Fiskars left handed kitchen scissors, serrated 180mm / 7 inch

Fiskars left handed kitchen scissors, serrated 180mm / 7 inch

Fiskars left handed kitchen scissors, serrated 180mm / 7 inch
An absolute essential in the kitchen, these left handed kitchen scissors are lightweight and durable with stainless blades and orange plastic grips. One blade is serrated to give a clean cut and good grip when cutting things like meat and bacon rind. Dishwasher safe.

+++ SORRY, THIS ITEM IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE and we are looking for an alternative +++

All of our left-handed scissors have the blades reversed with the left blade on top so you can see your cutting line without twisting the scissors. That gives you a clean and straight cut using the scissors in your left hand.
There is no such thing as an "ambidextrous scissor" or "right handed scissors also suitable for left handed use" - if they do not have the blades reversed they are NOT proper left-handed scissors!

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Customer Reviews

  Kitchen scissors  Really pleased with these. Arrived quickly, no more problems cutting anything, happy days.  (20/11/2014) Nick - Cardiff

  Excellent!  Brilliant product. My son now has many of this company's products and they have ALL been brilliant.   (28/11/2013) -

  Wonderful product !  These scissors are great for cutting nearly anything -edible- especially meat.   (06/12/2013) -

  Kitchen scissors  Really great but took a while to get used to after so many years of being "right" handed.   (07/06/2012) Linda - Cyprus

  love them  my first pair of lefty scissors and theyre brilliant, love them. why have i not bought lefty scissors before!?!   (04/02/2013) kathy - western australia

  Works well  These shears work very well and do the intend job. Having used left handed scissors all my life I can't live without them now and in the kitchen this is even more apparent. Defo recommended.   (29/02/2012) Lucy - Essex

    Fits well in left hand and can cut almost everything. Nice product   (21/11/2011) Alessio - Bologna- Italy

  Great quality  Fiskars scissors are good, and this is no exception. Great in the kitchen. Serrated makes it easy to cut slippery fishtails etc.   (06/12/2013) -

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