Helix left handed ruler 12 inch 30cm transparent blue plastic

Helix left handed ruler 12 inch 30cm transparent blue plastic
Left handed ruler scaled from right to left making it easy to draw lines of the correct length with the left-hand in the natural right-to-left direction without obscuring the scale. Blue transparent plastic with scales on both sides - one side in inches down to 1/6ths and the other in Centimetres with mm shown. Helix shatter resistant.
Printed with "Left Handed Rule".

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Customer Reviews

  bought for my leftie 8 year old  She loves it. it is durable and practical.   Erica

  Very useful  I bought this as a gimmick but it actually works. We are both left handed so anything left handed in our house is a bonus. (Not for the rest of the family though)   

  Essential  Would not be without this   

  now she gets measurements correct  This ruler is a must for left handed children. It really helps with the reading of mm and length of everything. Very simple to use.   maxine allen

  Super product!  It has taken me a little bit of time to get used to this ruler after using right handed ones all my life (I am 37), but it really is very good, I wish I had found this earlier.   

  This ruler has made measuring easier.  I have used a R.H.ruler all my life up until a month ago, when I realised there were L.H. rulers for L.H. people. This has meant I can draw plans and graphs in maths courses more easily. Because the 1cm/inch is at the top of the ruler on the left side, I don't cover the ruler's marks as I draw lines   Michael

  Great present and very useful    

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Keith, I cannot tell you how happy I am with our ALH stuff! Wilson's writing has improved and he is getting "happy-faced" stickers from his teacher! We adore the writing mat. It has been most helpful for me too to know the "yellow star" letters that are different for RH and LH. You were most gracious to send me a pencil (when I mistakenly ordered the pen - SMUDGE CITY) and a ruler that was inches not cm. You have a customer for life! Thank you for your kind customer service to a tired mother.<

Margaret, US

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