Your Left-Handed Child, Lauren Milsom

Your Left-Handed Child, Lauren Milsom
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Essential reading for any parent or teacher of a left-handed child, this book is a practical and comprehensive guide to the challenges your left-handed child may encounter from their first years right through school life and beyond. From basic skills like dressing and handwriting, to learning new sports and musical instruments, this beautifully illustrated book explains common problems caused by right handed bias in equipment and layout and offers ways to help your child harness their natural creativity and problem-solving skills to become adaptable and confident in a right-handed world. Written by Lauren Milsom, a leading expert on handedness and founder of the Left-Handers Association, it gives a fantastic insight into a left-hander's perspective, covering aspects such as:
  • Development of left-handedness
  • Pre-school development
  • Strategies for everyday life
  • Left-handedness in school
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Practical and educational resources
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128 pages full colour.
Published by Hamlyn 2008.
ISBN 978-0-600-61480-7.

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Customer Reviews

  A MUST HAVE FOR PARENTS  This book is fantastic. It explains so much and gives great tips for helping our kids grow up left handed as they were born to be - not forcing them to 'make do' in a generally right handed world. Highly recommended  (01/12/2010) Stuart Dalgleish - Cambridgeshire

  Totally essential  This book should be in the professional library of every school and college and be in every household with a left handed member. It is user friendly and practical without resorting to stereotypes. It is also a useful introduction to the wider academic issues raised by left-handedness.   (20/04/2009) Liz Haslam - Cheshire, UK

  Fabulous book with really practical tips  The best outcome for me was that it enabled me to have a great conversation with his new teacher to work out strategies to help him learn to write well - e.g. writing spelling lists on the right hand side of the page so that he can see the words as he copies them out. Simple but REALLY effective.   (27/11/2013) -

  Good but only for starters!  Certainly should have got the book at the beginning as my child defined herself as a lefthander but now later on as have already done some research I pretty much knew it all!So recommendable for beginner righthanders getting to grips with it all!   (05/10/2010) -

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