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Positive Left-Handed Emojis!

Emojis are the small icons you can add on your phone to text messages and other places and I notice the other day that on my iPhone the icon for a “thumbs up” is left-handed and for a “thumbs down” is right handed! It is more normal for anything with

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Backwards fonts and backwards typing

We recently received an email asking if we could produce a “backwards” font in English to allow people to type from right to left for a bit of fun and because it seems like a thing that left-handers can do.  We are not technical experts but we did look into

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Why are Stormtroopers no longer left handed?

Have you seen the new Star Wars film yet? We have, and we noticed one very interesting fact – the Stormtroopers are no longer left-handed! Take a look at the Stormtroopers in the most recent film: And now compare them to the original 1977 versions: So what’s happened to Stormtroopers

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Can a dog be left-handed?

It turns out that dogs do show a clear preference for their left or right paw and there’s roughly a 50:50 split between left-pawedness and right-pawedness across all dog breeds. Here are a few tests you can do to find out whether your dog is a ‘southpaw’: Have your dog

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Have I Got News For You – TV quiz left-handed headlines

The very popular UK TV programme Have I got News For You has been running since 1990 and is a news-based quiz with teams partly answering questions and mainly making jokes at the expense of others. The show ends with a quick-fire round “Missing Words” round where the panelists have

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Lefty’s Lament song

For our Left-Handers Day celebrations a few years ago, singer/songwriter and long standing Club member Ian Radburn offered to compose a light-hearted song, which he could perform at our live events. The result, in the style of a folk song, was absolutely brilliant and had us all singing along with

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Left handed golf clubs

Finding left handed golf clubs can be a hard task, as most retailers stock a wide range for the right hander but only a limited amount of choice available for the left handed golfer. The online golf sites do not usually have separate products pages for their left-handed items and

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Shortcodes Deluxe WordPress Toolkit

We are always trying to find better ways of presenting our content and livening up our pages and posts to make them more interesting for our visitors and we use all sorts of tools and software to help us with developing our pages.   We have built up a huge

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Do left-handed actors have to change hands?

We received this in an email from Valerie in Indiana, USA recently and it got us thinking… Here’s an interesting thought I recently had while watching the 2008 version of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’: Keanu Reeves who plays the alien ‘Klaatu’ is left-handed but appears to be right-handed

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Golf Online use a left-handed golfer!

The Golf Online website in the UK has a great golf animated game in the header of their site and… It is a left-handed golfer.   Click here to give it a try – move your mouse arrow to  set the trajectory, or height of the shot, then click and

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