Stabilo ColorKilla ink eraser pen

Stabilo ColorKilla ink eraser pen

Stabilo ColorKilla ink eraser pen
The Stabilo ColorKilla contains a chemical that disolves and erases washable inks from paper. It will work with Stabilo EasyOriginal blue ink as well as the Stabilo blue Elastic Writer and washable blue fountain pen inks (it will not work on black or any "permanent" inks).

You will need another pen that does not use washable ink to write over the erased writing area, such as a ballpoint or gel pen - you can't rewrite using a washable ink pen as it will just disappear again!

As an alternative, try the Manuscript version of the ink eraser pen that has both a clear erasing end and a fine blue tip on the other end for overwriting the erased area - see Related Products below.

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I keep having to buy my son the Stabilo S move pens - they are fantastic and his handwriting has improved 100%<

Mark J

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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