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36 comments on “Web site content
  1. Elize Eachus says:

    Hi Keith & Lauren
    Thank you for a great website & very interesting newsletters.
    I live in Cape Town, South Africa & am TOTALLY left handed.
    My son gave me a yoropen some time ago & it’s the only pen I ever use!!
    Keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.
    Have a great day
    Elize Eachus

  2. kunchok says:

    Hi all,
    I have a 7 year boy with handedness characters. I am with this site since I noticed this character several years back, where as a father, got tremendous courage and inspirations to tackle this issue essentially within home and immediate school atmosphere. Ours is a society where this problem has been negatively or ignorantly looked at resulting huge numbers of school dropouts having left handedness. The materials that I used to give them gives them only partial understanding about this issue where I have been now requested by the primary school teachers to come out with presentations on this issue to see the things closely. Can any one help me to get a good enough ppt slides to be used for the purpose. It should contain facts figures and basic psycho-physio-biological factors. I will deeply appreciate for your guide and helps.

  3. denise ruffo says:

    I love your site. As a first grader for me the teacher came right up and changed the paper to the other side of my desk, she didn’t make a big fuss. Also as a child I remember we did alot of cutting, and the scissors always hurt my fingers, when your that small, you think thats the ways it is supposed to be.

  4. Gayle Emmons says:


    I received my order from Anything Left Handed and I love the things I bought. But I did order the Left handed letter formation guide (Download) and I did not get any information on how to download the guide. I am very anxious to to get my grandson started on writing the alphabet.

    Thank you so much,
    Gayle Emmons

  5. Jerry Price says:

    You are welcome to use my software.

    Switching the left and right mouse buttons…

  6. Ana says:

    Hi ! I have always considered myself as left handed. I do not recall being forced to change hands, but the other day I was watching a video to learn to knit with your left hand and I discovered that I knit with my right hand, but I crochet with my left hand. I also Iron with my right hand and use the knife and scissors with my right hand. I brush my teeth, eat, write, draw and paint with my left hand. So what does that makes me? Ambidextrous? The definition for ambidextrous is: able to use both hands with equal ease. I use both hands with equal ease, but do not do the same things with both hands. What I do with my left hand, I can not do with the right hand and viceversa. I am very interested in your coments on my post. Thank -u very much. 🙂

  7. nosa idele says:

    i’ve a lovely girlfriend who doesn’t know i’m lefthanded.i fear i’ll lose her if she gets to know.consequently,i’m practicing with my righthand,but i don’t feel alright using my righthand.what should i do? i luv her very much

    • Mani Thangadurai says:

      Simple…if she likes you for what you are, keep her. Otherwise, get rid of her. NO-ONE is worth altering your dexterity for!!

  8. Sisyphus48 says:

    I would like to see feedback from your other readers that were forced to write right handed as to how it effected them. I’m a male in the US, was forced to write right handed and I wet the bed up until the age of 12 and I wonder if that was related. Also the universal opinion of my penmenship is that it is atrocious. I’m 62 now and a few years back I taught myself to write left handed. Although I’m slower left handed (probably less practice) the writing is clearly more legible. I want to hear the opinions of other left handers that were force to write right handed.

    • Igli says:

      I was forced to write with my “right” hand and I did wet my bed until 13 years old. I have read articles that support the idea that forcing a child to change from right to left can cause this problem as well as sleep walking which happened to me at the same age as weting the bed.

