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One-sided clothing

We received an email from Graham recently that got us thinking again about one-side clothing that is awkward for us lefthanders to wear and use.   “As a pilot I can get a pilot’s pullover with a pocket on the sleeve to stow pencils etc. However as a left hander

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Left handed golf clubs

Finding left handed golf clubs can be a hard task, as most retailers stock a wide range for the right hander but only a limited amount of choice available for the left handed golfer. The online golf sites do not usually have separate products pages for their left-handed items and

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Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is Sunday 16th June 2013 and if you haven’t found the perfect present yet we have some great ideas for left-handed gifts for Dad and we have also put together some links to websites to give you inspiration. Have a look at our page of Father’s Day gift

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New to left-handed scissors? Scissors not cutting?

This post applies to all types of left-handed scissors! We occasionally have left handed dressmaking scissors returned by customers who say “they do not work” but the problem is usually not with the scissors themselves but is being caused by the way they are used. If you have always used

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Left handed cheque books

The use of cheques is declining rapidly as cards of all types take over but we do still get a lot of enquiries from people complaining about the difficulty of using a standard cheque book if you are left-handed.   The problem is that the binding is normally on the

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What day starts the week?

We have traditionally produced our backwards calendar with the week starting on a Monday, which is the standard format in the UK, but in the USA it is normal to have calendars starting the week on a Sunday – which is correct? The short answer is it is a matter

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Rust spots on stainless steel in dishwasher

The manufacturers of our left-handed kitchen knives claim they are dishwasher safe and that the handles and blades will not be harmed by putting them in a dishwasher.   We test this ourselves and regularly dishwash the knives we use use in our own kitchen and have not had any

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Backwards calendar – Sunday position

We have just released our free Backwards Calendar for 2013 and you can download it here I have had an email about the positioning of Sunday in the calendar – we put it at the end of the week which is normal in the UK but Bob S for

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Left handed recorder playing

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not musical and do not play any instruments (though for some reason my left-handed son Tom is a musical genius and can play almost anything).   I had an email recently from John asking for advice on left handed

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Getting the ink flowing in a new cartridge pen

In most cases, once you insert a cartridge and start writing you will get ink flow very quickly and without any problems.   Occasionally, new nibs do sometimes take a little work to start for the first time and here are a few things you can try: Make sure you

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