What is the chance of having a left handed child?

This article was written by Keith Milsom, owner of Anything Left-Handed, in response to lots of questions from Left Handers Club members.

About 10% of the world’s population are left-handed and it seems that left-handedness runs in families, with the handedness of the mother being an important factor. So what are the chances of having a left-handed child?

Various studies have shown that around 10% of the world’s population are naturally left-handed and that this seems to be a fairly consistent figure over a long period of time and in all countries and cultures. The way left-handedness is measured and the fact that many cultures deliberately suppress left-handedness complicate the picture, but left-handedness seems to stay at about that level anyway. More recent studies among children show a higher level, may be increasing.

It also seems to run in families, although no gene for left-handedness has been isolated and it is not possible to predict left-handedness in the same way as, say, eye colour. What we do know is that the more left-handers you have in the family, the more chance of having left-handed children. The probabilities of various left-right parent combinations having a left-handed child vary quite a lot depending on which research you look at.

Right hand, left hand book

Dr Chris McManus reported in his book Right Hand, Left Hand on a study he had done based on a review of scientific literature which showed parent handedness for 70,000 children. On average, the chances of two right-handed parents having a left-handed child were around 9% left-handed children, two left-handed parents around 26% and one left and one right-handed parent around 19%.

In The Left-Handers Handbook, Diane Paul repeated this and also noted that Left-handed mothers are more likely to have left-handed children than left-handed fathers. This was based on research done by Stanley Coren for his book The Left Hander Syndrome, where he showed the chances of two right-handed parents having a left-handed child were around 10%, a right-handed mother and left-handed father the same, 10%, left-handed mother and right-handed father 20% and two left-handed parents 35%.

A large survey carried out by Anything Left-Handed showed that only 1.4% of left-handers who responded had two left-handed parent, 24% had one left-handed parent and 75% had two right-handed parents.

Are all these numbers consistent with each other?

If those percentages are true, would the level of left-handedness in the population as a whole stay at a consistent level?

I have produced a model that calculates the mix of handedness in parents and then multiples by the assumed probabilities for each mix having left-handed children to calculate the total number of left-handed children and their percentage of the population. For example, if 10% of the population is left-handed, only 1% of all couples will be made up of two left-handers (like me an my wife, but there is a theory that left-handers attract each other which would distort this, but that is for another article!).

Putting Chris McManus’s percentages into the model shows an increase from 10% to 11.5% in the level of left-handedness in the population in one generation and if that continued for very long left-handers would no longer be in the minority! Stanley Coren’s figures, although quite different, also give an increase in left-handedness to 11.2% and neither of them give a match to the figures from the Anything Left-Handed survey. Most significantly, the number of left-handed children with two left-handed parents is 2.3% for McManus and 3.1% for Coren. To get down to the level of only 1.4% found in the Anything Left-Handed survey, the chances of two left-handed parents having a left-handed child need to be reduced to around 14% – much closer to the other parent mixes.

Juggling the figures to get the best match to all these results, plus also keeping the level of left-handedness stable at around 10%, these probabilities of having a left-handed child seem to fit:

Two right handed parents, 9%
Left handed father, 12%
Left handed mother, 16%
Two left handed parents, 20%

There are many more variables that affect these figures and one study showed that left-handers have less children on average that right handers. This is meant to be a guide rather than a scientific conclusion.

However, whichever set of assumptions you use, some interesting figures come out:

  • More than 50% of left-handers do not know of any other left-hander anywhere in their living family.
  • Around 75% of left-handers have two right-handed parents and only 2% have two left-handed parents.
  • Between 7 and 8 out of 10 children born to two left handed parents will be right handed.

Of course, the chances of having a left-hander in the family increase the more children you have. So there is still hope for right-handed parents – if you have enough children, you may still be lucky enough to have a left-hander!

Chances of having multiple left-handed children

To get the chance of having a number of left- habded cgildren in a rown, just multiply the appropriate probability by itself.  This question we recived gives and example:

Q – I have a question about the dynamics of my family. I am left-handed, and my husband is right-handed. We have four children, 3 of whom are left-handed. The jury’s still out on our 4th, as she is only 4 months old. She does have a counter-clockwise hair whorl, which I hear may be correlated with handedness. Anyway, I was curious what the odds are of having 3 children in a row who are left-handed? I can’t seem to find the statistics anywhere, but I know it must not be common.

A – Well, according to my article, the chance of a left handed woman and right handed man having a left handed child is 16% (.16) or about 1 in 6. To get the probablity of having three left handed children in a row you just multiply that by itself, i.e. .16 x .16 x .16 = .004 (0.4% or about 1 in 250). If the fourth child is also left handed that would be a probability of 1 in 1,700.

Keith’s model of left-handedness

This is my Excel sheet used for calculating left-handed probabilities. I must state again that this is only a layman’s analysis – if there are any statisticians out there who can improve on this please let me know.

Click here to download the actual Excel workbook if you would like to play with the numbers yourself

Starting number of individuals 1,000,000
Starting number of couples 500,000
Assumed starting rate of left-handedness in the population 10%
Percentage chances of having a left-handed child for each possible parent combination
Percent of
% chance
% of  LH
% of  RH
all couples
Number of
of LH
Number of
Number of
Father Mother
with mix
LH children
with mix
RH children
with mix
Left Left 1% 5,000 20.0% 1,000 2.0% 4,000 0.9% 5,000
Left Right 9% 45,000 12.0% 5,400 10.8% 39,600 8.8% 45,000
Right Left 9% 45,000 16.0% 7,200 14.4% 37,800 8.4% 45,000
Right Right 81% 405,000 9.0% 36,450 72.8% 368,550 81.9% 405,000
Total 100% 500,000 50,050 100.0% 449,950 100.0% 500,000
Resulting percentage of left-handed children 10.0%
Percentage of all children born to two right-handed parents who are left-handed 9.0%

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  1. Vicki Struhs says:

    I have 3 children. A son 27, and 2 daughters 22 and 16. All my children are left handed and all are born on the 17th of different months ( all natural deliveries). Myself and my first husband,and also second husband are all right handed. What are the odds of that happening.

  2. baig says:

    Me and my partner are both right handed. I have three children 7 yr old boy, 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy, all of whom are left handed? I was told that approximately 1 in every 10 children are left handed! So is our situation some what unique or is it just coincidence

  3. Kelly says:

    I would love to know the statistics of two right-handed parents having fraternal twins that are both left handed. :) I’m fairly sure our chances of winning the lottery may have been better.

  4. Donna says:

    My father is left handed, my mother is right handed (though her older sister is left-handed). Together they had 4 children, with 2 of us (including myself) being left handed and the other 2 right handed.
    Most of my life the only 2 left-handers I ever knew were my father and brother, then had the strange luck to move in with my partner (right-handed) and his 2 friends who are both left-handed (making 3 left-handed people vs 1 right-handed under one roof)
    My partners mother is left-handed but as previously stated he is a “Righty” and our 2 year old son does absolutely everything with his left hand.

  5. Andrea says:

    my hubby is left handed and I, the mom, am right handed. We have 3 kids (all boys) and they are ALL left handed like their dad! 4 out of 5 left handers in this house!

  6. sarah says:

    I have been trolling the internet looking for information on the probability of 2 apidextrious people in one family. I am apidextrious, my husband was left handed (but in school they forced him to use his right hand to wright with, they did this with my older brother also, the two are the same age) and recently I have noticed that my daughter is like me. Able to write and draw with either hand also….im wondering if I had possibly taught this to her since I often take her hand to show her how to draw letters…this wasn’t an issue until I noticed that being an ambi increases the likelihood of schizophrenia. Anyone know of any articles that could help?

  7. Tamera says:

    Hi everyone

    I just want to say I’m proud to be left hand I would love to have a left hand child some day. I am the only lefted person in my family and I am happy my parents supported me when I was growing up. It was tough as I am mixed raced and spent most part of my young years in africa. Being Lefted handed was a taboo and its still frowned upon by most Africans. Really nice to have such a group as this..

  8. Jennie - Qtn, NZ says:

    Loved this article. My Mother is Right-Handed and my father was Left-Handed. Their first 3 children are all left-handed! (They subsequently had identical twins who are both right handed.)

    My husband and I are both left-handed and our daughter is right-handed. My left-handed brother and his right-handed wife have 2 children – both left handed.

    I think my family is doing it’s bit to shift the balance, a little.

  9. Lucy says:

    My husband and I are both right handed and we have three children who are all left handed. I am fascinated to know why and how it is possible.
    How common is it?

  10. raheema says:

    My husband and I are both right handed and my two year old favors his left hand, my grandmother was left handed but her mom punished her for it and made her use her right. I don’t understand what the superstition is about left-handedness, can someone tell me, I think it’s cool. I don’t really see too many left handed people.

  11. Connie says:

    Four out of five of my children are left handed. The one that is not is a identical mirror image twin to the one that is. I am also left handed. I think we just bettered the odds! Lol

  12. Cheryl says:

    I have 5 children, the first 3 are left handers.
    There father tried to switch them to right handed…didn’t work
    My sister has 3 children with 1 being left handed.

