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To increase quantity of an item, just type the amount you want in the quantity box and click the Update button

To Cancel an item, just click in the box under the "Remove" heading and click the Update button

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Please call Customer Service on 01737 888269, email enquiries@anythinglefthanded.co.uk
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Using our shopping cart system
Returning to this page
Wherever you are on our web site, there is a link at the top of the page showing the number of items and total value of your shopping cart and a "View cart" link that will bring you back here.

Finishing and paying for your order
Click the "Checkout now" or "Checkout with PayPal" button below to enter your delivery and payment details
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Delivery charges
Our charges are based on your order value and location and may not be calculated until you have entered your delivery country in the first page of the checkout.
All United Kingdom orders are charged at £4.95
Europe orders are £5.95 up to £40.00 value and £6.95 above that
Outside Europe, the charge is £5.95 up to £40.00 value and £7.95 above that
There are some countries where we need to deliver by courier
Click this link to see our full delivery details in a new browser window

Adding more items to your order
You can click the "Continue shopping" button below to return to the last page you were on or use the navigation menu on the left to select a new section

Changing an item quantity
Click in the white "Quantity" box with the number you want to change, edit it, then click the "Update" button below to recalculate your cart totals

Removing an item
Click in the small box under the "Remove" heading next to the item you want to remove to tick it, then click the "Update" or "Continue shopping" button below to remove it and recalculate your cart totals

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Payment options and security
To make your payment you will be transferred to a secure website run by either our Bank or Paypal where your payment will be cleared, then our website is advised and you will see an order confirmation.
We never see or have access to your card details.
Credit/Debit Card Payments (Recommended) (hover mouse here to show details)
Using an AMEX Card
Paypal Express Checkout
Is my address safe?
Can I give you my card details offline?
Credit / Debit Card payments
This is our recommended payment method and is run by our shopping cart provider Actinic in partnership with Payment Service Provider CreditCall. In our experience, this payment method is comepletely safe and has the least technical drop-outs during checkout
1. Click on the "Checkout Now" button below
2. Enter your delivery country
3. Enter your address details
4. Choose the Credit/Debit Card payment method
5. Enter your card details on the CreditCall secure site
6. Complete your payment and return to this site for your order confirmation
Using an AMEX card to pay for your order
You can pay using American Express by selecting the Paypal Website Payments option at the end of our checkout (NOT the PayPal Express Checkout on this page).
You do NOT NEED a Paypal account to do this.

1. Click on the "Checkout Now" button below
2. Enter your invoice and delivery country
3. Enter your address details
4. Choose the "Paypal website payments" payment method
5. Click the "Don't have a Paypal account - Continue" option
6. Follow the instructions to pay by American Express
7. Complete your payment and return to this site for your order confirmation

PLEASE NOTE - We cannot clear Amex cards in our online card payment system so please DO NOT select the "Credit / Debit card" payment option
Paypal Express Checkout
If you have a Paypal account you can speed up the checkout process by having Paypal complete your address and email details for you.
You can create a new Paypal account on the way through if you want.
Click here for more information about Paypal (opens in a new window)
1. Click the Checkout with Paypal button below
2. Login to your Paypal account
3. Click the Pay button and Paypal will automatically fill in the address and email details for you on our site
4. Make any changes that are necessary then click the Confirm button to complete your order and see your order confirmation
Security of customer information
All of the information you enter on our site is fully encrypted before storage on our web server and securely transferred to our office before being decoded into readable form so we can send your order.

Before you enter any payment card details you will be transferred to the secure SSL server of our Payment Service Provider and see the padlock at the bottom of their page. No card details are sent to us or stored on any of our systems. When payment is complete, you will be returned ot our site.
Sending your card details to us separately
The safest way to make a payment is to use one of the online payment options above as that way your card information is fully secure and we do not even see it. CreditCall or Paypal handle millions of transactions daily and provide you with excellent protection.
If you are not able to use those services for any reason, you can complete your order without a payment and then contact us direct to provide your card details and we will process your payment in our office using an offline terminal

IMPORTANT NOTE - You will need to contact us in UK working hours and this method will cause a delay in processing and despatching your order.
We strongly recommend that you use one of the secure online payment services to pay for your order.

If you are not able to pay online for some reason:
1. Click on the "Checkout Now" button below
2. Enter your invoice and delivery country
3. Enter your address details
4. Choose the payment method "Phone us with payment details"
5. You will then see your online order confirmation and receive an email from us.

You will then need to provide us with your payment details by phone, fax or email (not as secure as paying online) and there will be notes on how to do that in your order confirmation
Paypal Gift Voucher redemption codes
Do not use this Coupon Code box for Paypal Gift Voucher codes - select Paypal as your payment method (either Express Checkout here or Paypal Website Payments at the end of the checkout process) then tick the box on the Paypal screen for paying using a Gift Voucher and enter your redemption code in the box there.

Click here to find out more about our Paypal Gift Vouchers
Coupon code not showing your discount calculation?
Please make sure you have entered the code exactly as it was given to you - all in capitals and with no spaces, including at the start and the end.
You will need to click the "Update" button to see your discount calculated
We have had reports that for some people the discount is not calculating in the shopping basket as it should, but DOES calculate correctly once you have entered your delivery location into the first stage of the checkout.
Please add any more items you want and then click the "Checkout" button. Once you select your delivery country and click the "Next" button you should see your discount calculated correctly.
Sorry for any confusion and we are working on correcting this fault.
Information on our delivery charges

Customers sometimes ask if our delivery charge is too high, particularly when only ordering a single low priced item, but there is a good reason for it...

The actual postage cost to send a single peeler may be between £1.50 and £3.00 depending where it is going but we also have to pay for the fulfilment of the order (warehousing, pick, pack, despatch), which costs us a minimum £2.50 plus the cost of a padded bag, document printing, document envelope to stick on the outside.

For larger orders, the packing cost and postage goes up but we keep the charge to our customers at the same fixed rate for all orders up to £40.00 then a little more above that as the weight of the items means the postage cost goes up rapidly. That fixed charge doesn’t seem as big for people ordering £30 or more of products, which is around the average for our orders.

If we are going to stay in business and continue to search out and supply left-handed products and also provide all the free information, newsletters and personal advice for our site visitors, we have to make sure we are at least covering our costs.

We do have a lot of fixed cost in processing an order and it is just not viable if we charge less, even though it can seem like is a lot if you are only ordering a single low value item like a peeler. Best to add a few more items you really want to your order at no extra delivery charge to make it worthwhile :)

I hope that makes sense.

Tracked courier delivery by UPS

We have sent thousands of parcels all round the world over the last 40 years and in our experience airmail parcels to some countries just don't seem to reach the customer. If your parcel gets "lost" it involves a big delay for you and your time spent chasing it around and, usually, the cost of sending the whole thing again, often more than once!

That does not give the high standard of customer service that we always aim for, so where we think there could be delivery problems with standard airmail we will still deliver your order, but only using a tracked service from UPS so we know it will definitely get to you.

Unfortunately, there is a much higher cost for that as we have to pay for the UPS service, but we hope you will agree it is worth it to make sure you actually get the left-handed items you are ordering.

Saving and retrieving your shopping cart

You do not normally need to save your cart - just click the Checkout Now button to complete your order.

Your cart will actually be saved on your computer for 48 hours anyway unless you delete your cookies so if you leave our site and return later it should still be there anyway.

If you specifically want to save your cart, click the Save Cart link and it will be saved on your computer without a time limit. When you come back, if the cart contents are not already displaying, click View Cart at the top of the page to return here then click the Retrieve Cart link.