Left Handed Computer Equipment

Left Handed Computer Equipment

As computers become more ergonomically designed for right-handers, they become more uncomfortable for us. We are always looking for left-handed versions of popular computer equipment, but there is not a lot about.!

Details of SwapMouseButtons

Details of SwapMouseButtons
Mauricio Tejada in Japan has produced a clever utility that allows you to instantly swap the mouse buttons for right- or left-handers. If you share a computer with a right-hander this will allow you to change the left and right button over by just pressing Ctrl-F12 instead of going through the Windows Control Panel. It also sets left-handed mouse pointers and left handed cursors. You can download it free here

PLEASE NOTE - While we have tested this product on our computers and can recommend it, it was not produced by us and we cannot provide any support for it or guarantee it will work on your particular computer. If you have any issues with this product you will need to contact the author direct.

Stabilo SmartBall pen with touch-screen end

Ink colour

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