  13. Kat says:

    both my parents are right handed. I, however, am left handed. My 3 younger siblings are all right handed. The only person in my family who is also left handed is my great grandfather, who is now 93. I have only ever met 4 other left handed people besides myself in my lifetime.

  14. Brian Vessels says:

    My wife and I are both righties. No one in our families on either side has been lefties. ALL THREE OF OUR KIDS ARE LEFTIES SINCE BIRTH. IF MY MATH IS CORRECT THERE IS A 1 IN ABOUT 1,500 CHANCE OF THAT BEING THE CASE. I didn’t think it was possible for this to be the case.

  15. Will says:

    Left handedness runs in a family for sure, especially in mine.
    My grandmother was left handed, my dad was forced to use his right in school, and i’m left handed.
    My Wife’s Father is left handed, her brother is left handed and she is right handed.
    Our Daughter is left handed.

    i think the odds our upcoming twins one is bound to be left handed.

  16. Sarah says:

    Thought this page was interesting. My husband and myself are both right handed and both of our children one daughter and one son are both left handed.

    • Lynn says:

      I was wondering if my brother and I were the only children with right handed parents..Enjoyed reading this, thanks. When we were in school, they did not have left handed desks, nor notebooks for left handed people. My brother (10 yrs older than me) had a teacher in elementary school that
      tried to force him to write right handed. My mother ended up having to go to the school and notified the principal that we were left handed and to stop instructing us otherwise. To me it would seem so natural to write from right to left. Thanks, again, fellow leftie..So proud to be a leftie..

  17. Leftybrothers says:

    Me and my brother both are left handed but my both parents are right handed though my grandfather was left handed. So, what will be the chances of our left handed children if we both are married to right or left handed girls.

  18. Patricia says:

    Two of my three kids are left handed and me nor their dad is left handed and to my knowledge nobody in either of our families is.:)

  19. Professor Sprout says:

    Wow, so in order to make the world more right in a leftie way, lets start a leftie dating site!
    Lol, thanks for an interesting post. Proud leftie mom, married to a leftie which so far resulted in two lefthanded kids, and oh, let’s not forget my lefthanded mother in law!

  20. Laura says:

    My husband and I are right handed and strongly so. Yet both our children are left handed. On my husbands side half the grandchildren of his parents (5 out of 10) are lefties. There must be a genetic pull.

  21. Scott Keegan says:

    What are the odds of being a 3rd generation lefty? My mother is the first, I am the second and the third is my yougest son.

  22. Julie Moran says:

    Both my husband and myself are left handers, we have 2 children a girl and a boy, who again are both left handers. My husband and I are the only 2 lefties in our main family, no brothers, sisters, mum or dad were lefties.
    What is the percentage of us all being left handed in the same house.
    Thank you

  23. Jim Gillespie says:

    Mother & Father RH. Dads younger brother LH. My older brother and his oldest son LH. Oldest brother and I LH. Our younger brother and two sisters did not get the message RH. My oldest daughter RH youngest daughter LH. Youngest daughters Dog Fergie left pawed, hum. Granddaughter was LH but was switched to RH, Booo on them. Wife’s family all RH.

  24. Wanda says:

    I am a mother of 2 daughters…12yr old left handed and 8yr old ambidextrous(use both) but showing signs of favoring left handedness…father and I are both right handed. There are no known left handed family members on either side of parents. I am interested in the odds of this happening.

  25. Stephen says:

    My wife and I are both left handed. We have four children and three are left handed. We have three boys and a girl, our second son is right handed, the only one in the entire family.

  26. sharron says:

    I have 2 left handed children my husband and myself are both right handed and on one else in both familys are left handed wat are the odds on this….

    • Vicki Struhs says:

      I have three children , all left handed and all born on the 17 th of different months. No one else in family are LH.

  27. Michaund says:

    I thank it is strange that my first three children were boys and left handed, I also had a girl which i right handed but thirteen years later I had another boy and he was also left handed. So all my four boys where left handed and my daughter was right handed. I am right handed and both of their fathers are right handed.

  28. Cara says:

    I am a mother of two sons of whom do not share the same father. Their fathers and myself are right-handed (as well as majority of all 3 immediate familiy’s members)
    and my sons are both left-handed. Research you reference suggests that much of this has to do with the mother, what do you think that suggests about the dynamics of the mothers genes?

  29. Andrew says:

    Both my parents are right handed and my brother is also right handed. My wife is left handed and our 3 children are all left handed (2 boys aged 11 and 15 and a girl aged 13). The eldest is limb deficient having been born without his right hand.

  30. Nikki says:

    This subject has intrigued me since realizing that my twins are both left handed. You see, my husband and I are both right handed. I have a sister, a cousin, and an aunt that are left handed. There is no know left handed people in my husband’s family. tI was evident early on that both of my twins were left handed. I am one of those people who would put the item in the middle and let my children choose which hand they were going to use. I didn’t want to force them to be right handed if they were born to be lefties. The thing that really intrigues me about both of them being left handed, is that they are not identical twins, they are not even the same sex. My set of boy/girl twins are both left handed. I have never seen any statistics on this. Does anyone have any insight?

  31. Jewellz says:

    My husband & I are right-handed. But all 4 of our children are lefties. No lefties in hubbys family line however in my family, my dad was the only one. My sister & my brothers kids are righties so we all find it pretty amazing that all the lefties in our entire family are my kids lol. Its pretty cool :)

  32. Umesh Sanjanwala says:

    My wife and I are both right handed and we don’t know anyone (that we know) in our family to be left handed. All of my three children are left handed. Two Girls age 26 and 21, and one boy 16. What are the chances ?

  33. Holly OlsenPierce says:

    I am curious, have you thought about it skipping a generation? My grandfather was left-handed, my mother is not, I am left-handed, my son is not, but my granddaughter is (1 out of 3 grandgirls). Maybe the percentages rise significantly if this is taken into account.

  34. Simone (South Africa) says:

    My grandfather on my dad’s side was a lefty (forced righty), I am a lefty, both my parents & younger sister are right handed. As far as we know, there is no-one anywhere in all the extended family on both sides who are left-handed. My husband is a righty. We have 2 very young children & at this point it is too early to know whether they are lefty or not. For a while we thought our son might been left as he favoured his left hand for major tasks, but that seems to have dissapeared. Our daughter have given no indication as to what she might be…

  35. Beryl Benge says:

    I have three children, two right handed girls and a left handed son. Both of the girls have a left handed son but my son has three right handers, a girl and two boys.

  36. Michel says:

    I subscribed to this newsletter to find more information/items for my left handed child and have been enjoying it for quite some time. We fall into the 9% category of 2 right handed parents with a left handed third child. I’ve always handed writing impliments from the center allowing each of my three children to take it with the hand they feel comfortable with. I have a left handed mother so I have been aware of some of the trials of being left handed most of my life. My mother-in-law tried to force my daughter to change hands (from the old school). I told her not to force her to change. There is nothing wrong with being left handed. At almost 15, she has beautiful left handed writing. Its better than mine!

  37. Bronny says:

    I come from a family of 6 girls and am the youngest. In handedness we go RH, LH, RH, LH, RH, LH! Both our parents are RH. There are LH scattered throughout the children my sisters have had and now their grand children. Not sure of numbers, but will find out.

  38. Judith Noordanus says:

    Both my parents are right-handed, but my sister and I are both left-handed. If only they were as fortunate in lotteries :-)

  39. Joanne says:

    I strongly believe there is a genetic link to left-handedness, even though a specific gene is yet to be isolated! I am from a long line of left-handed females, which I can trace back as far as my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother. I’m also left-handed, as is my daughter (we are both only children) so it certainly seems as though it’s particular to females on the maternal side of the family.

  40. Julie says:

    We have three generations of left handed females. My mom is the only lefty in her family (although I believe a brother may have been forced to switch.). Daddy was a righty. Of their 7 kids, 2 of us are lefties. My brother was sure he’d have a lefty. Not only was he lefty, both grandmas. Two kids—no lefties. My husband is a righty. Our first of two kids is a lefty. My sister and her hubby (both righties) their firstborn(of 4) is lefty. We don’t match any of the statistics!

  41. Hannah Frankland says:

    I am the first known left hander in both sides of my family. Neither my patents or any of my grandparents know of any other left hander in our family. Ther must be one or two somewhere down the track but not recent enough for anyone to remember. It was always strange growing up being the only lefty, I learnt to use my cutlery the right handed way as that’s how the rest of my family did it, but everything else I do left handed. I have a brother and sister who are right handed. I am the only arty one out of the three of us.
    I have an 18 month old son who at the moment uses both hands, I think he may prefer his left slightly but that may just be wishful thinking! His biological fathers father is left handed also so I’m really intrigued to find out what he may be! I’m hoping a lefty like me!

  42. kirsty says:

    Me and my partner are both right handed my daughter is left handed .our son who is 2 is also left handed .

