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Is it just me… or is it a left-handed thing?

As a result of our question on Left Handed Kissing Confusion, we got loads of responses about other things left-handers find awkward but have never really connected with them being left-handed.   Apart from the problem of greeting people with a kiss and getting it wrong, we also received comments on other things that made us think….is it just me or is there more to it? Some of the things that were mentioned were:

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  • crossing other peoples paths/position on pavement
  • hugging
  • taking neighbours drink/bread roll at dining table
  • direction of work, decorating/painting rooms
  • being helped to put on a jacket
  • receiving change
  • putting children’s socks and shoes on
  • using your left-hand as a point of reference when giving directions
  • feeling more comfortable sitting on the left hand side of things
  • putting belts on upside down
  • visualise things the opposite way around
  • trouble opening/locking locks
  • work stations flow the opposite way around
  • organising files “back to front”

It seems that a lot of the quirks that we have are a result of being left-handed in a right-handed world. Listed below are some of the responses we received from our Club Members when we asked . “Is it just me…?” See how many you identify with. The quirk that started it all was social kissing, and you can read a selection of anecdotes about that on our kissing confusion page.

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  • It was only recently  that I realised why, when I try clothes on in a shop and put them back on the rack, they’re always facing the wrong way because, I’m LEFT-HANDED.~ Simone Hurst

I’ve noticed that even when loading the dishwasher, I start on the right, but my husband, who is right handed, loads on the left first, and folding sheets together is a nightmare, he folds the opposite to me, and if I don’t remember the sheet gets twisted not folded. ~ Carol Wiltshire

  • One really embarrassing thing I do at dinner parties is drink from the person next to me’s glass.   I just reach out with my left hand and lift and its not until I  see that  I’m getting strange looks that I realise what I’m doing.   I tell myself I won’t do it again then I do.   Also the cheese board!   I just dread someone asking me to cut a piece for them because I just can’t do it, it usually ends up on the table and I feel stupid.   What should be an enjoyable night out is something I dread. ~ Evelyn Rose
  • When first seated at a dinner party or restaurant table, I always have to wait for the person to my left to take a sip of their drink, or eat their bread roll to make sure I don’t take the wrong one by mistake! ~ Lauren, UK
  • Microscopes!! The fine focus is always on the right!! its probably just me but I use them all day and it drives me mad (boss too mean to buy me a proper one). ~ Debbie, UK
  • Am also a glider pilot, and there are an unusual number of left-handed pilots, particularly the really good ones e.g. national & world champions. We tend to be better & more comfortable at turning right, whereas the right-handed pilots are better at turning to the left. ~ Sarah Platt

I just wonder if anyone out there is like me. When I’m out with friends walking I have to be on the left side of the road when walking and on the left of people when I’m talking otherwise I feel uneasy. ~ Jay

  • Receiving change from shop assistant – I nearly always find myself struggling to hold it without the coins falling all over the floor. (I’m talking about a combination of notes and coins). I think it’s because people naturally hand change as if the person receiving will hold out their right hand – but I hold out my left. ~ Emma Hurley
  • I start painting a wall left to right, both the right handers in my family go right to left, and they couldn’t figure out why I did it “backwards” as they called it. It wasn’t backwards for me. They finally figured it out. It was “left-handed logic” as they call it every time they think I’m doing something the wrong way.
  • Just to let you know I have just been decorating and was papering the room from right to left and find it very difficult to work that way around rather than left to right ~ M. Izzard
  • I don’t know what the odds are, but I’d love to know how many left handed people are also directionally challenged like me  – i.e., have trouble with north south east and west and distances,  and are constantly having to make u-turns when going somewhere. I’ve had this problem all my life and have often been asked what it feels like to “be lost” and am I scared when it happens.  I just tell them, I don’t have a problem with it, I just consider it going on an adventure and I eventually get where I going . It just takes a little bit longer and I consider the new things I see along the way a learning experience.~Dot Sale, Ontario, Canada.
  • When going to a cinema or theatre I am always drawn like a magnet to the left hand side to find a seat. If I have to sit on the right hand side I don’t feel comfortable all night and just sit there thinking how much better I would enjoy the film etc if I was on the left. Is this common with other people? ~ Maureen Elliott
  • I put on a belt backwards, as in using my left hand and inserting it in the right side. Most of the time its hard to notice a difference, but there’s belts out there, like ones with buckles that end up being upside down. I know it’s not just me because two other left-handers I know do the exact same thing, so I was wondering how many other left-handers do this as well? ~ Scott Farrar, USA
  • I just bought this new belt with a designer buckle. I started putting the belt through the straps in my jeans as usual, but when I wanted to close the buckle, I discovered that the buckle logo was upside down. “How weird”, I said to myself, and then it dawned on me: this belt was designed for righties! Somehow I, as a lefty, have an innate impulse to thread a buckle through my jeans straps beginning at the opposite side from that of a RH! (My old belt didn’t cause me any trouble of this sort, since it didn’t matter in what way you turned the buckle). Before the time of the CDs, when one still had LP records, I used to have mine on a shelf beneath my record player. I’ve always been meticulous about sorting  things alphabetically, and I used to do that with my records, too. Somehow, though, my friends would consider my “shelf order” strange, since I put all artists whose name/group name  began with an “A”, at the right-hand side of the shelf, which was totally natural to me. Couldn’t get it what was so strange about that, until recently when I came to think of the fact that it must have been a lefty instinct, to do it “the RIGHT way round”! 🙂 ~ Helene, Sweden

