Left-hander's mug - White print

Left-hander's mug - White print
We're pleased to welcome back the Left-Handers Mug into our product range - with a new slogan that will really get right-handers thinking! Hold the smart blue ceramic mug in your left hand, and you will read "It's a left-handed thing...." whilst right-handers will be kept guessing by the remainder of the slogan on the opposite side "... you wouldn't understand!", which they will also read if they're cheeky enough to drink from your mug! Capacity 330ml. Comes in a protective polystyrene cube so it will not get damaged in transit.

+++ Sorry, this item is not available and we are trying to find a new source for it +++

In the meantime, there are a large range of printed mugs with a lefty theme and other left-handed items availlable using the links below. There are a number of things that can make a mug "left handed":
* Having a slogan or picture about left-handedness
* Having the picture printed so that it can be seen when held in the left hand
* Having a cutout or other physical feature on on the correct side for left-handed use.

One of our favourite slogans is "I may be left handed but I am always right" - this was originated by Anything Left Handed owners Keith and Reg Milsom around 25 years ago to put onto hand-made badges and has now been widely copied by other web sites and manufacturers all round the world!

We have a wide range of printed mug designs in our Cafe Press Shop

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  UK sources for printed items

See the left-handed mugs we have found available in the UK here

  USA sources for printed items

See the left-handed mugs we have found available in the USA here

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Customer Reviews

  Not bad for just a mug...  So why is my 9-year-old daughter so proud of it? As a mug goes,it's well done--clear, simple lettering--it looks better than the photos. No sign of damage after 9 months of use. But it's done a lot to ease my daughter's frustration over living in a right-hander's world. Maybe more than just a mug?  (03/08/2010) Bob Kerns - Marin Co, CA, USA

  Great gift idea!  very funny mug, great idea! i bought one for me and one for my left-handed sister! i love it!   (05/05/2009) Mary Beshenich - PA, United States

  Fantastic!  I bought this for my dad (a fellow lefty!) on his birthday- it was deliverd in 2 days, and came with a complimentary pen and notepad. We manage to tease my extremely "handist" Aunt, and it is as great, sturdy mug! It's lasted for 5 years so far, with no sign of the lettering wearing off! A great buy   (29/11/2009) Lydia -

  Great gift for a left-hander  I bought this for my sister who is also left-handed (we both are but our parents are right-handed.......? She loves it - it makes a novel present if you are stuck for gift ideas.   (03/08/2010) Caroline - Norfolk

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