  43. Aphrodite says:

    My husbant and I, our parents and siblings are all righthanded. We have no supressed lefties in our families but only 2 lefthanded cousins (one each). We have 2 daughters both lefthanded. Our 1st cannot do anything with her right hand. The 2nd seems to cut with the scissors using her right so I thought maybe she was copying her sister. So, I tried to give her things to her right hand and asked her to write some letters using the right. No good. She is a leftie but can also use the right hand for some things. Both are very artistic!!!
    Since I am righthanded, I try to learn as much as I can for lefthanders to help my daughters survive in a word built only for righthanded people.

    The site, article and Comments are very helpfull! Keep up the good work!

    Aphrodite from Greece
    PS. It was so difficult for me to teach them how to tie their laces…

  44. Susan says:

    My husband and I are both left-handed. He is the only lefty in his family of 5 kids. My mom was left-handed, and 3 of us kids are left-handed as well. My husband and I have 5 kids too. Child #2 and Child #4 are lefties (both boys and coincidentally are both terrible at math) but the other 3 are righties. So, I guess we sort of fit the mold – didn’t realize that two lefties could have as many righties as we did. We are getting ready to be grandparents next month and it’ll be interesting to see which hand our grandson will be favoring (the dad is our son #1 whose a lefty).

  45. Donna Murray says:

    My husband and I are Right-Handed, and we have 5 Left-handed children.
    Sydney. Aus.

  46. Rich says:

    My wife and I have 4 children (Girl 8,Boy 6,Girl 4 & Boy 2) we are both right handed. My 8 year old daughter is also right handed but our other 3 are all left handed. My 4 year old daughter can actually right her name with both hands, although she is better with her left. My 6 year old son is also left footed but can play with both feet. I find this topic extremely interesting and now I know we are fairly rare although there are others out there with similar against the odds probabilities. Thanks for posting and nice to read all your stories.

  47. Rebecca says:

    I have 2 right handed parents and I am the only one that is left handed out of 4 children, My husband is left handed and his parents are both right handed, but out of 5 childred 2 were lefthanded. We had a daughter and she is left handed. Our daughter married a left handed person also who came from 2 right handed parents but out of thier 4 children 2 were left. Our daughter is 8 months pregant and we are all hoping for a left handed baby boy.

  48. Tracey says:

    I come from a right hand father and left handed mother, who had 4 children. My brother and I are left handed while my sisters are right handed. It seems like it has gone L R L R as that is the way we were born, with me being the oldest. My husband is right handed and so are my oldest and youngest sons with number 2 left handed except for things learnt at school which he sometimes uses his right hand.
    My youngest damaged his right thumb just before his 2nd birthday, smashing it at the base. So I thought a left hander for sure. He was very determined to be right handed, using his left hand only when his right hand was sore. So proving the bone doctor who said he would never be able to use his right thumb properly. He was 6 before he stopped using his left hand as a back up. I was told this would be normal for an adult but a child would normally go with the un damaged hand.

  49. two lefthanded parents and 2 righthanded children says:

    I thought our children would be left handed – I am left handed and so is my husband, but my 4 year old is definitely right handed and now my 2 year old is showing positive signs for being right handed too. She only uses the right hand to draw even when I pass her the crayon to the left hand first (she switches it to the right hand). I was hoping that at least one of them would be left handed!

  50. ButterflyMusic says:

    Both of my parents were right handed. They had two lefties and one rightie in between. I’m the eldest and the other leftie is the youngest. We have similar humour and are pretty gentle in demeanor compared to the rightie not saying the rightie is mean, just more outgoing and loud :) My husband is a rightie and I’m a leftie, but do somethings with both or my right like cutting with scissors, sports, eating. My husband said he remembers when he was young that he wrote with both hands and they started making him use only one–his right hand, so I have no idea what category that puts us in??? We have a baby girl, so far it’s hard to tell her preference. We’ll see! Fun to learn this info :)

  51. Brianna says:

    My mom and dad are both right handed and my brother and I have the same father and we are both left handed and my sister is from a different father and is also left handed. Yepp, my mom has three left handed children.

  52. Della says:

    In my “generation” of grandkids on my maternal grandmother’s side, about 1 in every 3 are left handed. I’m the single left handed of my siblings. My grandmother was left handed, but forced to right hand. One of my aunt’s (surviving: 3 girls & 1 boy from my grandmother) is left, but was pretty much forced right. It was when left wasn’t acceptable.

    I just kind of “work around” things. I’ll flip a side spiral notebook the wrong way to write sometimes. But when the top spiral notebooks became available, I would use them almost exclusively. One pharmacy I worked in as a pharmacy technician, 1 of the 2 pharmacists were left handed, and one of the other techs was left handed. One pharmacy I worked in as a pharmacist, both pharmacists were left-handed and about 1/3 of the rest of the pharmacy staff were left-handed. Go figure.

  53. ShaVegas says:

    Very interesting article! I am a right-handed mother of 3. My two oldest are left-handed and my youngest who is 2 started drawing with her right but because the markings were not pronounced moved to her left hand. Of course I would switch hands which only seemed to complicate her ability to write. I now co clouded that all three of my kids are left-handed. Interestingly enough they have different fathers. My oldest is 16, my middle son is 10 and the youngest is 2. Their fathers are right-handed just as I am. I find it very interesting that I have only left-handed children and can not account for too many left-handlers in my family. Other than my brother who is a lefty.

  54. Jonathan says:

    Both parents are right handed. My younger sister, brother and I are all left handed. Talk about against all odds.

    • Kimberley says:

      My brother has 3 children 2 girls and the youngest is a boy. So do I! My brother wife is right handed and so is my children Dad. My brother is right handed and so am I. No one on either sides of our children families are left-handed. All 4 of our girls are left-handed.

  55. Robert says:

    I just joined your site today and appreciate your efforts here to identify the potential for having a left handed child. The math seems solid if the numbers from the research reports are accurate. This subject fascinates me. There is one giant wrinkle that would affect your numbers (and actually begs the question about handedness being innate). There are more left-handed males than female lefties. I do not know an accurate ratio, but believe it is about 2:1. I believe there are twice as many left-handed (or non-right-handed) males as there are females of this type. So, left-handed females are twice as likely to find a left-handed mate as left-handed males are to find a left-handed mate.
    From my observations as a teacher (of both special education and mainstream students) and limited research on this topic, I have found that students with “learning differences” are disproportionately left-handed males. I have also found that left-handed males are disproportionately represented among the highly gifted students as well. Left-handed females tend to mirror the results of all students while the males are more likely to be at the extremes and less likely to be typical students.
    To me, this says that there are likely multiple factors that result in handedness or lateral dominance. One of these factors is genetics (and most females are genetically left-handed, thus passing on these genes to their offspring is more likely. However, left-handed male become left-handed genetically and for other reasons (unknown to me). These other reasons may be environment, chemical, or something else. However, it seems to cause “brain damage” which alters learning and brain functioning. These alterations sometimes limit the individual’s abilities and other times enhance these abilities, resulting in more damages left-handed male students and more gifted left-handed learners.
    Interesting note: identical twins are more often opposite-handed than any other siblings pairs. In other words, the chances that any 2 siblings, or any two people in general, do not have the same lateral dominance is lower than the chances for identical twins who have identical genes to not have identical handedness.
    I would love to discuss this topic with anyone who is interested and would like to research this formally. My email is [email protected]
    Thanks for sharing this!

  56. Ruby Comer-Hudson says:

    My brother and I are both left handed and both of our parents are right handed, there is only a history of having one left handed person in my family and she was ambedexretus as she was born when being left handed wasn’t allowed. This information is very helpful to my science project that I am doing.
    Thanks so much!

  57. Sue says:

    We are parents of three children. We are both right handed. Two of our three children are left handed.

  58. Mark says:

    I’m a lefty. My parents are both left-handed. I’m the youngest of 6 children and I’m the only one who’s left-handed.

  59. Tracy says:

    Hi there.
    My name is Tracy,I live in Johannesbug,South Africa.
    I own a company called Lefthand Learning.I do workshops to educate,and have stationery available for the lefty’s.
    I would like to order a couple of goods from you,and have it delivered to my friend who stays in Woking(Surrey)(this will save costs).She is coming out to us in July and could bring it with her.
    Just a question about your grips…do they come in containers of 20?Or how do you package them?
    Thank you

  60. Hope says:

    I found this article very interesting! I, a woman am left handed, and my brother who is just a year younger than me is also left handed. Neither of our parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents, etc etc as far as we can find out – were left handed as well. So we are very curious to know where we got this from!

  61. Sandy Harrison says:

    I am right handed, all three of my children r lefties. I have no sibs or parents or grans that r lefties. My kids dad has 6 kids, 4 r lefties. The only lefty he has that’s close Is a Down syndrome brother. My oldest child has one child who is a righty but her hubby is also a lefty. Go figure

  62. Tanya says:

    I am left handed. My great aunt, aunt, and niece are also left handed. All on my mother’s side.

  63. Andrea says:

    Hi my husband and I are both right handed, but all 4 of our children are leftys so I was curious at what the percentage is of that happening and how common is that ?