  9. Harold Larsen says:

    I am 70 years old and when I was in the first and second grade the teacher would come up behind me with a ruler and whack me across the hand (left hand) and make me write with my right hand. If I continued she would put me under her desk and give me a kick when she felt like it. If she didn’t like my writeing or spelling she would sit me on a tall stool in a corner at the front of the room and put a pointed dunce hat on me and tell the kids I was a dunce. This has left me an angry nervous person just under the surface and I try my best to hide it. This was a one room rural school. In the third grade they closed that school and we were bused to other schools in the area where they didn’t try to change us. The damage was done! I was treated different by the teachers and other kids due to my disability of being left handed. None of my children were left handed thank god. Being from a farm family we didn’t have money to waste for sports equipment or other things I needed to prepare me for life. As is got older I took it upon my self to work hard and provide the things I needed. Hunting guns that eject from the bottom or to the left away from me, leaf handed golf clubs even so I don’t seem to be able to hit the ball very far. Any way there is much more but I will leave it their. Harold Larsen U.S.A.
    Why are we not in the class of disadvantaged children and adults?

  10. Tom Arto says:

    Our possible Prime Minister, current Opposition leader Tony Abbott is a lefty. We’re in the process of deciding our PM atm, cause we have a hung parliament (or whatever it is)

    TA, Australia

  11. Senora Sylvester says:

    So glad to see the newsletter after a long break.

    I was hauled up by the school principal during assembly and told that I had the ugliest handwriting in the school. My mother had forbidden me to use the left hand when writing. I was determined to improve and so spent the entire mornings during school holidays practising cursive handwriting and gradually improved. However, unlike right-handed individuals, I am unable to write fast. As a child I did not associate my poor writing with being left-handed. My two younger brothers are also lefties but not my parents. Thank goodness for computers today! 🙂

  12. Becky Gunn says:

    In the US, normally we cut food with the knife in our sgtrong hand, using the fork in the weaker hand to stabilize what we cut. Then we switch the utensils to opposite hands. That lets us actually eat with the fork in our stronger hand.

  13. Alan Harris says:

    Here is an extract from my web site on wright handers eating Left handedly.

    One of the few things right handers do left-handedly is eat with a knife and fork let me explain.

    The victorian rich decided, that to avoid accidents involving drinks being spilt on guests as they were served, it was necessary to swop the knife and fork around.

    i.e. wine would be served over your right shoulder right-handedly whilst your being served you would stop eating. The person to your right would sill be eating and if he had his knife in his left-hand then he would nock the wine being served all over you.

    So to avoid this the fork was held in the left hand (elbows in) and the knife in the right, thus allowing for one guest to get served and the other to cary on eating.
    What the rich did every one else did to.

    A simple test

    If you give a left-handed person just a fork to eat with they will invariably pick it up with there left hand and if you give a right-handed person just a fork to eat with they will invariably pick it up with there right hand

    if you then give them a knife the left-hander will pick up the knife in there empty right hand (as they are already eating left handedly). Were as the right-handed person would have to swop the fork to there left hand before picking up the knife.

    I would like to know what you all think


    • Mani Thangadurai says:

      I always thought that since cutting with a knife was a finer motor skill than feeding one’s self it made more sense for right-handers to eat with the fork in the left hand with the right used for cutting. Especially if you’re trying to eat a steak or thick cut of meat for example, it’s always better to ensure a clean, effortless cut. I know of several lefties for that reason who invariably eat with the fork in the right hand and knife/spoon in the left, an example being New Zealand rugby union legend Jonah Lomu. In fact British TV chef Nigella Lawson’s kids are both left-handed and ate with the fork in their right hand when younger, only to switch later on.

      The current Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, is a lefty, and according to reports Winston Churchill was born left-handed but made to change his handedness when much younger, which I think resulted in a stutter in speech during his childhood and an unhappy schooling. And let’s not forget William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor, second in line to the throne of Britain!

    • christine says:

      Have you tried sitting next to a right handed person in a Chinese restaurant when you are left handed????? You both knock the other person, it’s hilarious.

