RIGHT-handed curved nail scissors 90mm / 3.5 in.

RIGHT-handed curved nail scissors 90mm / 3.5 in.

RIGHT-handed curved nail scissors 90mm / 3.5 in.
Stainless steel high-quality 3.5 inch RIGHT-handed nail scissors with curved blades designed to give a gentle shape to to the finger nails of your left hand.

These are standard right-handed scissors with the top blade on the right but they are the same design as our specially made left-handed version so will be a good match in your manicure set.

Note that there is no such thing as an "ambidextrous scissor" or "right handed scissors also suitable for left handed use" - if they do not have the blades reversed they are NOT proper left-handed scissors!


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I bought these for my daughter (the only left-hander in the family). She's used them for absolutely everything & finds them comfortable, versatile and exactly what they say they are - real general purpose scissors. She now uses scissors confidently for the first time in her life. Highly recommended.<

Mrs. Catriona Chase

The embroidery scissors have arrived safely and I am very happy with them. I never believed what a difference proper left handed scissors would make to my craft work.

Tahlie, UK

Thank you for the goods which arrived today. As always, the service and quality are excellent.

Ann, UK

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