  64. Trevor says:

    Hi, i’m the eldest of 6 kids……my father is right handed (blue eyed), my mother, left handed (brown eyed). Out of the 6 kids, all but one are left handed, including myself. All the left handed kids are brown eyed, the right hander, blue eyed. My own daughter is left handed and brown eyed like myself, her mum is right handed and blue eyed. Just wondering is there any proven gene to the left/brown dominance in our family or is it just a freak of nature, thanking you in advance.

  65. Aaron says:

    Hi, Both my parents are right handed but me and both of my brothers are left handed

  66. JANARA JENKINS says:

    My nameis janara jenkins from Milwaukee,Wi and myself and my ex-husband are both right-handed.
    we have three children together and two out of my three are left-handed. Can you tell me is that something rare or is that a common thing with two right-handed parents.I can say this my kids doctor thought that it was odd and when I was pregnant with my third child she ask me to keep and eye out to see if he would be left-handed because shewanted to write an article about it in a medical book. But he is right-handed but she still think it is odd that we have the two-left handers. Can someone let me know?


  67. Kelly says:

    I and my husband are both right handed and have no lefties in family . Bit we had 4 left handed children.

    How weird is that

  68. Jodie says:

    I am right handed, there are no known lefties in my family. My partner is Left-handed (From a full family of righties!) and our son is also a Leftie!

    BBC Horizons – Mysterys of the Left-Hand

  69. CatherineMartin says:

    Im left handed and both my parents are right-handed, but the thing is,all my brothers are right handed too?? whats wrong with me?

  70. Starr says:

    My ex-husband and I are both left handed, and I expected to have at least one lefty child, but all three are right handed. In my birth family, with both parents right-handed, but with a left-handed grandmother, out of five kids, two of us were lefties. So, yeah, it’s kind of a genetic roulette game.

  71. tinapotter says:

    Hi.i am left handed.my husband is right.we have four chldren.one is left handed.although he can use both feet to play football and do somethings right.i am completely dominated by my left.being left handed.footed and eyed

  72. Lisa says:

    3 Left handed sons! We have 4 sons and all but our 3rd son is left handed. Both my husband and I are right handed ? My two older boys are left handed but right footed but our youngest is left handed and left footed in sports!

  73. kym says:

    my husband and I are both right handed 3 out of 4 of our boys are left handed, The first born, the third born and the 4th born. my mother was ambidextrous , my husbands uncle was a lefty.

  74. Kim says:

    My husband is left handed and I am right handed. We have 3 girls who may all be left handed. Still not sure about the youngest. She does like my oldest daughter did for years, and uses both hands often. If I am doing the math correctly, that makes the odds about 1 in 1,000. Is that right? I wonder if that breaks any records. It sure seems rare.

  75. Kristen says:

    I was wondering the odds of having 4 left handed boys, born to right handed parents.
    I have a lefty 12 yr old, a lefty 9 yr old, a lefty 3 yr old and my 6 month old baby favours and has more co-ordination with his left hand.
    Starting to think it is unsual :)

  76. k campbell says:

    my husband and i are both right handed ,and 3 children, all are left handed, 2 yrs age difference?

  77. maddysmom says:

    still remember 2nd grade art projects, 1965 or 6, back in Huntington,
    NY public school. 8 kiddies desks pushed together to share crayons,
    colored construction paper, that (yummy?) paste and a tray of red or
    green handled scissors. I remember trying to operate the green pair(L),
    not for a lack of red(R) scissors which I had mastered in kindergarten! I
    tried them several clumsy times that year,risking the ridicule of those
    mean paste-eating babies at my table, (all (R)s), because I wished I
    could be green(L), rare and acknowledged as such. Miss Bell had told us
    of her own second grade scissor struggles which happened during or
    because of WWII, when all scissors were red(R). It sounded awful enough,
    for we all loved her so: but when she further explained that all of the
    scissors at that “private” school, St. Joseph’s, were still only
    red(R), causing unknown pain and suffering to children we all knew from
    the neighborhood and catechism classes, it scared the (R) out of me Miss
    Bell didn’t even know she had “Left-Handedness” until she entered
    school at age 6. But she got so sick of or from it, she had to stay
    home. I guess her Mom also “Had” left handedness,and probably green
    scissors.. Miss Bell became a teacher, committed to help each child, (R)
    or (L), black or white, catechism classes or hebrew school bus.
    We saw spot run, run spot run, stopped eating paste, earned gold stars, then moved on. the next left handed angel I guess was Jimi Hendrix. came down from heaven yesterday then he was gone. Finally in 1988, my perfectly left handed daughter arrived.
    Our two and a half decades together have been continuously enhanced by her (L). I don’t get it, but I do love every (L) thing about her mind, abilities, inabilities! Thank you miss bell , i finally get (L).3

  78. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    ME my wife Dr fareeda and two kids Arsum zulfiqar and uzdain Zulfiqar are left handed

  79. Mary says:

    I am a left handed female with one left handed brother and one who is right handed. Both my parents were right handed. My granddaughter is extremely left handed. However, both her parents were right handed. Her grandmother on her father’s side is also a lefty. I believe that one day they are going to discover something which predisposes left or right handedness genetically. Statistics aside, it would be interesting to see if generational lefties are clustered within families.

  80. salma says:

    Both of my parents are righties as well as my siblings. I’m a lefty and so is my boyfriend, and I always wonder if our children would be left handed too?

    • maddysmom says:

      salma, i found your very specific question threaded down below very thorough article called chances of having a left handed child at ath uk site scroll up or look for that info-packed article. i was blessed with one of each!

  81. Ashley Crosby says:

    I have a question about the dynamics of my family. I am left-handed, and my husband is right-handed. We have four children, 3 of whom are left-handed. The jury’s still out on our 4th, as she is only 4 months old. She does have a counter-clockwise hair whorl, which I hear may be correlated with handedness. Anyway, I was curious what the odds are of having 3 children in a row who are left-handed? I can’t seem to find the statistics anywhere, but I know it must not be common.

    • Keith says:

      Well, according to my article, the chance of a left handed woman and right handed man having a left handed child is 16% (.16) or about 1 in 6. To get the probablity of having three left handed children in a row you just multiply that by itself, i.e. .16 x .16 x .16 = .004 (0.4% or about 1 in 250). If the fourth child is also left handed that would be a probability of 1 in 1,700.

  82. Blanca Mojarro says:

    Both my parents are right-handed and also my brother but I am left-handed. I also have 3 cousins that are left-handed and their parents are right-handed. I honestly love being left-handed:):) It was kind of hard to do something’s at school but I learned to live with it and i wouldn’t change it for anything. My husband and my father-in-law joke around with me for being left-handed but hey I’m proud of it!:)

    • Blanca Mojarro says:

      Oh wait I forgot to say that even tho I’m left-handed, I throw a ball with my right and when I would play fight my brother I would hit harder with my right!:)

  83. Lexi says:

    I, like many of you, have two right handed parents. They had three children including me, and I am the
    youngest. I have two older brothers and they are both right handed, but I am left handed and actually
    ambidextrous. I find it fascinating that even though both of my parents are right handed and so are my
    brothers, I happened to be ambidextrous, my dominant hand being my left. Even though I’m ambidextrous
    I rarely ever write with my right hand. Writing with my left is just a habit and I’d rather write with my left
    hand anyway, but if my hand gets tired or something, it’s nice to have that level up. I do however find myself
    doing household task but mostly sports right handed because it feels more comfortable. Weird right?
    Well you know what they say, three’s a charm!

  84. sue winn says:

    My Mother is l-handed and my Father r-handed, and all three of us children are l-handed. As well as being l-handed I also write ‘hook-handed’, which I believe happens more with males than females. I’d love to know the odds on all children being ‘lefties’.

  85. Karina A. says:

    Both of my parents are right-handed.
    I on the other hand am left-handed.
    How I’ve learned to cook, eat, and write in annoying spiral notebooks with my left hand without any other “lefty companion” growing up is still impressive to me.

    But the most interesting thing is that so many write here of having many siblings, both left-handed and right-handed.

    I am an only child.

    I find it amazing to be both an only child and left-handed.
    What are the odds?

  86. Faye says:

    this is really interesting, I could never get my head round the fact that I have a friend who is left handed as is her husband yet all three of their children are right handed!

    I’m a leftie and I love it :) my dad was a leftie but forced to write with his right, my dad was also adopted so I have no idea who else was left on his side but do know that my maternal grandad was left handed. My husband is right handed, his mum left and dad right. Our eldest is left, the next 2 right and still not sure about our 4th!!

  87. Madhuri says:

    like most of the comments my parents are right handed but im their only child a lefty. My mum have to inform all my class teachers when I was a kid to stop pushing me to do things from right hand. But i like to be a lefty and be different from others.

  88. Carol Sailer says:

    I am left-handed and my husband is right-handed. We have six children — four of which are left-handed. One is ambidextrous.
    My father was left-handed.
    I believe that left-handedness is dominant over right-handed, but for years and years left-handed children were made to be right-handed in school. Many suffered speech problems because of it.

  89. Dottie says:

    My husband and I have 5 children. 3 girls and 2 boys. The 3 girls and I are all left-handed and the 2 boys and my husband are all right-handed.