    • Bob lancaster says:

      Dear Alan, Thankyou,Thankyou,Thankyou,For all my life I have eaten with my fork in my right hand and knife in left, I always got told it was wrong, or I was left handed, or kackhanded, but in most other things I am right handed, For lots of my early working years I was a butcher, and used all the knives in my right hand, but when it came to eating it was in my left hand, I have always considered myself being right doing this, as my stronger hand that had all the work to do, was my right, and to hold the object on my plate, more of a secure thing, as the knife if sharp enough could cope with cutting steak, I also think that my right hand being a better judge of distance, and no fear of losing an eye !! …I have a friend that is totally left handed, and they always have the fork in the left hand, I do have another action that has always been thought of as left handed, while in the military I used to fire a rifle with the butt of rifle to my left shoulder, thus having to pull trigger with my left forefinger, but this enabled me to hold and aim my rifle with my stronger arm, I considered that just pulling a trigger easy for my left forefinger, and I have an “excellent” record for target shooting, oh yes one more thing I play pool with my left hand making the bridge, as I can only put the correct power I need per shot, with my right arm, am I strange? Or am I absolutely perfect, would like to hear your verdict, yours Bob

  14. MELANIE says:

    Very interesting reading these things. I pick up the phone with my right-hand and hear better on my right side, I use my knife in my right-hand, I lay the table right-handed style (that is fork on left, knife on right). I cannot sew properly or knit at all and always had problems with sewing machines at school. My writing is awful and always smudges. I really enjoy cookery and do not any problems with any right-hand utensils. I have a very good memory for dates and telephone numbers that my family and friends are impressed at but have to write lists everyday for simple tasks, and my Maths is hopeless, hubby has to help with Maths homework, however I enjoy English and love writing poetry when I get the chance. I iron right-handed however my Dad is left-handed and he does everything left handed, I have twin Aunts – one left and one right-handed – ?is this weird. One other thing – my Niece is left-handed and when we get talking about lefties, I discovered that we always have to tie our laces up the leftie-way. WHAT ARE OTHER PEOPLES’ EXPERIENCES ON THESE THINGS, WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HEAR, you can contact me through this site.

    • Chris Batalis says:

      I am left handed and my children are right handed. My son does things things the way a left handed person would. ties his shoes, makes the letter x and a circle. Chris

  15. NanceEllen says:

    I am the only lefty in my family. Must have been a very recessive gene! I am 62 years old and have not had many situations where being left-handed proved a problem. I have never used left-handed scissors or other left-handed “utensils.” I always found a way to adapt and save my sanity. I have always started notebooks and journal writings from the back to avoid the wire spine.

    I always notice someone who is left-handed and we usually start a conversation I guess you could say I really like being a lefty and enjoy the challenge!

  16. Heron says:

    Until I read this website, I would never have noticed. I watched the Administrator of a govt agency invite questions after a talk. The podium was to the right of a panel table. Yet, he turned to the right to recognize people with their hands up. Even after being “even handed” and asking for each questioner’s name, he call on them in order of right to left placment in the room. A big lesson for where to sit when entering a “theater” style or oblong meeting room!

    I have also learned that to convey confidence/power when shaking hands, it is important that a person’s right hand be on top (evidently well known to politicians). It would never have occurred to this lefty. The alternative might be to shake “vertically” at all times.

  17. Washtub Jerry says:

    This is a question about books for lefties.
    What percent of the books for lefties have the binding (spine) on the right side?

    • Brenda James says:

      Depends which page you are reading. If you are on page one, the binding is on the right, but when you get to page two, the binding is on the left. See, the gods do look favorably on us lefties sometimes. At least books provide equal opportunity! 🙂

  18. Peter Mac says:

    Hi everyone, I teach in school workshops(Wood&Engineering Basic) and take great pride in being a lefty and specialising in teaching left orientated students how to cope with the discriminatory workshop layout, tools and basic machinery. You cannot change what manufacturers produce (Tools&Machinery) but you join them then beat them with a little clever thinking and application. Get used to the fact that its a right handed world, it is not going to change, its a left handers job to defeat them.

