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We try really hard to make all of our customers happy all of the time and when things do occasionally go wrong we do our best to fix them as soon as possible.  We are very grateful to the customer who send us nice comments as it helps us stay committed to doing things better all the time.

It is easy to be selective with customer testimonials, but we DO get a lot of emails from people saying how happy they are with our products and how good our customer service is. We have included a selection here, including some about problems that have later been resolved.


Best testimonial ever?

Dear Sir/madam,
I have just written reviews for the items I purchased, last month, for my 6 year old son. I cannot thank you enough for supplying the tools which have made such a difference to my sons life. I appreciate this may sound a little OTT (over the top) but it’s true. He started Year 2 in Sept & was miserable, tearful, began disliking school & not wanting to go. He had dropped into the bottom 3 in his class. I realised his teacher wasn’t aware he was left handed & had sat a pupil on his left side. All of a sudden, in Year 2, he’s expected to write much more & he was so unhappy.
I helped him at home but couldn’t be with him at school to guide him. I saw an episode of Q I & they were showing a new Biro with a kink in it which helped the person hold it. I googled left handed pens & found your website. Here I discovered the mat, the wrist dolphin & the hand writing book. I ordered 1 for school & 1 for home & they’ve made such a difference.
We were beginning to think my son had dyslexia but it was a simple handwriting issue! He’s back to his happy self now & his writing is superb. Thank you. I honestly can’t tell you what a difference these writing aids have made.
My very best wishes to you all,
Helen Jones

I have been in business for over 20 years myself and my attention to customer relations I like to think is second to none. It is nice to see that I am not alone!
Thank you Keith, I wish you all the very best
Darren R, UK

Thank you very much. The parcel arrived today. Very efficient service and the secateurs are exactly as expected, very good quality. I’m very impressed and will recommend your service.
Catherine B, UK

Thank you for this – what fantastic customer service. I’m sure I will be using you a lot over the next few years for my little boy!, Katrina C.


Just to say a BIG thank you for the set we had yesterday. What a difference it made. Mary understood and used the left-handed ruler with ease. The pens were fantastic and how chuffed was she with the pencils and sharpener? Thank you again, that has just made an 8 year old very happy.
Samantha C, UK

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your excellent website and the fantastic videos about writing. Being a right-hander I have really struggled to understand the difficulties for a left-hander and how to help them. Our school was not at all helpful in giving advice on how I can help my son.
Mrs A-S, UK

I just wanted to say how amazing your service is. I ordered things from Anything Left Handed yesterday and they arrived this morning. I am absolutely shocked at the speed of dealing with orders and thrilled that everything came so quickly. And I am aware that I sound like one of those letters that companies print that sound so artificial, but I really can’t get over this.     So, thank you so much for your efficiency.
Rhea W. (Mrs)

“I would like to thank you for the service you provide. It was amazing for me to watch my son who had previously resisted my every attempt at getting him to write his letters. Today he sat with his Write Start book and markers and happily went through page after page. Because I’m not left-handed it’s easy for me to forget the obstacles he faces, but I can see that I will likely be using your website in the future to provide left handed gear for my son.’
Celeste Lopez – Ohio USA

“I felt I just had to write to compliment you on your speedy service. I have tried the knives already and now have perfectly straight carrot batons, perfect halves in teacakes, thin straight cucumber slices and no sliced fingers! At this rate I might even get to enjoy cooking! Many thanks.’
Allison Townsend – UK

“My son, aged 8, was delighted to find your parcel waiting for him today. He was thrilled with the pen, and seemed particularly impressed with the ruler! May I take this opportunity to thank you for the VERY prompt processing of my order and for the high quality of goods received.”
Alison Voyle – UK

“I am very pleased with the fountain pen which has already improved my 13 year old daughter’s handwriting. I only wish I had discovered you years before.”
J. Trafford – UK

“…I was so pleased and told lots of other people about the fantastic service you gave me!”
H. Forbes – Canada

“.. we are very satisfied with the goods supplied and the speed of delivery. We will be using your company again as our daughter progresses through school”
D. Reed – USA

“Just to say how pleased I am with my new bread knife… my son and I can both cut lovely slices now. It is 1st time I’ve used Internet shopping which was very good. The parcel arrived very quickly”
Melanie – UK

“I would just like to thank you for the courteous and helpful way in which you dealt with my problem. It is a pleasure to deal with a firm like yours…”
S. Burrow – USA