  90. K Newrith says:

    my dad is left handed
    birthday in march same as me
    and fair hair well was naturally brown now slightly silver and mine well umm

    my mum and brother on the other hand are both right handed
    both birthdays in november and both natural dark haired

    our family of 4 are spilt right down the middle

  91. halida says:

    My mom’s paternal grandmother was a lefty. My mom is the only lefty out of 9 siblings and my brother and I are the only lefties among our cousins both on my mom and dad’s sides. As far as I know dad’s side has no left-handedness history. My lefty brother also has a lefty daughter but so do both my sister and oldest brother even though they and their spouses are all right-handed. I guess it does run in the family but it’s still a mystery how it gets passed down. Come to think of it, my bro is the only male lefty in the family :)

  92. Sam Shepherd says:


    My husband is right handed, I am left. We have 4 daughters the eldest is right handed the two in the middle are left and the youngest I am afraid to say has turned out right handed. So we have 3 left and 3 right in our household.

    I’m proud to be a lefty x

  93. janet says:

    in my family there is only myself and my aunt on my mothers side that are left handed all the rest are right, my aunt could do a lot with her right hand but i am very left handed and can do nothing with my right.

  94. annie says:

    This is all very interesting, here’s my family handedness…… :)

    mom: right , her parents both right handed, she has five brothers and one was a lefty
    dad: right, his parents both right handed, he had two sisters and both were righties

    brother: right and left
    brother: right
    me: left
    sister: right
    sister: right
    sister: right
    sister: right
    sister: right
    brother: left
    sister: right
    brother: right
    brother: left
    sister: right
    brother: right
    sister: right
    sister: right

    my husband: supposed to be a lefty, his father discouraged him on a daily basis in different ways to not use his left hand. He is both handed now, his parents were both right handed

    our children:

    daughter: right
    son: right
    son: left

  95. Fiona says:

    My parents were both right handed but my maternal grandmother and one of my paternal grandparents (i can never remember who) were left handed. Of my approx. 23 cousins on my dad’s side, i can only think of 2 who were left handed and they were from the same family. On my mum’s side i have 8 cousins and only one is left handed. I am the only leftie of 3 kids :)

  96. Aoife quigley says:

    I am left handed
    My mother was born left handed but was forced to write with her right hand in school so now uses her right hand to write
    My father is right handed
    I have 4 brother who are all right handed, I am the only girl.
    I married a left handed person
    My son is left handed
    My daughter is right handed.
    Some facts about my family

  97. Judith Webster says:

    I have been married twice, first to a right handed man with whom I had three children, two of whom are left-handed. I then married a left handed man with whom I had one child who, in spite of having two left-handed parents is right handed. My left-handed second husband has three children in total all of whom are right-handed. I have a total of four children two of whom are left=handed – confused – yes!!!

  98. ruth tanner says:

    Hi this is fascinating. I am right handed as is my husband. We have three left handed children. We asked round both sides of the family and no one is lefthanded at all. We have had to learn to go things left handed to teach our children. We say they are not only left handed but left brained. You say jump and we would go to the right and they go left. When little we had to change the brakes on their bikes over and make sure we had knives serated on both edges so they can cut their food up. We have had left handed scissors, pencil sharpners and buy left handed pens and pencils.

  99. Samntha says:

    What are the chances that two right handed parents have two left handed children? happened in my family, me and my sister are both leftys

  100. Tracy says:

    Both my parents are left handed. I am the only lefty out of four children. They always tease me about it. Especially when I’m writing. lol

  101. V says:

    My mother and father are right handed, I have 5 brothers, 2 are left handed, 2 are right, and one uses both. I am the only girl and also left handed. My husband, both his parents are right handed. He is the only child out of 7 in his family that is left handed, and we are hoping our child will be left handed too. :)

  102. Cheryl says:

    Parents are both righties. My brother and I both lefty. 3 other sisters are righty. My son is a lefty. Do not know of any other lefties in my family. I cannot use scissors with my left hand, never did. I do not write with my hand all curled like I see other lefties do. My paper is turned all the way to the side when I write.

  103. Maisie says:

    All my grandparents right handed and my parents right handed. I have a twin brother who is right handed and I am left handed. My sister is right handed. My husband is left handed and both our children are now left handed!

  104. Megan says:

    I am left handed, my parents were/are both right handed, my brother & sister are both left handed, I have 4 children, 3 are right handed and 1 is ambidextrous. I have 4 Aunts & 1 Uncle, 1 Aunt is Ambidextrous, and the rest are right, my grandparents on both sides were right handed, and one of my great grandmothers was ambidextrous. My husband is right handed and no-one in his family left handed, he comes from a family of 8 children, none of the 20 nieces & nephews are left handed. His grandparents are unknown.

  105. Pamela says:

    Both my husband and myself are right handed. We have 5 children, two boys and three girls. ALL are left-handed!

  106. Mark says:

    Enjoyed your Left-Handers Day website. I read with interest some of the statistics. Now here’s one that I think will be of interest: My parents were both right-handed, and as far as I know, so were my grandparents on both sides. I am one of four children born to my parents, 3 of us are left-handed. Neither my niece nor my 6 nephews are left-handed. The odds must be astronomical to have 3 left-handed children out of 4.

    • Gary says:

      My father was right-handed – my mother was left-handed – they had four sons of which three were left-handed and one was right-handed

  107. Kat says:

    Everyone in my family and my husbands family are right handed. BOTH or kids A girl aged 8 and a boy aged 4 are lefties. Go figure.

  108. Rashelle says:

    Both of my parents are right handed and I am left handed and my brother is right handed. I know of no one else in my family that is left handed. My grandfather was amadextrious and I guess I sort of am too. I only use my left hand to eat and write. I have a 1 yr old daughter who seems to use her left hand primarily but I suppose she is too young yet to tell which is her dominate hand yet. Her father is right handed so I guess only time will tell which one she is. I’m also pregnant now so I guess we will see if my being left handed will influence either child. I’m hoping for two lefties so I don’t feel so alone LOL.

  109. Karen F says:

    nan – left handed
    mum – right handed
    dad – right handed
    sister – right handed
    me – left handed
    brother – right handed
    my son – left handed

    as far as i’m aware, everyone on my dad’s side of the family are all right handed. and my son’s dad is also right handed. i also think certain other traits get passed down. both me and my son’s dad dislike tomatoes, as does my son.

    as for being left handed, i love it. i mostly do everything left handed, though strangely enough, i can’t use left handed scissors in my left hand. i have a pair, but i don’t use them much, and not for cutting out. i use right handed scissors in my left hand.

  110. Marisol says:

    OK…let’s see. My parents are right handed. With a total of five siblings including myself only my little brother and me are left handed.
    Oldest brother and wife righties – 2 children – no lefties
    Myself (lefty) my partners (righties) – 2 children – son lefty
    Sister and husband righties – 4 children – daughter lefty
    Other sister and husband righties – 3 daughters – one lefty
    Little brother (lefty) and partner righty – son lefty

    Although it is fun to have lots of lefties in the family it does get annoying at times because we know it all and we talk alot.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share our similarities and I love the whole left handed thingy…

  111. Alb says:

    Both my parents are right handed. But both me and my brother are left handed. Our sister is right handed. I’m not aware of any of my relatives being left handed either. So it’s always been fun for me and my brother. It’s like we are both members of a club in our family in which only the both of us belong. Also, my best friend is left handed. His mother is left handed too. So although I’m surrounded by right handed people, there’s a sort of club like feeling between my brother and me, and between my best friend and me.

  112. Rachel says:

    im 14 and left handed and so is my 10 year old sister and my little brothr & siter are 8 year old faternal twins and both of them are lefties too! my mum& dad are both right handed but my dads younger brother is a leftie too!


  113. monique says:

    both me and my husband are right handed…no lefthanded people in the family and my son writes with his left and he even kicks with his left foot…my other son appears to be right handed,but he is only 1 and a half….not sure where the left handed comes from?

  114. Will says:

    My father is left handed and my mother is right handed. I have 3 sisters and 2 of them are left handed. I don’t see any reason why the genes of the mother would be more important than those of the father, but then again I’m not a scientist

  115. Helen says:

    The left handed gene seems to run only through women in my family,
    my grandmother was left handed
    my mother is left handed
    my mums sister (my aunt) is left handed
    my aunts daughter (my cousin) is left handed
    and i am left handed
    however my two brothers are right handed as is my male cousin
    do you think this is co-incidence? or do you think this is something that will continue to run through the females of our family. cant wait to see when i have a daughter of my own if she will be a lefty too!

  116. Selena says:

    We have 2 children who are adopted. They have different birth families and are from different countries. However, they are both left-handed. My husband and I are both right handed. Ideas?