  19. Linda says:

    I’ve been a leftie all my life, 61 years and thanks to my Aunt being left-handed, no one even seemed to think my being a leftie was odd at all. My Aunt’s teacher tried to force her to write right-handed in the 1930’s and my grandmother made her leave my Aunt alone. I was the only leftie in my immediate family and none of my 5 daughters were left handed, although, so far, 2 of my grandsons are lefties.
    Since no fuss was made about my left-handedness, I thought everyone smudged their pencil writing, had pens that clogged up and rulers impossible to use because they were up-side down. My teachers never once mentioned my left-handedness to me. Have other people besides me had trouble with spelling, for instance, mixing up el’s and le’s”? I can usually tell if a word is misspelled by looking at it. I also must be careful writing down numbers. I tend to transpose them. I have had other people say that I wrote up-side down” and my mom could not teach me to crochet and learning to iron was a hassle-using my left hand looked awkward to her. A person can usually stand on either side of the ironing board and modern irons have interchangeable cords. They one tool I use that is specifically left-handed is scissors, although I’d love to get pens and pencils and other things, they are too much more expensive than regular” items. This week I ran across a first. It was a right-handed paring knife at the home of a family member. It simply did not work left-handed and I could not use it.
    Once in my lifetime I could not use my left arm or hand at all for several days after major surgery. I had to feed myself, and everything else that I had to do for myself with my right hand. It was terrible. I even tried doing a crossword puzzle which was just silly.
    I didn’t know that lefties typically hold the phone in the right hand, I do, but it’s because I hear better on that side.
    I like being left-handed. I feel that it makes me more creative. When I play guitar, I use it right handed. I’ve never used a left-handed guitar, but I like to try one. If I use a pick, I tend to drop it into the center hole. I’ve read that lefties hear music differently and I believe that is true.

  20. Laura says:

    Perhaps my rebellious spirit comes from being left handed and having to always try to do things “my way.” Either way, I’m dedicated to helping those young ones who are left-handed and are fighting the right-handed world.
    I ruined a beautiful vacation in Acapulco when I borrowed a water-proof camera and while on the beach (not wearing contacts) I was taking pictures. When I held the camera to view through my left eye, I did not realize that I had the camera backwards. Not until I had the pics developed and they were of all the things behind me — my beach towel, lots of sand, a road.

  21. Sandra Davis says:

    Some teachers told me I would never have pretty hand writing. I guess I took this as a challenge. I not only had beautiful penmanship, but I learned calligraphy and taught it to my jr high students when I was a teacher. I used the overhead projector to teach them to write. That didn’t bother them by my being a leftie. I also taught second and third grade students cursive writing, and my being a leftie didn’t affect them.

  22. Sandra Davis says:

    My second grade teacher tried to force me to write with my right hand. I always went back to my lefty way when she left my desk. As a teacher, I found out that a child needs to have established a hand dominance by school age. If it is not well established, the child may have problems with reading. Parents need to know this and let their child have the dominance they were born with.

  23. Sandra Davis says:

    Even in stores such as Hobby Lobby and craft stores, I find no calligraphy pens for lefties. They usually have to be special ordered. Stores should carry things for lefties without having to order them. We should be able to go into a store and find what we need. If a store carries materials for righties, they should be forced to carry them for lefties.

    • Teresa Satola says:

      Try finding an artist’s palette for a lefty. I have to either have them custom-made, or rework a right-handed palette. They are getting a few left-handed palettes, but those are only the most common and not really for a serious artist.

  24. ted lang says:

    I just sent the following in to the editors of this Ezine: “I am a Tv writer & would love to lend you a hand: During the Television Writers Strike almost two seasons ago, I was approached by a young woman who was doing her paper on “lefthandness,” wilst walking the picket line at NBC Studios in Burbank; I filled out a questionaire as did Jay Leno.
    The point was: I had never thought about my ‘affliction’ because I was one of the lucky ones who had been changed via a harness, when in the first grades to the accceptable right-handed scholar… this in a religious-oriented school, btw.”
    I then developed a massive stutter that, for all intents and purposes (pardon the cliche), changed my life forever… specifically my interactions with other students and friends who now viewed me as somewhat defective.
    I would like to help out in any way you need in your efforts to get this horrendous process, these discriminatory practices reversed.