“Wow… great lefthanders-site! This is one of the best e-shop I’ve ever seen, even better than our german lefthanders-shop. Froehliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr!”
S. Höhn” – Germany

“As a regular to this site I have to say that I am very impressed with it! Seems to be even more leftyness than ever! 7th Heaven! ”
Matt – USA

Site of the Week
“Anything Left-Handed store has saved the day with its new-look e-commerce site.”
Internet Magazine

“…the company Anything Left- Handed has helped one group of users – left-handed people – to put pressure on organisations to make their products safer and more comfortable to use…”
Innovation UK, The British Council

“…My six year old daughter is thrilled with the new sharpener and has set about sharpening every pencil in the house! Many thanks.”
S.Milbank – UK

“I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. It was so refreshing to receive an item from a proficient company such as yours.
Very many thanks”
Angie – Italy

“…I have only just found out about anything left-handed today, and it has already changed the way I write in a brilliant way. I am 11 years old and write scruffily and smudge, but I bought a pen and a pencil grip today, and get on with them really well. Thanks for caring and thinking about the difficulties left-handers have.”
Tina – UK

“I wanted to tell you that my sister, Chrys was thrilled with her presents from your company. The wrapping paper was exceptional and lovely! I will be sending the word about your company to other lefties.”
Kathleen D. MN, USA

“Now that I have shopped on line once, I’ll be back!!!”
Gayle C. SC, USA

“Anythingleft-handed is one of the best sites I’ve been on and your mail order is fantastic – the service is 1st class and other retailers including those on the high street could learn a lot from your company. Best wishes”
Julie M. Belfast, N. Ireland

“I recently bought a multi-purpose knife which I now can’t live without! It is wonderful to find out after all these years that I am not inept, but merely using the wrong tools! Thanks,”
Stephanie M. USA

“I received my order today, thanks for checking! I will use your company for all my left- handed needs! THANKS again,”
Joanna B. Cloverdale, USA

“Just want to say thank you for the newsletters and what a great web site you have! The newsletter gives me loads of info. and makes me feel proud of being a lefty.”
Richard S., UK

“Buying left handed scissors from you was one of the best things for my son I have ever done.”
Carrie H., Pendleton, IN, USA

“Keep up the good work, you’re the best site & organisation I’ve ever met”
Kutluhan, Turkey

“My wife is delighted with all the items and will put them to use immediately. Very nice products, good service and great delivery.”

George T., USA


We will try our very best to maintain the standards and service that have led to these comments and many more like them. We hope that we will soon be able to add YOUR comments!
The ALH Team

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  1. Christian Gorayeb says:

    Hi! I just want to say thank you for having this fantastic and very unique shop especially made for left-handers!! My very thoughtful cousin Giselle bought me an exceptional red shirt with a distinctive logo for left-handers when she had her tour to US. I’m so proud of being a left-handers!! God bless!

  2. Linda Clement says:

    Do they make a left handed cell phones? they are all made for righters? Olease let oome kni

  3. Bill Paprota says:

    I enjoy your site and newsletter. You guys do excellent work. Thank you and keep it up! I have a question. I’m left-handed…write left, throw left, bat left, play golf left, eat with fork in left hand, etc. However, I’m right footed, i.e., punt and place kick with right foot, water and snow ski with right foot in lead position. How common is that? To be left dominant in your hand yet right dominant in your legs? Also, I’m right moused! I cannot usr my computer mouse in my left hand….I get all spastic and have no control. How common is that, i.e., to be left handed yet right handed for a few specific things?

    I look forqward to hearing back from you.

    Bill Paprota

  4. Christy Delarber says:

    I work at the county library and to celebrated International Left handed day, I have set up a display of books, movies, and CD’s of famous left handed people. It’s time we acknowledge our day.

  5. Birgeer Winsa says:


    Just one comment. I am left handed and have studied lefhandedness for many years. Chris Mc Manus wrote a book on left and right and claims as many researchers do that all religions “conspire” against lefties, i.e left goes to hell and right to heaven.

    That is not correct. You should state that the Indian hindu book Bhagavadgita and Taoism favour lefties and they will be victorius and liberators. Peace and harmony is in the left and war in the right etc. (ISource: In Swedish Bhagavadgita 1955:page 81, Kinesiska tänkare 1978:page 97, 117).

    Thus, two world religions/philosophies have left as the most important quality. McManus should inform the public of his mistake. Sloppy research.

