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A lot of our information about being left-handed is included in fixed pages that you can see by using the menus on the left of the page or by using the search box to find relevant information. Click this link to see a video run-through of the main content and

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Video demonstration of popular left-handed items

We have put together a combination video showing why left-handers need different version of everyday items and how the left-handed versions work for us. You can either watch the full 6-minute video below or just click the timeline to go the part you are interested in. Use the links below

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Diary Of A Lefthander

We had an email recently from Divine in The Phillipines suggesting that we should publish real people’s day-to-day experiences with being left-handed and she sent us an entry from her diary…   Dear Diary,        Today I was really nervous. It was my first day at school! Can

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Old books on left-handedness

We were recently sent the names of a couple of books that got us thinking about how things have changed and how much more positive the attitude to left-handedness is now than it was in the past.   The Prevention And Correction of Left-Handedness In Children by J.W. Conway was

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Positive Left-Handed Emojis!

Emojis are the small icons you can add on your phone to text messages and other places and I notice the other day that on my iPhone the icon for a “thumbs up” is left-handed and for a “thumbs down” is right handed! It is more normal for anything with

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Backwards fonts and backwards typing

We recently received an email asking if we could produce a “backwards” font in English to allow people to type from right to left for a bit of fun and because it seems like a thing that left-handers can do.  We are not technical experts but we did look into

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Solving Problems The Left-Handed Way

One of our club members spied this on Twitter recently and sent it over to us – and it got us thinking. Was the child’s answer wrong or right? Clearly the child’s answer was not what the teacher was wanting! But this child is left-handed, and their answer is a

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Advice for Left Handed DIY and Gardening

Confession time: In the past I have been guilty of thinking that left handed tools were just a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than being essential. Surely us lefties are skilled enough to muddle through with cheaper right-handed tools right? Anyway, we recently moved into a new house that needs a lot of

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Why are Stormtroopers no longer left handed?

Have you seen the new Star Wars film yet? We have, and we noticed one very interesting fact – the Stormtroopers are no longer left-handed! Take a look at the Stormtroopers in the most recent film: And now compare them to the original 1977 versions: So what’s happened to Stormtroopers

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Things that are awkward for left-handers at Christmas

As we were putting together some fantastic offers to kick off the Christmas season here at Anything Left-Handed, we got to thinking: What are some of the traditional Christmas activities that are sometimes made difficult for left-handers? Here are our ideas so far: Christmas cards opening the right-handed way. Except

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Can a dog be left-handed?

It turns out that dogs do show a clear preference for their left or right paw and there’s roughly a 50:50 split between left-pawedness and right-pawedness across all dog breeds. Here are a few tests you can do to find out whether your dog is a ‘southpaw’: Have your dog

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