Among a million of things I just can’t do in this right-handed world, here’s one that made me really ask to myself….is it just me? I am just not able to uncork a bottle of wine, simply ’cause I unscrew in the wrong direction. The cork opener never makes it into the cork, no matter how hard I try to push it! My husband makes fun of me, saying that I always use my left-handedness as an excuse just because I’m not able to do stuff….Will they ever understand? ~Sara, Italy

  • When taking “hanging files” (where the papers are laid sideways) out of filing cabinets and opening them up, the papers are always upside down for me when a right-hander has been doing the filing. I know now that I mustn’t slip new papers into hanging files without first checking the direction of the other pages – which are always upside down to my way of thinking! Luckily, I have a personal filing cabinet, where only I file the papers, so every file opens with documents the correct way up for me! ~ Laura, UK
  • Myself and one of my best friends were trying on clothes and she wanted to try on the shorts I was wearing-with a belt. When she got them on and was trying to use the belt, she was having trouble getting it undone so she could do it. She made the comment “you and your left handedness.” I had not realized she was having trouble with doing the belt until she said that and I asked what she meant. Evidently, I had my belt “backwards”. I have to wonder how many other “leftisms” there are that we (lefties) are unaware of? ~ Anonymous, USA
  • It seems my right-handed husband and four kids have all “learned” from me! My husband learned to change and dress our four children the left-handed way since I had the baby’s rooms set up for my convenience. Kitchen activities were also done “my” way. My kids are now in their 20’s and my daughter commented that she does many activities like a lefty because she learned from me. She says it’s my fault she’s all messed up but I just tell her I did her a favour because she’s skilled with both hands! Anything we leftie’s teach our kids or spouses will be noticed by other right-handed people! ~ Doreen Place
  • I have recently realised that one reason I have difficulty with the new chip and pin system is that I put my card in “the wrong way round” – the automatic way for me as a left-handed person but not for the machine – created by and for right-handed people I think?Is this something lots of you have already discovered?! ~ Barbara Robinson
  • I just wanted to say I felt so much better after reading all the things we left handers have in common.   I constantly have problems with handshakes, belts, crossing someone’s path (am I supposed to go to the right of them or to the left?) and of course the kissing!   I also appreciated the people who visualize things in the opposite way.   I recently graduated from law school and I was once told by a professor that although I reached the right conclusion I came at the problem with “backward thinking logic”.   I also organized all of my notebooks in school so that they opened backwards; my classmates never wanted to borrow notes! I also have problems with outside water faucets — I always try to turn it left to turn it off.   And when I read magazines I always flip through them back to front. ~Lesley Holloway
  • The quirk I had trouble with wouldn’t have been noticed if I hadn’t been in the military (US Air Force). As a lefty, I’m more comfortable carrying my purse on my right shoulder, leaving my left arm free. In fact, I find it almost impossible to keep a shoulder bag ON my left shoulder when I try. Here’s the trouble — salutes are done with the right hand and thus, the right arm must be free at all times. It’s even in the regulations that purses, umbrellas, briefcases, etc., should all be carried on the left. I had trouble with that for the entire time I was in the Air Force. I tended to just carry my purses in my left hand (even the shoulder bags), as they would never stay on the shoulder. Very frustrating! My next comment concerns the preference for sitting on the left side of theaters. I don’t feel uncomfortable if I have to sit on the right side, but I do tend to automatically go to the left when entering a theater. This turns out to be an advantage. Studies have shown that the large majority of the population goes to the right when a choice is presented (like going into a theater or choosing from two lines for an amusement park ride) — probably due to handedness. An authority on Disney World has even put into his book about the Park that you’ll spend much less time standing in line if you veer to the left when presented with two lines for the ride! So, go with your quirk and veer to the left — it will almost assuredly be quicker/shorter/less-crowded over there! ~ Lynn, Denver, CO USA
  • Regarding shaking with the left hand, I am both a lefty and in the Guides. Guides and Scouts around the world shake left handed, which is perfectly natural to me. Unfortunately it makes things even harder when I have to shake hands in a non-Guiding situation, I am even less likely to remember to offer my right hand. This has meant that in professional situations, I’ve found out that quite senior people were Scouts or Guides and/or left handed and ended up leaving my boss totally out of the conversation as we then talk about handedness or Scouting. ~A. Kerr