    Birger Winsa

  6. rebecca lane says:

    I have had a left handed bread knife bought from you as a gift from Mum at least 25yrs ago. It still performs perfectly and my latest partner, also a leftie was amazed at it’s effectivemess. As a tree surgeon he has to work right-handed every day but it has really made him think about the possible safety effects of having the right tool for the job. My schoolfays revelation was a left-handed italic pen! No more detention for smudged essays and the pen did not unscrew it self as I wrote. Marvellous! Many thanks for that.

  7. jackie says:

    I can not over emphasis how excellent the left handed knifes are … about 10 years ago i bought the multi purpose knife, bread knife and chopping knife … they have been used everyday since … even by my right handed family and it has had no effect on the blade … especially the bread knife it still slices through bread without taking chunks out of it ….

    Yesterday i decided to treat myself to a new multi purpose knife (when we are cooking my family always use this knife and i thought i would order my own personal knife … i plan to hid this one) and i ordered a few other knifes.

    I placed the order at 09.09 yesterday morning and today at 10.30 my knifes arrived … now thats what i call good service.

  8. Lynn Robertson says:

    May I suggest you rename the Children’s Sets as “combo 1/2 blue” and “combo1/2 pink,” rather than boy/girl? A lot of us girls prefer blue! Not really a complaint – we just don’t need more stereotyping when we’re already marked as different for being left-handed.

    By the way, got one of your left-handed bread knives years ago and have been raving about it to every left-hander I meet – hope you USA sales have soared! It is SOOO great!

  9. Karen Taylor says:

    i love this shop and have bought various items to make my life better. I was fed up of cutting my hand every time i made dinner until i bought left handed knives BLISS.

    I do a lot of crafting and have bought numerous scissors but what i have really really been looking for is découpage scissors small very sharp so i can fussy cut so please please can you produce some i would love them

  10. Melissa Bjorklund says:


    Thanks for this site! Didn´t know any of this kind existed. But there are so few poets — may I suggest that you add Susanna Roxman to that list? She has a Wikipedia article of her own. And I happen to know she´s lefthanded.

    All best wishes,


  11. Len Harris says:

    Thank you for your prompt response to my order for a left-handed Wenger penknife. I had carelessly left my knife in my hand luggage and lost it at the baggage check at Ancona airport. They very decently gave me back its leather case but I didn’t think that the knife was replaceable. I contacted the English suppliers of Wenger knives who told me that it was now out of production. Last attempt Googling came up with “Anything Left-handed” and, lo and behold, a modern version of my old knife. Don’t despair!!

  12. Ann Mac says:

    Placed my order yesterday at 12.19 and had it in my hand at 10.15 am this morning. Gold stars to you. Having 2 left handed grandchildren means often having to replace items as well as keeping an eye out for age appropriate and new innovations so I enjoy getting your news letter and find it helpful

    Thanks Ann Mac

  13. Clara says:

    This website really is fantastic.
    Being a long-suffering left-hander I have often found that it is difficult to take part in everyday activities using right handed products. I do often point out the right handed preferences to my friends, who just don’t understand.
    There has always been an availability of left-handed scissors, but things like the ruler and sherpener are luxuries of which I have never in the past had the privelage of using. Genius. I love being able to use a sharpener easily, and find much humour in the pencils that can only be read when held in the left hand.
    If you think about it, most things are designed, even in small ways, to be used in the right hand. For example, mobile phones. When examining mine I noticed a number of things; The microphone is on the left hand side, so designed to be held against the right ear by the right hand, the camera is also on the left, so wheras a right-hander would have no trouble holding it I find my hand forever covering the lens. Even the strategic placing of the ‘select’ and ‘back’ buttons makes it easier to press the ‘back’ than the ‘select’ button when held in the left hand. This and so many things, such as the shutter button on a camera being on the right, are examples of the way left-handers are forgotten.
    This website has everything that is needed to encourage, support and provide for all those left handers who feel that they are alone in a right-handed world.

  14. Gabby says:

    Also, Eminem is a lefty. Add him on the famous lefty page.

  15. Gabby says:

    Hey, could you add Justin Bieber to the famous lefty page?

  16. Cynthia Wallace says:

    I ordered and received the new can opener. It is very light weight and hard to attach to can, it feels like
    the gears are going to come apart soon! Is there a more heavy duty lefty opener I can purchase?


    • Keith says:

      Hi Cynthia
      Just in case… Make sure you are turning the handle away from you (i.e. pushing the top away from your body with your left thumb) – if you turn it the other way it not work properly and will unscrew the gear mechanism.

