Culinare One Touch automatic can opener

Culinare One Touch automatic can opener
Hands free... a revolution in can opening. The easy way to open cans - clean, fast and effortless. One hand operation, it fixes to the top of the can with its magnetic base then just press the button, leave it alone and it works its way round the tin to remove the lid safely and effortlessly. Battery operated - 2 AA batteries included.

See below for a short video of the One Touch in action - Amazing!

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Customer Reviews

  A great start-up gift for the newly married  We have found the One Touch Automatic an opener an essential item in our kitchen. Therefore, we are now giving these to newly married couples (or friends) as a very special gift.  Gene Colborn

  Very good  simple to use, very efficient. Only point you need to remember is that it removes the lid by cutting through the side and this can leave a very sharp top edge that can also be bending.   Harvey

  invaluable product  I live in South Africa but purchased one of these openers whilst on holiday about 18 months ago. Since then we have purchased 2 more for friends who are delghted with them. Since I have very bad arthritis & badly deformed hands, and I am left handed this prodct is fantastic.   moya parker

  Great product - a real cool gadget!  Apart from being excellent at actually opening tins, it is great fun watching it do the job - one press and it just does it! All my mates who have seen it want one as well.   David M, New York

  Invaluable kitchen aid  Having suffered a stroke I have no use in my right arm so find traditional openers extremely difficult. The One Touch opener is ideal for me as I can position it easily with one hand then leave it to do it's work! Excellent.   Maureen Clarke

    Its very good opening round cans, but it gets stuck in cans with other shapes and its a bit difficult to separate it from the can when that happens. Im not left-handed, but I have a physical disability in my left hand and the can opener has been very helpful.   Teresa

  Nice product but costs more than manual  I have got one and I like it but I also like using my left-handed manual opener. I guess this would be great for people with a weak grip or who just cannot get on with a standard manual left-handed can opener   Sylvia

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