Is it just me? Everything at my workstation in my job flows right to left! It drives my co-workers crazy when they come looking for something at my area. They think my workstation set up is “backwards”. I just assumed its a “leftie” quirk. Same thing in my kitchen by the way…. ~ Colleen, USA

  • I always find that if I have to flick through a book I hold it in my right hand and flick the pages with my left starting at the back of the book. It drives me insane when I want to use a dictionary because I think of the alphabet going forwards but then I’m flicking with the letters going backwards. Whenever I fill up my motorbike I have to go to a pump that is on my left other wise it just doesn’t feel right. Unfortunately my car has the fuel cap on the right hand side and I frequently get myself tangled up with the pumps. I also us one of those flip open wallets and always find it difficult to put notes and credit cards away without turning it upside down then everything ends up falling out! ~ Pauline Woodhall, UK
  • A constant annoyance for me is the placement of receipts when signing credit card transactions. Cashiers almost always angle the receipt towards my right hand, so I inevitably have to re-angle it towards my left hand before signing. This can sometimes be a problem if the cashier keeps a finger on the receipt (usually due to a draft from a fan or doorway). The most amazing incident of this nature was a few months ago in a well known UK DIY store: the cashier placed the receipt angled towards my right hand, I re-angled the receipt towards my left, but before I could put pen to paper the cashier re-angled the receipt towards my right again! ~ Michele Wilkinson, Cambs
  • My gripe is with the till desks, usually petrol stations, that secure the pen for the signing of the receipt with a piece of tatty string that is attached to what ever on the right side and too short for the lefthander. The assistant also offers the receipt to me addressing my right hand. I have found that banks are no better they just have posh ball chain that’s too short instead of string ~ Bob Beaney
  • I was recently looking into purchasing a new horse.   When  I lifted his leg to look at his hoof he  tried to kick out.   This had never happened to me  with my other two horses so I thought there was something wrong.   The owner informed me that I was picking  up his hoof by touching the inside of his leg.   He said most people touch the horse on the outside of the leg and this is why he was spooked.   I never realized it but being left-handed I naturally reach inside the leg, whereas it is awkward  for a right-handed person  to reach inside, so therefore would pick up the leg from the outside. Also, when I was a kid, my mom asked me to put up the pencil sharpener (one of those crank kinds).   I did as I was told.   A few days later my dad complained that he could not sharpen his pencil as the sharpener was upside down!!! ~ Linda Vonhof, Westhampton Beach, NY
  • Is it me? i’m the only left hander at college, and if I’ve been using the computers I get a lot of complaints because the mouse is on the wrong side of the computer for the boring people of this world.~ Bev Syson, Ilkeston
  • My ex-husband and I moved to a new home and since he was travelling for work I had to unpack everything.   We lived in that house for 3 ½ years and he complained the whole time that nothing was in the right” place.  I just kept saying welcome to my world” with a big smile on my face.   I hadn’t even realized I had set everything up left-handed – I just put everything where is was supposed to go. ~ Jodi Olson
  • When I am drinking especially in a pub or club I feel that if I don’t hold the glass in my left hand that I am not getting the full enjoyment of the drink. Sometimes I find that I am drinking with my right hand and realise that something is not going quite right and have to change! ~ David Robinson

