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Are there lots of left-handers in your family?

We have been asked by our friend  Professor Chris McManus (University College London) to see if we can help find families with a lot of lefthanders for some new research that is being conducted.  This is what he said...

Left- and right-handedness are almost certainly determined by genes in some way or another, as left-handedness undoubtedly runs in families. The genes have however proved elusive to find using standard methods, probably because there are a number of different genes which can ...Read more

Lefthanders no slouches in the bedroom department

This story appeared in the Mirror online recently and was covered widely elsewhere. A survey has revealed that left-handed people have more satisfying intimate relations than their right-handed counterparts, finding that of 10,000 people surveyed 86 per cent of lefties were "extremely satisfied" compared with a paltry 15 per cent of righties.

In the past, scientific studies have found that people who are left handed were more exposed to testosterone in the womb. This ...Read more

Positive left-handed sayings

We often see so many negative things said about lefthanders and language often works against us so we thought we would start this newsletter by focussing on some POSITIVE quotes and sayings about lefthanders. Here are some of the best ones we have seen and you can use this link to see this article online and add any more you know by commenting there.

"If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, ...Read more

Left handed sign language for the deaf

We recently had a message from Scott Conlan that encouraged us to do a bit of research. Sign language is used by deaf people as a system of communication using visual gestures and signs and your handedness clearly has an impact on how it is used and understood.

Hi, All!

Has there ever been a study of the percentage of lefties, hearing impaired and/or hearing, who communicate fully or partially in ASL (American Sign Language) and the associated benefits or challenges in ...Read more

Left handed / ambidextrous travel iron

Message from Jenny A

I have recently had to replace my very old travel iron.  To my surprise these all seem to be right handed I.e the flex comes out of the iron towards a  left handed person getting in the way.  I don't need an iron just for 2 weeks of the year, we do in fact own a caravan and have always travelled with very small caravan sized ironing board and travel iron.  There are so many caravan owners ...Read more

Language translation – newsletters

We often get emails asking if we can send our newsletter out in other languages. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do a full translation to all the languages for the countries all round the world where we have members but we have set up a translation facility on our website which seems to work pretty well.

Here is how it works...

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Can I print your left-handed articles?

We recently had an enquiry asking about this...



Yes, of course and we would be delighted if you print any of our articles and pass them on to others.  We have even put a special utility on all of our blog pages and posts to allow you to format just the main article content for printing neatly.  the link is at the bottom of all the articles, just below the social link buttons:

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Left Handed Eating

Using cutlery for eating is an area that causes a lot of confusion and inconsistency for both left- and right-handers:

Right-handers- traditionally eat with a knife and fork using the knife in their right and fork in the left, so they actually feed themselves with their left hand. (in America, some people change fork hand as they go along, cutting with their right then switching the fork into the right to lift the food to their mouth). When they are using just ...Read more

Using Coupon Codes to get a discount


A Coupon Code is a series of letters and numbers, for example ABC2,  that you can enter into the box in our Shopping Cart to get a discount on your order.  Members of the Left Handers Club receive coupon codes for discounts on a regular basis in our monthly newsletters, so if you are not already a member: Join the Left Handers Club Free here

We typically offer discounts such as:

A percentage off of the ...Read more

Is left-handedness genetic?

Genetics and left-handednessA new study has concluded that there is no single, major gene which accounts for why people are right- or left-handed. About 10 percent of people worldwide are left-handed, but the mechanisms by which people favour one hand over the other remain unclear. In an effort to learn more, researchers from Nottingham University conducted detailed genetic analyses of nearly 4,000 twins who had been studied by the London Twin Research Unit ...Read more