whilst having a wank with his left hand.
    He has always been predominantly right handed and so felt naturally ashamed.

  168. Connie says:

    I am absolutely fascinated with Bill’s comment about Adam and Eve! Thanks Bill, I think your insights are amazing! Now, I want to read up on that and start pondering the spiritual symbolism of left verses right in the scriptures.

    • Bill says:

      Thanks Connie, …. Well it was fun and was all done “tongue in cheek”.
      I read once that a left handed boxer has an advantage in the ring due to I guess that most of all the sparring partners are right handed and that’s the Leftie has to sparr with right handed boxers, but the Rightie think they don’t have to adapt when they are boxing Lefties.

  169. Raul says:

    Retired Russian tennis player Alexander Volkov is a left hander.

  170. Tayo Agunbiade says:

    my three kids and i are left handed. We live in Nigeria a place that is still not left hander friendly. Growing up i faced a lot of abuse, discrimination and used to feel inadequate. Up to today i hate writng in public. i counsel my children on not to hand items to people with their left hands because in our society its regarded as disrespecful. Now that we have a state governor who is left handed attitudes may begin to change.

    • BSK says:

      You and your lefty children should never be ashamed of being left handed persons. All of you were born naturally. Change the SOCIETY and lead a normal life. Extend your NATURAL left hand and they will learn to accept NATURAL WARMTH of left hand, removing their prejudices in this modern age. Like your new left-handed leader, your children will one day lead the Society. LEFT HANDED ARE GIFTED PEOPLE!

      • Farid says:

        i am a lefty too and the only lefty in my family i feel ashamed that i am the only one and i feel different than my 2 other brothers( i have twin which he is right handed and a little brother right handed…) they seem not to care about me and i was wondering if it is because i am left handed or what? i just feel lonely sometimes :(

        • gillian says:

          God or Nature [depending on what you believe] intended you to be lefthanded. It is quite common with twins for one to be lh. I think it might be something to do with how they lie in the womb, and there being less space.
          Are you sure your brothers don’t care about you? Maybe they don’t talk about feelings. I hope that is the case, and not because they bully or tease you.

  171. nick says:

    i am leftie,Kenya’s best are all lefties.we rule the 90%.

  172. Avia says:

    Bart Simpson from “The Simpsons” is left handed.

  173. Penelope says:

    Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe in “Friends”)

  174. Alistair says:

    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is also left-handed, so is Fernando Verdasco, Spanish professional tennis player.

  175. Kuye Oluwafemi says:

    Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos State, Nigeria is a lefty. He is doing well and we are proud of him.

  176. Kuye Oluwafemi says:

    Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, the executive governor of Lagos State, Nigeria is a lefty.He is presently the best nigerian governor. We are proud of him.

  177. alex says:

    Alexander the great was left-handed.And i think julius ceasar too

  178. Melina says:

    Lady Diana, Jeanne D’ Arc, Albert Einstein, Merilyn Monroe were also left-handed. Bill Clinton, David Bowie, Ben Stiller, Paul Mc Cartney, George Michael, Sting –> left-handed, too! We are too many, at least! :)

  179. Raul says:

    Robert Patrick is also the narrator of the program “Disorderly Conduct” from Cherri Sundae Productions that is transmitted on SpikeTV in USA and is a left hander.

  180. Sandra May says:

    just found out on an article on “La Vanguardia” that artist Neil Harbisson, the World’s first official cyborg, is also left handed, “zurdo” in spanish :) here’s the article:

  181. Raul says:

    Jurgen Meltzer is a tennis player from Austria and is a left hander..Baseball players Jim Eisenrach and Jim Kaat are both left handers.

  182. Grijezzy says:

    I aiso believe Nelson Malemo from Kenya is a great leftie

  183. Saagar says:

    Dada Gangulyis also left hander

  184. George says:

    Kenneth M. Cadow is also left handed. He wrote the book Alfie runs away.

  185. Alexandra Nedelcu says:

    James Caviezel, an American actor is left-handed.

    Vlad Zamfirescu, a Romanian actor is also left-handed.

  186. Raul says:

    Owen Wilson(Chris Burnette,Behind Enemy Lines)and Robert Patrick(T-1000 Terminator 2:Jugdement Day)are another overlooked left handers!!

  187. Cathy says:

    The great Bob Dylan is left-handed. Yes, he plays guitar righty… but he’s a lefty. I’ve seen him play left-handed as well!

  188. Tom Arto says:

    With Barack Obama and David Cameron both lefties, we already rule the world!

  189. Bill says:

    Don’t you all realize who the most famous left handed person was???

    The first person ever created on this Earth was left handed!! Don’t belive me?
    Well just take a look at the “Creation of Adam” in the Sistine Chapel
    Now, just what hand is Adam reaching out to God?? … Of course it’s his Left.

    Now “Eve”, that Woman! Was right handed, yes, right handed! Just take a look at the painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder titled. “Adam and Eve”. Well, Eve is tempting Adam, she is holding the apple out to Adam in her right hand. She was probably created out of a rib on Adam’s right side. Now Adam is reaching out for the apple with …you guessed it his LEFT hand.

    The moral of this story is, “If God had used a rib from Adam’s Left side maybe the World wold would be 90% Lefties and 10% Rghties”.
    Well, anyways he took the apple and the rest, well seems better than just eating an apple. That is, if the apple was just a medaphor.

    • Ingeborg says:

      Strange that I never noticed it before, but it’s true!

    • Ed says:

      Well, that’d be great, if you actually believe in that. I don’t. I was brought up irreligious and have always been. I’d be more partial to those much older religions if I was religious. Another thing overlooked is that it is apparently an apple, this is just a mix-up in translation. Apple was a word once used to describe what we would refer to now as ‘Fruit’.

