Bread knife 200mm / 8in. serrated blade, black handle


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Bread knife 200mm / 8in. serrated blade, black handle

Left-handed bread knife with the 200mm / 8 inch blade serrated on the right side for a clean, straight and safe cut in the left-hand.
One of our most popular items - If you can't cut bread straight, you need one of these! Made specially for us by Taylor's Eye Witness, knifemakers in Sheffield, UK, since 1838 and with their lifetime guarantee. Stainless steel blade scalloped on the right side and with manufacturer logo on the right. Dishwasher-safe black moulded handle.

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Customer Reviews

  perfect  finally I can slice a bread  

  Can't live without  I thought it was my skill that I can't cut bread properly. I was wrong! Now I can slice bread better than my husband.   Yumi Sasaki

  Best Thing i have ever bought  after so many years of ruining a loaf when i tried to cut a slice. I at can cut bread a revelation   

  Great success   My husband was thrilled with this present. He says it's changed his life!   

  A revelation  Ultimately with this knife I am able to slice a bread easily and properly.   Bernard Attas

  A revelation!  I've never been able to cut bread even vaguely straight. I've just used my left-handed bread knife for the first time and cut a loaf 95% straight! What a revelation. It never occurred to me before that the knife was the problem.   

    After more than 75 years of cutting everything lop-sided, slanted, and on a bias, I am absolutely delighted to have my bagels, rolls, etc. cut perfectly even. I love it!   Herbert Roth

  Fab knife, straight bread at last!  Why didn't I buy this knife years ago? I can now cut perfectly straight slices without leaving the loaf sloping and not standing up on the chopping board. I can use the entire loaf rather than half a dozen sloping doorstops. How special do I feel with an implement made for my left handedness!   Jules M

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Just to say how fantastic your left-handed knives are! I don't normally rave about products I have bought, but this is wonderful! I make my own bread, which is difficult to cut at the best of times when it is still warm, but the wonky-slice problems are a thing of the past!<

Allison Townsend UK

I felt I just had to write to compliment you on your speedy service. I have tried the knives already and now have perfectly straight carrot batons, perfect halves in teacakes, thin straight cucumber slices and no sliced fingers! At this rate I might even get to enjoy cooking! Many thanks.

Geraldine Astbury

My husband bought me a left-handed bread knife and paring knife and they are brilliant! Don't know why I didn't buy them much earlier! Thank you

J.M. Payne

I purchased a set of LH knives and they are a revelation! Many thanks.

Robert, Reading UK

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