  17. Nelly says:

    Great products and great service!

    I am particularly in love with my new wallet, ruler and Stabilo pencil. I received my order in just a week from the date I ordered the products. Thank you for your great customer service, products, and speedy delivery.

    I’ll be back!

  18. Sandi (theblueewe) says:


    I grew up in a loving home with a father who, although born left handed, wrote and did most everything with his right hand. When he attended school in Ontario, Canada the practice was to make the left hander change. My father refused and the teacher whacked the back of his hand with a long ruler breaking his knuckles. He had the requisite cast for 6 weeks and when it was removed he would use his right hand in school and his left hand to do his homework. He became ambidextrous.

    When I was in grade 10 in high school my shorthand instructor decided that it was time I became right handed and tried to force me to change. My father was outraged and took on the instructor in my favour. He did not want what happened to him happen to me. In the end I was allowed to use my left hand but as a result the instructor failed me in that course.

    When I was only 6 years old I decided that I should learn how to knit. My mother, who was right handed tried but all we produced was a great number of tears. There was an English woman living across the hall from us and she said she would have me knitting by noon the next day if my mother would bring me over. Well she had me knitting but right handed. Her theory was that I would be uncoordinated no matter what so I should be able to do it right handed. I thank the day that she taught me to knit backwards to what I am used to because I don’t have to do any changing of patterns.

    Thank you for listening

    Sandi (theblueewe)

  19. Teresa Brownell says:

    I once read that being left handed comes from actually being a twin in utero, and if born singally, the other twin did not survive. Is that true? We have twins in our family history as well as left handedness. When I use my computer at home and at work, I always have the mouse on the left and the mouse buttons switched. The IT people at my work don’t like it when they have to come to my office to fix my computer, because they don’t know how to work the mouse. I like that. Thanks for acknowledging Lefties. WE are often misunderstood.

  20. catherine gadsden says:

    happy left handed day for yesterday all you lefties out there.

  21. Paul Thomassen says:


    Having lost contact with you when you moved from Brewer Street & before I became a “silver surfer”, I came across one of your Left-Handers Notepads today & decided to see what was on the internet.
    What a pleasant surprise to find that you are alive & well.
    I have re-joined the family of Left Handers & look forward to browsing your goods on-line.
    I wish you continuing good luck for the future
    Paul Thomassen

  22. catherine gadsden says:

    wow just joined the lefthaqnded club and feel like l’ve finally come home. so many like minded spirits brill.keep up the marvelous l’m off to brouse for a left handed digital watch,and plague my bank for a left handed cheque book and holder.always knew we we were’t the ‘cacky-handed ones like l was always informed at school,more the chosen ones….have fun..cate.

  23. Sarah says:

    I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on your fast delivery!!, Ordered a gift late Thursday night, it was on my Doormat by Saturday. Excellent. Will definitely use you guys again / recommend you to a friend

  24. Mark Attwell says:

    Very useful product to get your child to hold a pen or pencil correctly and fun and comfortable. However it was a little short for my 7 year old son so I added a metal ring on the end to increase the length and hence reduce the pencil angle.

  25. Recommendation says:

    I was chatting with our vet today and she told me her daughter’s left handed and struggles using scissors. I recommended your website without hesitation!

  26. Bob L says:

    Many thanks for the left handed scissors. I gave several to my staff at the Hospital Emergency Department where we work. The left handed nurse, charge nurse, technician and doctor were happy to receive them. The left handed scissors has made our work a bit easier since we now cut various materials with the correct hand.

    The customer service is excellent and the communication is superior to any mail order company I have ever dealt with. I hope you can order more of these Trauma scissors for future purchases.
    Thanks again from the Left handed Hospital Gang of 5.

  27. Hazel says:

    I have two grandsons (ages 10 and 7) who are left-handed. I have ordered pencils, pencil sharpeners, grips, scissors, etc. from your site and am thrilled with it all – except, the pencils (not wooden) do not have erasers on them. We have a supply of regular erasers but find it to be a problem when they do their writing because they have to erase a lot (especially the 7 year old). He, fortunately, got more support with his left-handed-ness then the 10 year old and handwriting (printing) is really bad but the pencils have helped some. The teachers at the 10 year old’s school had no clue about left-handed-ness and I sent them your website. The 7 year old got a great kindergarten teacher and so far a good 1st grade teacher, but still battles the left-handed-ness in school here in TX, USA. I woul like to see the plastic pencils with erasers on them ..
    The website and the tools for all those left-handed are absolutely great and I will continue to order from you as needed. Thank yo so very much.