      I think it’s great that Obama is left-handed as well as him being a Trekkie as well.
      But David Cameron has sort of spoilt it.

      • JeffFFEj says:

        Ed, is it possible that you are complete douchebag and nobody really cares about what you think about religion, old or new, nor whether you think Barack Obama is good and David Cameron is bad? I think so! If I could see you, I would throw an apple at you…cause you’re a fruit! Why don’t you go to a corner and contemplate your navel!

  190. Raul says:

    Female tennis player Patty Schnyder is left-handed.

  191. Lmao says:

    Justin Beiber is left handed. ahahahahaha.

  192. Raúl Morales Marrero says:

    The Cuban former pitcher of modest personality from Baltimore Orioles,Mike Cuéllar,who was famous of his brilliant screwball.died in a Good Friday,April 2,2010 at a hospital in Orlando,Florida.He was 72 years old.Mike Cuéllar left his wife,Myriam,his daughter Lydia and his son MIke Cuéllar Jr.Mike Cuéllar was CLEARLY LEFT HANDED(THREW LEFT/BATTED LEFT)!!

  193. Raúl Morales Marrero says:

    Walter Steigh Cabrera(a student who was a victim of crime for murder in Puerto Rico back in 1997 and his murderers are still at large)was also left-handed.R.I.P.

  194. Amy says:

    John Cena (WWE Superstar) is a Lefty and so is Shawn Michaels and The Miz

  195. Raúl Morales Marrero says:

    US Eric Axley,Steve Flesch and Bubba Watson are all of them OVERLOOKED LEFT-HANDED GOLFERS!!Yekaterina Makarova is another OVERLOOKED LEFT-HANDED TENNIS PLAYER from Russia!!Puerto Rican guitarrist Antonio Cabán Vale is another OVERLOOKED LEFTY!!

  196. annetta says:

    J.Ahola on vasuri… ihana mies ja loistava laulaja…

  197. Pat says:

    I noticed that the woman who plays Lois Lane on Smallville, Erica Durance, is left-handed.

    • Preach says:

      Are there any right-handed people on “Smallville.” Everyone seems left-handed. I think I noticed that Lois Lane is a lefty. So are Lex and Lionel Luthor, and I THINK Clark Kent.

    • Priscilla says:

      I think Smallville’s cast are mostly right-handed… And I don’t think Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is left-handed…

  198. Ingeborg says:

    Jarkko Ahola, the bass-player of Teräsbetoni (a Finnish hardrock band) is left handed. I first noticed it at the Eurovision Song Contest last year, and then found Youtube videos that show the same.

  199. Maddi says:

    David Bowie is left handed

    • Shahryar says:

      well, Kurt Cobain who covered David’s song “the man who sold the world” was lefty and he was the king of GRUNG …and lets not forget Jimmy Hendrix who was a genius Guitar player and at those time he had to string a right handed Guitar backwards to play, R.I.P to both of them

      • JDraven says:

        Hang on, I thought Hendrix was right handed, but played left handed due to the fact that people play naturally better guitar if they play opposite to the hand they favour. Thus the favoured hand is doing the most dextrous job. I.e. In a right-handed person, the right hand fingers the chords if they play left-handed.
        I’m sure of the general theory (I’m a left-hander who plays right-handed guitar) but can’t be certain of hendrix’s actual preference. I just remember hearing somewhere that he only played left-handed because it meant his (prefered) right-hand did the work.
        wikipedia anyone?

        • Bill says:

          Hendrix was left-handed, but as was often the case back in those days, was taught to write right-handed. There is a test for left-handedness which involves the eyes and requires no input from the hands at all. Many lefties were forced to function right-handed, but are in fact natural left-handers.

  200. john says:

    watched a recent re run of starsky and hutch. the episode concerned the two cops escorting the daughter of a reformed mobster across america. in one particular scene dave starsky( paul michael glaser) is seen signing for plane tickets left handed

    • Pamela says:

      John, you’re spot on about Paul Michael Glaser being left-handed. I own the first 2 seasons of Starsky & Hutch on DVD, and have witnessed his left-handedness in many episodes. Not to mention, his name appears on websites which feature lists of famous left-handed individuals.

  201. Raúl Morales Marrero says:

    Puerto Rican wrestlers Eddie(Primo)and Carly Colón(Carlito Caribbean Cool)are both left-handed.They are still wrestling in WWE as “The Colons”.

    • Raúl Morales Marrero says:

      Spanish Tennis Player Feliciano López(ranked 41th) is left-handed!!He was defeated by Rafael Nadal,another leftie at the China open in Shangai at the semifrinal.

      • khay says:

        please why will someone say Rafael Nadal is NOT a left handed and that he was converted………..how true is that please

        • Raul says:

          You are absolutely right.I have seen Rafael Nadal write righty and that’s why he is righty,except on Tennis because his uncle encouraged him to play lefty.The same situation with US golfer Phil Mickelson,because he writes and throws righty.But he batted left and saw his father’s swing in the mirror and that’s how he got used to play lefty.But Bubba Watson is clearly and incontrovertibly lefty because I have seen him write lefty and plays golf lefty.

  202. Frank O'Neill says:

    Re: This years F.A. Cup 2009 The Referee Howard Webb is left-handed and will probably be in action in next years World Cup(2010)So maybe you should add him to your list of sports people operating at the top of their particular sport. As I said before I have a photograph of my son Ezra(left-handed football referee) at the eve -of the-cup final rally with Howard Webb but they both shook hands right handed.