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Video Submission and Bookmarking

We produce a lot of videos about left-handed products, their  benefits and how to get the best from them and we like to upload them to YouTube and lots of other video sharing sites so that as many people as possible get to see them.   Also, having our videos on these highly ranked web properties creates powerful back-links to our own site that can help enhance our own search engine rankings so that more left-handers get to hear about what we are doing.

We also like to create  blog posts about our videos and add reformatted versions of the videos  to our podcast feeds as well as adding links to them in all the main social bookmarking and social networking sites.

Launch Videos With One Click -
Doing all the submissions manually is a huge task so we use a very clever service called Traffic Geyser that allows us to set up profiles with the logins for all our membeships to these various sites and then just upload our own video and the associated links and descriptive text once and  have Traffic geyser submit it to all the individual sites for us – it works like magic!

Our Traffic Geyser membership also gives us access to a huge library of training videos and resources about how to produce online video and get the best results from submitting it to all these sites and has great tools for creating slideshows and streaming the videos onto our own site.

Use  this link to get a 30 day trial of Traffic Geyser for only $1 – You'll love it!

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