  28. Judy Kostezky says:

    I have adjusted to door handles on the wrong side etc but believe this is a good thing for the little grey cells as we need to adapt and think laterally. My mother stormed up to my Primary school when I was desperate and crying as I just could not write with my right hand. I think looking back that Mum may have been forced to use her right hand. There is definitely a genetic basis and hopefully being cack handed won;t carry any sort of stigma. There were 3 left handers out of seven in our family and strangely all of us left handers were of the star sign Scorpio (?)… There is one nickname you have missed… we are called ‘molly dukers’… probably this is of Cockney origin.

  29. Janetmo says:

    This was the 2nd wallet I have bought for my husband as the last one eventually wore out after long service. Has been an absolute godsend as he was always spilling the contents of a ‘righty’ wallet on the floor in shops – embarrassing!

  30. matt hagel says:

    as far as left=dad , i can write script with my left hand an i all so taught my self to write script with my right because in an ingraving gun the litte engine only gos to the right !!!!bet you all didnt know that !!!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Have just discovered your site for lefthanders. How wonderful to see the products and view them on the videos so we can see how to use the product and what cartridges etc are needed. I am buying pens and pencils for myself and one granddaughter who is lefthanded also, she is coming up to exam time with SATS, so hopefully she will find writing easier with a suitable pen. I will be buying more items from you in future, thank you so much

  32. Helen says:

    I downloaded your left hand writing guide for my son. He has just started writing and is not getting much support at school. I was a little disappointed when I printed it out. The guide showing how to write each letter has the letter on the left and space to copy it on the right. Of course the first thing he did was put his hand over the letter he was trying to copy. I have been frustrated trying to explain this problem to his teacher and asking if letters can be written at the top of the page or on the right hand side, so he can see what he is copying. So I was extreemly disappointed with your guide as it does exacty the same thing.

  33. Steve says:

    Being in the minority of society I have always felt an affinity (sic) with other port-siders. However I feel badly for those of us who are so strongly disposed as to need special implements. The only lefty in the known history of my family (no, not adopted) I had to adapt to the righty world and apart from penmanship and swordplay I reach for doorknobs and scissors from the right. Putting on a shirt or coat it’s left first. Fork left, phone left, jab left. Being adaptable makes us stronger. In a right-handed world we are bi-lingual. Sinister on.

  34. Shannon D says:

    Is there any lefty scholarships out there that could go to any college?

  35. Denis M Bishton says:

    I’m a lefty, and the Lefty Mat was so my grandson [#15 of 23] needed some help to write and use a pen. He is home schooled. He has mastered holding the pen and starting to print, without scrunching his hand and rubbing over his completed work. Thanx D Bishton

  36. jeanne says:

    Like this site, but very expensive, guess i will just keep using the right handed stuff

  37. Andrew says:

    This site is a godsend to me having 2 leftie kids who write scruffily and smudge because they are using normal ballpoint pens which are not geared for lefties and the left-handed scissors will really help with their art classes. I am also left handed so the left handed kitchen utensils are a godsend. I have always had a problem living in a right hand based world. Are there any banks that do left handed cheque books?

    • Janetmo says:

      I was told that lloyds bank do left-handed cheque books but when I tried to order one they said wasn’t eligible as I had come to Lloyds Bank from theTrustee Savings Bank when they were taken over. How’s that for making a new customer feel welcome?

  38. Patty says:

    Well macaadmia nuts, how about that.

  39. Liam says:

    The left-handed tin opener and left-handed Victorinox vegetable peeler arrived today. Took about ten days to get from UK to US. That’s fine. That’s about the same amount of time it takes for other items I order from the UK.

    The left-handed can opener felt awkward for a couple moments since I’ve used the right-handed type all these years. After a couple of twists of the handle, the sensation settled in that this was the natural way to do this. I like it.

    My special delight is the vegetable peeler. It glides over the vegetable lifting off a thin layer and I’m able to peel using my left hand, which gives me greater control. I like to cook using sweet potatoes and those can be tedious to peel because of the irregular, bumpy shape. Not with this Victorinox peeler.

    Thank you.

  40. Marni says:

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for stnetig me straight.