    • Wahoo says:

      yes it depends on how old they are but when teaching them to write sit on the opposite side and let them mirror you and what my father did was he just copied what he did in his right hand to his left most stuff there going to learn on there own like i had to but also make sure when writing they hold the pencil pointer and thumb holding the pencil and make sure the pencil is resting on the middle finger dont use to hard of pencils or pens cause that will hurt the hand

  117. Natalie says:

    My husband and I were both right-handed, our two oldest colleen are left-handed and now our youngest who is two of favoring his left when coloring and scribbling. Each generation on my mother’s side has a lefty. My grandmother, my aunt, my brother and a choi oke of cousins. But all three of our kids? That’s a very strong 9%!

  118. mike says:

    all these comments are interesting, but not really data. There isn’t one comment that says “I’m righty and so is my husband and all our kids!” My question is: I’m lefty and so is my wife, I wonder if this bond helps us stay together? Are 2 lefties less likely to get divorced?

  119. James Gorry says:

    I have three children all left handed just like me. I am also dyslexic as is my daughter. There is no left handedness in my family . My daughter through my first wife is left handed and her mother right handed with no left handedness in her family. I am now with a new partner and two young boys both also left handed and my partner is right handed with no family on her side with left handedness. When I was a child in Ireland the nuns tied my left hand behind my back to prevent the left hand being used to write. It was believed that the left hand was evil Reality now proves the nuns where the evil ones.


    • Annie says:

      i was brought up by my catholic great-grandmother; who did the same to me. horrible, isn’t it?

      • Wahoo says:

        when i was in kindergarten my teacher made me write right handed and would hit me with a ruler if i tried using my left hand

    • gillian says:

      Jesus sat on God’s right hand, or was it His right hand side. So maybe God is left-handed? [I don’t think the nuns could cope with that logic though, just as some said it’s blasphemy yo say Jesus was JEWISH.

  120. Gina says:

    My daughter and her husband are both right handed. I’m left handed and their son (my grandson) is left handed. We don’t know about his biological parents as he was adopted. I’m thrilled as finally something from me has showed up in a grandchild!

  121. steven marlow says:

    I am ambidextrous,throw rt handed,write left handed,kick left footed dominant,bat left handed,cut with my left,my brother does everything left.

    • Maggie says:

      I thought I might add, to anyone who may be wondering: ambidexterity is not exactly being able to use one hand for one task and the opposite hand for another; if you would focus on one particular task, such as brushing your teeth for example, you would say that either hand would suffice. In other words, ambidexterity implies that you can use both hands for the same task and the success level will still be the same.

  122. Naomi says:

    Both me and my boyfriend are lefthanded and so far 2 out of our 3 childeren are left handed. The youngest is only 1,5 years old so she is not clearly left of right handed yet. But….she does do things quite a lot with her left hand….

  123. ange says:

    i have 5 kids 3 girls and 2 boys i am myself right handed all the children are left handed how rare is this ang

  124. Taylor says:

    I have a question. Out of how many kids in the U.S are Left-Handed? I can’t find it anywhere. I know the % but I would like to know out of how many. Ex: 1 out of 15 or whatever it is.

    • Wakanda says:

      Well if you know the % then it’s easy enough to work out. If it is 10% then that is 1 in 10, as 10 goes into 100 ten times.

  125. Tom says:

    Both me and my husband are right handed. Both my kids are left handed. We have NO left handed people in either sides of the families.

  126. Shirley says:

    It was really interesting reading these comments. I have 6 grown children. My husband and I are right handed and 5 of my 6 children are left handed! My one daughter, the one right handed child, had the same problem at the dinner table as the lefty’s do…as she was the odd man out.. I know of no left handed relatives in our family. Both my husband and I tend to do some things left handed. (he golfs, bowls, shoots, left handed) I found it difficult as a child learning certain sewing techniques until a left handed friend showed me how. But other than those things we are definitely right handed. And no we we’rent changed to right as children.

  127. laura says:

    me and my partner are right handed we have four children 2 boys and 2 girls my girls are right-handed but my oldest boy is left-handed and ive just noticed my 2yr old boy is also left-handed i have a very large family 2 sisters and a brother 15 nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles and cousins no-one else in my family are left-handed what are the chances that my two boys are left-handed.

  128. topcat says:

    Myself and my twin brother are left handed. Our older brother and two older sisters and our mum and dad are all right handed. My oldest niece is left handed whilst my youngest niece is right handed. I don’t know about my grandparents and my step grandparents.

  129. Patrick says:

    What are the mathamatical odds of a Father, Mother , Son & Daughter all being left handed? It is true in my family. ( FYI no problem going to a Restaurant )

  130. Mum of lefties :-) says:

    I am a mum of a two – boy and girl. I’m right handed, of 2 right handed parents, my all bros are right handed. My boy is for sure left handed and girl is 90% (i say so as she’s still young, 14 m.o.), they come from different fathers – both right handed.

    I wonder what are the odds to have to left handed children?

  131. Arielle says:

    My father is naturally left handed buy had a horrible accident in highschool rendering his left hand useless for a long while. My mom is left handed as well… I’m a lefty and my brother is a righty though I have a feeling that he was naturally left handed (not sure but I want to bug him and tell him he should try a few times writing with his left hand). Anyways… To add to that my fiance is left handed himself which I didn’t even think about that until now, I mean I knew but I never really took that into consideration. Anyways most of my cousins are right handed and most of my family members are right handed. Anyways, I was just looking around to see what the odds are when my fiance and I get married and decide to have kids of them being lefties.

    • Sylvia says:

      I am the youngest child of five. I had 2 right handed parents and have one brother that is also left handed. (I am also left handed) I married a left handed man and we now have 2 left handed boys.

  132. Lisa says:

    I have 3 children 2 are left handed and the right handed one plays sports left handed. Their farther and I are both right handed and no other lefties other than my sister is left handed. I had reasearched the imediant family, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and cousins (and there is many) no other lefties. What are the odds of that?

  133. karen says:

    My parents are both righthanded and I am a lefty and proud of it. Both brothers are righthanded and it was horrible growing up – no one wanted to sit near me. I finally have a nephew who is left handed and I can sit near hom with no worries.

    • Karen W says:

      dont worry being a lefty is cool! we are just special we are often smarter or have more talents than others im the only lefty in my entire family too

  134. karen says:

    I am the product of 2 righthanded parents and I have 2 righthahded brothers. I was horrible growing up becasue no on wanted to sit near me. I finally have someone who is lefthanded and can sit near me at trhe table – my nephew

  135. Elizabeth says:

    My mom has a left handed brother but her and the rest of her sibilings are right handed. My mom is one of ten kids. No one on my dad’s side is left handed, but somehow I turned out left handed!!! As far as I know all my cousins on my mom’s side are right handed, and the same on my dad’s side. Me and my uncle are the only weird ones!

    I find it interesting in the article is says that lefty’s attract eachother. That is soo true! I have sooo many friends that are left handed!

    I find lefty’s notice things that right handed people don’t notice. Like when you see someone on the bus using their cellphone, I usually notice what hand it is in. Or when I see someone writing the first thing I notice is what hand they are using. And when I’m walking with a crowd of people up the stairs at the subway station, it is easy to notice people who are left-footed!

  136. Dane says:

    Both my mom and dad are right-handed and me and my big bro is left. and our big sis is right handed

  137. Ginger says:

    My father is right-handed and my mother is left-handed. Myself and two of my brothers are lefties, with only my eldest brother being right-handed. I have three daughters, my eldest is right-handed & the younger two are both lefties.
    I wish I knew the ‘handedness’ of my grandparents, as I think it would be interesting to see how it has passed through the generations.
    I think that growing up in a predominantly left-oriented home caused me to feel very natural about it. I only really noticed anything when commented upon by my peers at school or out in the world.
    Actually, I’m more ambidexterous, and writing is the only thing I do exclusively left-handed.
    So happy to have found this site and all of it’s interesting information!

  138. Ali says:

    One of my friends parents are both right handed. They have seven children. Six out of the seven are left handed. I would like to know what are the odds of this occurring?
    Thank you, Ali :)

    • travis says:

      My wife and I are both right-handed. All 3 of our children are left-handed. Two kids from her previous marriage are right-handed. This seems to suggest that I am somehow responsibl, but NOBODY in my family is left-handed and my left hand is USELESS. I mean I can’t even brush my teeth or eat with a spoon with it.

  139. maranda says:

    i have 3 children (2 girls, 1 boy) all are left handed and neither my husband nor myself are leftie! i feel special!

  140. Emily says:

    My sister and I are both left-handed. We are the only people in our family who are left-handed. Our parents are both right-handed so i think it came quite a shock to them to find they had two left-handed kids. I play hockey right-handed because it is a right-handed sport but I do struggle a lot and i would feel a lot more confident using my left hand. I eat like a left-hander and so does my father even though he is a right-hander. For me it is a mystery. I just feel very special to be left handed as i was the only person in my class in school to be left-handed. It really does make you feel like you have something that nobody else around you has! from Emily

    • Sharon says:

      Could it be that your father is a latent lefty and was dicouraged from this when still very young. This is a very common practise

    • gillian says:

      The way we are taught to eat in Europe using a fork in our left hand to feed ourselves is more logical if you are left-handed, although it is considered the right-handed way. My daughter, brother-in-law and I are all left-handed and eat like this. I was taught to do it that way. as my parents and siblings did. [All rh] My b-i-l and daughter were left to find their own way, and chose fork/left knife/right. Two of my daughters friends who are rh, use cutlery the opposite way.
      Bill Bryson the writer is a famous lefty. He found it awkward when growing up, being expected to transfer his fork to his right hand to eat. He became an Anglophile, after moving to England and finding he was in a country where ‘eating left-handed’ was normal.