It works the same way when walking past someone but don’t know which side to let them pass you on, so you end up doing a little dance and bounce on both feet before one person takes the lead and chooses a side. the difference is, it’s with your neck and so you end up looking stupider! Although it can be quite humorous ~ Laura Piplica, UK

  • Whenever I read a book and the author describes a scene, I always find later, as the plot unfolds that I have visualised it completely the wrong way round, as a mirror image. Is it me? ~ Linda Dainton, UK
  • Is it only me? I run my own business from home which does involve sending information by post to prospective clients. When the information I send runs to more than one page I like everyone else staple the pages together. Often, too often the actual staple doesn’t penetrate the paper. Is this a fault that other left handers have encountered and if it is how have they overcome this annoying problem?~ Bob Westecott
  • I joined a dance class (Line-Dancing) and had a hard time following everyone…All the steps were lead on the right foot , Of course I instinctively started on my left and I was always a step behind everyone…I was so ashamed, I couldn’t keep up. ~ Marty
  • Handshakes! I naturally put out my left hand…d’oh! Oh the trials of living in a right handed world… ~ Nancy Hopkins, UK
  • I have difficulties with locks and keys is it just me ? ~ Frances Todd, UK
  • Walking in the out door. I am always doing this. It drives my son crazy! Or walking on the wrong side of the staircase. ~ Cindy Timo
  • I was wondering , growing up was it difficult for you to learn how to tie your shoes properly? Especially learning from a rightie? I ended up making two bunny ears and tying them together rather than the loop around and pull. Also making check marks (ticks). Did people tell you growing up checking each others papers that your checks were “backwards”? ~ Jennifer, The Bronx
  • I used to hold all my four children on my right side, leaving my left hand (a working one) free. So I am absolutely sure that all the discussions about women carrying their babies on their left side so that children could hear their mothers’ hearts beating are just nonsense! It is just a matter of right- or left-handedness. ~ Irina Radetskaya, Russia

Thank you to everyone who responded to our question so far – it is great to be part of such a helpful worldwide community of left-handers and we look forward to receiving your further comments – please use the form below.

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730 comments on “Is it Me?
  1. Mark says:

    When stirring hot drinks,I always stir anticlockwise

  2. raja says:

    I’m the only lefthander in my family.but i can’t able to write fastly and neatly in my lefthand.because in my early age I was writing in my left hand only but my parents changed me as righthander because of neighbours adivces as left handedness is nasty habit

  3. Vonnie Mills says:

    I read a newspaper or magazine from back to front, flicking through backwards until I find the beginning of something I want to read. Can’t do this with a book, though! I find receipt books, cheque books, etc which have stubs on the left hand side increasingly difficult as you progress through the book. In the end I am holding the stub end away from me with my right hand and trying to angle the pen into the corner of the stub with my left. Must look comical. The controls for my gas fire (and many other things) are low down on the right hand side. Impossible to work with my left hand unless I was standing on my head. My pan handles are held on by screws which, if one is drying the pan with one’s right hand, serves to continuously tighten the screw. Guess what happens if you’re drying the pan left-handed! Yep, the handle eventually loosens and falls off. The numbers section on my computer keyboard may as well not be there as it never gets used, I always use the numbers running along the top. I can turn the key to open my front door if I fancy skinning my knuckles on the door frame. Want to draw a line a certain length with a ruler? I have to do the maths: for example, if I want to draw a line 4 inches long, I put the ruler onto the paper, look at where it says 12 inches, calculate that I need to subtract 4 inches from this, therefore need to stop drawing my line when I get to 8 inches. I gave up doing ticks the ‘right way round’ about forty years ago – once got a repeat prescription refused as I had ticked the box for my medication ‘wrong’. If faced with a new piece if equipment I can often be found staring at it for some time before actually touching it, trying to get it round to a left-handed point of view. My brain is thinking ‘bl**** right-handed contraption!’

  4. Elaine Powell8HC says:

    When using Facebook on my kindle, I scroll up with my left hand and multiple times I have “accidentally” hit the like button on someone’s post that I don’t even know. And is it me, or am I the only one that has trouble putting leftover food from a restaurant in one of those Styrofoam containers? I have to stop and think, now, which is the top and which is the bottom. My husband thinks I’m crazy…

  5. Richard Braham says:

    Funny thing about scissors, I used left handed shears in making jewellery, bottom blade on left,always looked on left side of what I was cutting, also my wife ‘moans’ when I fold a bed sheet or blanket up with her, says I always do it opposite the way she does it,

  6. Mark says:

    Hi there my name is mark.I am 55yrs old english live in brighton.i have got into trouble manytimes because of being left handed My worst being when i was a banqueting waiter many yrs ago and it was my job to set 500 tables for a big banquet and yes you got it.I set them all for left handed people and had to do it all again.and am very accident prone i a right handed world.And i am epileptic.

