Welcome to the Anything Left-Handed Blog

A lot of our information about being left-handed is included in fixed pages that you can see by using the menus on the left of the page or by using the search box to find relevant information. Click this link to see a video run-through of the main content and features of this site This […]

ku:nel Japanese Magazine

We were recently approached by ku:nel magazine for some information and pictures for an article on left-handedness they were preparing.  The article came out well and featured Anything Left Handed and our products and we hadn’t realised that Japanese magazines are printed to open from left-to-right so perfect for lefthanders who often read magazines “from […]

Prince William wants George to be left-handed

It has been reported that Prince William (a left-hander himself) wants his son George to be left-handed as well “so he can be a brainbox”. This follows a commonly held belief that left-handers are more intelligent than right-handers and that a disproportionate number of scientists, artists, musicians and world leaders are left-handed. Tracing the left-handers […]

Notability App has a Left-Handed Mode

We were very impressed to see that the Notability app from Ginger Labs includes a left-handed mode that changes the way the “palm rest” works. This feature allows you to drag up an area at the bottom of the screen where you can rest your palm while making a handwritten note to stop your hand […]

New format for our newsletter

More than 50% of the Club Members who receive our newsletter now view it using a mobile device – their smartphone or tablet.  Our previous format was designed to be viewed on a desktop computer and was very difficult to see on a phone screen so we have completely changed things and moved to a […]

Left-Handed and Proud

We are so excited about this year’s Left-Handers’ Day on August 13! We’ve been gearing up for it this year with a brand new website, and we would love you to be involved, spreading the word online to everyone you know about how proud you are of being left handed. You’ll probably discover lots of […]

Inconvenience stores

We had this comment from Enid recently on our website Have you noticed the right-handed 4 pint milk containers? Makes life quite awkward. They’re in Lidl and Farm Foods so far but I’m sure they will spread to other suppliers in due course. We decided to do some research ourselves and found that Enid was right. The […]

New format for Left Handers Club newsletters

We are experimenting with a new layout at the moment so that hopefully your newsletter will be delivered on more email services without being filtered and also will show properly on all types of devices including mobile phones. It may take us a couple of months to get everything working properly and we would appreciate […]

Left Handers’ Day is coming – August 13th 2014

Left-Handers’ Day is a great opportunity to celebrate being left-handed with millions of other left-handers all over the world. All year long, we lefties have to fit in with a right-handed world, but on August 13th it is time to demonstrate our left-handed solidarity and superiority. Here at the Left Handers Club we are preparing […]

James May left-handed science

This fantastic video from BBC’s James May (as part of his YouTube ‘Head Squeeze’ series) looks into the science behind why people are left-handed. Is it genetic? Is it a disadvantage? These questions and more are covered in his video below: From the James May video post: Once thought to be in league with the […]

Why do sports go anti-clockwise?

We had a comment on our sports page recently that got us thinking… As far as running round a track is concerned, having watched the olympic speed skating where the athletes go around the track with their left leg on the inside, I feel disadvantaged because I would like my right leg to be on […]