  141. Nitin Verma , India says:

    My both parents are right handed. We are 3 brothers & 2 sisters. Out of 3 , me & my younger brother are left handed. My wife is right handed and we have 2 sons ( twins) , one them is left handed. How in twins children one is right handed & one left handed. ?

    • Geggy Clackeman says:

      reason -one is sensible and good (RH) and the other mixed up good ‘n proper

    • Robyn says:

      About 25% of identical twins are mirror image twins, but I’m not sure why!

    • Bethany says:

      It’s a theory that sometimes left-handed people had a right-handed “other half” that died in the womb. And with twins…obviously they’re both born.

    • gillian says:

      It is very common in twins. I think it is because they have less freedom of movement in the uterus, than a singleton. I don’t know of any studies that show this, it is just my opinion.

  142. Melanie J says:

    My sister & I are both right handed (are husbands as well). 2 out of my sisters 3 children are left handed (the 2 youngest – boy & girl). I have 1 child (girl) & she is left handed as well. Is any of this connected & what are the odds of this hapening.

  143. Nicole says:

    I am a left-handed female, which obviously isn’t very common. But here’s something weird: my father is 1 of 14 children. 12 are surviving. 6 are males and 6 are females. 3 males are lefty and 3 females are lefty.

    • Bethany says:

      I am a she-leftie also :] My grandfather on my mother’s side is a leftie, as well as one of my cousins. 3 out of about 70 of us (my family) is left handed. I’m the only female left hander in my family in 5 generations. :P

  144. adie says:

    How about 2 right handed parents having 3 children who are all showing left handed tendencies? Two of them its for certain, and the youngest it’s looking that way. :)

  145. Patricia says:

    I find this subject endlessly fascinating. I know my maternal grandmother was left-handed, however, both my parents are right-handed. I am personally delighted to say that it looks as though my little nephew is leaning left when he picks up toys or tries to feed himself, so perhaps I will have a little left handed buddy.
    What’s strange about my husband and my’s situation is that he and his two brothers all married women that were left-handed! We’re all dead weight at mealtime at the parents’ home, between the peelers, knives, and the dreaded tin opener. My husband is American and my father-in-law told me he’d better get at least one good ‘southpaw’ baseball pitcher from the three of us daughters-in-laws! (Evidently, they have an advantage!)
    I have read all sorts of reasons as to why a person is left-handed, one being that very, very early on in development, we lefties had a twin that was reabsorbed. The thinking behind this is that of mirror twins, where, depending on which way each fetus is facing, one will be left-handed and one will be right-handed.
    W.K. Koskei: That’s the very thing that my grandmother’s school did to her! It didn’t work, just as your teacher’s attempts didn’t, although I know some people who do everything left and yet they write with the right.

    • gillian says:

      The men in your husband’s family all have good taste when it comes to wives! ;-) There are advantages for couples who have opposite dominant hands.
      1] You both get to lie on the best side of the bed. That is you both have your bedside table and lamp on your best side.
      2] When there is DIY to be done, one of you can use a screwdriver for the left of self assembly furniture, and the other the right side.
      3] Which ever hand your children favour, they will have a role-model.

  146. Dee says:

    My hubby and I are both lefties….he basically writes left handed and that is about it. I play hockey which is a right handed sport of course and seem to do most other sports rh but have no problem switching to my left in tennis or squash if I get tired (much to PE teachers disgust when he tried to grade me in highschool lol). I throw with more distance with my right but far more accurate with my left. I eat with a knife and fork like a rh but with a spoon like a lh…cut with a knife with whatever hands feels comfortable at the time. I use a computer (inclusing mouse) like a rh person but was forced as a child to cut with scissors with my rh and to this day can’t cut straight to save myself. When I write I don’t have the distinctive lh curl which looks so uncomfortable. We have 3 boys…the first 2 are definate righties and my 3rd seems to be showing tendancies to be a leftie finally…but we will see :) I just assumed that we would have lefties but they sure showed me.

    • Dee says:

      For the record neither of our parents or siblings are left handed…mum remembers twin cousin/s possibly being but hubby has no recollection of anyone (but honestly that doesn’t mean anthing lol)…

    • Karen W says:

      im always better in sports because i can switch hands all the time!!! i can do everything with my left and right hand so i usually speeds up my work

  147. Lisa says:

    My family is all right handed except for me, my aunt, and some great-cousins.

  148. Bezz x says:

    I am left handed and both my parents and both sets of grand parents, I don’t know about greats thought. As far as I know, only my half brother(Dads side) and possibly my cousin(also Dads side) are left handed. As to the best 10% of population(lefties) being more creative, I’ll provide this info: I am very musical, I play keyboard/piano clarinet and recorder and like to think I can sing, also I am a budding author, so I think we may be more creative. Who knows? Isn’t the left Sideof the brain the creatve side?

    • Robyn says:

      “It is said that the first right brain function is controlling the left side of the body. Right brained people generally tend to work more with their left hand and instinctively move their left foot forward first, while walking.”
      Right brain dominance: “This brain dominance makes left-handers more likely than right handers to be creative and visual thinkers. This is supported by higher percentages of left-handers than normal in certain jobs and professions – music and the arts, media in general.”

    • Elizabeth says:

      We lefty’s are certainly the creative types! I’m a singer/songwriter/guitarist and in the circle of musicians that I hang out with, most of them are left handed! But out of all the lefties, there is only one guitarist that plays left handed. I’m the only of of the group that wears my watch on my right wrist, although my friend that plays left-handed, is VERY left handed while the rest of us are a bit ambidextrous.

  149. Lana says:

    Both my husband and I are right-handed and both our children (one boy and one girl) are left-handed. Now what’s the liklihood of that?

  150. Robyn says:

    I am totally left handed (LH) but, like many lefties, can do lots of things right handed (RH) if I really want to! All grandparents were RH, all aunts and uncles were RH, all cousins RH, both parents RH and 2 brothers RH. The only LH I know of in the older generations is one of my father’s aunts. Others may have been forced to change of course, as was the custom in previous generations.
    One of my 2 brothers has 3 RH sons and the other brother has 2 LH children and 1 RH. He blames me! My husband is RH and doesn’t know of any LHs up his family tree. My eldest child writes RH but plays most sports (tennis, squash, golf, soccer) LH or left footed, although he bowls a cricket ball with his RH. My 2 daughters are RH. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild in May and hoping he/she will be a Lefty!

  151. Sherrie says:

    My husband and I are both lefties. We have a right handed son and a left handed daughter. Before me the only leftie in my family was my father’s uncle, his Mom’s brother. My Husbands Mom was right handed and his dad was left handed. The first girl is a leftie, Then a rightie girl, then a rightie son and lastly my husband a leftie. All of my cousins are rightie and most of them has at least on leftie child. My right handed sister and her right handed husband have 2 lefties and two righties.

  152. Sebastian says:

    Every time I watch the Gilmore Girls, that girl Paris Geller is also left-handed.

  153. Patricia Tom says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that my father does the left thumb over the right upon clasping his hands together and so do I. My mother, older brother and younger brother do the right thumb over the left thumb. My father is really creative. Although we are all right handed people, I suspect being Asian has a lot to do with why we are not left handed. When I inquired my Mother about my hand preference as a child she was offended and defensively stated that “you were always a righted handed person!”. She explained that we were brought up to be well mannered right handed people. My Mother was also a Catholic so that was another cross to bear…left hand of the devil!

  154. Patricia Tom says:

    I injured my right shoulder and back when I was about 20 years old. It was so injured that I had to train my left hand to take over most of my right handed task which up until that point was virtually all my task. Doing so made me quite curious about handedness that I read two lengthy books on the left hand so that I could have a better idea of what it is all about in terms of the outward signs of the right brain dominant person. Is you left thumb on top if you clasp your hands together? Is your left arm on top when you cross your arms? Such are the outward displays of some left handedness. Turns out I can play tennis as a left handed person with less precision but greater creativity of shot selection. It is almost like two different people playing when I play as a right handed person as oppose to the left handed person. I’ve been reading the research and it looks like it’s a very good thing to do more activities with the left side as more creativity is released. I’m now 45 years old and I want to be more creative so anything left handed will be good to go do….keep to the LEFT>

  155. Chic Bottrill says:

    My husband is left-handed, our daughter and her husband are right handed, and all her 3 children (2 boys then 1 girl) are all left-handed. We googled this site because we felt it was very rare and we were curious about the odds of it happening. We are please to see that it may be rare but not unheard of.
    Does anyone know if left-handedness displays any signs of increased intelligence?
    Naturally we feel our grand-children are brilliant but of course we are probably a bit biased.