  7. Christyanna Brown says:

    I’m the only left-hander in my family(I was 5 weeks early and suffered from low-birth weight at 3lbs) and everything in the house is for righties! It pisses me off cause when me, my right-handed mom, grandma, sister, and cousin went school-shopping the other day ago, I couldn’t get anything because I’m done using rightie things as I discovered left-handed stuff online. I also find it annoying that I have to put my right hand on the other side when I write and I’ve actually tried to teach myself how to write right-handed as my 9-year old cousin Gianni was born a lefty but he became a righty; but my writing is so bad that I just stay a lefty.

  8. Dean Yona says:

    I know this isn’t something I can blame on the right handed world, but whenever we have to put a hand on our hearts, I automatically put my left hand on the side without my heart and then switch over…

  9. Roz T says:

    I find myself struggling with cashiers because I am a lefty the rights upside down. When the put the reciept in front of me they put it facing me and I turn it away from me and they try to correct me! LOL Then when other people see me writing lefthanded and upside down it becomes a party trick. The cool part I am not the only one in my bloodline that is a a lefty and writes upside down. My Aunt and my Cousin do the same thing. As a result I do not get the infamous lefty ink stain on my hand from writing on right handed documents.

  10. Lori says:

    I was a young file clerk in some healthcare offices…had to file a lot of folders into a file cabinet for a project…one week later and my boss made me do it over…I didn’t realize it but I had filed everything backwards because I had filed everything left handed A-Z

  11. Angela says:

    I feel better walking on the left of someone too and struggle with opening wallets upside down. I used to make cards in grade school that opened the other way and I was always embarassed when I realized it was not the same as everyone elses. My biggest issue nowadays seems to be one handed faucets – I always turn the hot on when I want cold and vice versa. Please tell me it is because I am left handed 🙂

  12. maede says:

    So is eating with spoon on the left hand a mistake

  13. Forrest says:

    Tying Rebar is very difficult to get used to being left-handed,for instance the iron workers pliers are designed to cut the tie wire after tightening, on the right hand side of the tool, also I twist my ties to the right with my wrist, which confuses a right hander if they need to undo a tie. Not to mention complications when tying in groups and bumping arms. PUtting your reel on the opposite side in turn puts it upside down and as you pull wire coil it spins the rotor counter-clockwise slowly loosening the cover plate if you are not careful,I compensate by placing the coil upside down and draw wire from the top rather than the bottom as if it were “upside down” from my perspective.

  14. hollea says:

    Most/many of the above comments seemed to be from the EU; I live in the USA, which seems exclusively designed for the right-handed.

    Over the years, I seem to have done most things “wrong.” The most annoying, however, is using a screwdriver–totally awful–bathroom taps, light switches, opening doors–on and on. The main difficulty is that I must focus to hold anything in my right hand. At least, table settings are convenient, if not for the person sitting next to me!

  15. Satwiki Prasad says:

    I hate the fact that while writing , my hand gets smeared with blue ink.I usually have difficulty in setting what I had written earlier and I have to lift my hand for that purpose. It gradually wastes a lot of time during exams

    • Mark says:

      I agree,when I was in school,one particular teacher accused me of subconsciously turning over the corners of the right hand pages, when it was actually due to resting my right forearm on the opposite pages.

  16. Amanda says:

    Recently I was in an exercise class where we did dance steps in front of a mirrored wall and had flashbacks to the awkward days of aerobic dancing classes – I was the only one facing the other way or facing backwards.