  41. Susan says:

    Wish I had known more about the struggles about being left-handed years ago that you addressed in your book. Just learned to cope. The book will help the parents of the 2 granddaughters who have just been discovered to be left-handed. I was pleased with the scissors, the mat, writers aid and the shoelace card. I tried the scissors out myself and can’t wait the see the one granddaughter use them. She tried to cut with a right-handed scissors and the paper ended up standing up between the blades. Didn’t know ablout the second granddaughter being left-handed until after I ordered for the one. Now I will be reordering.

  42. rodger withers says:

    do any other left handers think there is still a stigma about being left handed? part of my position as chairman of my local friends of the library i have to sign various documents and when i do i get oh your left handed.

  43. Mrs Fau-Goodwin says:

    I ordered some resources from you, paid with paypal and have not yet received them. Please could you confirm if they have been dispatched. Many thanks. From memory, when I ordered them |I wasn’t prompted for a delivery address – perhaps this is the issue! Please get in touch and I will confirm my details as I have two desperate left handed children waiting for their goodies!
    Many thanks!

  44. fiona says:

    After struggling without my leftie dress making scissors for a year after “lossing” them to Heathrow secuity it is such a pleasure not to welds on my thumbs at the end of a cutting out session. Was so delighted to find your site and to receive my order so promptly after it was placed. Thank you very much.

  45. vicky says:

    I have been looking through your web site and as a watch wearer, on my right wrist, i am disappointed that the winder for your watches is still on the right hand side of the watch. this is no good for me. It is very amusing to have the numbers and dial the other way round but how about the practicalities of the watch to a left hander? the winder needs to be the main reason for buying a left handed watch!

  46. pete says:

    i’m a lefty and as most other lefties out there will know its not always easy getting things done in the “right” world
    however i never let that get me down i have grown up with the firm belief that we are better than them lol
    i’m a precision engineer and when asked why i believe this i reply with this
    we lefties from the moment we are born usually have to learn to use right handed equipment and so therfore have to not only learn the job but also learn how to use the right handed equipment correctly
    and being an engineer not only is all the measuring equipment right handed the machines are too
    this is an awesome site and if any of my children end up left handed then they will get all the help they need
    thanks guys
    i told my mother about this site too as she is also left handed and can never find left handed dress making scissors well i do believe her search is over

  47. Dawn Gardner says:

    I am coming to London on Saturday 20/2/10 and hoped to get the address of the shop and a map on your site but apart from mentioning that the shop started in the 60’s the site is all devoted to ordering on line. Surely it wouldn’t take much to have the basic details available or is the shop no longer trading?


    • Keith says:

      Our London shop was closed a few years ago when the lease had to be renewed and we could not afford the higher rates being demanded. All of our business is now online and we send products all round the world rather than just to people who were lucky enough to find our shop in central London!

  48. Ann McGinty says:

    Just had to write and say how pleased I am with my left handed diary and engagement book. I asked my boyfriend to buy me it for Xmas, he thought I was crazy, but it’s the best gift he’s bought me. It’s a joy to finally have a book that is made for me being left handed and the quotes and trivia in it are grear. Well done, well definitely be buying again in the future.

  49. byron says:

    this is about left-handed sissors. i grew up using right-handed ones so when i come across one in art class in 5th grade it felt so awkward and i probably looked like a pre-schooler using his first sissors. that’s the last time i ever used one.

  50. byron says:

    in my teens i got my first belt with a picture on the buckle. i always put the belt on starting in the right belt loop and ended up with un upside down buckle. i now have 6 buckles and it’s so awkward to put the belt on in the other direction. i never went to the trouble to re-tool the buckle. i don’t wear the anymore but they’re still in my closet.

  51. dave says:

    can anybody tell where i can get a left handed bible it seems you can get one in different syles,tpes and languages but again nothing for us lefties.

  52. Lessonszyx says:


  53. Mtntrillium says:

    I can’t find a lefty spatula (non-metal) or wooden spoons or saucepans with pouring spouts on the right side???? where do I look???? I also want a good solid 8″ or 10″ lefty chefs knife. I can’t believe they’re making left-handed men’s underware but not these basic, everyday, important kitchen aides.

  54. Raúl Morales Marrero says:

    And obviously,I want to thank you for giving me a chance to buy more resources for left-handed people.And I am encouraging all lefties in my native country,Puerto Rico Island to buy all of the resources necessary for lefties!!

  55. Raúl Morales Marrero says:

    Buying all the resources for left-handed people is now an excuse buster because it will do a lot of good for left-handed people!!