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Pastry fork

Pastry fork


Sorry, this item is not currently available and we are not sure when we can get more made.

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Ordering suspended until 11.00 GMT

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Always a popular item in our range, this lovely stainless steel cake fork has the flat edge reversed for use by left-handers. It has a highly polished finish and overall length is 5.5 inches (140mm).

Do you really need one of these? It looks like it!

As a long time member of the ALH newsletter, I have for ages been meaning to buy a left handed pastry fork. But I have just visited the shop site and to my disappointment it seems as though I'm too late! Are you definitely unable to get any more? Isn't there just one lurking in the back of the stockroom?! I actually avoid ordering certain desserts in restaurants that i know will need a pastry fork, as I dread having to do battle (not exaggerating) with a right handed one. I had dreams of bringing my own fork with me and being allowed by my embarrassed right handed companions to enjoy apple streudel in public without people staring! Please help. Many Thanks, Sheryl.

Sorry Cheryl - we are trying hard to get these made again but our previous manufacturer has disappeared and without the tooling for manufacturing them we cannot get anyone else to do them at a viable cost. We will keep trying.

Please do not contact us asking when we will get these again as we do not know! If you can supply any of these products or know someone who does,please use our contact form to let us know

Ref: 3A

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Customer Reviews

  Pastry Fork  I bought two of these for my boys as 'stocking fillers' both loved them. They use them all the time, both said they could never cut with the usual type. Its just another thing that us 'right handers' don't consider!   Woods

  Brilliant!  I use my pastry fork a lot and have considered taking it with me when I go out for a meal!   

  Happy husband  My husband was moaning about the pastry forks I'd bought, saying no-one ever considers him... I popped onto the site and ordered this for him and he now insists on eating everything even slightly cakeish with it. A great hit!   Jane

    I bought these for my husband and a friend - they both loved them and were glad at last to have a pastry fork that worked for them. We often have afternoon tea and I have a lot of left handed friends who are suprised that their fork is left handed.   Tracey

  fantastic  re the last comment i do take mine out with me when i go for meals!   sadie bryan

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