Click Clack 2 hole pencil sharpener with oval case

Blue Pink
Click Clack 2 hole pencil sharpener with oval case
This is our newest 2 hole pencil sharpener, available in blue and pink. Fully left-handed so you can hold the pencil in your left handed and twist it in the natural anti-clockwise direction. The small case will easily fit in your childs bag and keep the shavings tidy and the top snaps shut tight to keep all the shavings inside.

Ref: 790

Customer Reviews

  Sharp but it does not sharpen to a point.   Its a great compact sharpener with enough space within the case that it does not need to be constantly emptied. However it does not sharpen the pencil to a single sharp point. It looks like a slightly broader 2 peak point. So he lands up getting a double line while writing.Much prefer the Stabilio  

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Thank you also for the swift flexibility of service. My son will be 'well-impressed' when he receives his turquoise cartridges with the matching pen to put them in.<

Michelle Giddings

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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