  17. Dr Billy Levin says:

    Left handedness.
    In about 1970 when epileptic treatment for severe Epilepsy did not work, doctors reasoned that splitting the brain into two halves through the Corpus Collosum, which connects the two hemispheres, would result in the two brains hemispheres being disconnected from each other. This would prevent an Epileptic attack starting in the left brain from spreading to the right side, and visa versa. It worked, and thus humans were available for the first time ever, with each brain disconnected from the other for research. Despite this major operation, when they recovered, they seemed fine and functioned relatively normally. Prior to this, it was not possible to establish what each hemisphere was able to do on its own, as the two brains, left and right were connected to each other and interfered with each other’s function in various ways.
    It was well known that a serious injury to left brain would cause paralysis to the right side of the body and speech would be affected. Injury to the right side caused paralysis on the left side and speech is not affected. Each brain hemisphere services the opposite side of the body
    Roger Sperry working with split brain patients, established that the right brain was a practical, mechanical, hasty, impulsive and temperamental brain with a talent for hastily doing without the thinking left brain interfering. The left brain was a logical, listening, language, thinking brain. In an experiment on split brain people, if the left hand would feel an object in a covered box the message would go to the right brain as the object being felt was recognized. However as there was no connection to the left language brain, the person could not name the object. The right brain beings visual, could recognize a colour but as the message could not be sent from the right visual brain to the left verbal brain. the person could not name the colour. There was no connection between the two brain hemispheres. Sperry received the Nobel Prize for his split brain research in about 1980.
    Obviously, prior to the separation, when each brain functioned together with the opposite side, as a team, the more dominant left brain could first concentrate and listen to what is being said and react logically without allowing the hasty right brain to interfere. This adult mature arrangement allowed one to first think before doing or saying. What would happen if the right brain was dominant? Then hasty impulsive behavior would be obvious and saying without thinking would perhaps also result. There are genetically inherited conditions where the right brain is in fact dominant but not always left handed.
    As infants we can cry emotionally with the right brain, but cannot talk as language has not yet developed on the left brain. Thus we are all right brain dominant at this stage and even at 2 years of age the right temperamental brain is still dominant. We talk about the behavior then as the “Terrible twos”. As language slowly develops on the left brain, the left brain catches up to the right brain developmentally and overtakes it at about 5 years of age becoming dominant, and getting ready for formal schooling. Thus correctly described as the “left logical, listening, language literacy learning brain”, all needed for successful schooling and being right handed. The dominant left brain feeds the right side of our body making the right hand, eye and foot all dominant.
    What would happen if the child genetically inherited a tendency to develop the right brain excessively. Excessive right brain would result in tendency to behavior problems and left brain immaturity to learning problems and increased use of the left hand .However, there are certain right brain functions that are well developed and can be seen as an asset. Art, music, mechanical talent and visual activities are all worth having in all people but there is a tendency to be more so in left handers.
    Some people might have inherited right brain dominance, in various degrees from very mild to very severe. Obviously when very mild, it hardly causes a problem other than being left handed.. The situation is genetically inherited. As already stated, the brain supports the opposite side of the body. That a large proportion of right brained dominant people are left handed is hardly surprising. However not all dominant right brains are left handed. It is a tendency, not a rule. There is also obviously an increased tendency to aim with the left eye and hop on the left foot, being right brain dominant.. Left brain dominance produces more right handed people.
    When a psychologist tests the strength and ability of each brain by doing an IQ test the usual left brain dominance reveals a higher left brain verbal IQ. An interesting observation in most left handers, is when an IQ is done the nonverbal IQ (right brain) is often higher than the Verbal IQ (left brain), as they are right brained dominant. Sperry deserved his Nobel Prize.
    Herein lies the problem when the genetic inherited dysfunction is severe and not recognized and treated, the person has a natural talent to do or say without thinking and hastily getting into trouble through no fault of their own. When punished the dominant illogical right temperamental brain is stimulated with obvious negative results. It is estimated that 40% of prisoners in jail for serious crime have unrecognized and untreated severe right brain dominance. The sad and tragic thing is severe right brain dominance can be diagnosed and treated successfully medically before it causes problems. .
    Dr Billy Levin.

  18. Stephane says:

    I’m right handed, but I do some things left handed like bat in baseball, swing a golf club, clap left hand on top and I recently found out I shuffle cards left handed too.

    when I was in high school, a friend said I was shuffling the wrong way as he could see the bottom card as I shuffled. I didn’t really think anything of it ( I was like “um who cares?”), but now I finally get what he was talking about.

    if that is how left handed people are treated all the time, I apologize on behalf of all right handers. we simply don’t know any better

  19. Reena says:

    Check marks – I actually had a job where I had to put a check mark next to each line. I was told that my left-pointing check marks were done incorrectly. I was instructed to change each check mark to point to the right and to continue to enter my marks in that direction.