  156. koskei kibet wilson says:

    Am W.k.koskei in Africa (Kenya) and am the only one in my family who is left-handed, in my father’s family tree, there was no one who was left-handed, ,however my mother’s family tree was, and that was my grand mother, and when i was 5yr old my mother took me to my grand maa and she use to discourage me a lot, they use to tie my hand so that i can use my right hand, however it never worked and today am 40yrs with my family and non of my 5 kids is left-handed, i would have loved if i had one!
    Am grateful for having got a club of our own!

  157. Bex says:

    I am left handed along with my mother and sister. Apart from us, there is no known history of anyone being left handed in the family. My husband is right handed and we are currently expecting our first child, will be interesting to see if shes another lefty.

    When I was at college there was 7 of us in a business studies class. All left handed. Weird!

  158. Dee says:

    My son is left handed. My twin sister (fraternal) was left handed until, in pre-school, they forced her to be right handed. I am right handed, my husband is right handed. My father’s cousins, who were also twins (identical), one was right handed, one was left handed. My father’s father was left handed. My daughter is right handed, but does have left handed tendencies as she will do certain things with her left hand before thinking about it and switching to her right.

    I think its hit or miss, but I knew from the day we brought my son home after birth that he was going to be left handed. He favored that side very strongly when sleeping, always used that hand first for anything.

    I’m proud of my lefty. It makes him more unique and special.

  159. Aimee says:

    Me and my partner are both right handed. We have a set of identical twins, one is right-handed, the other left handed. Our 3rd daughter is also right handed.

    Our little ‘lefty’ feels very left out (excuse the pun!) But my grandad and best friend are both left handed so she does have a lefty buddy who are just as special as she is!

  160. Dave says:

    I’m intrigued by these stats,

    My Dad is right handed, Mum left. my brother, sister and me are all are left handed.

    My wife is right handed. both my daughters are left handed

    I think we have a super left gene :)

  161. Julez says:

    Hubby and I are left handed. We have 4 left handed & 1 right handed children plus youngest who is also ambi (was lefty at Nursery then started all again using right hand at Juniors but can write equally well with either hand)
    I worked for a while at a special needs school and found out that left handed children had been fed right handed by right handed carers (badly) and when others couldn’t cut with left handed scissors it was put down to their being a lefty – turned out the scissors didn’t work. We need a minority group to stand up for leftys I had to work right handed in the Post office for a year until I left! Leftys need rights, or should I say lefts.
    P.S wouldn’t be without my lefty tin opener, rehung fridge door and kids squeezy mouse (for computer).

  162. Vickie says:

    My Mother and Father were both right handed.They had three children.All three daughters are left handed.I am one of the left handed daughters my husband is right handed.We have three children all right handed and four grandchildren all right handed.
    My next sister had a right handed husband and only child a daughter is left handed Do not know about grands and greatgrands.My oldest sister and her husband are left handed.Two of their four children are left handed.I do not know about grands and great- grands.

  163. Diane says:

    I find it interesting that my two grandsons are NOT left handed – I am, their father is, their mother is and maternal grandfather is left handed. That’s a lot of left handed influence. I know that it’s not supposed to be genetic, so what is it?

  164. Wendy elliott says:

    I was born to right handed parents, but all the girls in my family (both my 2 sisters) plus my own 2 daughters are total leftys. Having it reconised is fantastic by ‘Anything Left Handed’ because we can buy things that make life easier. Best gadget so far has been the bread knives as we can cut equal thickness slices of bread now instead of mishapen door wedges! Brill!

    • Sue says:

      I think we may be a stastical anomoly – out of 8 cousins, 5 are left handed and 3 right-handed. We parents are 7:1 right to left-handed!

  165. Tara says:

    My parents are both right handed, as are both sets of grandparents…the only lefties that I know of in my family are my dad’s sister and her son…and I think my paternal great-great-uncle was left handed too…

    And about left handers attracting each other – my boyfriend’s left handed (we’ve been dating for over 2 years but have known each other since we were 4)…and the first friend I made in playschool is left handed (and we’re still in touch now)…

    • RORY MAC LEOD says:

      It’s fantastic.My wife is also a leftie so our house is well set up for us..The kettle,the toaster etc..1 of our four children is left handed.Although they all kick a ball right footed and play racket sports right handed..

      They do swim left handed though!! LOL..a wee joke for our poor rightie friends,like my RIGHT handed drum sticks!!!

  166. Dee says:

    I am left-handed, both of my children are left handed. My husband is right handed.
    My parents are right handed.
    One connection between three generations is that we are all very creative either through art or music!
    My left handed son (age 9) taught himself to play the guitar right handed….and prefers it this way.

  167. Tracey says:

    I am left handed from 2 right handed parents – I have one daughter who is also left handed and one right handed – my husband is right handed
    I do voluntary work with two other ladies and all three of us are left handed !!

  168. Annie says:

    I started right handed, and I’ve been that way my whole life but I don’t know what happened this summer but now it’s almost impossible to write with my right hand and I have more controll over my left! I do have attention (never dianossed as add or adhd, sorry for spelling) but I don’t think that that would happen because of it? anyways no one else that I know of in my family is left handed so I feel… different now. A good different.

    • Katie says:

      Annie, all of us are born right-handed, only the greatest among us overcome it. It sounds like you just overcame it later in life than most. Congratulations on your perseverance! :-)

  169. sadig says:

    recently I discovered that my baby of one year is lift handed, he became the 3ed lift handed in my family

  170. Ann says:

    I’m a left-handed daughter of a left-handed Dad, and a right-handed Mum with a left handed sister. I have three right-handed daughters, which surprised me a bit, as their right-handed father came from a left-handed family. Thought there’d be at least one lefty in the mix. Guess I’ll have to see what happens with the grandkids when and if they arrive.

  171. Jen says:

    I have three children and all three kids ( 2boys, 1 girl) are all left handed. I’m right my parents are right and there dad is right. WEIRD!!!!!

  172. Faye Y says:

    My grandfather on my dad’s side was left handed and so am I! No one else in my family is left handed (except my older sisters husband). I hope their 3 wk old baby boy is left-handed.

  173. Jo says:

    We’ll so far I’m the only left handed female in my family but there are a few lefties; my grandfather, father & a male cousin and I have to say I like being ‘different’ and being left handed… I always tell people that left handed people are the top 10% of the population ;-)

  174. Dianna says:

    My mom, my sister, and I are all left handed in a family of six. I know that two of my nephews are left handed…seems to be alot in one family.

  175. Valerie Meyer says:

    OK, so does anyone else have three , yes all three of my children are left handed!! What are the odds of that???? And neither my husband nor I are! I know of no one alive on my immediate side of the family that is left handed and my husband, knows of one left handed uncle. We wondered if my kids just imitated their siblings and did what they saw?? Who knows. But there it is. They do do some things right handed. Like we know my eldest plays sports right handed!

    • Stephanie Rodick says:

      Hi Valerie,
      I was just speaking with my sister today on this very subject after seeing a picture she sent of her youngest daughter via email. She was coloring, and I noticed she was holding the crayon in her left hand. I couldn’t believe it because her 2 older children are also lefties! This one is 2 1/2, but she has a sister who is 5 and a brother 6 1/2. My sister and her husband are both right handed. I am the only person my sister knows of anywhere in both of their families that is left handed. I have 3 little ones of my own and they are all right handed. She and I were just talking about how rare it must be, and here I googled a little bit and came upon your story. Thanks!
      Proud Aunt Stephanie

    • Claudia says:

      Hi, I am like you.
      My husband and I are right handed. My first son whose father died was right handed.
      My other two children are also left handed. Like you, I don’t know anyone in any of the families who are left handed but all 3 of my children are left handed.

      • Ser says:

        I am right, my daughters, all three, are left. My dad is left, my partners mum is left. So it’s in both sides. I think it’s pretty special having three lefties!!

  176. rachel says:

    my 7 year old son’s lefthanded, my sister in law and my father in law are also left handed.

  177. Sarah says:

    My Grandmother was left handed, my Mum is left handed, I’m left handed, my Niece is left handed, and I’m waiting to see what my 2yr old daughter will be, she’s not showing any sign of a dominant side yet. A female pattern in my Family then…

  178. Melissa says:

    My Grandfather is a lefty the only one in my family until my son came along. I think it’s hit or miss.

  179. matt says:

    I have always told my wife that I am a genius, thank god for your website, now I have it in writing! Unfortunately, she still thinks I’m an idiot. (She is right handed)

  180. Izzy says:

    in my family, its fairly random – me, my dad, then my youngest male cousin on my mums side and my step grandmother. Is this mostly chance? or something more ‘sinister’ *mwa ha ha ha ha…*

  181. Sadig Mhamoud says:

    Is lifthandness affect the way of one’s thinking or critiria of appreciating or assess such issues?

  182. Dane says:

    Must have been a recessive gene in my family. all four grandparents were right handed, my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and great grandparents were all right handed! I am the only living left handed person in my family. I dont know if my great great grandparents were or not, though.

  183. pat says:

    My father was left handed, my mother right handed..
    my elder sister and are both left handed…
    our 2 younger brothes are both right handed…
    Odd ? Pat.