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Your Left-Handed Child Book FREE

Your Left-Handed Child bookOur own Lauren Milsom was approached as a leading authority on handedness and commissioned by international publisher Hamlyn to write a detailed guide to life as a left-handed child and  giving advice to parents and teachers. The result was the book  “Your Left-Handed Child”.

Essential reading for any parent or teacher of a left-handed child, this book is a practical and comprehensive guide to the challenges your left-handed child may encounter from their first years right through school life and beyond. From basic skills like dressing and handwriting, to learning new sports and musical instruments, this beautifully illustrated book explains common problems caused by right handed bias in equipment and layout and offers ways to help your child harness their natural creativity and problem-solving skills to become adaptable and confident in a right-handed world.

The 128 page book is normally £9.95 for the download version but we are going to send you all of the chapters free of charge by email over the next few weeks!

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Here is the index to all of the chapters and sections of the book we will be sending you:

1. Foreword And Introduction

Getting to grips with left-handedness
Rising to the challenge
Adapt or compromise
A creative bent
Famous left-handers

Development Of Left-Handedness

2. All in  the mind
3. Theories about left-handedness
4. Degrees of handedness and interconnectivity
5. How left-handed are you?

Pre-School Development

6. Babies and toddlers
7. Is my child left-handed?
8. Changing handedness
9. Helping toddlers with daily tasks
10. Pre-writing skills
11. Toys and games
12. Top tips for pre-schoolers

Strategies For Everyday Life

13. Things that are difficult
14. Writing
15. Good grip, good posture
16. Writing implements
17. Using scissors
18. Other cutting tools
19. In the kitchen
20. Electronic equipment
21. Sewing, knitting and crochet
22. Knots, ties and shoelaces

Left-Handedness And School

23. Life in the classroom
24. Support in the classroom
25. Special learning requirements
26. Right-brain learning
27. Using school equipment
28. Top tips for schoolchildren
29. Handwriting
30. Basic writing shapes and forms
31. Common handwriting problems
32. Right-handed bias in classes
33. Heavy machinery and tools


34. Advantage left-handers!
35. Is the hand quicker than the eye?
36. Your child and sport
37. Golf, fencing, boxing, tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis
38. Gymnastics, dance, skating, hockey, polo, archery, cricket, baseball, rounders, football and rugby


39. Nurturing individual talents, violin family, drums, woodwind and brass
40. Piano and keyboards, guitar

41. Conclusion

plus resources and index.

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