  20. Marjorie says:

    I have encountered the following difficulties for left handers:
    Buffets in restaurants are usually arranged so that the serving utensils you use are on the right. Hand razors and craft razor knives are designed so that when you grasp them with your left hand, the pressure from your thumb loosens the blade. I once had a job as a cashier and found the register machine and check-out oriented for a right hander. Calligraphy pens and many art tools are made for right handers to use.

  21. Cat says:

    I was hunting for a left-handed keyboard and wrote to a company asking why they didn’t make one. The person who responded said that only 10% of the population is left-handed. I responded saying that considering the population of the world, 10% is NOT a small number. He wrote back and said that his wife and child were left-handed and did not treat their left-handedness as a handicap. I informed him that I did not consider myself handicapped, but merely wanted a keyboard that would allow me to be more proficient. Surely he, as a right-handed person always sought out equipment to make him more productive. I finally found the A4Tech left-handed keyboard. It is not a TRUE left-handed keyboard because the 1-4-7 and 3-6-9 keys in the keypad need to be switched so that the index finger does the 1-4-7 like it does on a right-handed keypad, but I do love it. Anyway, I was showing it to my daughter (right-handed) and she loved the angle of the letter keys but then turned and said “I could NEVER use this keyboard because the keypad is on the wrong side!”….I laughed and said “Welcome to the world I’ve been dealing with ALL MY LIFE! Now you know how it feels to be left-handed…where EVERYTHING is on the wrong side”

  22. Gwyn Martyn says:

    Do other lefties knit left handed? I was taught at school but could never pick up how to do it and kept going “backward.” My teacher turned it round every time so the end result looked like a mountainside with stitches dropped everywhere. I gave up until I was in my 20s when I watched someone while I was facing them, it suddenly fell into place! I have now knitted for my children and grandchildren and I now make up my own patterns and knit for sale for charities. I’ve recently designed my daughter and grandson Dr Who sweaters with lettering and a Tardis on them.
    Another point, does anyone else feel there are more lefties in some jobs. When I did my nursing training at one time all the student nurses on my ward were left handed.
    Finally in our family we are 50 50. Myself and my son and my daughter’s partner are all lefties and we all face similar problems.

    • Vonnie Mills says:

      I was hopeless at knitting at school and they just gave up on me in the end. Eventually another left-handed person taught me how to knit right-handed and from there I taught myself in order to be able to follow a right-handed knitting pattern. This was in the 1960s. I can now knit almost anything but am quite slow. Crochet is another matter. There is no way I can crochet with the hook in my right hand, but persevered with my left. Am limited to blankets and squares, though as crochet patterns are for right-handers and I don’t have the will to turn everything the other way round.

  23. Vaishali says:

    Hi everyone!!! I am so glad I joined the left handers club!! I always thought it’s me but reading all your messages made me realise it’s normal!!! Proud to be a lefty!!!!

  24. Marie Schmidt says:

    I make my check marks backward compared to a right handed person. It is more comfortable. Anyone else do this?

  25. Jon says:

    When playing cards I had to pull each one out of my hand to see what I hand and reinsert it in correct order. I noticed that others could just fan out their hands and see what they had. When I tried fanning out my hand all I got was a bunch of blank corners. The availability of left-handed card decks was the greatest development. Now I can fan out my hand just like everyone else.

  26. Douglas Ayers says:

    Has anyone else notice that the oldest known written languages (and a few still in use today) are written from right to left which is the natural stroke of a left-handed person? I’m thinking a smart lefty got things going the correct (not right) way.

  27. B Smith says:

    I have been left handed all my life and I’m 73. At school I was never forced to write with my right hand. I was surprised to hear people saying they were forced to change hands. Bit of backward thinking!

  28. Emily M says:

    Using a measuring cup in the US drives me crazy. Picking it up left handed as I do shows the stupid metric side. Putting on a decorative hair clip left handed can sometimes mean the design is upside down. My check marks are facing the opposite of most. IDK

  29. William (Bill) Crawford says:

    This is an observation (which may or may not pertain)but operating a motor vehicle in the USA, the turn signal lever is on the left side of the steering wheel. Have you noticed, as I have, the amount of people who do not give turn signals? My answer to this is that right handed people are so inept with using their left hand, they cant manage to raise it the few inches to activate the lever. Of course this is not the case as both lefties and those other people are equally guilty of Turn Signal Laziness. Hey but lets blame that on “Them.”

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