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Related products shops

We have a wide range of left-handed products that we produce ourselves and despatch from our own warehouse but we are never going to be able to stock everything that is available worldwide or to deliver all items to any location in the world.

Left handed guitars are a great example – there is a huge range avaible and at a very wide range of prices.   It would not be possible for us to hold stocks of them all and it would not be  financially viable for us to  deliver them to the United States for example. On top of that, we do not have the expertise or facilities to provide advice and support for the products.   At the other end of the scale, lots of different companies all round the world have produced custom printed items with left-handed logos or slogans and, again, it is better for them to be delivered direct rather than us stocking them all.

What we have done is to research the  specialist retailers who do have a wide range of left-handed guitars of all types and all the information on them and can provide expertise and support to customers to help them make sure they choose the best product  for them.   We have created links to these shops on our web site and, where the retailers  are able to provide us with a product data feed, we have included them in a structured shop layout so that our site visitors can easily find what they want and then click through to the specialist retailer for more information.

The tools we use to do this is called DataFeedr and it allows us to continually search for new left-handed products and incorporate them in our combined products liting so that visitors can navigate and search to find them easily.   We actually maintain separate shop setups for UK and USA suppliers so that our visitors know where they are buying from and can choose the most appropriate people to their location.

Click here to find out more about how you could use DataFeedr
to help your site visitors find the products they want

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