Ruler 15cm Kum SoftieFlex clear left handed

Ruler 15cm Kum SoftieFlex clear left handed

Ruler supplied in clear plastic protective bag
Soft plastic flexible ruler scaled in Centimetres / Millimetres only. 15cm length.

+++PLEASE NOTE Product temporarily out of stock+++

(note that the image shows the older version which was 17cm)

This ruler is made of very flexible clear plastic material and is completely free of harmful phthalates.

All our left-handed rulers are scaled from right to left making it easy to draw lines of the correct length with the left hand, without obscuring the scale while you do it.

Metric only.

Ref: 703

Customer Reviews

  ruler  could not understand what the difference was but bought it anyway grandson thinks it is 'cool'  elaine

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Keith, I cannot tell you how happy I am with our ALH stuff! Wilson's writing has improved and he is getting "happy-faced" stickers from his teacher! We adore the writing mat. It has been most helpful for me too to know the "yellow star" letters that are different for RH and LH. You were most gracious to send me a pencil (when I mistakenly ordered the pen - SMUDGE CITY) and a ruler that was inches not cm. You have a customer for life! Thank you for your kind customer service to a tired mother.<

Margaret, US

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