Left handed tape measure 1.5m / 60 inches

Left handed tape measure 1.5m / 60 inches
Don't get tied up in knots finding the start of the tape measure - our left-handed tape measure has the scale running from right to left, taking the muddle out of measuring! Scaled in both centimetres and inches. The tape is 1.5 metres / 60 inches / 5 feet long.

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Customer Reviews

    I thought a left-handed tape measure was a step too far..but now I know better...It is so much easier to measure with this..It's great!   

  I wouldn't be without it.  This has become an indepensible item. I use it on a daily basis & confuses those poor right-handed fools no end.   

    its fantastic! So convenient. No more trying to read numbers upside-down and counting backwards!!LOVE it! It's my very own special item and I'm very proud of it actually!   Eibhlin Collins

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