Left Handed Stabilo EASY pens and pencils

Left Handed Stabilo EASY pens and pencils

The unique Stabilo EASY pens and pencils have been made with a special left handed version with the grip moulded for a comfortable fit in the left hand. Top marks to Stabilo for looking after the left-handers for a change!
If children are to learn well, they must be holding their pen or pencil in a comfortable position and minimise pressure so they can write or paint in a relaxed manner. With STABILO, right-and left-handed users can choose the STABILO EASYergonomics version developed specially for them. STABILO is the first writing instrument manufacturer to develop pens offering these ergonomic benefits.

In addition, thanks to the pens’ low weight and ergonomic shape, the hand muscles do not tire prematurely. The result: children and adolescents can concentrate for longer periods of time and have more fun when writing or drawing.

Stabilo EASY Start rollerball pen, Left-Handed

Body colour

Stabilo EASY Original rollerball cartridges (set of 3)

Ink colour

Stabilo SmartBall pen with touch-screen end

Ink colour

Stabilo Com4Ball / EasyBall ballpoint refill single

Ink colour

Stabilo EASYergo pencil, LEFT-handed

Body colour

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