    Of course that was the simple version: The real tragedy related to my entire communicative life — It was very disturbing for me to speak with those necessary in my profession in order to pitch ideas BECAUSE of the stuttering caused by the mechanical change to righthandedness. For almost twenty-five years, I stuttered heavily, so heavily people would turn their heads and look in other directions when I spoke or attempted to speak. More than one job was lost because I just could not effective communicate the ideas so streaming through mu head in a coherent fashion, one understandable to others. I was so embarassed by this as a young boy when I attempted to speak to a girl.
    The first girl I fell in love with who remains the ove of my life (her name was “Gail”), was listening to a joke her mother had made when she answered my call and when I was trying to say ‘Hello’ to her, stammering and hung-up on the “H,” a difficult letter to enunciate, I thought she was laughing at my stuttering, and although she apologized profusely as I continued to attempt speaking, I relived that moment for eons.
    All of this caused by someone determining that I should be a right hander in order to be “Right” for society.
    After I began noticing that my left hand could do some pretty amazing things when I was thirty-nine, I tried to use it and found that my stuttering diminished.
    I now speak well, no stuttering.
    But my life was changed forever by this force-change to an acceptable right handed personage.

  25. jackelin says:

    How many of us were forced by ignorant people to use a hand we had no use for?
    I’m now 40, and have been practicing writing with my left hand, the correct hand, my dominant hand. I feel each time, a relief in my head and body. Even though my left is clumsy mechanically, it just feels right. My rings fall off my right hand fingers, not so with my lefts..I am a newborn writer and finally found my fortè–the creative mind was discovered. The change (having to write right-handed) has brought much confusion into my head, at times I just block up.

    I’ve been quite perturbed with the bias attitudes on right brained people. I had to comment on a herbal academy website as they quoted that standardized methods cannot be established due to the rebelliousness and independent right brained thinkers that must do it their way. Still, something inside my head keeps telling me you are not left sided–that good conditioning–even though almost everything I do involves my left side.
    To clear this confusion would be miraculous indeed!

    I think it would be helpful to list what actions most lefties do. There are some opposites involved that are interesting, for instance; it seems lefties talk on the phone with the RIGHT hand. This brought back my confusion of what I was. But my mother is leftie too and she does this. It leaves the left hand free, the dominant hand to do other things.
    Also eatting a piece of toast, we do it with our RIGHT not the left, then I noticed righties were ate that toast with the LEFT. Interesting. What side of the page do lefties staple on?

    • carrie says:

      Hi there
      Just read what Jackelin said and I have been lucky in that never forced by the teachers to be right handed …
      I’ve learnt to do things with both hands but I am a total left hander .. Until some thing goes worng with it .. ha ha
      I do write with a fountain pen and my hand writing depends on the time of day and frame of mind .But on the most part I’m a good writter . Today it does not appear that kids are taught to write with either hand .which I find so sad
      I also use my right hand to hold the phone .. this is so can do other things with the left hand .I eat my toast with my left hand
      I staple pages nearest my left hand . always . Also can’t do ticks the right handed way . They always come out back to front
      Hope that helps ,, C

  26. tammie rollings says:

    i would like a free lefthanded calendar please. thank you

  27. lincon says:

    hi,am lincon thanks for your recognised,i discuss with you people about the music stuff lasttime when i was working on the machine,but i did not see the reply up till now,the fact is that i am so seriuos on it,like as i said lasttime,am an artist singing blues& Raggae and hip pop version,but i need someone to back me up,please just look into it and tell me what you people can do on it,you can also get me on my phone number,00225 66706649,if you people need more information about me,thanks am [email protected],

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