Left Handed Chef Knives

Left Handed Chef Knives

A left handed knife has the blade serrated or bevelled on the right to counter the natural twisting motion of the left hand and give you a clean, straight cut.
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Our range of serrated kitchen knives has been specially manufactured with the serrations / scalloping on the right side of the blade so you get a straight cut using them with your left hand. The top quality range of knives from out Italian manufacturer have non-slip blue handles to mark them out as different..
Left handed bevelled knives header information
Our bevelled or "plain" knives have been specially sharpened on the right side of the blade so you can get a clean, straight cut using them in your left hand. They are made in Europe using high grade stainless steel with non-slip plastic handles. These knives feel fantastic in your hand and are a joy to use.

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